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Lift carry is one of the most popularly read category’s on my blog. It has always been that way since the launch of Sara Lips Wrestling. With over 15,000 users on landcforum, a forum dedicated solely to women lifting men, it comes as no surprise.

Despite the huge phenomenon of women lifting men, however, you will be hard pushed to find many articles on the subject online. Pictures and videos of women lifting men there is an abundance of, but true to life factual evidence on what the fetish is and how it came about is left to the imagination.

Over the course of the past twelve to eighteen months, I would say I have now carried out somewhere in between fifty to one hundred lift carry sessions, I love it. The more sessions I do, the more of an insight I get. The thinking and psychology behind lift carry and sometimes I even learn some new lifts too!

Lift Carry, Tips, Pointers and Experience

Tips for the best lift carry session, is something I feel could be beneficial to help better ones session experience. Especially if perhaps, you are new to the scene and booking your first ever lift carry session. This is because everyone reacts differently in sessions to being lifted and if there was one thing I could change about my lift carry sessions, it would be consistency of form.

In an effort to improve on the professionalism of my sessions. I therefore thought it would be beneficial to you, if I share my secret tips, to the best lift carry session ever!

Lifting weights that are balanced equally in a gym environment is one thing, lifting a unsymmetrical object that changes with each session is another. The fact that this object i.e you can move during the lift, also changes the entire bio-mechanics of the lift.

Lets do it the right way – BE HONEST!

Firstly, the most obvious thing to do when booking a lift carry session, is to inform the girl in question of your weight and height. I cannot stress this enough, how important it is that you are honest. Why? Because, sometimes a few pounds can make all the difference to you being held in your favorite hold, cradle carry especially. So tell the truth! Weigh yourself the day you email and tell the girl in question your exact weight on that day. You may think we can’t tell if you lie, but we can, especially if the girl frequents the gym a lot like myself. We know what 70, 80, 90kg etc looks and feels like.

The lifts, the do’s and dont’s

Various lifts are involved in lift carry sessions each with their own set of risks. Lift Carry holds include cradle carry, fireman lift, piggy back, shoulder ride, front carry, over the shoulder, human leg press, bear hug, back breaker etc.

Below, I outline the most common faults I have experienced in sessions and pointers on how to correct these.

Cradle carry

This involves standing side on in front of the girl, the girl bends down and places one arm at the back of you knees and the other around your upper back. You are often then scoped up into her arms, representing that of a cradle. Things to remember, do exactly as the girl instructs. Never and I repeat never jump up into her arms. You may think this is helping, but its really not as she will not be expecting this to happen.

Common Mistakes: Jumping into the girls arms, putting strain on her back by the sudden impact of jumping. We are perfectly capable of lifting you! Standing with your feet too far apart making it more difficult for us to get a good grip of your legs.

Pointers : Try to bend your knees pushing your hips back as if you were going to do a partial squat, and keep your feet tight together. This will assist the girl in keeping both of your legs within her arms, while at the same time bringing your center of gravity lower towards the floor.

cradle carry

Piggy back / Front carry

Both of these lifts are similar in nature, the piggy back starts with you behind the girl, she will perform a partial squat, while at the same time instructing you to place one leg at a time over her hips. She will secure both legs and stands upright into a piggy back position. You will maintain your posture by holding onto the girls shoulders or wrapping your arms lightly around her upper chest.

The front carry is the same lift with one difference, this time you face the girl. Your legs should still be placed around the girls hips and arms generally placed over the shoulders and interlocked, creating a sort of bear hug.

Common Mistakes: I never quite understand this one, but the sheer amount of guys who seem to feel the need to scissor the life out of me as I lift them is quite amazing. Some guys can also be sloppy in form by not putting your arms around the girls neck/shoulders.

Pointers : Again there is the temptation to jump onto the girls back, DON’T! As, this can cause injury. There may be a slight issue if you have booked a session with an amazonian goddess who is over six foot and you on the other hand are five foot five. Climbing everest might be easier than trying to climb onto her back. She will be well versed however in this challenge and will probably suggest using a chair to assist.

No body scissors please!

Also, as already mentioned, do not scissor the girl when she has lifted you. Yes you can clamp your legs around her to make things more comfortable for her. However if you squeeze her hard this will limit the moment of her hips, preventing her from walking freely with you. Performing squats and perhaps even breathing can become difficult, secure your arms properly.

Fireman lift / Over the shoulder

The first of the two lifts needs no introduction, I think everyone knows what a fireman’s lift is.

A fireman’s carry or fireman’s lift is a technique allowing one person to carry another person without assistance, by placing the carried person across the shoulders of the carrier, Firemans Lift.

Over the shoulder is very similar and some might argue that they are the same. While the fireman lift has the body placed across the shoulders. The over the shoulder lift places the body directly over one shoulder and not across both. In the images below you can clearly see the difference. Huge Jackman is performing an over the shoulder lift and in the image to the right the fireman’s lift.

firemans lift

Common mistakes: The most common mistake I experience with the fireman’s lift is that guys tend to bend their arm, failing to keep it straight.

Pointers : Both lifts are relatively safe, however the key point to remember is relax. Remember this lift is usually done when people are unconscious. Let your body go flaccid, this will help the girl in pivoting your body across or over her shoulder. During the fireman’s lift, one arm should remain extended in front of the girls body. The girl will then grasp your wrist securing the lift and holding you in position.

Shoulder ride

With out a doubt the most dangerous lift carry variation of them all. The goal is to sit directly on top of the girls shoulders with your crotch resting at the back of her head.

To start the lift, the girl will place herself behind you and place her head between your thighs, next to your crotch. She will ask you to rest your hands back onto her shoulders for stability while she performs the lift. Next, which is the scariest bit, you are lifted from the floor in one movement until you are resting on top of her shoulders.

Assisted lift carry

Depending on your height and weight, she may sit down, for example on the end of a bed or a chair and ask you to place your legs over her shoulders. The lift is then started by simply rising from a sitting position to standing position.

Common Mistakes: For some reason basically everybody either tilts back or leans forward, causing an imbalance. For those of you, who perhaps have a bit of a tummy, by tilting forward, can put unnecessary pressure on the girls head. Which can cause the girl to become dizzy and light headed.

shoulder ride

Pointers : You will probably feel a sense of panic, especially if it is your first session. The height alone many find daunting. Trust the girl and follow her instructions. Try not to make any sudden movements as this will likely end in disaster, ending with the both of you in a heap on the floor. When the lift is finished, let the girl sit down or put herself in a kneeling position to let you down safely. Don’t jump OFF!

A great tip to help with stability during the shoulder ride. Draw your legs back and place your feet on the lower back / hips of the girl. The image on the right demonstrates this technique.

Women lifting men

I hope you found this article helpful. If you are maybe new to lift carry and thinking of booking your first session. If you follow the pointers above, this should help you have a very successful and enjoyable lift carry session.

Each girl will have a weight limit, this is why it is important to be honest about your weight when booking a session. My own personal limit is 190lbs, its not that I can’t lift more, but when a session is a generally a variety of lifts, its best to stay within your limits.

You may also be interested in reading an earlier article I wrote on the Biomechanics of Lift and Carry. You can also watch me in a previous video Beach Lift and Carry, filmed at Guardamar beach in Spain. Available on my YouTube channel.

Interested in booking a lift carry session, check out some of my Frequently Asked Questions.

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