My latest post Mixed Arm wrestling Over The Top has to be one of the most fun feats of strengths out there. It is definitely not a sport to be sniffed at. Challenging both physically and mentally, as both parties sit against each other eye to eye using brutal force to determine who’s pride ends up on the table for dinner!

Factors such as grip strength and iso hold strength also comes into play. And, it is infamous for putting a tremendous amount of tension onto the biceps and sometimes triceps, with many participants’ muscles trembling with the sheer tension. A reason why you guys love watching it so much, I think!

Here I’m faced against a guy who is no stranger to free weights himself, as you can see with his 16inch biceps! Watch to find out the winner.

Mixed Arm wrestling Over The Top

I hope you enjoyed the video, I can honestly say that I was giving a hundred percent. The guy is really strong, solid muscle. Never the less I was impressed that I managed to beat him on my right and hold my own on my left. That’s the purpose of a challenge, there would be no challenge if I knew I could win. ? If you have any suggestions for future content, please drop me an email. I can’t promise that all the content will be free as there is a members section being added to the site soon. I would still like to hear your thoughts, after all the members area is for you guys.