What Makes a Strong Woman Intimidating to a Man?

strong women

A strong woman can often come off as intimidating. She knows what she wants in life and is on a mission to get it. Most likely she works hard, is independent, and doesn’t need a relationship to define her! While she might not need a relationship to make her happy, you should not confuse this with her not wanting one and this is where my cue comes in to help you guys understand what makes a strong women intimidating to man.

Recently I had a guy contact me asking advice regarding a girl he is really interested, he is very shy, felt that he is slightly out of his depth and did not know how to approach her about a date. Even worse he is a fan of lift and carry, something which we all know as a rule of thumb is generally a DEFINITE secret in the early days of dating unless the lady in question is pretty open minded to new things.

Strong woman still crave connection and wants someone to love and spend time with. Remember this, so if you are on the prowl for strong women, in the early days of dating or perhaps married to one, here are a few pointers I thought might be useful to remember:

Strong Woman are…

Distant at First

A strong woman may have walls built up that take time to break down. She knows how to protect herself, so know that trust might be a longer process than you’d like. A strong woman can also be afraid of being hurt. If she’s keeping you at a distance, that’s why. Once she feels that she can fully trust you, you might see a whole other, softer side to her. A strong woman may also feel conflicted about wanting to need you at first. Give her time to work through it. It might not be that she isn’t interested after all!


A strong woman is usually self-sufficient. Expect her to want to take control every once in a while and handle situations on her own. We know how to take care of ourselves. She will love having you around, but don’t get offended if she doesn’t need or want your help. We can be stubborn, remember this!

Open Minded

A strong woman is often creative and can have an open mind to new ideas or conversations. It is important to therefore mix things up a bit as dinner at the same restaurant every weekend probably won’t interest her for long. Try to be creative with your ideas for things to do.


Strong woman accept responsibility, and will expect you to do the same. FACT. Excuses aren’t an option. We are usually also very comfortable in asking for what we want, so expect an open and often direct line of communication, with a little sugar-coating thrown in every once in a while when needed. Its not attitude, it’s just called a no bull shit approach to life…


Strong woman know what they want, and is most likely on a mission to get it. Goals are important to them. Strong women will therefore most likely expect you to have them also. They’ll want to know what your ambitions are, and how you’re going to work to achieve them.


We love being with you, but we also need time alone time! This is to relax and recharge, so try to understand when we want a night alone. This is the one you guys usually can’t get their head around, especially if in the early days of dating.


Yes we have some fight in us! So, when the going gets tough, don’t expect us to throw the towel in straight away. Not being afraid of conflict, this also means we will not always be willing to agree with things you say even if it is over something stupid! This creates passion between people, however as if we all agreed on everything ALL of the time, even simple things such as what to watch on TV or where to go for coffee life would be pretty boring!


A strong woman might come off as intimidating at first, but just like everyone else, she has insecurities and vulnerabilities. Don’t think that her strength means that she doesn’t have feelings too.

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  1. Jack
    Jack says:

    First of all: Love your blog! I find it simply amazing!! 🙂

    When it comes to me, as a genuine submissive, i´ve always been drawn to just dominant women…Love them and just wish there were more of you! 🙂 The main problem in our society for female dominants and male submissives, i think, is that people still expect you to have “traditional” gender roles…Being a sub male can therefor be hard sometimes…If you´re still scrared of how the world outside of the Femdom & D/s-scene might react. 🙁

    I truly enjoy Female Domination of all kinds, but there´s so much variation to it, too! I think that´s the very best thing. 🙂 After finding you on wb.270 and looking at your pics, i instantly get the more “physical” fantasies at first…Thinking things like “She´s so sexy! I wish she would walk all over me…Sit on my face…Slap me, scratch me with her nails, make me lick her feet…Use my stomach as a trampoline, sit on my chest and just bounche up and down with her butt. on my ribcage.. She could use me as her personal slave!” But Femdom can truly be so much deeper that that as well. …You could enjoy serving women in general in your everyday life – without wanting anything in return – only to make her life easier! 🙂 And the older i get, the more i appreciate this, too. I read an earlier post, and i must say…I believe i´m one of thoise guys who doesn´t mind at all being a real doormat for women – or being called that! 😉

    Had to send you an email just to tell you my own story and views of Female Domination…(Used the email-adress on wb.270 – hope it works still?) Since i´m not sure it would fit in the comment-section. 🙂

    Once again: amazing blog! 🙂 And a VERY beautiful and sexy writer, too. 😉

    /Jack The Doormat 😉

    • sara
      sara says:

      Aww, thanks jack, I am glad you enjoy my blog! I understand, where you are coming form with the traditional gender roles and i guess this is why there is women like me, who me can go to and vent off for an hour and feel the bond of a true submissive- dominant relationship.

      S x

    • sara
      sara says:

      Thanks John, yes increasingly it seems independence is a thing that is highly attractive, and strength is borderline with this yet somewhat intimidating too at times. I understand however, how distant is unattractive and repelling.

      S x

  2. Avishay
    Avishay says:

    Hi Sara,

    Really love your site and your blog, you don’t often get to hear the girl’s point of view of this fetish.
    I’d like to know, does your physical strength change the way you view your role in a relationship? Most girls normally prefer the man to be dominant, proactive and protecting. Do you see yourself in that classical female role of the weaker sex, or would you feel more at home as the dominant and physically stronger partner?

    • Sara
      Sara says:


      Thank you very much for your kind comment and apologies on my delay in reply. Your questions are very interesting. In regards to your place in a relationship I often feel has anything to do with how strong you are physically etc but rather your own mind set. Relationships are a strange thing and as much as one person may be more dominate, than the other, they still have to be a two way thing. For instance having a submissive linger of you all the time can be rather dare I say it , draining and likewise always having to be the discussion maker can be clichy. I would therefore say, a women can enjoy being a complacent wife, however knows that in her husbands eyes what he likes about her is that she is capable of making decisions, raising her own opinion and having to step in at time when he missing for whatever reason e.g ill heath and can be trusted in being the leading figure is what counts. Men sometimes think they want a dominate wife but find out it is not a way to live long term, likewise having a submissive wife can sound great but when you find out she cannot make decisions for herself this soon becomes unattractive, therefore some where between the middle I believe is the key, mind you this is easier said than done!

      Thanks for your comment

      Sara x


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