Sara’s Wishlist

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I never expect nor ask clients to buy me anything. I am always taken back when somebody goes out of his or her way to spoil and surprise me. Having always been one for “ it’s the thought that counts”. Gifts and especially those with a personal touch are therefore greatly appreciated and hold a special place in my heart!

For me, I love it when your gift is something that can give mutual enjoyment. Whether this is something you wish to see me wearing in our session. Fitness equipment I can implement into my workout videos, health or beauty products. That keep me looking just the way a goddess should!

I only ask, that, if you are a giver and decide to send me a gift. Please incorporate your name and contact details. This is so I can personally send you a thank you, as my way of saying “you’re one in a million.”

Sara’s Training Aids

Below are several supplements that I use all year round to help me recover and grow. After plenty of research I have selected the four items below as I feel they make the grade when it comes to helping me perform at my best.

E Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way of saying thanks. Below are several stores that I regularly shop at in the UK. Gift cards are also a great way of purchasing personal time with me via email. I receive a lot of emails daily, unfortunately with numerous emails comes time wasters. Don’t be a time waster!

In addition to the items above, there are other items that might be better suited to your taste, available on my Amazon Wishlist Store.

Personal gifts from you

If you want to mail me something in the United Kingdom please contact me via Email for a shipping address. Valentine’s Day and Christmas are fabulous opportunities for your generosity, as well as my birthday, which is 31st August.

Thank you for your support!