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Love watching hot, semi naked women wrestle men? If the answer is YES then read on. My name is Sara Lips, wrestler, dominatrix and all round bad ass. When i’m not touring the world, you will find me in one of my favourite places, London. So I thought it only fitting that I should promote my “Mixed Wrestling London” services in case you fancy a tussle.

Mixed Wrestling Videos

If you simply can’t wait to see what I am capable off, scroll down to the bottom of this post where I have added a mixed wrestling video, featuring yours truly. Don’t be alarmed by the screams for “Mercy”, our session doesn’t have to be as extreme.

During my travels across the globe, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the top mixed wrestling producers. Scissor Foxes, Scissor Vixens, Brutal Beauties are just a few of the studios that I have worked with. I highly recommend checking them out, hundreds of hot, muscular women, dominating men.

Mixed Wrestling London

When I travel to London which is generally every 4 – 6 weeks I stay in Central London, W1, W2. I book four star hotels with large rooms, and as of this year travel with a large mat. Some clients depending on the type of session will use the bed, but this is usually for scissoring, fantasy wrestling or pin wrestling.

Most semi competitive wrestling sessions are on the mat, it allows for more freedom of movement and a realistic feel to the session. Please note, that I do not offer full competitive mixed wrestling sessions.

As London is a popular location, I would advice booking early and paying your deposit to secure your booking. I never rush my sessions and leave adequate time between bookings to allow for conversation, relaxation and showers. Read what others are saying about Sara – Session Girls Reviews.

Mixed Wrestling Holds

If you are new to session wrestling, you may be unaware of the variety of mixed wrestling moves. Below are some of the most requested moves during sessions.

(Headscissors, Bodyscissors, Figure4, Grapevine, School girl pins, Sleeper hold, Boston grab, Facesitting, Breast smother, Victory pose).

I am still surprised to this day how many men are into mixed wrestling. We are talking, hardcore fans, who know all the moves, have followed the wrestling scene since early child hood. Can name all the big wrestling stars and snap up any opportunity to tussle with strong, skilled women.

For this reason and not to disappoint my fans, I regularly attend private wrestling coaching with one of the top wrestling coaches in Ireland. When I look back on my early wrestling days, I was always strong, but nowhere near as skilled as I am now.

Today, I’m officially a killer, super strong scissor holds, sleeks moves with knockout chokes that will have you sleeping like a baby in seconds, so BEWARE.

Mixed Wrestling London Booking Form

What about Nude Wrestling?

I know someone will ask, so Ill cover the answer here. While I don’t offer full nude mixed wrestling, I do have an option for Topless wrestling with skimpy G-string. Male clients must wear either, shorts, boxers or underwear that secures your “Man Junk” in place while wrestling.

You might be interested in reading an earlier article I wrote on the topic : Sensual Wrestling Session Explained.

Wrestling Studios in London

I do get asked if I ever visit any of the wrestling studios while I am touring in London. Unfortunately I never get the chance as my time is limited when on tour and I prefer managing my own schedule. I have clients who attend both private mixed wrestling sessions and wrestling studios for events.

Others enjoy the privacy and discretion that a hotel setting brings. Plus the added luxury of a large room, matted area and showers is a big bonus.

Private BDSM Sessions

Due to my time being limited when on tour, I offer private mixed wrestling sessions giving clients the opportunity to book longer sessions (4 hours min). Sessions of this length may incorporate other fetish activities.

If I have peaked your interest, I recommend reading : Booking a BDSM Companion

Mixed Wrestling London

Please note that booked sessions require a deposit, before they are are confirmed. If you would like to know when I’m next in London, check out my Tours page, or Session Girls where I update my travels.

Do you offer any other BDSM services? Yes, head over to my Central London Dominatrix page where you can find a full list of my fetish interests.

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