Mixed Wrestling London

Welcome to my first Vlog. It is just over a week from my Mixed Wrestling London Tour 2016 this year, of which I am very glad to say was very successful and enjoyable. My first tour had been rather pushed for time, as I was only there for a day and a half, so on this trip I made sure to make time to enjoy the city.

All my bookings I thoroughly enjoyed, Supergirl got to make a good few appearances, as well as cat women dominating Spiderman.  Lift and carry was also popular and one guy who was an absolute dote, proved his allegiance to feats of Strength by testing my grip strength and getting me to perform various strength challenges. It seems you guys love it ALL in London you greedy boys.

My reasoning behind incorporating a Vlog onto the site, was because I think it will be a cool and quirky way to give you guys an insight, to what its like to be a session wrestler. This will of course involve the ups and the DOWNS of session wrestling and maybe grumpy or angry Sara when she’s pissed off :-p Follow me on my travels, get all the latest updates and see what I get up to in my REAL life. I hope you enjoy it, so, sit back relax and enjoy the movie!

Mixed Wrestling London Vlog

Music by : Safakash and Floppy Circus

Hopefully these will get better as they go along, but please be easy on me! Practice makes perfect as they say and it is rather daunting talking to the Camera in public as everyone else on the planet thinks you’re a looney bin. Check out where I am off to next on my tours page.

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