Roleplay Kinks And Fetish Ideas


Below are examples of role playing scenarios that have been requested at Sara Lips Wrestling. If your considering stepping into the world of BDSM, but not sure where to start, I recommended reading my roleplay kinks and fetish ideas first.

Still unsure? head over to my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes where I give a description (synopsis) of each fetish that I offer.

Remember that you are not limited to the examples below, there are no limits, just lack of imagination. Below are popular roleplay fetishes that I have acted out during sessions.

Each roleplay may encompass more than one fetish which can be requested during your session. I also provide taster sessions for first timers, Book a Session with Sara.

Personal Trainer

Sara works at your local gym as a PT, she also offers private one on one sessions in the comfort of your home or hotel. You have overheard talk in the locker room that Sara offers extras during private sessions.

Inquisitive, you book a private session hoping that Sara will cater for your fetish. The PT session is booked for the following day and Sara arrives on time, dressed in a pair of skin tight leggings, trainers and hoodie.

After a brief chat the workout commences (bodyweight workout). Five mins into the session, Sara stops to take of her hoodie revealing a tight, low cut sports top.

You ask for a short breather, apologies and admit that you’re interested in the extra services she offers. Sara smiles and says, YES I do offer extras for an additional fee, but I don’t offer full service.

Already aroused at the thought, you explain that you have a huge foot fetish and would love to worship her feet. Sara agrees, orders you onto your knees, takes off her trainers and socks and stuffs one of her socks into your mouth.

The aroma is intoxicating, foul, putrid, Sara asks if you like her smell noticing that you where already aroused. The session continues with foot worship, extreme foot domination and Jerk Off Instruction (JOI).

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Jealous Girlfriend

Sara finds erotic text messages on your phone from a female work colleague. Furious that she has been lied to, decides to take revenge. What happens next is entirely up to the imagination of the client, for example.

Sara wrestles her cheating boyfriend to the floor, wrapping her muscular legs around his body, head, throat and neck. What follows are crushing, no mercy scissor holds, Sara employing her famous pressure gauge, while her panic stricken boyfriend taps frantically for mercy.

Infuriated by her boyfriends antics Sara continues to pulverise her boyfriend, now concentrating her anger on his cock and balls (punching, kicking, clawing, slapping), her boyfriend begging for forgiveness.

Sessions can become extreme with the addition of breath play, ball busting, face smothering, bondage, belly punching and spitting. The outcomes are endless, there is another version of the same roleplay but with a role reversal.

The jealous boyfriend who finds that his girlfriend has been cheating. The submissive (boyfriend), is humiliated, verbally abused, and ridiculed for being unable to fulfil Sara’s desires. Certain types of men become sexually aroused when made to feel jealous.

Requests vary from, (extreme face smothering, ball busting, beatdown, strapon, verbal & physical humiliation).

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Roleplay Kinks And Fetish Ideas

roleplay kinks and fetish ideas

Perverted Employee

Sara is a successful CEO of a large corporation and you have been perving over her big ass for weeks. You think she hasn’t noticed, but you were wrong. One evening you are both working late and everyone else has gone home.

Sara calls you into her office and blatantly confronts you about looking at her ass. You panic, apologies and hope that you don’t get fired.

Instead, Sara asks if you want to worship her ass and orders you down onto your knees. She reaches down and pulls her skirt up and over her curvaceous ass revealing a black skimpy thong and suspenders.

Do you like what you see Sara asks, of course, you look incredible. Well then what are you waiting for, worship me.

Sessions of this nature may concentrate on one singular fetish, in this example (ass worship) or multiple fetishes, facesitting, body, foot worship. Check out the article below where I discuss ass worship positions.

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Fans of female WWE wrestling, comic books and marvel films love acting out their favourite scenes. I remember one particular request to play Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp an assassin with a trademark thigh grip from the film, Goldeneye (1995).

Femme Fatale Villain Video

Of course I was perfect for the part as I also have lethal scissors that could crush a man to death.

Sara is an assassin with an ulterior motive, acquire your financial details and empty your bank account. After several drinks at the hotel bar, Sara invites you back to her hotel room with promise of sex.

You can’t believe your luck, Sara looks stunning, dressed in a long black coat and high heels. Once back at her room she unbuttons her coat to reveal an exquisite set of red lingerie and a killer body.

The roleplay takes a turn from me being a seductive temptress to a dominant, playing rough, (scratching, slapping, stomping, trampling, nipple pulling). When i’ve had my playtime, I lure my victim in between my thighs, lock my ankles together and drive my hips up into the air, squeezing my thighs tight against their rib cage.

I verbally taunt them as I squeeze, the intensity of my scissors ever increasing. The pain and anguish now evident as their face squirms in agony. For some men, the fantasy of being scissored to death is the ultimate sexual turn on.

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Roleplay Kinks And Fetish Ideas

roleplay kinks and fetish ideas

Submissive, Servant, Slave

There are two types of roleplaying submissives 1) Men who are naturally submissive and fantasise about serving a strong, dominant women 2) Dominant men possibly with high powered jobs who long for an altered reality where they can hand over control to a powerful women.

Both types ultimately serve and long to be submissive. Role playing for a submissive man can include most kinks from my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes and can be incorporated into any of the roleplay kinks and fetish ideas in this article.

Slaves wishing to serve Sara must, obey instructions, do everything without question, must not speak unless spoken to, avoid eye contact.

Depending on my mood and how I wish to be pleased will determine the submissives tasks. Humiliation, (spanking, nipple torture, anal penetration, crossdressing, orgsm denial) are just some examples.

There is another fetish that is extremely popular among submissive men that merges with “The Jealous Boyfriend”. The fetish, cuckolding, where the submissive will watch as another man satisfies their significant other. The man, referred to as a bull is usually well endowed, which further adds to the subs humiliation.

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Forced Orgasm

Yes there are men who fantasise about a beautiful woman forcing them to orgasm. Forced orgasm is a version of male rape where the victim is overpowered, left feeling helpless and ultimately drained.

The fetish bondage can play a large part in a forced orgasm as it immobilizes the submissive, the ultimate goal sexual abuse. The fetish bondage wrestling is a great example of how a dominant women would control every aspect of a mans orgasm.

Sara starts the session by tieing her victims hands and feet, limiting any chance of resisting her advances. Sara then leaves the room and heads into the bathroom to change. Shortly returning wearing a high cut G-string and thigh high boots as requested.

The sessions commences with a series of scissor holds and school girl pins. Sara can see that her subject is aroused and further enhances his arousal by sitting on his face engulfing her victims mouth and nose deep between her ass.

Due to the descriptive element of this roleplay, I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks.

Most roleplays involving a forced orgasm start with another fetish. Facesitting, ballbusting, small penis humiliation, fantasy wrestling are all examples. The beauty of this type of roleplay is that the dominant (Sara) is in complete control.


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