I’m rewriting an older article for beginners who are considering booking a mixed wrestling session. It’s been five years since I entered the world of session wrestling, a lot has changed. I’m a far superior, diverse, skilled female wrestler in comparison to when I first started.

Of course, I have my loyal fan base to thank for supporting me in my early years. Five years on and hundreds of mixed wrestling sessions later, I still to this day, remember my first.

Most first timers after their session, enjoy the experience so much, regret not having plucked up the courage sooner. I hope you find my beginners guide to booking your first wrestling session helpful.

Sara Lips Wrestling is comprehensive website for men looking to hire the services of a session wrestler.

What Are Session Girls?

Also referred to as session wrestlers are private wrestlers for hire. Session wrestlers can be male or female, although the industry is predominantly dominated by women. For most men, engaging in mixed wrestling sessions, is a form of sexual fantasy. 

Session wrestling doesn’t involve SEX, though it can be sensual and erotic. Some men due to the body to body contact can become aroused and develop an erection. This is perfectly normal and most session girls will not be offended.

Men who book a mixed wrestling session enjoy being dominated by a stronger, more skilled female opponent. Sessions can be athletic, playful, semi competitive, competitive or fantasy. Please note that very few session girls, including myself offer Full Competitive Wrestling, due to the increased risk of injury.

Wrestling session are booked on an hourly basis, discounts may be offered when multiple hours are booked. Always check with your service provider.

Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive 

Session Wrestlers Services

You may not be aware unless you’re a fan of wrestling, that, there are various wrestling styles. Session girls who advertise their services will list the styles of wrestling among other fetishes that they offer. Generally most services that are offered stay within the context of wrestling.

Services include, but are not limited to, (semi competitive wrestling, fantasy wrestling, pin wrestling, scissoring, pro wrestling, submission wrestling, mixed martial arts, catch wrestling, muscle worship).

Session wrestlers range from amatuer, semi professional or bodybuilders. Each girls level of experience will determine the styles of wrestling she offers. You should also be aware that some girls, not all, will offer nudity, topless and sensual sessions. These types of services are deemed as extras and are generally not included within the hourly session rate.

Sara Lips Session Wrestler Profile

Wrestling Style Descriptions

Pin Wrestling  is form of wrestling where the opponent’s shoulders or scapulae (shoulder blades) must touch the wrestling mat for an allocated amount of time.

Mixed Wrestling encompasses all types of wrestling styles where two competitors of the opposite sex wrestle.

Fantasy wrestling  involves role-playing in which storylines and at times characters are created. This assists the client escape the constraints of reality even if it’s only for a short time.

Semi Competitive Wrestling – This style of wrestling allows the client to put up some resistance, testing the strength and skills of his female competitor without the intensity or risk of injury of a competitive match.

Scissoring – a widely requested wrestling move, where the female wraps her legs around her opponent and literally squeezes the life out of them, (figure 4, headscissor, reverse headscissor, body scissors) are all popular scissor holds.

Mixed Martial Arts – also referred to as MMA is a full-contact combat sport that allows wrestling, punching, grappling, choke holds and arm locks. Some session girls are versed in martial arts and wrestling.

Pro Wrestling – is a theatrical wrestling performance, wrestling moves include, (grapevine, pile driver, cobra clutch, fish hook, full nelson, camel clutch, boston crab). We all remember WWE, well, that’s pro wrestling.

My Top 15 Sexual Fetishes

Selecting a Session Wrestler

Obviously after reading this article I hope that you choose myself for your first mixed wrestling session. But I understand if you prefer a different type of physique. Each session girl is unique in their (looks, body type, skills, specialties).

Mixed wrestling sessions can be made up of various elements depending on who you session with. I recommend tasters sessions, for first timers ,which are great if you have no previous wrestling experience. Tasters sessions incorporate several wrestling styles of your choosing.

There are numerous women of great talent who offer mixed wrestling sessions. Many session girls will advertise on one or more of the following directories, Wb270, Bad Kity and Session Girls.

Mixed Wrestling Session Sara Lips

Sara Lips Session Reviews

Booking a Mixed Wrestling Session

Below are the key points to successfully booking your first mixed wrestling session.

1) Female session wrestlers receive a lot of emails and unfortunately do not have time for irrelevant chatter with no substance.
2) Deposits are required before sessions are confirmed, this demonstrates your commitment and assists the girl in planning her tour.
3) It is vital in your first correspondence, to mention the (Country, Date, Time, Fetish Requests) for your session.
4) Always check the session girls website for her latest tour dates, fetish specialties, stats and rates before initiating contact. Most session girls advertise their website and social media channels on Session Girls.

5) While we understand that you may be nervous and have lots of questions. Do your research first and make sure you are ready to book before emailing a session girl. Wasting a girls time, refusing to pay a deposit, not showing up for your session, will only result in you being blacklisted.

6) Always be polite and respectful when emailing, write a draft email first and check that you have added all requested information. If you don’t get a response, wait, session girls tour regularly, so it can longer to receive a response.

7) Never barter session rates, some girls will offer 30 min sessions, but this entirely dependant on the girl.

Roleplay Kinks and Fetish Ideas

Sara Lips Session Wrestler

For me, a great wrestling session starts with good communication. I value our time together and take my business seriously. Every session booked has its own detailed notes on, (outfits, wrestling types, fetishes, roleplays, dislikes, injuries, date, time).

Over the years, I have found that starting sessions with a brief chat, helps to calm nerves and clarify session requests. For me, it is highly important that you feel safe, when handing over control, to me.

There are instances as part of a roleplay, that the client be controlled, dominated from the start. However, safe words, likes and dislikes have been discussed beforehand. I do not recommend this type of session for a novice.

Female Session Wrestlers

Do you enjoy tussling with hot, semi naked, uk lady wrestlers, Yes! you’re not alone. A large percentage of bdsm sessions I offer involve some form of mixed wrestling, (pin wrestling, submission wrestling, grappling, schoolgirl pins). After 6 years as a session wrestler, I can honestly say, guys freaking love wrestling, especially in London.

I’ll admit that when I first entered the world of session wrestling I relied solely on brute strength. Now I’m a whole different animal, a badass with skills to match. It seems like a lifetime ago when I first advertised on wb270 one of oldest wrestling directories, featuring hundreds of women who wrestle men.

Mixed Wrestling London

When traveling to London I stay in Kensington or Chelsea which is usually every 4 – 6 weeks. I prefer to book hotels as they have more amenities with larger rooms, I travel with a large mat for wrestling sessions. Depending on the type of bdsm session requested, I will either use the floor, bed or both.

Most semi competitive wrestling sessions are on the mat, it allows for freedom of movement and a realistic feel to the session. I do not offer full competitive mixed wrestling sessions.

There are female wrestling rooms/studios set up specifically for wrestling in London. Some men prefer booking the use of a wrestling studio as it adds to the experience, others prefer the more intimate setting of an apartment or hotel room.

Wrestling clubs in London are booked by the hour. You can choose from a selection of female wrestlers you wish to session with. Prices range from £150 – £250 per hour, most female wrestlers don’t offer extras. Sensual wrestling, nude wrestling, facesitting, ballbusting and tie and tease, are fetishes that are not permitted.

London Mixed Wrestling

Mixed wrestling London is popular, I would advise booking early and paying your deposit to secure your spot. I never rush my sessions and leave adequate time between bookings to allow for conversation, relaxation and showers.

For Wrestling Bookings, Email: saralipswrestling.com

Female Submission Wrestling

Seasoned fans of wrestling who have followed the wrestling scene, (WWE) since early childhood know all the moves. They have their favorites and love to incorporate them into their mixed wrestling sessions.

Some of the most requested wrestling moves/holds include: (headscissors, bodyscissors, figure4, grapevine, schoolgirl pins, sleeper hold, boston grab, face sit, breast smother, victory pose).

When I first began wrestling I relied on strength, I then hired a wrestling coach to improve my skills and increase the standard of my wrestling sessions. Four years later and hours spent on the mats, I’m officially a badass. My coach has taught me various forms of wrestling, (catch wrestling, freestyle wrestling, combat submission wrestling).

Mixed Wrestling Sessions UK

I have also been learning, MMA, (takedowns, arm bars, pressure points, legs locks, slices, chokes, pummelling). My favourite moves are arm bars – kimura lock and chokes.

London Mixed Wrestling FAQ’s

Q. Do you offer nude wrestling sessions?

A. In the interest of hygiene, NO. Male clients must wear either, shorts, boxers or underwear that secures your “Man Junk” in place while wrestling.

Q. Do you offer multiple fetishes during the hour?

A. Yes, some clients may split their session into several parts to include wrestling and another fetish of their choice. Please see my London mistress page where you can find a full list of the fetishes I offer.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. Deposits are a requirement for all mixed wrestling London sessions. I require a 50% deposit paid upfront before your booking is confirmed. Read what others are saying about Sara on session girls.

Book a mixed wrestling session uk, for my latest travel dates, visit saralipwrestling.com/tours.

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After countless requests for sensual wrestling sessions over the years and many different interpretations of the term “Sensual” I thought I would explain the term in more detail based upon my own personal experiences.

Sensual, Meaning?

The term sensual relates to, gratification of the senses, physical, especially sexual pleasure. How then I hear you ask does this relate to wrestling and when does sensual become SEX. Men who assume that sensual means sex cannot be held to blame, as the official term does mention “sexual pleasure”, The issue with the word sensual is the clarification and meaning relating to mixed wrestling and BDSM.

Below are examples of previous session requests that I have received. Some sessions are a combination of more than one fetish. While some fetishes may not be seen as sensual, others definitely have more of an erotic side to them.

Sensual Wrestling w/ Face Sitting

Client books a mixed wrestling session requesting topless with a skimpy thong. He has also emphasised that he would also like to experience, face sitting, face smothering with pussy grinding (pants on). Lastly client asks if he can relieve himself or if “Tugging the Slug” is offered. This type of session has an element of sensual, but is not full service.

Ball Busting w/ Verbal Abuse

Client requests extreme ball busting while being naked with verbal abuse. Client has asked if I would wear high heels and a one piece see through body stocking. He has also requested that his cock and balls be stretched, punched and kicked while wearing high heels. Client has also mentioned that he usually ejaculates several times during this type of session and if this is okay.

Of course this type of session is sensual, at some stage I will be handling a clients cock and balls. Noted that I may be stretching, punching or kicking them at the time, but still. Lets also not forget about the “Ball Barf“, so definitely sensual.

Naked Wrestling

While you might think that naked wrestling is highly requested, you would be wrong. There are some men who for some reason wish to be naked while wrestling, NO, just NO. I thoroughly enjoy a sweaty tussle and while the both of us may be wearing little, there is no need for Timmy the Todger to be on display. Other female wrestlers may offer naked wrestling, where both parties are nude.

Personally for me, I prefer my wrestling compadre to be wearing shorts or underwear. Yes naked wrestling is definitely sensual but I don’t think you will find to many session wrestlers who fantasise about a guys junk sitting on their face.

Erotic Ass Worship

No clarification required when it comes to Ass worship, definitely sensual. Love of the female booty, one of my most popular articles, Ass Smothering Dominatrix. Even though, ass worship, face sitting and ass smothering are sensual in nature there are still boundaries.

If you are booking an ass worship session in the hope of a more sensual session, (naked). Always be sure to ask prior to booking a session to avoid disappointment.

Should I Book an Escort?

NO, “jack of all trades master of none” is a particularly relevant quote. Don’t live in the hope that you can combine a great wrestling session with sex. Some escorts do offer wrestling, but their lack of skills, strength and enthusiasm, will leave most men feeling disappointed.

I take pride in the wrestling sessions I deliver. I strength train regularly and employ the services of a top wrestling coach. Sure some session wrestlers do offer that little extra with regards to sensual, but expect to pay a substantial add on fee.

“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” 

Individual Perceptions

In the world of BDSM sensual can mean different things to each person. Its not all about sex, lift and carry, ball busting, foot worship, tie and tease and many other fetishes are sensual. In some cases the acting out and satisfying ones fetishes is a sexual pleasure.

Sara’s Sensual Sessions

I just love getting naked and rutting like a couple of pigs, JOKE! My inbox is already pretty full without guys thinking I offer full service. Unfortunately I don’t, sorry. On the other hand I do enjoy, face sitting, ass worship, body worship, ball busting which all have an element of sensual.

Interested in booking a sensual wrestling session? When I’m not on tour you will find me mostly in London or Dublin. Check out my latest tour dates and what others are saying about Sara, testimonials.

Thank You Email Received 9th March 2019

“Just wanted to say thanks. The session we had this Thursday was the best I’ve had so far, by some distance.

I really appreciate the work you put into these sessions. I’m so impressed how you managed to fit in all those requests I had for you, it was such an awesome ride going through the whole spectrum from friendly competition to complete domination at the end! Exactly what I was hoping for, only better than I had actually imagined it.

Really enjoy the way you’re willing to push me to my limits and even make me panic at times. Haven’t really felt that in the other sessions I’ve done and I was actually a bit nervous about the whole pain tolerance thing before I started sessioning. I feel safe with you doing so though, even if I’m too stubborn for my own good sometimes

Two memorable moments:

When you had me in a side head scissor, you flexed your knee and used your calf to push my head further up between your thighs, just kinda casually… Cool!

When you fish hooked me with your toes and I had a moment of panic thinking “F*ck.

Thank you so much for taking the time and hope you had fun as well. Hope we get the chance to meet up again soon! Till then, take care”.

List of Session Wrestlers


It is hard to believe that Sara Lips Wrestling is one year old year and my first year of touring as a session wrestler has now come to an end. What a year it has been! I can’t say it started of on a good note but ooh how it has ended on one. Yes there has bee trials and tribulations, but isn’t there always in life. The reward of seeing the joy brought to you guys face in sessions, I would not change for the world and only makes me want to continue doing what I do for a long time yet!

Here is my year in review:

WB270 | Session Wrestler Sara Lips

I first appeared on wb270 last June. I admit, I wasn’t exactly expecting big things from it, but was rather curious as to actually how many guys were into this sort of thing and if it was sustainable as a career. All I can remember is emailing Bill the details one night and waking up the next morning to over fifty emails! One thing I have certainly got better at over the past year is being able to spot timewasters! They are the being of every session girl’s life. So, if you are inquiring with a session wrestler regarding a session my tips are to express your interest and most importantly include a day, time, date your city! So many people forget this part, which means your email may be mistaken as generic.

My First Session

Belfast is a small place, with a population of 280,000 people. So, when they talk about a 6th sense, they certainly aren’t lying in regards to Northern Ireland.

Going by the name of Micky (obviously I’m disguising a name here), my first client approached me. He could not believe, that finally there was finally as session wrestler in his hometown offering this service. For years, it had been his ultimate fantasy to be beat up by a girl and could not wait to live out his fantasy.

The problem, with Micky however was, he was too honest! Micky had told me he owned a gym, along with the name of it. Naturally I was therefore skeptical, working as a freelance personal trainer myself at the time, I did not want word to get out regarding what I was doing. Believe it or not I am a very private person in real life. And, even though there is nothing wrong with what I do, Ireland is still rather conservative in regards to anything, which exceeds the norm of society. I therefore ignored his emails and hoped that they would go away.

Micky however was persistent and by his third email I felt really bad. I could tell he really wanted a session and was going out of his way to prove how genuine he was. Finally, I told him my situation and we agreed that we both needed to be as discreet as each other. We agreed to meet in a private studio and the rest is history.

Micky demonstrated to me from day one that there is no kind of stereotype or one kind fits all clientele for session wrestlers. A small, stalky 14.5stone, strong & muscular guy, Micky is not the easiest victim I have ever had, however from day one we clicked and have had many sessions since. I would even go as far to say it was great to have someone heavier and as strong as me for my first session, to really test things out.

Through our conversations and light hear-ted chat during sessions, I found out that Micky’s neighbor used to babysit him on a Saturday night when his mum and dad went out and her daughter used to come round and beat the crap out of him. Since then I ask every guy how they got into the scene and if they can relate there fetishes back to any particular moment in their life. I find it really interesting to find out and have even had guys admit to me, that they fancied the school bully who used to choke the crap out of guys and love it!

Relocation to Spain | Home from Home

Researching more into the wrestling scene and enjoying doing my sessions with Micky. I decided that if I were to throw myself into the scene, I needed to move away and give it 100% focus. To me, I believe if you are to be good at anything, you must give it your all. This meant giving up my career as a personal trainer, which was scary however now I believe worth it. Having always holidayed on the Costa Blanca for the past ten years of my life, the decision as to where I would move to was not hard and off to the Costa Blanca, I went in October 2016.

My First Tour

session wrestler sarah lips tours london wb270

My First Ever Tour : London, December 2015

It was not until the first week of December 2016, that I decided to venture upon my first tour. London was the chosen destination. I was to be in London from a Monday – Friday. With this being my first ever tour to London also, I was rammed with bookings. Slightly nervous because I was unsure as to what guys would envisage in sessions. Especially as the guys in London are know for having high expectations. Looking back, I am not sure I would recommend it as a destination to a newbie session wrestler as a first time tour lol. I do however love throwing myself into the deep end and looked forward to seeing how strong the guys thought my legs where.

Things did not go as planned…

Sessions were going well and varied from muscle worship to lift and carry and even ass worship. I was enjoying the diversity of sessions and how each client who walked through the door differed. I am a real people person, and love the feeling of connection, so was having a blast. A guy by the name of Mohammad however was to ruin this.

On my second day in London, a guy rang looking to make a booking, I told him I was fully booked and if he wanted, he could ring back to see if I had availability. Upon talking to him later that day however it became apparent he was not happy and nor did our expectations meet in regards to what happens in as session. He was offering outlandish money of 10,000 pounds, claiming he from a very well known family and that he had seen fitness models before for sessions. He also wanted to offer me extra money if I would consider unprotected full service and do cocaine.

As I persistently refused, he turned nasty. Saying I had disrespected his family and made him wait all day to waste his time. Eventfully he started threatening me, saying I did not know who I was messing with and that he was going to send me a booking to show me exactly who his family was – hinting at rape and violence, saying I would not like it, nor enjoy enjoy it.

I felt at unease

The threats did not stop there either, as he continued to bombard me with emails and harass my phone with bully tactics. The whole experience was truly terrifying and put a whole dampener on my tour. The more I continued to think about it, the more I felt at unease. I therefore had to take the hard decision to cancel the rest of my tour and leave London early. And upon returning to Spain I even took my website down, to let things settle, as he was still persisting.

Looking back now, I think may have handled things differently, however when you do a job which could be considered prostitution In the eyes of the law and travel alone. It is sometimes hard to know whether you want to get the police involved.

The Luck of the Irish

After a few weeks had passed and having had time to think about things, I become angry. Angry and frustrated that someone’s bullying and malicious tactics could predetermine my life and decisions made. I did not want to put my life in danger but did not want someone to stop me doing from what I love.

I therefore decided to give touring a go again, in my home country of Ireland. A place where I could feel safe and at ease again. This tour is what restored my faith in humanity. And after returning to Spain, I decided to restore my website, which unfortunately could not be restored to my original domain name of sarahlipswrestling.com and so saralipswrestling.com was created! On December 25th my website will be one year old!

Go with your gut feeling

Fortunately since then, I have not encountered many bad experiences, except two. One were a guy thought he could wedge me, pull my hair, slap my bits and bite! What, I have noticed with the “untouchables” as I call them is one trend. They NEVER pay deposits and generally want last minute bookings. For this reason, I therefore never take bookings since London without deposits paid. I have no interest in who you are, what you do or where you live, however, if you want to hide who you are and be ott about it, there generally is a reason. No longer am I willing to put my safety at risk and for this reason deposits or adequate references are paramount!

session wrestler sara lips

Picture Rapture posted on her twitter, warning of dangerous man

To demonstrate, even when in the USA on tour this year, I had one guy approach me, telling me he was getting divorced and could not let his wife see money going out of his account to another lady. I have various deposit payment methods, of which all are set to appear as SLW on statements for discretion. So, after giving numerous ways for him to make payment and refusing. I said to him sorry, no deposit = no session. The he also went out of his way to cover up who he was, and try make deposits by unsolicited methods, my gut feeling told me no. Unfortunately a while later I seen a post by Rapture stating the exact email of the guy who had contacted me 2-3 times warning fellow session wrestlers that he was a bad man and photos to prove it! So, if a session wrestler ever asks for a deposit guys, please respect it. I am sure her last intention is to rip you off but more likely a similar case to mine.


This year I have visited :

Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Madrid, Stockholm, Milan, London, Manchester, Dublin, Cork, Toronto, NYC, Chicago, SF, Vegas & LA.

I still find it hard to believe I have been to all these places and find it quite amazing that I have visited more countries and states this year, than I have in my lifetime. Sometimes I joke that if my career falls through as a session wrestler, at least I would make a good travel rep/agent.

Traveling is not all its cracked up to be

Often my first travel day looks something like this, 2.30am bus from Belfast to Dublin, arrive in Dublin 4.30am, Flight around 6/7am arrive in new country before midday, catch the bus/train to city center, find hotel, check in and then flake out for one hour before the fun commences! You certainly do have to be very organized and have research/planned your trip well!

It is truly amazing however and an absolute privilege to be able to visit and see the cities I tour. Session wrestling has made the world seem smaller to me and I do not take this for granted. As, if I were to work a normal 9-5 job, I would not have the money or time to see so many places in the world. Not all the time, however, do you have time to venture out far beyond your hotel room as many of you high flying businessmen will know. So, unfortunately I have been to places I have not seen much off. Hotel rooms can also begin to all look the same after a while, traveling become boring and find yourself lonely at times, making me look forward my sessions for interaction with people!

Session Wrestler Sara Lips Vienna wb270

Picture of St Stephan’s Cathedral taken at night on my phone

The highlight of all my European trips, I would have to say is Vienna. Leaving the best till last, it truly was amazing. I did not finish my sessions until late in Vienna and was only there one night, however, I was determined to see a little of the city. So, out I ventured in the cold. St. Stephen’s cathedral was the point of attraction. My phone dying and getting lost resulting in me walking around the city for an hour, trying to find my hotel in the freezing cold was not though… I think you will agree with me, however, that the cathedral is breathtaking. Not catholic myself, I still find these places numbing. The architecture and workmanship in such buildings is astounding nevermind the atmosphere. Other favorites this year have included Berlin, Venice Beach, & Chicago – a city with a small town feel. Strangely when I revisited NYC this year I could not believe I survived working in the city four summers ago for so long. I am not quite sure, the hustle and bustle is quite me anymore, but I still like NYC for what it is, especially Long Island.


One increasing concern, there has been for me this year when traveling is terrorism or rather spoiler violence. A method used by extremist groups to gain media attention. Terrorism attacks are usually small, but usually high scale and well thought out to hit home. We cannot however let these terrorists control our lives or predetermine where we visit. Particular attacks however ,which have touched me this year have been The Munich shootings, because, this happened one day before I was due to visit. There was also a shooting in NYC in September, the day after I left for Chicago at Penn station across from the hotel where I stayed. Terrorism has affected me; in that I make sure my family knows exactly what countries I visit, even if they do not know what I do! Unfortunately we do not know what could happen when we visit these places.

Life is not a competition

The wrestling scene is a small world. You will always hear stories about session wrestlers who have the best scissors, martial arts, figure yada yada. You will see this especially on forums. If there is one thing I will say to other girls, is not to pay much heed to any of it and do your own.

Hanging yourself up on what others do will only hinder your own productivity, this goes for life also. So be unique, be different and be yourself!

You will  find that you adapt a certain style and perhaps even attract a certain kind of clientele. To me, as long as you treat people well, communicate, deliver and most importantly have a good number of returning clients, this speak for itself for me.

Production Companies| Do not become a puppet on a string

Money and popularity isn’t everything, of course appearing on certain sites can make you feel popular, but the goal for these production companies is to make money of which I understand. For many companies however unfortunately this means ethos go out the door. I have had many opportunities, particularly with one big company in Europe who I will not name names, but what I will say is my gut feeling told me no and ooh how was right. After hearing a few months later, from a number of fellow session wrestlers who had been used for a live event, filming and not paid nor happy with their whole experience … To me, what is important in regards to filming with production companies is that I feel happy doing what I do. As, whatever you do is out there forever. If you do not trust a company’s ethos or the way they do business, do not do it, for you only have yourself to answer to. For, me I will therefore always prefer to just do my own thing and focus on what I think suits my own personality and style. Money and popularity is not the be end all of everything, and I believe I will always prefer to concentrate on the relationships i develop with people throughout my career/travel. To me, Arekah Lox is a prime example of this.

My Most Remember-able experience

session wrestler sara lips scissor foxes wb270

Me holding Jay from Scissor Foxes in a reverse head scissor position

This year my most remember-able experience was filming with scissor foxes. In Europe there is not as many production companies as compared to the USA. This was therefore my first ever time filming with a company. Within our designated time, we had agreed we were to film four 15 minute clips, all of which would we filmed out right with no breaks.

I had informed Jay this was my first time, he therefore warned me not go all out and save some of my energy during the first clip, as many girls make the mistake of giving it there all, ending up punctured for the rest after. I had made sure scissor foxes was my first booking that day after a long sleep to get over initial jet lag. So, I was bouncing with energy. We did a few test scissor and were ready to go. Jay was relaxed and as we all know he can take a lot of pain, so he was not worried about me holding back. The first clip we did involved me playing the role of princess pain, a mixture of domination and scissors. Jay said my scissors where stronger than the test, most likely after having warmed up and asked if I had plenty of energy left to which I said yes of course.

In clip two, Jay’s hand where to be tied up. He had said quite a lot of the fans of scissor foxes fans had been asking for HOM, which I love to incorporate in a playful or teasing manner, so was looking forward to this one. A safe word of red was decided upon. A few minutes into filming, Jay started wriggling and squirming, which I thought was acting for the camera. I appeared however Jay had actually got into difficulty and passed out as I smothered him and scissored him. I felt so bad as I did not realize my own strength and had not even been going 100 % as I am always careful, certainly it was not my intention. Even the cameraman had not realized what has happened, Jay said he had been out of it for a couple of minutes and was trying to say the safe word but as his mouth was covered could not get it out, and said it was pretty scary. This is what a REAL knockout looks like. After a few minutes break we continued filming the rest of the video unrestrained and later laughed about it, this however really demonstrated to me the ability of strength.  Ever since I have had guys email me saying they want a session like such, to which I think they must be nuts! Yes I can be dominant in sessions, but I just want to say I can soft, sensual and fun too! Sessions are tailored to each individuals own personal desire, however one thing for sure is safety is paramount and I don’t ever want this happening again to this extent.

My Clients

Are the best and I am not just saying this. From guys helping me with hotel recommendations, sponsorship, picking me up at airports, gifts and even helping me out with train directions etc. I cannot thank you guys enough.

Do I have a certain kind of client? This could be debatable. I believe there is still confusion in regards to what fantasy and semi competitive wrestling is, as sometimes I have guys come for semi competitive wrestling and end up pretty submissive and some in for fantasy that really mean competitive. All in all though, one trend is that the majority these guys want what I term “muscle domination.”

Muscle domination

Whether they want to be physically dominated through raw power, strength or skill, one thing my clients have in common is that they want to see your muscles in action. This can even be said for those guys who love muscle worship, as nothing gets them going better than seeing those muscles pumped up. The only fetish that may differ in this respect is lift and carry, as some guys prefer the affectionate side of it, compared to dominance.

My sessions are fun, an excuse to escape from the real world and not to be taken seriously. I am not, nor ever will be the traditional Dom from the door. Always having a nice chat with you, before the fun commences. To me, trust is paramount to establish before letting someone hand over power or in some cases life to you. This for me I believe, is the key to a successful session experience.

Communication is vital | Organization is the key

What has truly made my sessions great is communication, perhaps having studied CAM at university. I understand the complexity of the human brain. Openness should therefore be encouraged when arranging sessions. So everyone knows they are on the same page, establishing what is within or without of our boundaries. This ultimately creates respect for the session. Respect is a wonderful thing and I often believe the industry lacks it. By this, I don’t just mean the guys are guilty. Respect to me means, that I should respect you too and if you ask for something, which I do not offer via email, it is for me to respect your desires and decline it kindly. It does not mean I should take offense easily, be aggressive or vulgar in any response unless uncalled for. Too often I hear of snotty emails from girls, which I believe harms the industry. I hope that I never develop an attitude.

I don’t know if my encouragement of communication is a good thing though, as with so many emails regarding session requests, Evernote has now became my best friend! Under lock and seal, I now have hundreds of notes copied and pasted from emails so I remember exactly what we have talked about before a session. If I ever where to publish these, it would certainly make an interesting read!

What the Future Holds

Now recently relocated back to Ireland, I am awaiting my house and looking forward to getting moved into it. This year I want to take Sara Lips Wrestling to the next level and hope you will join me on the journey. Don’t worry, I  am not planning on changing though and am just going to continue to do things my way. I hope you enjoyed reading my brief summary of my first year within wrestling, as you can see it is only a brief summary and I could really write a book on this topic!

S x