Top 15 Sexual Fetishes

top 15 sexual fetishes

Being a worldwide wrestling dominatrix has opened my eyes to the vast variety of kinks that men request on a daily basis. Even now I am still dumbfounded by some of the fetishes asked for. Below are my “Top 15 Sexual Fetishes”, if after reading the list you find that your kink is not listed, doesn’t mean I don’t offer it.

You can always contact me using my contact form and submit your request there. Please note, DEPOSITS must be paid before any booking is confirmed. I am non judgmental, professional, with years of experience as a wrestler, dominatrix.

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1) Ass Worship

Top search result on Google for the key phrase Ass Worship Escort which is an earlier article I wrote on the topic. Men love the female booty and will book a session for the sole purpose of worshiping the ass of a strong dominant women.

Ass worship sessions involve, caressing, touching, licking, sniffing and smothering. Sessions may also entail an element of facesitting, face smothering which are closely related to ass worship.

I highly recommend reading my earlier article which goes into a lot more detail on the various ass worship positions (the sandwich, the prayer, against the wall).

2) Ball Busting

One of my favourite fetishes, I love busting balls. I’ve often wondered WHY anyone would pay me to kick them in the nuts, but men do, and love it. The harder you kick, squeeze, punch, slap, the “HARDER” their erection. I guess everyone is wired differently.

Definitely not for everyone, but popular all the same and one that I get great pleasure from. If you have an interest in ball busting but have no previous experience, please remember to mention this in email communications.

Ball busting, also referred to as cock and ball torture (CBT) can be tailored to suit the individual’s experience.

Ball Busting Dominatrix

3) Strapon

Due to the amount of requests I have received for strapon, also referred to as (pegging), I am now offering strapon sessions. Please note that strapon sessions are only available in the UK and Europe. Some experienced men choose to bring their own strapon dildo during sessions.

The male G-Spot is found under a man’s bladder and is accessed through the anus. Stimulating the G-spot through anal penetration can induce mind blowing orgasms.

It’s no wonder then that so many men now request strapon, anal play as their go to sexual fetish. I travel with various sizes of strapon dildos for such occasions.

Men who have erectile dysfunction or difficulty maintaining an erection can reach orgasm by stimulating the G-spot.

Top 15 Sexual Fetishes

4) Facesitting

Facesitting, also referred to as stinkface, queening or face smothering is a sexual fetish where the dominant female sits on the mans face. This type of sexual act for most men is extremely erotic as the females genitalia and anus are pressed up against the mouth and nose of the male.

Various outfits can be worn to include but not limited to: (jeans, thong, panties, leggings, pvc, stockings, leather). There can also be an element of bondage during a facesitting session where the submissives hands are tied behind his back leaving him at the mercy of his mistress. 

Facesitting while similar to face smothering does not restrict the person’s oxygen to the same extent as a face smothering session. For many men facesitting demonstrates dominance and female superiority.

A very popular and regularly booked sexual fetish.

Facesitting Mistress | Queening Fetish

top 15 sexual fetishes

5) Scissoring

This particular fetish should come with a “WARNING” especially if your booking a scissoring session with Sara. My scissors are some of the strongest in the session world. Scissor holds include, (figure 4, reverse scissors, head scissors, body scissors, reverse figure 4).

Scissoring is a popular fetish where the female wraps her legs around her victim in varying positions and crushes them. Many men love the feeling and can become sexually aroused by being trapped between a pair of strong, beautiful, muscular legs.

If your that guy then i’m your girl, can you handle Sara’s Lethal Scissors? You can watch me in scissoring action at Scissor Foxes – Sara Lips

6) Foot Worship

There are a staggering amount of men who love female feet, an earlier article Foot Worship Explained is my top result on my website, Sara Lips Wrestling. Men who have a foot fetish are fanatical, they know exactly what turns them on.

Some will request that you wear (stinky socks, stockings, shoes, sneakers, boots) others love the touch and feel of your bare feet. 

Other men wish to be dominated by your feet, (trampled, suffocated, smothered, kicked, gagged, stomped) all using the feet.

If your a hardcore foot domination fan, you will probably enjoy a video I shoot with Brian from Fet Loving, Muscle Girl Testical Crush.

Foot Trampling Domination

7) Mixed Wrestling

Most wrestling events involve two members of the same sex wrestling for a title. Mixed wrestling involves the opposite sex, male vs female, (fantasy, semi competitive, sensual, pro wrestling) are all types of wrestling that occur within the session wrestling scene.

Mixed wrestling sessions requests can include roleplays, outfits, and a individuals favourite wrestling or scissor holds. I offer all types of mixed wrestling listed above, accept FULL COMPETITIVE, due to the increased risk of injury.

Sara Lips, wrestling stats: Height: 5ft 6inches, Weight: 172lbs, Thighs: 25in, Biceps: 14in, Skill Set: Trained. Over the past two years I have been training with one of Ireland’s top wrestling coaches.

Wrestling articles you may be interested in Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive and Sensual Wrestling Explained

Top 15 Sexual Fetishes

8) Small Penis Humiliation

It may seem strange that some men wish to be ridiculed, belittled and humiliated for the size of their penis. The reality, small penis humiliation, abbreviated to (SPH) is real, men get off having a dominate women mock their dick size.

Ironically not all men who book an SPH session have a small penis!

Sessions involve verbal humiliation, (pin dick, tiny dick, pencil cock), penis comparisons using objects and imagery. I also offer a service included in small penis humiliation sessions, “Rate My Penis” where I score your penis size out of 10.

SPH is also offered online for those individuals who cannot met me in person. Please refer to the article link below for more details on this service.

Small Penis Humiliation | Rate My Penis

top 15 sexual fetishes

9) Breath Play

A unique fetish that can encompass multiple fetishes, breath play is fetish where the victims breathing is restricted causing oxygen deprivation.

Depriving the body of oxygen can cause feelings of euphoria, dizziness, and lowered inhibition. There have been numerous deaths associated with self asphyxiation for heighten sexual arousal.

During a breath play sessions breathing may be restricted by using a variety of body parts and fetishes including but not limited to, (breast smothering, ass smothering, choking, foot gagging, hand over mouth (HOM), scissor holds).

Breath play should be used safely with an experienced dominatrix.

Breath Control Play Techniques

10) Cross Dressing

Certain men enjoy wearing items of females clothing during a session. Dressing like a woman is a dramatic, yet essentially reasonable way of getting closer to the experiences of women.

Men who book a crossdressing session may also request that they are dominated, while wearing female clothing (strapon, anal play, humiliation, small penis humiliation, jerk off instruction) are all popular fetishes for men who have a crossdressing fetish.

Interested in booking a session? Please note that many BDSM sessions incorporate more than one fetish. Although I am outlining my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes on an individual basis, you can select multiple fetishes that you may wish to experience during our session.

Book a Session With Sara Lips

11) Muscle Worship

Also referred to as body worship is the act of worshipping a strong, muscular women. Men who have a muscle worship fetish become sexually aroused at the look and feel of a females muscles. Bodybuilders, fitness competitors and female wrestlers are all subjects of men’s admiration.

Muscle worship sessions may involve, (touching, kissing, posing, oiling, massaging). Sessions may also incorporate feats of strength, wrestling or scissor holds where the females muscular physique and strength can be admired in action. 

While I don’t see myself as a traditional bodybuilder, men love my big thighs, calves, glutes and biceps. Please note that, I DO NOT OFFER FULL SERVICE.

Muscle Worship Fetish Explained

12) Bondage

Another fetish that merges beautifully with others is the fetish bondage, below are examples from previous sessions.

1) Hands are are tied behind back during a facesitting session. This greatly restricts the victims movement creating a element of fear and panic as they have no control over the outcome.

2) Hogtie, both hands and feet are tied rendering the subject immobile and helpless. From this point the victim may be subjected to any other requested fetish.

3) Subject is tied to a chair naked, hands and feet bound, mouth gagged. Again this leaves the victim completely helpless and at the mercy of his mistress aka, Sara Lips.

Bondage is not for the novice, safe words must be agreed on before a session commences. I do not intentionally offer KNOCKOUTS, safety is paramount during sessions.

Top 15 Sexual Fetishes

13) Jerk Off Instruction

During Jerk Off instruction, I will instruct you how to masturbate. You will follow my every command, how hard, how soft, how fast to jerk off. When I instruct you to STOP you will cease all actions and wait further command.

There are two main types of jerk off instruction: 1) Encouragement, where I provide positive reinforcement helpling you to orgasm to please me. 2) Humiliation, this where I degrad you, prolong your arousal and extend foreplay, bringing you to the edge time and time again. Ultimately I will decide if you are given permission to orgasm.

Jerk Off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial

top 15 sexual fetishes

14) Roleplay

Sexual fetishes are a complicated woven web, influenced by events throughout our lives. It’s not surprising that roleplaying plays such an important part of sexual fetishes. Roleplay encompases every fetish listed and not listed on my “top 15 sexual fetishes”.

Over half of all session requests I receive have an element of roleplay incorporated into the session.

Roleplay, a fetish in which either one character or multiple assume the roles of alternative persona’s. Sessions involving roleplay may use (props, outfits, scripts, locations) to help create the illusion of an altered reality.

Popular role playing scenarios: (femme fatale, personal trainer, school girl, catwoman, superwomen, girlfriend) are just some characters that may be incorporated into roleplay sessions.

Sara Lips has her own alter ego (Princess Pain), her character, devoid of all emotion and empathy, enjoys inflicting pain on others, once unleashed BEWARE.

15) Humiliation

The fetish humiliation is more popular with a select group of males known as submissive or slaves. These type of men wish to serve their mistress and enjoy being humiliated, degraded and abused.

1) Verbal Humiliation: degradation, verbal abuse are used to belittle and make the subject feel worthless.

2) Physical Humiliation: anal penetration, spitting, spanking, slapping, whipping, orgasm denial, facesitting, body worship human furniture, servitude

During sessions a combination of verbal and physical humiliation can be merged with any other fetish listed. For example some men may request verbal abuse, hair pulling, nipple torture and breath play during a facesitting session.

Small Penis Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, Mixed Wrestling, Foot Domination and Roleplay are other examples where humiliation may be added.

Fetishes and Kinks

I hope after reading this article on my top 15 sexual fetishes you have a better understanding on the various kinks I offer. While the description for each fetish may be a brief synonyms, I have included links to more in depth articles on the subject.

Interested in booking a session, remember to check out my Tours Page for my latest travel dates. When i’m not on tour you can find me for most part in London, Dublin, Ireland.

I am also available for longer private sessions, more details can be found in an earlier post, BDSM Companion. Have a question? most common answers can be found on my Frequently Asked Questions page.

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