Small Penis Humiliation

small penis humiliation

If you have never heard of the fetish small penis humiliation (SPH) your certainly not on your own. I first came across SPH several years ago, after receiving an email request asking if I offered SPH. Initially I thought, what the hell is SPH, but after a quick search on google, my initial thoughts where confirmed. SPH being the abbreviated version for small penis humiliation. My life as a session wrestler / dominatrix is never dull with everyday a perverted adventure.

What is Small Penis Humiliation?

I’m sure you can hazard a guess and you would be right. Some men have a fetish consisting of being ridiculed, mocked and degraded for the size of their penis.

Not all men who have a small penis fetish actually have a micro willy.

SPH Official Definition : A domination fetish where a man is subjected to comments & gestures about the supposed inadequate size of his penis, & because of such his inability to please a woman, which implies his worthlessness as a man. 

What Size is Your Penis?

I think every man at some point in his life has whipped out a tape measure or ruler and measured their penis. Over the years travelling the world I have seen every size of penis imaginable from 1 inch micro cocks to 10 inch monster cocks, my favourite are the thick ones, Mmmm!

It really doesn’t matter the size of the penis, SPH is all about degrading and mocking the submissive for his worthlessness as man. This can be done in various ways, below are examples from previous small penis humiliation sessions.

Penis Size (comparisons)

Submissive is ordered to strip naked and stand in the corner. After some time has passed, submissive is ordered to present his penis for measurement. An overall measurement of the penis is taken while flaccid and at times erect. Various implements are held beside the penis as a size comparison (dildo, condom, cigarette, banana).

Jerk of Instruction (JOI)

Clients who request extreme small penis humiliation may be subjected to both Penis measuring and Jerk of Instruction. Personally for me watching a micro dick jerk off is just embarrassing, but I do love to watch out of sheer amusement.

Submissive is ordered to stand in front of me naked and jerk off to my instructions. Verbal abuse, humiliating comments and degradation follow. For men who have a small penis fetish being forced to jerk off their pindick in the presence of dominant female is the ultimate shame.

Online Small Penis Humiliation

With most of the population connected, its not surprising that male domination has a lucrative online presence. Many mistresses offering paid domination services, via webcam, face time, skype, text and email.

The penis rating system, a paid service where men send a pic of their penis asking for a rating along with objectifying comments. With a recent fluctuation in email requests for Rate My Small Penis”. I have decided to offer small dick domination service, available online for any submissive who is not able to met in person. Details of this service can be found below.

Small Penis Mockery

Terms frequently used during Small Penis Humiliation include: Baby Cock, Baby Dick, Button Dick, Dicklet, Inch Worm, Little Chad, Little Dick, Little Pecker, Little Penis, Maggot Dick, Micro Penis, Minidick, Needle Dick, One Inch Wonder, Pindick, Runt Dick, Small Dick Man, Tiny Cock, Tiny Dick, Tit Dick.

There are even more degrading phrases that can be found in the Urban Dictionary : Small Penis Humiliation. My favourite is Needle Dick, who says words can’t hurt. Did you know that, as of recently a small penis emoji that has been released. Not only can mistresses degrade their slaves with words but now with emoji’s.

small penis humiliation emoji

Cruel, Mmm, NO. Remember these types of men get off being ridiculed about the size of their penis, I don’t judge. I fulfil mens fantasies regardless of how strange they may seem to others.

Extreme Small Penis Humiliation

SPH has a close cousin, CUCKHOLDING, both are closely related as both fetishes objectify the size of the mans penis. Cucking is a more extreme version of small penis humiliation involving the submissive’s partner having intercourse with another well endowed man (bull).

There are a great number of men who enjoy the fetish cuckholding. I don’t want to delve to far into the topic as I might write a separate article devoted to the topic.

Booking a Small Dick Humiliation Session

If you are interested in booking a SPH session, please use my contact form filling in the relevant info. Don’t be afraid to expand on the type of session you wish to experience. Remember to check out my latest tours, alternatively when i’m not travelling, you can find me for most part in London, Dublin and Ireland.

Rate my Small Penis – Online Domination

Purchase an amazon gift voucher fill in the relevant fields using the example voucher below. Upon receipt of your gift voucher, I will request a picture of your penis for evaluation. This will involve an overall “Rate My Small Penis” score from 1 – 10 including my own personal opinions.

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