Mixed Wrestling London (revised)

Mixed Wrestling London UK

Do you enjoy tussling with hot, semi naked, uk lady wrestlers, Yes! you’re not alone. A large percentage of bdsm sessions I offer involve some form of mixed wrestling, (pin wrestling, submission wrestling, grappling, schoolgirl pins). After 6 years as a session wrestler, I can honestly say, guys freaking love wrestling, especially in London.

I’ll admit that when I first entered the world of session wrestling I relied solely on brute strength. Now I’m a whole different animal, a badass with skills to match. It seems like a lifetime ago when I first advertised on wb270 one of oldest wrestling directories, featuring hundreds of women who wrestle men.

Mixed Wrestling London

When traveling to London I stay in Kensington or Chelsea which is usually every 4 – 6 weeks. I prefer to book hotels as they have more amenities with larger rooms, I travel with a large mat for wrestling sessions. Depending on the type of bdsm session requested, I will either use the floor, bed or both.

Most semi competitive wrestling sessions are on the mat, it allows for freedom of movement and a realistic feel to the session. I do not offer full competitive mixed wrestling sessions.

There are female wrestling rooms/studios set up specifically for wrestling in London. Some men prefer booking the use of a wrestling studio as it adds to the experience, others prefer the more intimate setting of an apartment or hotel room.

Wrestling clubs in London are booked by the hour. You can choose from a selection of female wrestlers you wish to session with. Prices range from £150 – £250 per hour, most female wrestlers don’t offer extras. Sensual wrestling, nude wrestling, facesitting, ballbusting and tie and tease, are fetishes that are not permitted.

London Mixed Wrestling

Mixed wrestling London is popular, I would advise booking early and paying your deposit to secure your spot. I never rush my sessions and leave adequate time between bookings to allow for conversation, relaxation and showers.

For Wrestling Bookings, Email: saralipswrestling.com

Female Submission Wrestling

Seasoned fans of wrestling who have followed the wrestling scene, (WWE) since early childhood know all the moves. They have their favorites and love to incorporate them into their mixed wrestling sessions.

Some of the most requested wrestling moves/holds include: (headscissors, bodyscissors, figure4, grapevine, schoolgirl pins, sleeper hold, boston grab, face sit, breast smother, victory pose).

When I first began wrestling I relied on strength, I then hired a wrestling coach to improve my skills and increase the standard of my wrestling sessions. Four years later and hours spent on the mats, I’m officially a badass. My coach has taught me various forms of wrestling, (catch wrestling, freestyle wrestling, combat submission wrestling).

Mixed Wrestling Sessions UK

I have also been learning, MMA, (takedowns, arm bars, pressure points, legs locks, slices, chokes, pummelling). My favourite moves are arm bars – kimura lock and chokes.

London Mixed Wrestling FAQ’s

Q. Do you offer nude wrestling sessions?

A. In the interest of hygiene, NO. Male clients must wear either, shorts, boxers or underwear that secures your “Man Junk” in place while wrestling.

Q. Do you offer multiple fetishes during the hour?

A. Yes, some clients may split their session into several parts to include wrestling and another fetish of their choice. Please see my London mistress page where you can find a full list of the fetishes I offer.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. Deposits are a requirement for all mixed wrestling London sessions. I require a 50% deposit paid upfront before your booking is confirmed. Read what others are saying about Sara on session girls.

Book a mixed wrestling session uk, for my latest travel dates, visit saralipwrestling.com/tours.

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