Tie and Tease Massage

Tie and Tease Massage

Do you enjoy being tied up, restrained, the sensual touch of a strong dominant women? If you’ve answered YES, then you will love a tie and tease massage. As a professional mistress I offer a wide range of fetishes, tie and tease is very popular bdsm fetish among male clients.

What is a Tie and Tease Massage

During a tie and tease massage your hands and at times feet are bound limiting your movement. Once bound, you are teased, touched, groped, brought to the brink of orgasm repeatedly. This is also referred to as edging, a very similar fetish to tie & tease.

Orgasms are generally very intense, (mind blowing) due to the extended stimulation resulting in built up sexual arousal. At times orgasm may be completely denied leaving you in a state of sexual frustration. This is normally at the request of the client who enjoys a combination of bonadage and orgasm denial.

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Tie and Tease Technique

This type of fetish relies on trust as you are bound and helpless. Before the tie and tease massage begins, limitations are discussed and there may even be a safe word, should you wish to stop.

Usually the wrists or ankles, or both are tied, restrained with, (handcuffs, rope, bondage tape). For those individuals who are a little edgier, I recommend being fully restrained and blindfolded, which heightens your senses.

There are two levels of intensity during tie and tease, (light). This involves gentle touching, body2body, sensual, erotic, no pain. For those individuals who wish for more xtreme there is (hard). Should you wish experience this be warned, slapping, cock and ball torture, face sitting, spitting, nipple torture, trampling are all on the menu.

Only an experienced mistress can combine several fetishes into one mind blowing experience. What If I book a tie and tease escort, I can also have sex, true, but that’s as far as the experience would go. A bdsm mistress will take you to the edge and beyond, erotic euphoria.

Tie and Tease Massage London

Tie and Tease London

Depending on who you book your tie and tease massage with (massage therapist, mistress, escort) can very much influence the experience. I am obviously biased, but an experienced tie and tease mistress is the ultimate combination of power and beauty.

Mistresses generally don’t offer sex, but are masters of erotica and are very well versed at pushing your limitations. As a bonus they offer lots of additional fetishes that will blow your mind, (tie and tease, edging, jerk off instruction, orgasm denial) are all closely related.

Additional fetishes that merge beautifully with tie and tease london are facesitting, ass worship, foot worship, breath play. Check out my London mistress profile where you can find a comprehensive list of all the fetishes I offer. I travel all over the world offering BDSM sessions, find out where I’m visiting next on my tour page.

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