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Welcome to the new age, an age where women dominate men. The days of the down trodden weaker sex are a thing of the past. Over the last half century their has been a shift in the sexes. Women are taking a stand, realising their full potential, the scales have tipped, no longer favouring the male sex.

Through the innocent eyes of a child, mother is God!

Men had the advantage, because of their size and strength, but not anymore, more women are hitting the gym, lifting iron. Women are becoming stronger, maybe as the generations pass, women will become equally as strong as their counterparts. Men are naturally stronger due to their genetic make up, but some women who lift are incredibly strong.

An example of female strength from the European Powerlifting Federation, Cook Jodie 52kg from Great Britain lifted 130kg Squat, 70 kg Bench Press, 152.5kg Deadlift, equipment free and drug free.

I read a recent comment on social media where a female stated that she was afraid of becoming stronger than her boyfriend. Not only are women becoming stronger, but also more dominant in their relationships and in the bedroom. Women dominate men, making the man serve and obey them.

Love strong dominant women

Many men love to feel the power of these dominant alpha females, so much so, that they become icons, role models, amazonian goddesses. In the domination world, the term mistresses is commonly used to describe these women.

women dominate men

Sara dominates Jay

Dominatrix is the feminine form of the Latin dominator, a ruler or lord, used in a non-sexual sense. Its earliest recorded use in the modern sense, as a female dominant dates to 1967. It was initially coined to describe a woman who provides punishment for payment.

Are you a Dom, Sub or Switch

You might already know the answer to the question, but if you are unsure, ask yourself this. How do you portray yourself in life, relationships and of course the bedroom. Now take a look at the definitions below.

  • Dominant : having power and influence over others
  • Submissive : ready to conform to the authority or will of others
  • Switch : Plays the role of both the submissive and dom

Sometimes its not as simple as choosing one preference. You might be dominant in your job, but submissive in the bedroom or vice versa. So it not always to say that the your choice of preference is the way that you can act in life. For many the presence of an alter ego, a person that people create within themselves to cope with the world that surrounds them. In reality there may only be fleeting moments when a person can truly be themselves.

Women dominate men

As I mentioned earlier, men love strong dominant women, so it stands to reason that this passion for alpha females would turn sexual. Femdome the term used where the women dominates sexual interaction with her mate. This includes, but not restricted to,

  • Humiliation of the sub
  • Penetration of the sub
  • Bondage of the sub

Below are some of the services offered by a dominatrix

  • Body Worship
  • Foot Worship
  • Chasity Control
  • Strapon Play
  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • Cock and Ball Torture
  • Humiliation
  • Sissy Training
  • Hard Sports
  • Roleplay
  • Water Sports
  • Wax Play
  • Wrestling
  • Humiliation
  • Interrogations
  • Medical Play
  • Face Sitting
  • Trampling
  • Feminisation
  • Corporal Punishment

Why do men visit a dominatrix?

There are varied reasons, some men stated that for them it started from an early age, self harm, sexual abuse or corporal punishment from a parent or relative. Others have simply wanted to experience news heights sexually.

Quote, my first experience with a dominatrix, (Mark A)

“My first marriage was completely vanilla. When we separated I finally went to see a Dominatrix that I found online. She tied me to a chair and beat me so hard the bruises lasted a fortnight. At first I was too shocked and horrified to enjoy it, but by the end I was surfing a huge wave of pain and endorphins and I floated out of her apartment”.

The alpha female

  • She is pro – women
  • Cultivates a life she enjoys
  • She makes her move
  • Never puts herself down
  • Desires a partner not a boyfriend
  • Calls people out when they have done wrong
  • Knows when to walk away
  • Doesn’t compete for attention
  • Invests in herself and her future
  • May be intimidating to others, but lives her life regardless

Do you fantasies about spending time with a dominatrix. Do your research, once you have plucked the courage to email, be polite and detailed, mention dates, times and of course paying a deposit to show that you are genuine will help to confirm you are not a time waster.

Every dominatrix will have her limitations on what she offers, do not try to push the boundaries, remember you will be at their mercy during the session, be respectful.

Do I offer Domination sessions?

Yes, please see my profile, London dominatrix. I am also featured on professional mistresses where you can see a full list of services I offer. When inquiring for a session, please give much information as possible. Contact Mistress Sara

3 replies
  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Hey, Sara. Fascinating read as always. It would be incredible to get a bit of an understanding on your perspective concerning the whole thing.

    For example, what’s it like on your end knowing you’re slowly coaxing someone into subservience between your thighs? How does it feel to scissor someone, both physically and mentally? And, is there often a point where you sense the reality of the situation set in against a first-time sessioner, or perhaps someone who had prior scepticism toward the portrayed scenario?

    Is there ever a “break” where you sense all of someone’s resistance fade against you? Is this ever accompanied with complete submissiveness and obedience toward your every whim? Does that aspect excite you, or are you concerned with the challenge you now have to not hurt someone who’s going to offer no resistance?

    And finally, what is it like to have someone completely enthralled by peculiar aspects of your body? Your feet are probably a good example. What’s it like to place something as innocent as your feet on someone’s face and to see that act directly result in ecstasy for your subject?

    All the best.

    • Sara
      Sara says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Many thanks for your kind compliments, I am glad you enjoyed the read, if I ever write a book I will maybe go into more detail in regards to what exactly sessions are like and be able to answer many of these question!

      S x

  2. Jack
    Jack says:

    As a sub, i generally love to serve and obey women in most aspects…Always putting all women before myself and letting them use me in any way they want to, to make their lives easier. Always being a polite and perfect gentleman and treating women with the utmost respect…Opening doors, calling women Ma´am, offer to carry bags, pay, let women go ahead of me in line, offer my seat, my shirt to sit on , hold her umbrella while i get wet, help out in any way i can, etc, etc….And i love nothing more than when women use me in anyway they like, so she won´t have to do it herself or even lift a finger…Even more the more i have to work, sweat, struggle and suffer for her to be as comfortable as possible! When someone gladly lets me help her and do anything for her…:)

    I don´t think this will change anytime soon, either…I´ll probably be subservient towards women all through my life. Always have, too. 🙂


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