Here you will be able to keep an eye on my tour schedule and if I’m hitting a town near you…Remember, what happens on tour, stays on tour!


booking must be made in advance & deposits required.

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Official Sara Lips Wrestling Tour Dates



Norway: Oslo, 21st-23rd

Sweden: Gothenburg, 23rd & Stockholm, 24th


Switzerland: Zurich, 29th Nov- 2nd Dec

Austria: Vienna, 7-9th

UK: London: 13-16th

Suggestions for 2018 travel destination being taken!


Tours Additional Info

If I am visiting a city near you and you would like to make a booking inquiry. Please contact me via my booking application form, with as much detail as possible. I will then get back to you as soon as possible. It is appreciated if you can at this stage, give as much detail as possible in regards to the kind of session/scenario you would like to experience, including dates and times desired. This will allow me to get a feel, exactly for what you would like to experience and if it is viable. Details can be found on my sessions page as well as FAQ’S, in regards to the kind of sessions I offer.

My diary when on tour, can at times become pretty busy! I therefore like to manage bookings as best as I can. Leaving adequate timing in between sessions, so they are not rushed. I find a deposit system works best for organizing my schedule. A small deposit is therefore generally required and is looked favorably upon as a method of securing your booking.

If you find that I am not visiting a town near you and feel that I should, I’m sorry! I try to vary my tours as much as possible, so please keep checking back! I also post upcoming tours on Session Wrestlers, Session Girls & WB270, where you can find out more information about me.  In the mean time, please feel free to contact me to express interest, if you wish to put your city on the map 🙂