Lift and Carry (part 1)

Lift and Carry (Part1)

Today, Lift and Carry is in the spotlight. It is a topic, that I have been wanting to write about for ages and one which really sparks an interest. I really love being able to demonstrate my strength by lifting you guys and can even surprise myself at times with my strength! However, how this fetish, which may I add is very fun came about, is one which gets me thinking!

Unfortunately, at times fetishes can almost be impossible to get rid of. In fact I have even seen guys post on forums, asking how to get help for them. However for those of us, who choose to embrace them, we can get a huge amount of satisfaction from it – whatever it may be!

I believe fetishes are OK to play a part of our life, just as long as they don’t become addictive or begin to take over our lives… Being open helps lead to a more natural, relaxed and open state of mind after all!

Lift and Carry, is one such fetish which could be classed as bizarre, but is sure to sweep you of your feet, LITERALLY! It is listed by Buzzfeed, as one of the most unlikely fetishes out there.

Although this fetish is neither harmful nor extreme, many have never shared such desires with those close to them. Imagine being married and never having shared your secret with your wife? This may perhaps be you.

One guy has even remarked to me, that if he was to tell his family of his fetish for strong women. He imagines it would resemble the feeling of “coming out.” I suppose this is why so many guys have sessions with the like of girls from WB270 or Sessiongirls. Not only because we are strong enough to fulfill these fantasies, but because we deal with these fetishes on a daily basis. I would not say I have become desensitized to fetishes as many people presume, but everyone is different and I am learning to embrace, respect and help fulfill these fantasies as long as it is within my boundaries.

There is websites, videos, stories, forums and even porn however for Lift and Carry fans to live out there fantasies in private however. This helps cater for those, who are perhaps too embarrassed, shy or nervous to have a session. Below is a video I filmed showcasing as best I can the various types of lift and carry.

Lift and Carry : Defined

Lift and Carry is a fetish, where a guy is lifted most often by women; resulting in a sense of arousal or enjoyment from the movement. This is often the movement of being lifted, held, cradled and carried around or away to a place far and beyond. The often-termed “Amazonian woman” in question, does not necessarily need to be a bodybuilder or power lifter either. Just strong enough to carry the weight of a fully-grown man!

To many it is harmless fun, however for others it plays a major part of foreplay. Many outsiders I believe do not fully understand the fetish; I myself am still intrigued by it. What does strike me however is that quite a few men are quick to judge it. Often categorizing it as wrong, because it sexualizes cradling, something your mother would of done to you as a child. And therefore see it as sexualizing your mother or motherhood.

I have personally found however this not to be the case. I am no expert by any means, but I love to ask people where they got their fetish from or if there is a time in their life, when they can recall such an interest being sparked! The two most common answers to which I hear are,


It does seem that childhood and impartially playground time has played a big part in helping ignite this fetish! Some guys have remarked to me about being small when growing up, but the majority of lift and carry fans whom have enjoyed a session with me, remark about being thrilled in school by a girl or girls who would pin them up against a wall, be able to pick them up by the shoulders in some cases, and enjoy chasing or being chased after the tall girls mostly in the playground.


I have also came across men, who have often come across their love for lift and carry by accident. This scenario often seems to have evolved around a relationship of either a sexual kind or even friendship. These guys seem to get a rush and sense of arousal from it. Often their discovery has involved a strong woman who has demonstrated her strength, picking up the guy in question at whim and making it look easy. This has made the guy aroused not even knowing that such a thing would do something for him! From teasing work colleagues to partners luring their men off to the bedroom department and it becoming part of their sex life from here on in. I have heard it all. Unfortunately these men, have fallen out of touch with the women in question and are forever in lure to find such a perfectly strong women again or perhaps are now married and may I add happily married to a women who just cannot carry them. The thrill of the past seems to stick with them and so this is a reason for their desire for sessions here and there to relive the feeling.

Lift and Carry: What’s it all about?

Lift and Carry, I believe to be related to the below feelings. Not everyone experiences each feeling, however I believe for the majority it is all about the feeling of…


The feeling of being helpless while dominated by a powerful woman with no control.


This can even be the difference in size, perhaps enjoying the feeling of having a women struggle beneath your weight.


Whether it involves being lifted air born in the wings of superior strength or carried in a women’s arm like a child. I suppose it is like asking yourself whether you are her pray or she is your protector.


If you feel safe and secure in the arms of a woman, this can often be a refreshing feeling. The feeling of safety however equates to trust which is a factor to the feeling of love no matter what.


Skinship is the rubbing of skins and is a mild playful method of foreplay. It can help stimulate and can cause arousal and I suppose release endorphin’s in an exciting and sexual way to some.

Lift and Carry: Role-plays

When taken at face value, there may not seem to be a great deal involved in this fetish; however, there are a number of scenarios that are often used in this fetish that involve different role plays and scenes to which I have come to realise. These are the three most common role-plays I have come across in lift and carry. You may notice how they relate to the feelings I have listed above.


Many men are very particular about this fetish and like the idea of being scooped up, even perhaps against their own will into the arms of a woman and carried around easily because the woman is so much stronger than they are. I believe this leaves the male exposed in a submissive light to the lifter. Once up there, they will let me take control and do what I wish to them. They are very happy to let me take control.

The Heroine

Another scenario involving the lift and carry fetish, often involves the idea me a strong Amazonian goddess rescuing the man. Traditionally, it is the man who swoops in to save a maiden in distress and is the knight in shining armour. With this fetish however, the role is reversed and it is I who breaks the stereotype as a dominant women coming to rescue. Lifting the helpless male or damsel in distress and carrying him to safety. It allows the male to cede control of the situation and be saved.

Safe in the arms of…

Of course, the natural act of lift and carry is also a sensitive, caring and nurturing act that many men can actually crave. With the stress of 21st century living, work, family and many other things, the idea of giving up responsibility and being lifted and carried off to a safe and comforting place by a woman can be a big stress release and one not too many would complain about I think! You could argue that the guy in question may recall a time when he was younger and could be lifted and carried easily by a caring and nurturing woman like his mother. It may however have even been a friend or someone that would give them a piggyback in the playground or when they were tired. Whatever it is, I believe this one is linked to the feeling of companionship and knowing there is someone else there for you, comradeship.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post and could relate to some parts if you are an avid lift and carry fan! In Lift and Carry Part Two, I will discuss the psychological elements and history behind each lift. Any comments I would greatly welcome below; perhaps you could let me know how your fetish started!


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  1. Jeffe
    Jeffe says:

    I am a fan of lift and carry. All the elements of oft and you mentioned I would enjoy or have at one time. My first wife was smaller than me , I am 5′ 7″. She had lifted weights in high school and still had a bicep. One night we were both buzzed and she piggy backed me around one night. I weigh about 140. She was excited and I although being surprised how easy she did it, it was fantastic! We didn’t realize it at the time but it slowly became foreplay for us. Most of the time it was a scenario that turned both of us on. We would start on the couch making out. She would stop and tell me she was going to change into something more comfortable. She warns me not to fall asleep. She leaves for around a half hour and of course I have nodded out. Not really. She comes in a fakes being mad. She pulls me to my feet and I fall over her shoulders. She fireman carries me to bedroom where we have a great time. She incorporated a little wrestling and I worship her arms. Other issues drove us apart. I will probably never have another intense relationship like that.

    • sara
      sara says:

      Hi Jeffe,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me! I am sad to here that but what a fab experience, at least you got to live the dream and experience it first hand in a true relationship, for many I feel they dream of this day but know it is too far out of reach! Hopefully that amazonian women of your dreams walks into your life one day soon!

      S x

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Great analysis. You hit everything head on. My fetish started when I was a very young, I think back in elementary school. I used to wish I could get rid of it, but I’ve learned to embrace it.

    Being honest with your partner can be challenging. I’m sure you’ve sessioned with a lot of guys who are in relationship.

    I think his fetish will become more acceptable in the future as more women are entering crossfit/military.

    Also, it’s more about the technique than strength. Some 100lb girls who dont workout have carried me and I’m 195-200lbs.

    • sara
      sara says:

      Thank Mike! I agree, a lot are in relationships and in some cases it may not be that there partner is against lifting them, she just may not e strong enough too! How and ever as you say, now women lifting weights etc and strength now being seen as a desirable thing for women, it may not be so much of a rarity these days. Lift and Carry as you say is definitely all about levers and mechanics and even the height and shape of someone can affect a session, as much as there weight. For instance short ass girls are always good at squats because they range of movement needed and likewise girls with longer limbs good for cradle carry.

      Sara xx

  3. Arthur
    Arthur says:

    Hi Sara. Your a beautiful strong girl! I have 2 questions. What do you believe most girls would think if they found out they’re spouse/partner had this Type of fetish? Also, do you enjoy or dislike lift and carry sessions?

    • sara
      sara says:

      Hi Arthur, Thank you for the compliment. In regards to your question, we live in a strange world with many many fetishes. I think if each partner truly loves the other then there should always be compromises made to satisfy each others fantasy / fetishes. lastly do enjoy lift and carry, YES, I love being strong. There nothing more empowering than lift and carry for a female. Another example of this is being able to squat or dead lift more than a male.

      S x

      • David Essex
        David Essex says:

        Hi, Sara. I just read some of your other replies on your site today (July 06, 2016).
        I too seem to be intrigued with l&carry
        stuff along with strong scissors sessions.
        Do you travel into Canada at all?
        Is it hot and humid in your area?
        Great to find your comments here!
        Take care and stay safe! D.E.

        • sara
          sara says:

          Hi David,

          Great to hear that you have read others comments and perhaps found that you are not alone, in terms of this fetish 🙂 I think L&C has a bigger following then we would think, especially as most of my comments on my blog always come from these posts. This September I will be visiting Toronto 9th-11th and have my dates announced on It certainly is hot where I am in Spain, it is round 30 degrees on average plus in summer.

          Sara xx

  4. Adil
    Adil says:


    I was in Relationship with a girl.
    And one day she talled be about a guy she lifted for fun. So i asked her how he was weighting.
    But i didn’t tell a think but was excited hearing that.
    ONe day we talked about sexuality and she told her about what turn me on and i confessed about lift and carry and she immediately told that s ok i can lift you.
    and i was like “oh no won’ t ask you that i m too heavy for you.
    and the first time i went to her the first thing she wanted is trying to lift me. she just lifted me for 5 secondes in a front carry but was surprised as she wanted so much to try.

    King regards

  5. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    I enjoyed reading your blogs about lift and carry, and I’m very impressed by how much time and effort you put into researching the subject. My interest in being lifted and carried by women started in childhood. I was always the smallest kid in the class and all of the girls were taller and bigger than me. Unfortunately, I was too shy to act on it. Being the smallest kid, I was already picked on, and I figured I’d be picked on more if I let girls carry me. I had a growth spurt in my early teens, but the desire of being lifted and carried by women never left me. In college, I shook off much of my shyness and inhibitions, and was able to get a number of piggyback rides from women. Then the internet came around and I discovered two things: 1) Sessions; 2) As fetishes go, lift and carry is extremely tame compared to most of what’s out there! Thank you, Sara, for providing a forum to discuss a part of my life I’m unable to talk about in “real life.”

    • sara
      sara says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you very much for your kind comment, most certainly lift and carry is a tame fetish. I found it hard to get my head around too at the start but know that I have researched it and asked many guys who have the fetish questions about how they think they got into it, I think I get it more and have lots of fun with it in sessions. Most guys are shy like yourself, but for many I have found a correlation between play ground games and being the small one in school who could be pinned against a wall easily. it is funny how our childhood can impact us sometime!

      Sara x

  6. Patrick from Boston
    Patrick from Boston says:

    Great article Sara. I’ve had a lift and carry fetish since high school. It started when i enjoyed carrying girls around over my shoulder.

    Later while I was competing in a Teenage Bodybuilding contest I got lifted by a woman in her late 20’s at a pool. We talked and flirted then she lifted me over her shoulder. She didn’t ask she just did it. And carried into her room. i think she was experimenting with herself.

    After that i enjoyed both carrying and being carried. I think it’s a trusting loving feeling with a slight hint of domination. But a kind one. (for me)

    Now when I session I enjoy lifting the Lady and being lifted.

    I have found the majority of the woman I’ve lifted in my life enjoy it. I feel they enjoy being lifted (by the right person) a lot.

    Have a great Summer Sara!

    • sara
      sara says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Thank you for your kind comment, i think you have hit the nail on the head when you say lift and carry is based on trust. I suppose it is a way of trusting without having to say it in person, as we never would of doubted our friends in the playground as they lifted us or parents etc. I believe that it reminds us of such times and feel good factors. How each person has lead on to experiment with it is interesting and such events like you have mentioned about happen by pure coincidence, have left an impact on many forever. I am having a great summer, I hope you are also.

      Sara xx

  7. Arthur
    Arthur says:

    Sara I really appreciate you taking time out of your day reading and answering questions. What is the heaviest session you have had with lift and carry? Also do you prefer people who are heavy for your lift and carry sessions or sessions with light people?thank You and have a great night

  8. paras
    paras says:

    hello sara,
    i am 20 year old normal guy and i am into this lift carry fetish i guess.
    it started when i watched those online videos in which a girl lifts and carries other girls and man with ease,and it just turn me on than any other explicit video,i am always pleasured when i watch those videos and always wanted to explore new videos like that.
    i am having this fetish from around 4 years now but i have never done this with any girl or woman beacuse i am still single and haven’t tried to be in realtionship for other reasons.
    the thing which i want to ask you is that is this fetish unreal or wierd,or is it gonna affect my future or any personality factor later on because i dont think so generally i am a normal guy with no mental disease or any other problem,its just this strange harmless but fun thing i am suffering with.
    and also i am 5’7 tall and weigh 53 kg but i am not skinny my body is lean and have cuts,so i wanted to ask is this the reason that i am low in weigh thats why i wanted to be lifted by a girl who also weigh the same like me.
    and most importantly i dont prefer those big woman or overly muscled girls and talking about those normal looking,simple girls.
    would please help me in this query mam.

    • sara
      sara says:

      Hi, thanks for the comment. First thing I want to say is you are completely normal and there is nothing wrong with you. We are in a world where anything goes and as long as the fetish or fantasy is between consenting adults then there is nothing wrong with indulging your desires. Actually I firmly believe that it is more of a sin and can cause more damage mentally to lock up deny yourself. Some of the nicest people I have met along the way love lift and carry and there is nothing wrong with them. In regards to your weight, some men are of a slight build that is all. Remember regardless of you fantasy or fetish, be open about it when you met a girl and then you will know if she is right for you. You may find that she also has fantasies that she would like to act out. Apologies for taking so long to reply.

  9. Paras
    Paras says:

    Well thanks sara for your reply.
    But i wanted to know shall i try to stop following this fetish,i know its hard to change but is it possible to change my fetsh.
    If yes then how?
    Or would you consider any other way to get pleasure from this particular fetish so i can be sure about it that it is harmless or safe for my well being.
    Because i want to know this for personal knowledge too..
    Would you please help mam.

  10. dubulbee
    dubulbee says:

    I have had this fetish for years. and your comments got me thinking…where did I get it from?

    After digging way back in my memory, the thing that ‘raises a flag’. so to speak, was a memory I had of riding on a see-saw in a playground with a girl from my class….she was a little bigger than me, and teased me by keeping me up in the air against my protests, until I started to cry (I was only about 6 years old)….she then let me down and came over to hug me. I found that experience very pleasurable, and she became my first “girl-friend”, and I asked her to ride with me again and again on the see-saw ……

    • sara
      sara says:

      Aww, that is very sweet to read! Many guys I think have developed a lift and carry fetish from what you would think would be bad experience that somehow turned good. For instance some have said at school they were small, so they got picked on and pinned against the wall in their blazer etc. but then actually started to like this feeling. On the other hand however, guys have liked it when they were small and the girls could protect them etc. I guess similar to you in that you knew the girl was stronger and could hold you against your will on the see-saw, but then showed affection by coming over to you after when you cried. It is a very complex topic, and likewise humans are too! I never like to over generalize things but often I do see a correlation between childhood an lift and carry in particular. It is all very fascinating though, and i definitely believe it has to come from one point in your life when you realized you liked the feeling. I have even heard of some guys saying that it all started by lap sitting on a girls knee, which intrigued them as they never struggled with their weight and then lead on to them then questioning the girls strength, eventually getting her to lift them!

      Thank you for the comment and i hope you enjoyed

      S x

  11. Josh
    Josh says:

    Alright, I’m not sure what “sessions” is all about. I’m getting the idea that there are those out there whose desire is to carry others. That’s great, because my desire is to be carried… but I don’t know where to look.

    I am five feet tall and just over a hundred pounds. I’ve been carried in a “baby carrier” before and loved it, I would love to find the person who could do this for a longer time…

    If I’m not insane, can you point me in the right direction?

    • sara
      sara says:

      Hi Josh,

      Many girls offer lift and carry sessions, including myself. Sessions can vary from wrestling to muscle worhsip to lift and acrry. It can focus on one key element i.e your fetish or a combination depending on what you desire. Your location however will determine what choice you have in your area. If you are just over one hundred pounds I do not think you will have a problem finding girls who offer such, for instance I can cradle a guy usually up to round 185ounds comfortably. So you should have plenty of choice 🙂

      If you check out the websites, and you will find girls here!

      I wish you all the best on your search!

      S x

  12. Mike Landbrige
    Mike Landbrige says:

    Funny there’s nothing for those who prefer it the other way around, with men carrying women.

    • sara
      sara says:

      Very true Mike! I have had many guys lift me in sessions before though and not necessarily lifts that maybe I have asked for lol You definitely would not need to be afraid of heights in such cases and some lifts are more comfortable then others! I have actually enjoyed being lifted in some lifts such as the cradle, piggyback and front carry’s though . It definitely gives of those nice endorphin feelings similar to cuddles, so maybe this is why you guys love it so much. I am sure there is women out there who have a lift and carry fetish as much as men have it. its just more underground most likely.

      S x

  13. Sean
    Sean says:

    Hi Sara,

    I first got into lift and carry when I was 11 years old from watching WWE and WCW and girls would often lift and slam the guys.

    My fetish grew more intense once I saw all the lift and carry sites and videos. I have been lifted by quite a few girls over the last 10 years now, and I make it a point to challenge as many as possible to do so. However I have gained about 30 or 40 pounds now, and quite a bit of muscle ( I weigh 210 right now), so it might be harder these says, but I still have the fantasy.

    • Sara
      Sara says:

      Hi Sean,

      Thank you very much for your comment. i often hear guys remark on how having watched mainstream pro wrestling or wwe on TV, they believe has influenced them into developing a fetish for lift and carry. Chyna I believe was one of the leading women to take center stage on this. It just shows how things that happen in our youth, will stay with us forever. Other guys with lift and carry fetishes have also remarked on always being intrigued by cheer leaders at school or have had a relationship in the past where the girl would play around with them lifting them. Unfortunately many guys who session, say they do so because as you get older there is less opportunity to be lifted by a beautiful women and I guess only shows how our approach to fun and life becomes more serious.

      I hope you enjoyed the article

      S x

  14. Sean
    Sean says:

    I did enjoy the article. It’s nice to actually get a female perspective on the lift and carry fetish. I’m usually lifted by girls I meet at bars/clubs or whenever I go swing dancing. Some of my favorite lifts were by the girls I swing danced with, because most of them were pretty small, but they ended up lifting me super high and for a really long time. They seemed to really enjoy lifting me too.

    If you’re ever in the St. Louis area, I’d love to do a session with you!

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