Smell My Dirty Panties

Smell My Dirty Panties

Before I get into today’s article, I have question, have you ever sniffed a pair of dirty panties? For a large percentage of men the scent of a females vagina and anus is an incredible turn on. I wonder, would men smell my dirty panties.

Due to the amount of requests I receive for Facesitting and Ass worship, I guess the answer would be YES. Both fetishes involve either sitting or pressing the females ass, pussy against the man’s face. Smells are a natural occurrence during the session, a female’s scent can be intoxicating, a huge turn on.

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Dirty Panty Zones

According to other panty sniffers, womens panties can smell a little different depending on the food she eats, how many (days) she wears the same pair of pants.

There are other elements that affect the scent of panties, if there is pee on them or they are soiled. Also odours may be stronger depending on how close she is to her period. Depending on the particular scent you wish to smell, your fetish for panties may favour one of three zones or a combination of all.

Zone 1: Front seam of the crotch, where a females clit and vulva are. Men particularly enjoy it when there is a yellowish/whitish bit of staining indicating a strong scent. Men describe this smell as a sharp, flowery with sweet hints of white pepper. Zone 1 is one the most popular areas for men with a panty fetish.

Zone 2: The Middle where the vestibule, labium (opening to the vagina) are located. This is where varying types of discharge happen, which of course is normal. Zone 3 is where you will smell a more mellow and wet sweetness, not as sweet as Zone 1, but still has a very delicious smell.

Zone 3: The Back seam where the anus is, this area is more for the hardcore panty sniffer. Yes, you would think that this area would smell of S**T, not according to other men. Zone 3 has a deep musky smell, still very sweet with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar.

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Buying Used Knickers UK

There are several large ecommerce panty websites online for men who love sniffing panties. Sofia Grey: The worlds #1 marketplace for buying and selling used panties.

Simply use the filters to select your preferences, country, panty type (g-string, briefs, thongs, bikini, lingerie sets), time worn, scent, age, ethnicity and underwear size. 

Alternatively, just browse, select a model you like, click on their store and view their dirty panties for sale. Prices can range from £15 – £50 GBP depending on your requirements.

smell my dirty panties

Panty models Sofia Gray

Panty Fetish Roleplay

In an earlier article roleplay kinks and fetish ideas I discuss how a fetishes can be incorporated into roleplay scenarios. Below is a roleplay scenario for men who has a fetish for dirty panties.

Your new girlfriend is rarely interested in sex and thinks your a pervert. Regardless, you find her very attractive, but wish she had more of a promiscuous side. She has no idea that, as soon she heads of to work you are rifling through her laundry looking for a pair of her dirty panties, a freshly stained pair are your favourite.

One day unexpectedly, she arrives home early to find you lying on the bed sniffing the crotch of her panties while jerking off.

She screams, calling you a fucking pervert, your convinced the relationship is over. Figuring you have nothing to lose, you confess that you adore her scent, unique, like no other girl.

Expecting her walk out in disgust, she instead pauses quietly for a moment, then walks slowly over to the side of bed. Do you want sniff my panties while i’m wearing them? You can’t believe this is happening, she straddles her legs over you head, reaches down and lifts up her skirt.

Your heart is pounding with excitement, you can already smell her scent hovering just inches above your face. She seats herself firmly on your face, pressing her moist panties tight up against your nose, smell my dirty panties, show me how much I turn you on.

Vagina Perfume

Did you know that there is a company in German called Vulva Original that have captured and bottled the beguiling vaginal scent of a women. Gone are the days of stealing dirty underwear, now you can buy the scent of vagina in a bottle.

I love the marketing phrases they use, “Real Erotciftying Vaginal Scent” and “For Your Own Smelling Pleasure”

While further researching the Real Vaginal Scent, I came across a well known ecommerce selling it, guess who, Amazon. Is there nothing amazon doesn’t sell lol.

Below are just some of the benefits of this crotch tonic.

1) Sexual lust when your missing your partner
2) Increase sexual fantasies
3) Totally risk free alternative to and affair
4) Enhance decreased libido

I’m amazed, slightly dumbfounded and at the same time impressed at the lengths men will go to, to sniff pussy. Commitment to the cause, panty sniffers should start a cult, laugh as you may, I bet it would be an overnight success.

A bottle of Vulva Original will cost you 29.90 euro per bottle or bulk buy and save, 3 bottles for 79.90 euro

smell my dirty panties

Ultimately real pussy scent rules, ask any guy. Genuine panty sniffers who buy women’s underwear will go to great lengths to acquire panties with specific staining, (pee, vaginal discharge, feces blood). You don’t get that out of a bottle, the real vaginal scent is at best a substitute.

Facesitting Mistress 

Smell My Dirty Panties Sale

If your interested in purchasing Sara’s underwear? Good news, I am now offering panty sniffers the opportunity to buy a pair of my used panties. Information on how to purchase along with my stats can be found below. If you’re new to Sara Lips Wrestling, be sure to check out my about and photo pages.

Model Sara Lips

Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 172 lbs
Build: Muscular
Age: 30
Pantie Size: 8 – 10

smell my dirty panties

Sara Facesitting

How do I purchase

Please answer the questions below and email your request to Sara’s Used Panties.

1) Type (thong, g-string, basic cotton panty)
2) Duration, number of days worn (3 max)
3) Special instructions (any vulgar requests will be ignored)

Please note that I am unable to sell underwear that I wear during sessions. Designer brands are expensive and are kept solely for sessions.

You can however purchase a pair of underwear from my amazon wishlist that can be worn during our session. Price for used panties regardless of panty type or duration, £50 GBP which includes, postage and packaging within the Europe.

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