Sexually Dominant Women

Sexually Dominant Women Sara Lips

Over the last half century there has been a significant shift in the sexes. The days of the downtrodden women are a thing of the past. Sexually dominant women are more evident now than ever before. Next time your online, search the phrase “Mistress” followed by your country, (Mistress London) for example.

You will be amazed by how many women are advertising their services as dominatrixes. Personally I think, a lack of opportunities and a downturn in our economy, has played its part. More and more women are turning to sex work to make a living.

On the other had you could argue the point, that there are more sexually dominant women today, due to the increase in demand.

Men love to feel the power of these alpha females, so much so, that they become icons, role models, goddesses. In the BDSM world, the term (mistresses, dominatrix, pro domme, humiliatrix, domina) are commonly used to describe these women.

Dominatrix is the feminine form of the Latin dominator and was originally used in a non-sexual sense. The term dominatrix is sometimes used to describe a professional dominant who is paid to engage in BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) with a submissive.

Female Dominatrix

Considering the varying types of sex work that is available, women will tend to choose either (escorting, porn, domination). You might ask yourself why this is relevant, well, women who choose to become a dominatrix regardless of economic constraints, must enjoy dominating men.

Escorting and porn are the easier two options and can pay considerably more depending on the girls looks and figure. Its my personal opinion that In today’s modern society, women want to dominate men.

I myself am a testament of a strong dominant female who makes a living traveling the world dominating men. I cater for a wide range of male fetishes, fantasies and role plays.

Considering the level of detail and thought that go into some of the roleplays I act out during sessions. Escorting or porn would definitely be the easier option. But, if i’m honest, I thoroughly enjoy dominating men.

Men love, adore and appreciate strong, sexually empowered women which is pleasurable.

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BDSM Domination

As I mentioned earlier there are now more men than ever before who fantasise about strong dominant women. I started working as a session wrestler / dominatrix over 5 years ago. Since then I have noticed a significant increase in the amount of women joining the BDSM scene.

You only have to check the NEW GIRL section on session girls. Women are empowered by this new age, confidence, assertiveness, strength and dominance are common traits of the dominant women.

Session Girls Sara Lips Profile

If you’re new to the world of BDSM and looking to hire the services of either a session wrestler or dominatrix. You might be interested in an earlier I wrote on my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes where I explain in more detail what each fetish involves.

Session wrestlers and dominatrixes, although different, both dominate men. The types of services and fetishes they offer vary, below I have listed the most popular fetishes requested.

Note that some women like myself offer a wide range of fetishes depending on their experience.

BDSM Fetishes

Pro Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Pin Wrestling, Breath Play, Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, Fantasy Boxing, Tickle Wrestling, Scissoring, Lift and Carry, Modeling, Belly Punching, Medical Play, Facesitting, Foot Trampling, Corporal Punishment, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Foot Worship, Chastity Control, Ball Busting, Strapon Play, Bondage, Sissy Training, Roleplay.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by choice, I recommend reading an earlier article, roleplay kinks and fetish ideas. Where I provide examples of how either a singular or multiple fetishes can be incorporated into a roleplay scenario.

Sexually Dominant Women

Since time began, men have been in control. Today’s geneticists report that the Y (male) chromosome has been degenerating for centuries. Whereas the X (female) chromosome is becoming stronger. It is predicted that in 3.5 million years the Y chromosome responsible for male development and reproduction, will simply die out.

The male chromosome is in a downward spiral and the female chromosome is in an upward climb that is being reflected in our society today. Media, education, business and sex work, we are experiencing a shift from a male dominated to a female dominated civilisation. The future is already written in genetic code, and this reality is everywhere we look.

Alpha Female Traits

1) Independent, financially driven, focused on their careers.
2) Cultivates a life she enjoys.
3) Never embarrassed to ask for what she wants, including sex.
4) Does not subscribe to outdated sexist paradigms.
5) Alpha females are a no-nonsense woman,  supremely confident and self-assured.
6) Calls people out when they mistreated her.
7) Many dominant women out-earn their male counterparts.
8) Dominant females do not compete for attention.
9) Invests in herself and her future.
10) Can be intimidating to others, but lives her life regardless.

Sexual Domination In The Bedroom

You might be wondering as your reading this article if Sara is as dominant in the bedroom as she is during sessions. To answer briefly, in comparison to when I was a young girl, YES, I am more dominant now, I say what I like and ensure my needs are fulfilled.

More women today are openly speaking about what they enjoy during sex. Times have changed, women are now freer to assert their dominance over men in all aspects of life, including the bedroom.

Some men have difficulty accepting this change in gender roles, where a man is supposed to be in charge. The world is ever changing, nothing stands still, women today enjoy change and are the ones cracking the whip in the bedroom.

Facesitting Mistress  

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Do you fantasies about spending time with a sexually dominant women. Well, in the world of BDSM you can, there are thousands of women who advertise their services for the sole purpose of dominating men.

Interested in booking Sara? First, check out my latest tours on my tour page and fill out the relevant information on my contact page. When I’m not on tour, you will find me regularly in London and Ireland, (Dublin, Belfast).

If your a beginner looking to book your first session, I highly recommend reading my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes that I offer. Please note that DEPOSITS are required no exceptions, read what others are saying about Sara Lips (reviews).

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