During my first US tour in 2016 I had the pleasure to film with mixed wrestling producers, scissor foxes. Jay prides himself on producing some of the best female scissoring / mixed wrestling videos in the business. Due to the popularity of my previous videos I was asked to film again when returning to Toronto in April 2017. I think Jay was a little bit apprehensive due to what happened the last time I visited. Sara’s Latest Scissoring Videos with Scissorfoxes. Sara Interviews Jay From Scissorfoxes , Sara Toronto Tour 2016 – (skip to 301sec for interview)


Website : Twitter : @ScissorFoxes

I met Chad from cplwrestling for the first time in May 2017 while on Tour in Toronto, I had visited Toronto last year, but unfortunately missed Chad. An 18 year veteran of mixed wrestling, face sitting and schoolgirl pins, Chad has been in the industry for a long time. VHS tapes where still about, that’s how long. If your a fan of cute, innocent girl next door types who unleash a combination of facesitting, smothering, pins, then check out cplwrestling. Sara Interviews Chad From CPL Wrestling

CPL Wrestling

Website : Twitter : @CPLWrestling

While on tour in Las Vegas in 2016 I met Kip from Utopiaentertainment. Kip is one the oldest mixed wrestling producers. A fan of strong dominant women for as long as he can remember. Kip loves mixed wrestling so much that he regularly appears in his own videos, which he admits as he is getting older can get a little scary. Just some of the titles available on both Utopiaentertainment and Sara Lips Wrestling include, Dante’s Demise, Sara’s Schoolgirl Revenge. You can also check out my interview interview with Kip – Sara Las Vegas Tour 2016 (skip to 3:54 for interview with Kip)

Utopia Entertainment

Website : Twitter : @UtopiaKip

I met Mark while on tour in Boston. We had agreed to shot some domination / scissoring videos for his clips4sale store. What can I say, Mark is a masochist, he just loves to be beaten up, which of course is what I am good at, so it was a match made in heaven. Brutal Beauties showcases over 500 videos focusing on mixed wrestling / scissoring. Mark plays the victim in all his videos, taking endless amounts of punishment. Definitely worth checking out. I also managed to interview Mark at the end of session. Sara Interviews Mark From Brutal Beauties

Brutal Beauties

Website : Twitter : @Brutal_Beauties

During my third tour to the US in 2017 I finally met and filmed with seasoned fetish producer Drew from Scissor Vixens. We had tried to film last year but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Drew has an impressive 536 models and counting on his site with over 13,000 videos. Many of Drew’s films centre around beautiful girls scissoring men and guess who plays the helpless victim, Drew. You can check out two of my latest releases on Scissor Vixens, “Q&A with Sara Lips”  and “Have a sip of my CRUSHING THIGHS”

Scissor Vixens

Website :  Twitter : @scissorvixens

On my last visit to the US I filmed several videos for Steve Wrestling Adventure, a mixture of mixed wrestling, school girl pins, lift and carry and domination. Steve who is originally from Paris, now resides in sin city, Las Vegas. Steve has been part of the fetsih scene for a long, long time, VHS tapes where still in circulation.

Now with his own website Steve Wrestling Adventure offering over 4000 video clips 44,000 pictures in twelve categories including, Feats of Strength, Scissor Holds, The Facesitters, Wrestler Erotica and list goes on. I recommend checking him out!

Steve Wrestling Adventure

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