wrestling domination

Sara and Rich have been dating for a while now and unbeknown to Sara, Rich has decided that they should take their relationship to the next level. Rich has planed to make his move during there next date and has brought a little protection along hoping to give Sara a subtle hint.

Sara is outraged by Rich’s decision to try it on, just like all men expecting to get the leg over. Enough is enough, its time to teach Rich a lesson and show who is boss, (wrestling domination). Sara pulls Rich on to his back wrapping her legs around his neck squeezing and jerking her legs around his head. Its not long before Rich is regretting his decision, apologizing profusely.

Sara doesn’t stop there, throwing her legs over Rich, mounting him. It seems the tables have turned as Sara pelvic thrusts Rich like a bucking bronco. This has become a signature move of Sara’s, belittling her victim with her pelvic hip snaps.

Princess Pain, Sara’s alter ego is just getting started, Sara spins round to show Rich her curvy ass. She backs up over his face, dropping down on his head, while at the same time driving her fist into his midsection. Sara drops down, lying flat on top of Rich’s body, sweeps her leg behind his head into a figure 4 and draws his head up, tight to her ass, making it difficult for Rich to Breathe. Side head scissors and victory poses unfold as Rich is being shown Sara’s superiority.

At one point Sara rotates Rich until he is on top of her, wraps her legs around him and proceeds to body scissor Rich. Scissor snaps follow, threatening to crush Rich’s ribs. Suddenly Sara’s legs release and extend up around Rich’s head, locking his head in a lethal scissor hold.

By this stage Rich is exhausted and any thought of a sexual encounter have been put to rest. Sara finishes Rich off with several rear naked chokes and various lotus holds, making Rich well and truly her bitch.

Sara Lips Wrestling Domination – The Sleazy Boyfriend

Front Scissor, Rear Naked Choke, Pelvic Thrusts, Victory Poses, Body Scissors, Breast Smothers, Lotus Holds, wrestling domination


Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Duration : 9.56
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