Mixed Wrestling Questions and Answers

Mixed Wrestling Questions

1. Is there a session type that your prefer or do you have no preference? Clients seem to have stronger preferences than providers.

2. What WWE superstar would you want to wrestle?

3. Have you ever had leg wrestling matches in your sessions?

4. Do you enjoy your work?

5. Will you keep building your muscle strength or are you okay with your current level? Do you train muscle moves specifically for wrestling holds?

6. Which do you enjoy more, a tough evenly matched bout or total female domination? What is your fastest knockout and could I be the new record?

7. What’s your thoughts on men requesting to be knocked out in sessions?

Thank you to – Barry J Hughes, Bill Devine, Competitive Wrestle, Chris Pickledick, Andrea Toma, Tommo 814 and Pat_373 for their contribution.

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  1. Robert Duke
    Robert Duke says:

    I would love to read an essay by you as to why some of us guys love this wrestling women activity. Myself I enjoy navigating this perfect storm of body to body contact with an attractive,, strong, young lady which ultimately leads to some pain, yet a blissful submission. I have tried to come to grips at the sense of this, yet would love to read your perspective.
    You look great, keep on rocking
    Robert Duke

    • Sara
      Sara says:

      Hi Rob, i hope your keeping well and looking forward to our holiday, currently I am doing one on scissoring, however I will certainly take this on board and try write an article on this too.

      Many Thanks Again

      Sara x

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