Your First Mixed Wrestling Session

Your First Mixed Wrestling Session

I’m rewriting an older article for beginners who are considering booking a mixed wrestling session. It’s been five years since I entered the world of session wrestling, a lot has changed. I’m a far superior, diverse, skilled female wrestler in comparison to when I first started.

Of course, I have my loyal fan base to thank for supporting me in my early years. Five years on and hundreds of mixed wrestling sessions later, I still to this day, remember my first.

Most first timers after their session, enjoy the experience so much, regret not having plucked up the courage sooner. I hope you find my beginners guide to booking your first wrestling session helpful.

Sara Lips Wrestling is comprehensive website for men looking to hire the services of a session wrestler.

What Are Session Girls?

Also referred to as session wrestlers are private wrestlers for hire. Session wrestlers can be male or female, although the industry is predominantly dominated by women. For most men, engaging in mixed wrestling sessions, is a form of sexual fantasy. 

Session wrestling doesn’t involve SEX, though it can be sensual and erotic. Some men due to the body to body contact can become aroused and develop an erection. This is perfectly normal and most session girls will not be offended.

Men who book a mixed wrestling session enjoy being dominated by a stronger, more skilled female opponent. Sessions can be athletic, playful, semi competitive, competitive or fantasy. Please note that very few session girls, including myself offer Full Competitive Wrestling, due to the increased risk of injury.

Wrestling session are booked on an hourly basis, discounts may be offered when multiple hours are booked. Always check with your service provider.

Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive 

Session Wrestlers Services

You may not be aware unless you’re a fan of wrestling, that, there are various wrestling styles. Session girls who advertise their services will list the styles of wrestling among other fetishes that they offer. Generally most services that are offered stay within the context of wrestling.

Services include, but are not limited to, (semi competitive wrestling, fantasy wrestling, pin wrestling, scissoring, pro wrestling, submission wrestling, mixed martial arts, catch wrestling, muscle worship).

Session wrestlers range from amatuer, semi professional or bodybuilders. Each girls level of experience will determine the styles of wrestling she offers. You should also be aware that some girls, not all, will offer nudity, topless and sensual sessions. These types of services are deemed as extras and are generally not included within the hourly session rate.

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Wrestling Style Descriptions

Pin Wrestling  is form of wrestling where the opponent’s shoulders or scapulae (shoulder blades) must touch the wrestling mat for an allocated amount of time.

Mixed Wrestling encompasses all types of wrestling styles where two competitors of the opposite sex wrestle.

Fantasy wrestling  involves role-playing in which storylines and at times characters are created. This assists the client escape the constraints of reality even if it’s only for a short time.

Semi Competitive Wrestling – This style of wrestling allows the client to put up some resistance, testing the strength and skills of his female competitor without the intensity or risk of injury of a competitive match.

Scissoring – a widely requested wrestling move, where the female wraps her legs around her opponent and literally squeezes the life out of them, (figure 4, headscissor, reverse headscissor, body scissors) are all popular scissor holds.

Mixed Martial Arts – also referred to as MMA is a full-contact combat sport that allows wrestling, punching, grappling, choke holds and arm locks. Some session girls are versed in martial arts and wrestling.

Pro Wrestling – is a theatrical wrestling performance, wrestling moves include, (grapevine, pile driver, cobra clutch, fish hook, full nelson, camel clutch, boston crab). We all remember WWE, well, that’s pro wrestling.

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Selecting a Session Wrestler

Obviously after reading this article I hope that you choose myself for your first mixed wrestling session. But I understand if you prefer a different type of physique. Each session girl is unique in their (looks, body type, skills, specialties).

Mixed wrestling sessions can be made up of various elements depending on who you session with. I recommend tasters sessions, for first timers ,which are great if you have no previous wrestling experience. Tasters sessions incorporate several wrestling styles of your choosing.

There are numerous women of great talent who offer mixed wrestling sessions. Many session girls will advertise on one or more of the following directories, Wb270, Bad Kity and Session Girls.

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Booking a Mixed Wrestling Session

Below are the key points to successfully booking your first mixed wrestling session.

1) Female session wrestlers receive a lot of emails and unfortunately do not have time for irrelevant chatter with no substance.
2) Deposits are required before sessions are confirmed, this demonstrates your commitment and assists the girl in planning her tour.
3) It is vital in your first correspondence, to mention the (Country, Date, Time, Fetish Requests) for your session.
4) Always check the session girls website for her latest tour dates, fetish specialties, stats and rates before initiating contact. Most session girls advertise their website and social media channels on Session Girls.

5) While we understand that you may be nervous and have lots of questions. Do your research first and make sure you are ready to book before emailing a session girl. Wasting a girls time, refusing to pay a deposit, not showing up for your session, will only result in you being blacklisted.

6) Always be polite and respectful when emailing, write a draft email first and check that you have added all requested information. If you don’t get a response, wait, session girls tour regularly, so it can longer to receive a response.

7) Never barter session rates, some girls will offer 30 min sessions, but this entirely dependant on the girl.

Roleplay Kinks and Fetish Ideas

Sara Lips Session Wrestler

For me, a great wrestling session starts with good communication. I value our time together and take my business seriously. Every session booked has its own detailed notes on, (outfits, wrestling types, fetishes, roleplays, dislikes, injuries, date, time).

Over the years, I have found that starting sessions with a brief chat, helps to calm nerves and clarify session requests. For me, it is highly important that you feel safe, when handing over control, to me.

There are instances as part of a roleplay, that the client be controlled, dominated from the start. However, safe words, likes and dislikes have been discussed beforehand. I do not recommend this type of session for a novice.

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