I had a session with Sara Lips and it was amazing. Email communication was swift and friendly and Sara really wants to know what you expect out of a session so she can perfectly fulfill your needs. To be honest initially I was a little intimidated because Sara is incredibly strong, but no matter whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro.

She’s incredibly warm and friendly but make no mistake that sweet girl can quickly turn into “Princess Pain” and yes she really loves to dominate and squeeze you between her insanely strong muscles. Sara seemed to have a sixth sense as to how to dominate me and what holds to put me in. Her legs are so incredibly strong she merely had to wrap them around my head to have me beg for mercy. From teasing to domination and wrestling this girl knows it all – to perfection.

After the session we had a nice chat to wind down, again, Sara is one of the sweetest session girls there are, not a clock watcher and a highly recommended experience. I will definitely see her again next time she stops by my city.

Harry - Austria, Dec 2017Fantasy wrestling / Muscle domination / Scissoring

I had the pleasure of wrestling with Sara on here recent trip to San Francisco. I had requested a role play domination scenario. I am 5 ft 7 180. Sara has a sweet and lovely personality and is easy to talk to. However that’s Sara not her alter ego Princess Pain as I was soon to find out. Sara was dressed in a sexy bikini which showed off all her muscles . She is gorgeous I soon find myself trapped in a body scissor which took my breath away. Then with quickness and speed she rolled me onto my back in a rear naked choke. She is a great actress and she was very domineering and forceful which I absolutely loved. I will definitely session with Sara Aka Princess Pain on her next trip to San Francisco.

Scott McClintock - San Francsiso, Sep 2017Roleplay / Domination wrestling

During her visit to the Netherlands i had a mind blowing domination and semi-competitive session with Sara. To me she is the real deal: feminine, well trained, athletic, professional and very Well versed in all kinds of wrestling. Arranging the session by email was smooth and easy and all we discussed was dealt with her punctual. Before, during and after the session she put me at ease.
She’s strong, fast and a true killer! Her speed is amazing and with her strong and muscular body she dominated me the whole session While i was in her arm bars, chokes (beware of her triangle arm choke!), leg scissors and submission holds. You can see she really enjoys what She’s doing by looking at her face. I can really recommend her for Guys enjoying combination of semi competitive combined with domination. To me she is the new arrived star on the wrestling horizon! Hope to meet and wrestle her soon again.

Chiel K - Netherlands, Oct 2017Semi Competitive Domination

A truly satisfying session in all terms. Sara is not just great with her strength but also understands the psychology of guys like me and therefore knows exactly how to deliver a great session. I had the most amazing and satisfying Lift and Carry session with Sara after being disappointed on a few occasions by some other girls. An open chat before the session made the whole session go exactly i wanted! Thanks, Xander x

Xander - Liverpool, July 2017 Lift and Carry

This was my first ever session, and I needed my first experience to be a memorable one. With that said, I chose Sara because her website was very professional looking, and her photos, reviews and blog posts gave me a bit of insight into who she was and what I was expecting. She’s obviously not only attractive, but also muscular in all the right places. Booking with her was very easy, and for my first time booking a session, I was very thankful in how smooth she made the booking process.

When I first arrived, she greeted me in the attire I requested (and she looked phenomenal). It was great to see that she was striking up conversation to break the ice, and that really helped to ease the nerves as it was my first ever session, and then went over how the session was going to go. Once the session started however, I got to find out how strong she really was.

She was adept at using all forms of choke-holds, her rear naked choke and foot chokes was honestly a highlight of the session, as it was an amazing and safe yet scary experience, and I tapped out in mere seconds (it was also pretty hot how she would ignore my taps for the first few seconds). Her scissors were also another highlight, as she used her very strong legs to choke me even further, and used her strong thighs and glutes to squeeze my head and ribs. I fondly remember near the session ending, as she cranked up the power on my ribs to the point where I tapped immediately, and put me in position for a standing reverse head-scissors and another reverse head-scissors where I was literally begging to be released. Her trampling me was also a highlight and felt like she could legitimately crush me if she could, so I obviously tapped out in seconds and begged for mercy.

What also heightened the experience was how she would taunt me for not being anywhere near her strength level, and liked to put me into holds and tested me to see if I could get out of them (I could not). When I wasn’t being choked and squeezed, she would smother me with her hands and her muscular ass. I was surprised at how quickly I was running out of breath, and when she ignored my taps when I was smothered it was both frightening and amazing. In between all of this, I was made to worship her muscles, and she instructed me to oil up her ass and legs. As the session was drawing to a close, she would lift and carry me around in different ways, and I was surprised by easily she was lifting me (I’m 180 lbs).

On a whole, this first session went as perfect as it could have ever been. I truly feel like I made the right choice with Sara, as she is not only very attractive, she is way stronger than she looks, and can really take you to the limit if that’s what you want. Very friendly and easy to talk to talk to, and that makes her the perfect choice for anyone looking for a session.

Kareem - Birmingham, July 2017Domination / Scissoring / Lift and Carry

I have just came back after an amazing session with Sara. First of all, setting up the session was a breeze. She responded promptly to each mail which also made me feel that I knew her even before we met. I had requested a specific outfit for her to wear (a string bikini showing off her great physique) and she opened the door in that outfit and a great smile. She is great at making you feel welcome and comfortable and making you feel at ease. Even though she is not a bodybuilder she as a serious amount of muscle especially in her thighs and glutes.

Upon my request the session was fantasy session focusing on head scissors and facesitting. Sara knows a wide variety of holds and had no problem putting me there while still respecting my limits (not into domination/pain). She also knows how to use her body to both tease and please. She is very experienced.

After the session I got to talk a little bit more to her and there was no stress, making it a great way to wind down. All in all I would rate her in the very top of the 20 session girls I have met. If you want a fun, sensational session with a fascinating woman, Sara should be your choice.

Ola Nordman - London, May 2017Facesitting / Muscle Worship / Scissoring

As someone who had never had a session like this before but was interested, I stumbled across Sara’s website after seeing her on Scissorfoxes. After seeing positive reviews and seeing everything she does conveniently listed I figured “why not”, so filled out the booking form to list everything I was after, and info about myself. Very shortly after I received an email from Sara confirming she had got my message. Unfortunately she was busy so couldn’t respond properly, but had the courtesy to let me know that she was ok to organise something.

Booking in general was a breeze, due to her cooperative nature. Sara was always very polite, responded quickly, gave useful info, was transparent and encouraged you to be the same. Instead of being irritating and difficult, Sara made this process completely stress free. Throughout she expressed a genuine desire to make it an enjoyable experience for the both of us. You are encouraged to list out exactly what you’re after and what you want to get from the session. I said I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted being my first time, but she was very understanding

Thankfully this desire seemed even more apparent on the day. From the get go she was awesome. Despite me being extremely visibly nervous, she was extremely relaxed and welcoming. She was excellent in striking up an engaging conversation to help ease the tension, asking about my interests and how I got into it, making me feel a lot more comfortable. We then went over the session reiterating what I wanted and my limits. After that I got changed and we got started.

I was after a domination session, for the hour I was mainly being scissored, and there was some facesitting, HOM, and belly punching (which I had know idea I would enjoy) among other stuff thrown in. She even tied me up with some stuff I had brought. And it was an absolutely incredible hour. She is extremely strong, there was know way I would break out, the only way I would get out was to beg which happened a lot. Whether it was pins or scissors, I was completely immobilised and it was such amazing feeling being under her control, especially with my hands tied behind my back. I was constantly struggling to breath, tapping and begging her to let me go and was quite scared in some parts.

Normally this would sound worrying, but Sara somehow knew my limits well making the session really exciting by pushing me, yet safe at the same time. She led the session as I had asked really well, yet would be very easy going if I had certain requests such as specific holds. I can’t neglect the trash talking, it comes to Sara so naturally. She is such a nice person generally, but in session mode she’s a badass and what ever she says is intimidating in the best possible way.

Unfortunately all good things come to end and before I knew it the session was over. However I will remember it fondly as the introduction to these styles of sessions that couldn’t have been much better. TLDR; Sara did an amazing job and whether you’re a newbie like me or a veteran, I can’t recommend her enough.

Simon - London, May 2017Scissoring / Domination

There are so many women to select from in fulfilling our fantasies being dominated by a sexy, athletic and knows what she is doing wrestler. Very few in my experience bring it to the table as well as Sara Lips. First she is so easy on the eyes, you simply forget you are about to be handed a lesson in female dominance. Communicating with her is easy and makes obvious her main intent is to accommodate your fantasies.

She focused to the letter my role play scenario with the attire and script I requested. When we meet, it was conversation at first to get to know me. That alone spoke in volumes of her sincerity to make this a pleasant session. Her eyes are captivating and along with an incredibly sensual Irish accent alone can make you tap. But when the legs lock- DONE. When the Chest smother is administered-HISTORY. When the pressed down face sitting applied- TAP and ACCEPT.

Combine that with a Sexy tease in a voice that is unforgettable and you will be in a state of mind thinking, “Can gorgeous women be this strong and relentless” Then the pressure occurs increasing slow and you think “Damn I guess so” and frantic to escape. Good luck there. So guys, go the the ATM, get your money, make the appointment and bring your A game. She will be waiting with hers. She is a definite repeat in my book. The ultimate SEXY and DEADLY.

Steve - Washington DC, April - 2017Leg Fetish / Scissoring / Muscle Domination

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to session with Sara during her recent trip to Boston. What an amazing experience. I had some difficulty with scheduling up front due to a conflicting business trip, but Sara was was patient and understanding and we were able to work something out. As for the session itself, nothing short of spectacular. Sara is absolutely beautiful and remarkably strong.

Her scissors are deadly and I enjoyed being teased and forced to worship her hard muscles as she overpowered and outwrestled me with ease. She appeared to enjoy the session even more than me, and that’s saying something! She is also quite friendly and a pleasure to talk with. Can’t wait to see her on her next trip to Boston, hopefully not too long from now.

Patrick - Boston, April 2017Wrestling

I was fortunate to meet up with Sara during her tour in the United States. She was easy to reach via e-mail and set up date and time of our meeting before she headed to the U.S. I sent her a role play scenario I wanted to do with her and she provided some input to make the role play that we would both enjoy. Our role play was one where she dominated in me putting me in various submission holds.

She is quite strong and used her lethal legs and arms to keep me controlled the entire time. I asked her to make it a great cardio session for me where I am totally exhausted by the end of the session and she definitely managed that goal.

Her reverse head scissors are lethal and had me seeing stars – no doubt she could have knocked me out if she had wanted to – I could not have escaped from any holds where she wrapped her legs around me. She was kind enough to give me a light shoulder massage at the end of the session while I hydrated with water trying to regain enough strength to stand up and make it home. Too bad she is across the pond as I will need to wait until her next U.S. tour to try and see her.

R.J.- Washington DC - April 2017Roleplay / Fantasy Wrestling

Guys, I just had the pleasure and privilege to session with Sara Lips. And all I can say is “wow”. I have been doing sessions for over 25 years seeing 80+ women during that time have met a tone of great ladies, many of whom I have seen multiple times. However, never once, did I have a woman email me to thank, yes, thank me for allowing her to do what she loves doing..sessions :- ). It blew my mind. Since I did sessions years ago, the fees have skyrocketed up to $500/HR for some women and, therefore, I don’t see many just due to cost. I want to make sure I spend wisely if you will.

Well, Sara was worth EVERY PENNY!!!! . Prior to meeting her, we had several email exchanges where we she was always very responsive in her replies asking me just what type of session I wanted/liked, what she should wear , etc. I asked her to wear a lone piece hi cut thong back leotard and did she ever look SMOKING hot in it!!! From the moment we began she dominated me throughout with all kinds of holds. All the while teasing me with her smack talk. Her scissors, especially reverse was heaven and hell all at the same time. She can be dominant, sensual, super comp. It’s like she is a “chameleon” changing to accommodate her clients fantasias.

All I can say is I wish I saw her for more than 90 mins. as the time flew by. I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting her. You guys in Scotland are very lucky to have her in your backyard. If she were closer to me I may go broke LOL.. All I can say is if you have the opportunity to see her..DO IT you will not have a better session with someone who truly values your business. She does not look at the guys as just $$$$ signs.

Russ ,Boston, April 2017Fantasy Wrestling

I had the pleasure of sessioning with Sara Lips on her US tour. The session was very easy to set up.Sara is very friendly and courteous in her e-mail communications.I saw her for 3 hours and she truly delivers everything she advertises.

She will make your fantasies come true and tailor the session how you want it. she is also great to talk to and has a fantastic attitude.if you get a chance to see her do not hesitate because i think she will book up quickly. She is a true Irish beauty and really classy lady. Rich.

Richard McHenry - Washington DC, April 2017Facesitting / School Girl Pins / Fantasy Style

Sara is an amazing person and wrestler. She was very open to my ideas and had no problems full filling them. Not only is she strong and good looking, but also very friendly and easy going. Her wrestling skills sure are amazing, and her legs were DEADLY. This is a girl I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good, fun, wrestling time.

Daniel D – Gothenburg, Sweden, Feb 2017Semi Completive / Role-play

I have recently met Sara Lips during one of her European tours. Planning the session was an easy task : she is professional, reliable, attentive and answers fast. All the details needed were send on time and i went to her hotel room without hassle.

I was not used to wrestle in that setting, but i never felt unsafe even if a bed doesn’t always allow a lot of movements.

The transition from semi-competitive to sheer domination was quite fast : Sara had a 20kg weight advantage and she toyed with me thanks to her pure strength. I tried to resist to her holds and struggled a lot in her scissors, often a sign of desperation. She liked to keep me trapped for a while and then exert some bursts of power to force taps.

Hand over mouth smothers are one of her favourite moves and this situation was often challenging for me. A combination of a smother with a scissor or a pin can be very effective, as the fear of being out of breath was added to the pain felt.

The session was quite varied, with some stretching holds (boston crab, lotus lock) which challenged my flexibility. The hour went very fast and the end came with a but nearly pleasant side headscissor. I was immobilized and her face was fuzzy to me. She flexed her biceps and teased me as i couldn’t really listen to her words, in a calm but confident display of dominance.

Sara was very friendly before and after the session, definitely not a clock watcher. We talked for a while about session wrestling, fetishes, her experiences, her travels…and then it was the time to say goodbye and to get a deserved rest.

Maitsek – Paris, France, Feb 2017Mixed Wrestling

Even though Sara Lips looks great in her pictures, they really don’t do her justice. Once you get to experience her presence you will be struck by her beauty, she really is stunning. Beautiful piercing eyes, and a fantastic fitness-type physique with full, curvy muscles. She has the strength of a bear, and can wrestle and put a guy that outweighs her by 20 kg and has some wrestling experience in serious trouble. All while being very charming and talkative(with her lovely Irish accent).

I have had the opportunity to session with some fantastic girls during the years, and Sara is definitely in the top of my favorites. The fact that she is without competition the best organized and professional session girl only ads to my recommendation. Always swift replies and good communication, Sara has taken the session scene to a new level and I cant wait to see her again.

Chris O - Stockholm, Sweden, Feb 2017Semi Competitive / Muscle Worship

I’ve wrestled Sara three times now, and have enjoyed all three sessions. Sara brings a combination of strength, skill and intelligence to her sessions, along with a great sense of humour. She is surprising strong for a gal so slender, and I have to admit her head scissors are virtually inescapable, so get ready to tap out.

Her upper body strength is also surprising, and getting stuck in one of her front head locks is tough to escape from. No worries though, Sara will individually tailor the match to meet anyone’s skill level or requirements. In a couple of our matches, we did some interesting role plays, which were great fun. I recommend Sara highly, and can’t wait for round 4 to commence.

Bob Stober - Dublin, Feb 2017Role-play / Games Fanatic / 3 Sessions

I had my first session with Sara in Glasgow and it’s one of my best I’ve had.  Sara is not a clock watcher and someone who could deal with anyone from nervous newbies to wrestling veterans.

The session was an awesome cardio workout with some healthy competition as well 🙂

Paul Murdoch - Glasgow, Feb 2017Semi Competitive Wrestling

I met Sara in Vienna. The email conversation was very nice. From the beginning I had a good feeling. She asked me by mail what my expectations of the wrestling session are – and when I met her, she really tried to fulfill all my wishes.

I am crazy for muscular girls and like to get dominated by them. On the pics Sara looks pretty athletic. In reality she is even more handsome. She looks so nice, you can’t imagine, that this girl could turn into a real fighter girl that kicks your butt – but Sara did! She’s a real thunderstorm and the power of her thighs, when they are wrapped around your body or neck, is amazing.

She wore jeans for me. After the session they were trenching of sweat! But Sara not only put me into scissor holds, she also sat on my face with here jeans and I loved the way she did it – without mercy, but always watchful, not to hurt you.

She even spat in my face, because I asked for it. It was so amazing, that such a lady did all this stuff to me – even the weird parts! I will always remember her face, that looked down to me, when I was laying beneath her, she had me in a schoolboy-pin and her mimicry told me, that she won’t let me go. This was so naughty. Sometimes she smothered me with her upper body, till I was gasping for air.

The hour passed by in flight. I felt like being in trance. I hope, she had as much fun, as I had. I absolutely can recommend Sara’s wrestling-sessions.

Julius - Vienna, December 2016Muscle Worship / Domination

I just met Sara for a fantasy wrestling/scissor session. I was wrong when I thought after our first session that it could not be any better. Everything went perfect from the first contact until we met, Sara is very responsive with her messages. You feel like you meet somebody who you know for many years and she is so cool and make you feel comfortable throughout the session. Sara is a beauty with a wonderful body and beautiful face and I absolutely love her Irish accent. She will tailor the session to your preferences (in my case mainly scissors – believe me they are very strong) and she makes sure that your wishes come true. I highly recommend Sara and definitely look forward to see her again.

Peter - Zurich, November 2016Fantasy Wrestling / Scissors

I recently session-ed with Sara in London. She is smart, friendly, extremely attractive and unbelievably strong. She took my breath away in every way possible. I found her holds unbreakable and her scissors would burst a water main! It’s the best session experience I have ever had and I don’t hesitate in recommending her. Please be respectful as she’s one in a million.

Rich - London, November 2016Muscle Domination

I recently met Sara for the first time for a semi-competitive session, on her visit to London. Firstly, I have to say Sara looks fantastic, she is in great shape. Equally she is also a great conversationalist and an intelligent person, who I’d have been happy to spend time with just chatting, as she puts you at ease.

In terms of wrestling, she was a little under the weather when we met, suffering the effects of fighting a cold but she never complained. She still gives 100%, and seems to enjoy the competition. She has a glint in her eyes when she spots an opportunity or sees an opening to gain an advantage. I’ll definitely be looking to arrange another session with her when she visits again, and would look to book for 2 hours as opposed to one, although if she is 100% fighting fit I may well come to regret it!

Darren - London, November 2016Semi Competitive

I was lucky to have a session with Sara recently. I’ve had already a few sessions but I can honestly say that Sara was BY FAR the best. She is easy company, relaxed and friendly from the start and she’s one of the most beautiful session girls in our small fantasy world. Her body is awesome. We did several things: arm wrestling, lift and carry, scissoring, fantasy wrestling, face sitting, muscle worship, … she’s a complete session girl. So she was able to control me, throw me around, put me into different holds and wrapped her powerful thunder thighs around me. When she was slowly squeezing the breath out of me, I tried to hold out, but her strength seemed endless so I had to tap before her legs crushed me. Then she put me over her shoulder and walked me around the room effortlessly and even held me in a cradle. After our session we had a nice talk. I’m looking forward to our next session.

Filip - Brussels, October 2016Muscle Worship / Lift and Carry / Fantasy Wrestling

Wow!!! Where do I begin in describing the fabulous session I had with the phenomenal Sara Lips. Sara is one of the most GENUINE, caring, intelligent, creative and passionate women that you will encounter in session wrestling. It was so refreshing to communicate with a session wrestler who sincerely appreciates the individuality and satisfaction of EACH of her customers. Her main goal is to have them experience their ultimate fantasy! Please take the time to read Sara’s blogs on her website and you will quickly realize how seriously she strives to get inside the minds of her admirers!

Sara is never too busy to respond to your e-mails!. When Sara answered the door in her bathrobe, my first impression was how much more stunning this Irish beauty was in person than in her pictures! Gorgeous, strong and sexy were the first adjectives that came to my mind when I met Sara. She immediately put me at easy with her friendly demeanor. Once Sara slipped out of her bathrobe, my jaw dropped. She has a beautiful V shaped body.

Although Sara is not a competitive bodybuilder, she has incredible strength that is the result of serious free weight training. Her core is amazingly strong as she poses she possesses the raw power that is evident in so many cross fit athletes. Although I weigh 190 pounds and work out religiously with weights, she easily beat me in arm wrestling with both arms. As we transitioned into semi- competitive wrestling, I quickly realized that I was out of my league. This was the point in our session where the amazing transformation to Sara’s alter ego, Princess Pain, occurred. Sara literally mopped up the mat with me. She didn’t just dominate me, she repeatedly humiliated me by totally crushing my body with her powerful legs and arms so I was unable to move.

To add insult to injury, Sara would smother my face so I wouldn’t be able to breathe!! This vixen has some of the most sexy, powerful forearms in session wrestling!! If you doubt my words, go to www.scissorfoxes.comto see her in action as she pulverizes her opponent in her video debut which became an instant classic. We then transitioned to a part of the session where she went back to sweet Sara who would cradle me in her strong arms and carry me around the room. She did this several times with ease and would always stop by the mirror so I could view her bulging biceps as she coddled me.

Our session ended with an intense face smothering which lasted for a good ten minutes and left me with no doubt about who was in charge. What a rush!! At the conclusion of our allotted time, this sweetheart allowed me to take a shower and then chatted with me for several minutes afterwards before we bid farewell. I give Sara Lips my unqualified, highest recommendation! You will not be disappointed!

Chris - Chicago, Sep 2016Semi Competitive / Lift and Carry

I was lucky enough to meet Sara in San Francisco during her U.S. tour. I contacted her a few weeks in advance about a session; her response was prompt and we had a very nice correspondence. I met her at the agreed time and was pleased to see she was very beautiful, as she is in her pictures. We had a pleasant chat before starting our session and I was immediately put at ease and felt very comfortable with her.

Then the session started and the talking stopped. It was a fantasy wrestling session and I was amazed and how good she was, especially at smothering. She did everything I hoped for in just right way, both forceful but also sensual and playful, and best of all I never had to say a word because she seemed to know exactly what I wanted the whole time, which allowed me to really enjoy our time together.

Afterwards, when I was quite exhausted, we continued to talk for a while as she is very friendly and a delight to be around. I could tell she was someone I’d want to see as often as possible, and so I can’t recommend a session with Sara highly enough.

Jack - San Fran, Sep 2016Face Sitting / Smothering

Sara Lips is not only among the strongest and fittest athletes I have encountered, she (despite her eminently sane, friendly and composed persona outside the session experience) exudes more primal ferocity and intensity once the session starts than nearly any of the many wrestlers I have seen over the decades. The severity of her facial expression while she is dishing out intense pain is unique, and truly terrifying, and yet, surprisingly perhaps, I never felt at risk of physical injury.

She obviously has great mastery in her craft, as it feels as though she is being relentlessly brutal and merciless while administering a beating, without even a trace of mercy or compassion, but she clearly possesses a high degree of kin-esthetic awareness, so she is in complete control of her every movement. She is a professional. For someone who craves the experience of being totally physically overpowered and dominated by a beautifully muscled, powerful woman athlete completely committed to the task at hand, look no further.

John - New York, Sep 2016Scissoring / Fantasy Wrestling

I spent two hours with Sara and it was unbelievable. She looks amazing and is in fantastic shape. We started with some light wrestling and I couldn’t believe how helpless I felt as she went effortlessly from hold to hold. I asked her to focus on scissors and chokes and she did just that. When she has a hold locked on, there is no escape until she lets you go. Her legs are like steel and she’s able to easily make me tap out. I told her I hadn’t submitted to body scissors in years and she forced me to several times. I showed her a few new techniques, which I feared could come back to haunt me (turns out I was right). I knew I was in for a rough time.

Sara’s hand over mouth (HOM) smothering technique is unreal. She combines the HOM with scissors and chokes and used her hands to force my jaw closed so I couldn’t get ANY air. I could barely pull her hand away from my mouth using all my strength. To make the play even more intense for me, she tied my hands behind my back and suddenly her scissors and her unbelievably effective HOM smothers became even more scary. It’s unbelievable knowing that she could just as easily knock me out quickly with her legs or her rear naked choke as she can slowly smothering me. Sometimes it was both at once.

I’ve never seen anyone with skill like that. If you get a chance – go see her – but be prepared to be very sore when the session ends – she has some truly exceptional moves.

Dean - San Fran, Sep 2016Semi Competitive

I met Sara yesterday, on the beginning of her North American tour. She is a very attractive young woman, with pale grey-blue eyes and sun-lightened brown hair. She is much more beautiful in person than in her photographs. She has an amazing physique: Her muscles are big and toned. You can tell she is always working out, but she doesn’t have the dehydrated bodybuilder look. She looks smaller than her listed weight of 156 pounds, and I am 165. I prefer non-competitive wrestling.

She put me in several different scissor holds, and enjoyed pulsing her very strong abductors on my ribs and obliques. She ground my left side like she wanted to turn it into a gel, and it’s uncomfortably sore today. I struggled out of her scissors only once, by separating her feet and getting both arms in, but mostly, I just had to endure until I tapped. She also squeezed my head and neck from various positions. I had to tap because the pressure was too much. She put me in a few chokes, and seemed to prefer to put pressure on my throat rather than on my carotid. (This might have been because I told her I wanted to stay awake for the session.) I could hold off the choke with both hands, but when she added the scissors on my ribs I had to tap. As I got worn down, she began to smother me, first with her chest.

The dilemma was that I wanted to stay there, because her body is so terrific, and her chest is just perfect, but she closed off any air and I had to tap if I wanted to breathe. She also smothered me with her butt, and I was astonished at the amount of pressure she was able to bring to this pin. It felt like much more than 156 pounds, and it must be because she has such powerful core strength. I couldn’t move her, and the bridge of my nose is sore, but un-bruised. Overall, it was a great session. She is unusually strong for her size, very attractive and has a truly beautiful physique. She is enthusiastic and seems to love sessions.

Jonathan - Toronto, Sep 2016Scissors / Semi Competitive / Muscle Domination

Above are just some of my testimonials, if you would like to read more just follow the link.