Mixed Wrestling Dublin holds a special part in my heart, perhaps because it is home territory.

Over the past year, I have become very fond of some of my Dublin clients and the more I meet them with their fun and quirky games. It makes me like to think of them as friends now rather than strangers.

It did however take a while to break into the wrestling scene in Ireland, you see wrestling in Ireland is something of a taboo. This is not to say this is not the case in many other cities across the world. Ireland I believe is closed of to the fetish scene because of heavy influence and suppression of the catholic church.

Ireland is therefore still quite conservative in approach, but with the increase of big IT companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon setting up headquarters in the city. The population has become very multicultural and so I believe it won’t stay this way for much longer.

To prove my point, last month I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely man who has been following the scene for many years. In fact, he has traveled across Europe to attend events and meet ladies for sessions and has between 300-400 filmed matches on his camcorder. Now, how many of these where held in Dublin you may ask? The answer being three! Of which one was me lol

Mixed Wrestling Dublin

Filmed in December 2016, on the mouth of Christmas, during my last wrestling tour of Dublin 2016. I got the chance to finally meet up with a guy who I have been trying to meet with for some time.

Sara Destroys The Masked Luchador

Pro wrestling is something that I don’t always get the opportunity to practice. So, when he suggested we film some and he offer himself as the victim, I jumped at the chance. My only wish is that I had the use of a full sized wrestling ring and that I had of remembered to bring my wrestling boots!

Watch as I perform the : Full Nelson, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Pile Driver and of course throw my victim about like a rag doll. I may be pretty, but there I have a sincere sense sadistic by enjoying beating my victims to a pulp.


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Some of you may have already watched this video, when it was in my members section, however with my member section now gone, I have decided to re-release Sara’s Mixed Wrestling Savage Scissors for individual purchase.

Producing videos is not as easy as it looks with limited free time, especially if you are a frequently touring session wrestler who uses all their free time in between tours to organize, plan and let not forget stay in shape! So, I can honestly say hats off to any producers out there who do this full time.

This does not mean to say that i will not be making videos anymore, in fact quite the contrary. As now in my new house, I have a lovely spare room I will be setting up as a studio for those who wish to session with me or film. In fact, I am actually quite excited about getting the camera out again and looking forward to casting for guys to appear as willing victims. Also, as I do not now feel pressurized to make four videos a month on top of touring, it leaves me room to bring back my creativity, keeping quality where it should be!

Female Scissoring, whats the fascination?

Often I have thought this while scissoring a guy between my thighs. How can he be enjoying this? As I watch the torment in their face! Further, knowing that I can push this guy to the point of knockout if I really so desire. Scary I know, but the real scissor fans seem to absolutely love it! i squeeze, I crush and barely a sound, I am just amazed at just how much pain some guys can take.

This is not always the case however, as on many occasions I have my victim tapping out within seconds of being put into a body scissor or head scissor. Other guys also just seem to love the feeling of being entangled in a ladies legs, which is not necessarily anything to do with pain, just entrapment. Whatever the reasoning behind it, scissoring gives me great satisfaction in allowing me to watch you guys squirm between my thighs.

Femdom meaning?

Female Domination (femdom) : A woman (or action in which a woman) dominates sexual interaction with her mate. This frequently (but not exclusively or absolutely) includes:

  • Humiliation of the sub. (submissive, slave)
  • Penetration of the sub. (incl. strap-ons, toys, etc).
  • Bondage / restraint of the sub.
  • Water Sports

Scissoring therefore can fall into this category as it usually includes humiliation of the guy in question and lets face it restraint…

Mixed Wrestling Scissors

Part of being a session wrestler for me, is all about trying to understand what makes you guys tick. Interestingly I am starting to see the similarities between female domination and mixed wrestling and have session-ed with guys who have had many sessions with pro female dominatrix’s as well as session wrestlers.

Whatever you define domination as, one thing both kinds of domination have in in common (pro dominas and session wrestlers) is that each dominate their victim by displays of strength and persona in character.

You will notice below that some of the categories over lap, with both mixed wrestling and domination favoring similar types of domination.

Mixed Wrestling : female scissoring, trash talk, wrestling, belly punching, chokes, pins, face sitting, foot worship

Domination : whipping, ball torture, pegging, face slapping, verbally abuse, strap ons, foot worship, ass worship

So, what do you think: is professional domination similar to session wrestling?

Sara’s Mixed Wrestling Savage Scissors

If you are a fan of female scissoring, this video is for you, lots of femdom scissoring with variations including :Body Scissor, Reverse Scissor, Front Head Scissor, Side Scissor (neck), Figure 4 etc. So, watch as I crush my victim, scissor after scissor!


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Lift and carry is one of my most popularly searched terms, according to google analytic’s. Of course I love to please my fans, so for this reason, I decided to film Lift and Carry Strength Tests.

Still living in Spain at the time, with weather conditions perfect for filming outdoors. This test certainly proved to challenge my fitness levels, as one of the most ultimate workouts of all time.

The Workout

Usually when you read fitness articles recommending at home workouts, if you don’t have access to a gym. Bodyweight seems to be norm, perhaps with the use of resistance bands, however, still your are limited.

My Lift and carry workout could be classed as a bodyweight workout to a certain extent, however the workout does not just involve using my own body weight but two human beings body weight! Mine and that of another person… My intention was to design a workout using a another human being as my resistance tool. My victim, you may recognize him, often referred to as the buff guy or the bodybuilder. Yes, that’s him, 185lbs of solid muscle – my bitch.

Lift and Carry Strength Tests

The goal is to perform five rounds of four exercises with no cheating.  All exercises must use the entire weight of the victim.

  • Bodyweight Prone Bridge (plank, 20/30secs isometric holds)
  • Glute Hip Thrusts (45 sec)
  • Firemans Lift and Carry (2 min per carry)
  • Donkey Calf Raise (favorite of Arnold Schwarzenegger)

I will repeat the exercises, until I have completed five rounds in total or have reached exhaustion. Time will tell…

A gymboss interval timer was used for accurate timing of all tests.

My thoughts?

Apart from the bodyweight prone bridge, I would say I found the workout to be very fun and of ease. I now even incorporate some of these into my lift and carry sessions. Most individuals have difficulty performing a basic plank, never mind with additional resistance. So, go me!

The fireman’s lift does elevate the heart rate, so by the end of two minutes, you are glad of a break. That being said, it did feel as if I had trained and was a great endurance cardio based workout to better my wrestling stamina.

Even with my training experience, it can be said, lifting weight in a gym environment is nothing compared to lifting another human. Dimensions, height, weight, lever length, are all factors that influence how well the lift goes.

Lift and Carry Strength Tests

The tests : Bodyweight Prone Bridge, Glute Hip Thrusts, Firemans Lift and Carry, Donkey Calf Raise


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Sara Shows Co Worker Who’s Boss is a great video to add to your collection! So why, not go ahead and download it today…

When I think back on filming this video, I remember that it was the middle of summer in sunny Spain, with temperatures soaring above 30 degrees on average a day. So by the end of this video, it is not hard to imagine that I am absolutely drenched in sweat. My blouse was starting to resemble that of a wet T shirt competition.

The Story Line

My inspiration for this script come from one of you guys, expressing their ultimate fantasy. My role involves, myself acting as a secretary desperately trying to work her way up the work ladder in a large corporate company.  Good work ethic, integrity, morals and honesty are all important to me. I therefore refuse to be seen as a sex symbol, when my co worker accuses me of using my body to get what I want around the office! I will not allow him to get away with such derogatory comments.

My Co Worker

Is an absolute sexist pig. He thinks all women are sex objects and is convinced that any of my success in life has been achieved due to me having a pretty face and a nice ass. Nothing gets my blood boiling more than accusations that I have slept my way up the ladder to the where I am.

When I want to progress within the company, I am always highly determined putting in as much hard work and effort to prove myself worthy as viable partner. My risks are high now on ever making any promotions, due to my mouthy Co Worker. Further, I know that if I make a formal complaint against him, it would be looked down on by any other partners within the firm. It is a catch twenty two scenario.

It Was Time To Show Him Who Was Boss

This means that there is only time for one action. Yes that’ right Sara’s alter ego is about to let all hell let loose. I am determined to show this sexiest pig who is boss and put an end to his nastiness and bitterness forever. I will have him eat his own words and beg for mercy!

All I need is a good opening. And so, the time came after a heated discussion after work, this pig made a fatal error that would prove to be his demise. After casually mentioned that I trained and looked strong, he made a snide remark about being able to handle me. And so my opportunity arose…

I knew if we got down to it he wouldn’t stand a chance. I could feel my heart beating and the urge to crush his head between my thighs. Finally I heard the words “challenge” mumble from his mouth and a mixed wrestling match it was to be!

This dim-wit knew nothing of my past.  Assuming because I am a women that I am weak and submissive and he thought he would easily over power me. Ooh, how wrong he was going to be! I was going to take great pleasure in breaking this little bitch, not the ordinary breaking that I unleash on my clients. I mean the I can’t hear your taps bitch, you will learn who’s boss before I have finished with you. You will feel my wrath !

Sara Shows Co Worker Whos Boss


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Sara is the Executioner, a video inspired, by you guys. Yes that’s right! The idea actually came from a guy who approached me regarding a fantasy of his. Especially after seeing my debut video on scissor foxes, where I scare the life out of Jay – literally!

Do guys crave death? It seems so, and I guess by the sheer amount of movies containing inspirational female assassins such as James Bond and Kill Bill. It is only natural to find these female assassins attractive.

When I uploaded the stills of Sara is the executioner to twitter, it seemed to prove popular. I have therefore decided to open up an option for you guys to purchase and download video’s.

No one session is ever the same!

Many of the requests that I receive for sessions include very detailed role plays. You guys never cease to amaze me with your imagination. I don’t think its a bad thing, in fact I think its GREAT.

Especially due to the huge amount of thought and effort you put into what you would like to unfold during our time together. I’ll admit it, when this happens I am very impressed. As a result will always do my damn hardest to ensure that I meet your expectations. One things for sure, I never get bored of role plays!

Before I started session wrestling, I would never have envisaged the road that I am now on. Of course, some parts are better than others and it is daunting. It’s not exactly your average 9-5 job.

I’m a wrestlers not a Secretary

Sometimes I feel like an admin member of staff due to emails, or a travel agent. The amount of flights and accommodation I have organize is staggering. Never mind making videos, becoming computer literate, marketing and training! So, when I get to met some really nice and genuine people along the way. It truly makes me grateful for what I do.

It is endearing to hear how much you guys love strong dominate women. I always knew I was strong, however, never would have considered this an attraction until now. Oh boy, how I was wrong and now know how to use and abuse this to manipulate you men (of course in a good way :-p).

When its time to turn it on and release my inner dark side. Sara’s dark passenger is released, her alter ego Princess Pain. I have got to love the alternative Sara, as it helps to escape the normality off every day life. See I’m just like you guys I also yearn to break free from our mundane lives we sometimes lead.

Sara is the executioner

In Sara is the executioner, I play a malicious villain Executioner sent to do the dirty deed of killing my victim. Here Sara makes him beg for his life, by intense scissoring combined with HOM, verbal humiliation and face sitting.

There is even a scene where I take of my boots and place my feet on his face and paint my toe nails before eventual KO with a compulsory victory pose in glory! All girls should have a foot rest to paint their toe nails on.

Ill not spoil it anymore, let’s just say there is no forgiveness for my victim. So go ahead and purchase it today, you don’t want to miss out!


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