Sensual Wrestling Sessions Explained

sensual wrestling session with sara lips

After countless requests for sensual wrestling sessions over the years and many different interpretations of the term “Sensual” I thought I would explain the term in more detail based upon my own personal experiences.

Sensual, Meaning?

The term sensual relates to, gratification of the senses, physical, especially sexual pleasure. How then I hear you ask does this relate to wrestling and when does sensual become SEX. Men who assume that sensual means sex cannot be held to blame, as the official term does mention “sexual pleasure”, The issue with the word sensual is the clarification and meaning relating to mixed wrestling and BDSM.

Below are examples of previous session requests that I have received. Some sessions are a combination of more than one fetish. While some fetishes may not be seen as sensual, others definitely have more of an erotic side to them.

Sensual Wrestling w/ Face Sitting

Client books a mixed wrestling session requesting topless with a skimpy thong. He has also emphasised that he would also like to experience, face sitting, face smothering with pussy grinding (pants on). Lastly client asks if he can relieve himself or if “Tugging the Slug” is offered. This type of session has an element of sensual, but is not full service.

Ball Busting w/ Verbal Abuse

Client requests extreme ball busting while being naked with verbal abuse. Client has asked if I would wear high heels and a one piece see through body stocking. He has also requested that his cock and balls be stretched, punched and kicked while wearing high heels. Client has also mentioned that he usually ejaculates several times during this type of session and if this is okay.

Of course this type of session is sensual, at some stage I will be handling a clients cock and balls. Noted that I may be stretching, punching or kicking them at the time, but still. Lets also not forget about the “Ball Barf“, so definitely sensual.

Naked Wrestling

While you might think that naked wrestling is highly requested, you would be wrong. There are some men who for some reason wish to be naked while wrestling, NO, just NO. I thoroughly enjoy a sweaty tussle and while the both of us may be wearing little, there is no need for Timmy the Todger to be on display. Other female wrestlers may offer naked wrestling, where both parties are nude.

Personally for me, I prefer my wrestling compadre to be wearing shorts or underwear. Yes naked wrestling is definitely sensual but I don’t think you will find to many session wrestlers who fantasise about a guys junk sitting on their face.

Erotic Ass Worship

No clarification required when it comes to Ass worship, definitely sensual. Love of the female booty, one of my most popular articles, Ass Smothering Dominatrix. Even though, ass worship, face sitting and ass smothering are sensual in nature there are still boundaries.

If you are booking an ass worship session in the hope of a more sensual session, (naked). Always be sure to ask prior to booking a session to avoid disappointment.

Should I Book an Escort?

NO, “jack of all trades master of none” is a particularly relevant quote. Don’t live in the hope that you can combine a great wrestling session with sex. Some escorts do offer wrestling, but their lack of skills, strength and enthusiasm, will leave most men feeling disappointed.

I take pride in the wrestling sessions I deliver. I strength train regularly and employ the services of a top wrestling coach. Sure some session wrestlers do offer that little extra with regards to sensual, but expect to pay a substantial add on fee.

“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” 

Individual Perceptions

In the world of BDSM sensual can mean different things to each person. Its not all about sex, lift and carry, ball busting, foot worship, tie and tease and many other fetishes are sensual. In some cases the acting out and satisfying ones fetishes is a sexual pleasure.

Sara’s Sensual Sessions

I just love getting naked and rutting like a couple of pigs, JOKE! My inbox is already pretty full without guys thinking I offer full service. Unfortunately I don’t, sorry. On the other hand I do enjoy, face sitting, ass worship, body worship, ball busting which all have an element of sensual.

Interested in booking a sensual wrestling session? When I’m not on tour you will find me mostly in London or Dublin. Check out my latest tour dates and what others are saying about Sara, testimonials.

Thank You Email Received 9th March 2019

“Just wanted to say thanks. The session we had this Thursday was the best I’ve had so far, by some distance.

I really appreciate the work you put into these sessions. I’m so impressed how you managed to fit in all those requests I had for you, it was such an awesome ride going through the whole spectrum from friendly competition to complete domination at the end! Exactly what I was hoping for, only better than I had actually imagined it.

Really enjoy the way you’re willing to push me to my limits and even make me panic at times. Haven’t really felt that in the other sessions I’ve done and I was actually a bit nervous about the whole pain tolerance thing before I started sessioning. I feel safe with you doing so though, even if I’m too stubborn for my own good sometimes

Two memorable moments:

When you had me in a side head scissor, you flexed your knee and used your calf to push my head further up between your thighs, just kinda casually… Cool!

When you fish hooked me with your toes and I had a moment of panic thinking “F*ck.

Thank you so much for taking the time and hope you had fun as well. Hope we get the chance to meet up again soon! Till then, take care”.

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