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Since my US wrestling tour is fast approaching and it’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. I thought it was about time, I jotted down a few notes and gave you guys an update, as to what’s been going on in my life! Life’s been pretty busy lately however also treating me good, so I can’t complain.

As, you all know I relocated home to Ireland in the later part of last year and finally after slumming it with parents for a while, I am delighted to have my own pad again. How nice it is to have my own space again, not that I have spent much time at mine since moving in with travel.

My travels

Over the Christmas period you find yourself with more time on your hands. This means time to plan your travel for the next quarter and consider any new destinations you have never been to.

I announced new dates for Cologne, London & new destinations in Scandinavia as I had received interest from Gothenburg prior to Christmas.

No sooner had I announced dates however, and I received inquiries from Glasgow and Dublin. Dublin not being too far from where I live, I thought Ill go. See some regular faces and sure if I didn’t get too many sessions, I’ll just enjoy a few nights in the city as I am quite partial to it. Glasgow on the other hand, I decided to schedule for March. Leaving myself with some time of in the middle of February.

Confused – What Was Going On?

Time of in February however, was not to be the case! It is quite funny in that I remember receiving inquiries from people asking if they can book Feb 8th.  I was like, “why are these people asking me for Feb  when I’m going in March?” It was only then, when I went on wb270 that I realized my dates had been displayed for February! As March did appear to suit many people as they were traveling with work etc. Off I went on a whim to Glasgow and was actually surprised at how much interest there was!

I envy my cat at times, she gets to sleep all day

I therefore ended up on tour for 6 weeks in a row and rescheduled my Munich tour to the end of this month to allow time off to recoup. As much as I love traveling I can honestly say I dunno how girls do this all the time, as staying in shape, hitting the gym and eating clean are all but a challenge when away.

This is why when on longer trips such as my upcoming USA trip. I always like to limit to amount of sessions I undertake per day, so I can stay energized and most of all enthused to meet you guys. As i think it is important that you enjoy what you do 🙂

I am not complaining though about having being busy, it’s great.

How I Love The German People

My first tour of the year was to Cologne. Here, i had some great sessions including muscle worship, lift and carry and of course wrestling. I dunno if I have gotten stronger during my time of over winter period but it is quite funny in that one guys was very much so into choke holds. So, as I went to start the session I put my first RNC on him and he went straight out!

Choke outs I never do on purpose during sessions, as much as guys do request because safety is important to me. So, I kinda felt bad yet shocked at my own strength. One of those, ooh shit watch your own strength and hold back a bit moments lol. For the rest of the session, we toned it done a bit and had a great time and as much as I felt bad about it, I think the guy secretly loved it!

Dublin Bound My Second Home

After Cologne, Dublin followed suit. It was great to see such a high turn out for the city. This is because Dublin’s a funny place in that sometimes tours can be so so and other times ram packed. I was fortunate enough to met my firm favorites and also some new cracking faces.

The Catholic Church I believe has always played a part in how people feel about anything taboo. As, Ireland is small people, people often also worry about being caught out or bumping into someone they know. I dunno what it is, but its as if this train of thought is breed into people! Strangely in Dublin, I therefore often meet quite a lot of Americans now living in Ireland and even Europeans due to the influx of IT companies more than Irish people.

One guy that I felt quite proud of meeting was a guy who I would consider a veteran to the scene. He has been attending events for years and travels as far as Bratislava & Prague for sessions. I was his third ever session in Dublin despite having session-ed for nearly two decades!

us wrestling tour

The most famous bar in Dublin

London Is The Modern Babylon

London is always one of my favorites cities to visit! I have my usual area of W2, Bayswater that I like to stay in and people I like to session with two I guess. This time I was lucky enough to be chauffeured from the airport on arrival by a guy I have session-ed with six times. Although I don’t admit it to him, I do think it would be weird if I went to London and he wasn’t my first session, as he always is!

He has warned me though, that if I do get any stronger he may need to start booking later in the day. I think it’s just that he needs to get his ass to the gym more ha ha.

This Was Going To Be A Challenge

My toughest session in London was against a guy who weighed sixteen and a half stone and played rugby. In his email he had told me he had some judo experience, however it seemed like more than a bit of experience to me in the session.

In the session , he let slip that he has a black belt in Judo and now trains on a professional level with professional MMA athletes! The reason he hadn’t told me he said was because he didn’t want me to back out of taking up a challenge! I therefore didn’t fell so bad when I did get my ass kicked at some points.

He told me he liked the fact I was stubborn and that I have a fierce face as everyone always tell me! He also even told me that he had session-ed against a girl before with a black belt, however as he keep winning, she gave up and didn’t try in the rest of their session which he didn’t like, so I guess I was happy enough with my performance.

In Gothenburg We Don’t Make A Fuse About Who You Are!

Denmark and Sweden followed London and what an overwhelming turn out by a tiny city called Gothenburg! Sweden was definitely the most nosy nation. Every guy I session-ed with, most of asked, how many sessions I had and what people where into etc. I don’t call it necessarily nosy, but you know what I mean, intrigued. Sweden is often under toured, perhaps because it is so far north of mainland Europe or cold like Ireland!

All guys I meet were lovely, courteous and great to session with. i always find Scandinavian people very fair. I think I confused people a lot by kissing them as you would in mainland Europe, as you don’t do this in Sweden. Sessions were mostly for domination wrestling, with a lot of requests for face sitting! I also took a lot of guys session wrestling virginity,  5 in one week!  First time session guys, can be anxious because they feel they are not as experienced as others, however, I always tell them to not worry. Live for the moment and give as much info as possible when inquiring so they can live out there dream.

Little Rest, Guys To Punish

After Scandinavia I returned home for one night, before heading off to  Paris, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Paris was great and and Belgium full of friendly faces. I had never been in Antwerp before but it seemed like a lovely city with a lot of jewellery stores if you like sparkly things!

Antwerp Central Station, beautiful architecture

In Amsterdam I had one of my most fun sessions in a while, with a guy I meet last year in Switzerland. He loves chokes and girl who like to be brutal, without holding back. He had taught me a few tips last year on how to crank up my RNC and had sent me a few clips of things to watch on you tube before our session. So, I couldn’t wait to try out these thins.

Originally, we were meant to do a role play, but as he felt he wasn’t a role play kind of guy we scrapped and just went with the flow. Before wrestling commenced we did go to the hotel gym were I got to show him some of the stuff I do, which he was intrigued about. Here I got to show him up with pull ups, push ups and curling 14kg dumbbells in front of him. Yes, he couldn’t even rep one lol. So, After tiring him out I took him up and tried out my new choking techniques. To which he said, You’ve certainly been practicing that! Ka-ching and tap tap tap it was lol.

US Wrestling Tour Planning

Now back on the emerald isle, I have been enjoying time off arranging my upcoming America Tour. Here, I have some great video and fitness photo shoots arranged. Apparently this time, I’ve to go easier on Jay from Scissor foxes. What do you think guys? Should I have mercy this time round? Time will tell I guess!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have also been working hard in getting my house set up for offering sessions at home. Plus, i have also converted my spare bedroom into an at home gym for conditioning workouts. With nice new shiny kettle bells ordered, I am just waiting on them arriving before I can start filming some great new free video content!

The gym I attend is great and I love it, however I always find commercials gyms lack a bit on the conditioning side of things. This is what is needed for wrestling. By adding this into my regime, there will be no stopping me guys. My endurance will just keep going on forever!

So watch this Space.

Thanks for reading guys and if your not sure of where I’m at this month, please check out my latest tour dates.

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