Sara’s Wishlist

I never expect nor ask clients to buy me anything. I am always taken back when somebody goes out of his or her way to spoil and surprise me. Having always been one for “ it’s the thought that counts”. Gifts and especially those with a personal touch are therefore greatly appreciated and hold a special place in my heart!

For me, I love it when your gift is something that can give mutual enjoyment. Whether this is something you wish to see me wearing in our session or simply a gift as way of saying thanks for being you.

I only ask, that, if you are a giver and decide to send me a gift. Please incorporate your name and contact details. This is so I can personally send you a thank you, as my way of saying “you’re one in a million.”

Amazon Wishlist

Below are items available in my amazon store. Some of which are clothing, supplements, gift cards, perfume etc. Sara’s Birthday is on the 31st August.