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I never expect nor ask clients to buy me anything. I am always taken back when somebody goes out of his or her way to spoil and surprise me. Having always been one for “ it’s the thought that counts”. Gifts and especially those with a personal touch are therefore greatly appreciated and hold a special place in my heart!

For me, I love it when your gift is something that can give mutual enjoyment. Whether this is something you wish to see me wearing in our session. Fitness equipment I can implement into my workout videos, health or beauty products. That keep me looking just the way a goddess should!

I only ask, that, if you are a giver and decide to send me a gift. Please incorporate your name and contact details. This is so I can personally send you a thank you, as my way of saying “you’re one in a million.”

Sara’s Wishlist

Below are items available on my amazon store. Some of which are training supplements helping me to stay in shape for wrestling and dominating you guys. After plenty of research I have selected a few of my favourite products.