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Lift and carry is one of my most popularly searched terms, according to google analytic’s. Of course I love to please my fans, so for this reason, I decided to film Lift and Carry Strength Tests.

Still living in Spain at the time, with weather conditions perfect for filming outdoors. This test certainly proved to challenge my fitness levels, as one of the most ultimate workouts of all time.

The Workout

Usually when you read fitness articles recommending at home workouts, if you don’t have access to a gym. Bodyweight seems to be norm, perhaps with the use of resistance bands, however, still your are limited.

My Lift and carry workout could be classed as a bodyweight workout to a certain extent, however the workout does not just involve using my own body weight but two human beings body weight! Mine and that of another person… My intention was to design a workout using a another human being as my resistance tool. My victim, you may recognize him, often referred to as the buff guy or the bodybuilder. Yes, that’s him, 185lbs of solid muscle – my bitch.

Lift and Carry Strength Tests

The goal is to perform five rounds of four exercises with no cheating.  All exercises must use the entire weight of the victim.

  • Bodyweight Prone Bridge (plank, 20/30secs isometric holds)
  • Glute Hip Thrusts (45 sec)
  • Firemans Lift and Carry (2 min per carry)
  • Donkey Calf Raise (favorite of Arnold Schwarzenegger)

I will repeat the exercises, until I have completed five rounds in total or have reached exhaustion. Time will tell…

A gymboss interval timer was used for accurate timing of all tests.

My thoughts?

Apart from the bodyweight prone bridge, I would say I found the workout to be very fun and of ease. I now even incorporate some of these into my lift and carry sessions. Most individuals have difficulty performing a basic plank, never mind with additional resistance. So, go me!

The fireman’s lift does elevate the heart rate, so by the end of two minutes, you are glad of a break. That being said, it did feel as if I had trained and was a great endurance cardio based workout to better my wrestling stamina.

Even with my training experience, it can be said, lifting weight in a gym environment is nothing compared to lifting another human. Dimensions, height, weight, lever length, are all factors that influence how well the lift goes.

Lift and Carry Strength Tests

The tests : Bodyweight Prone Bridge, Glute Hip Thrusts, Firemans Lift and Carry, Donkey Calf Raise


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