Sexy Irish Sara Lips, female wrestler is back in Appetite for Destruction, filmed in Las Vegas with Utopia Entertainment. Sara has been dieting hard to get down to her contest weight, eating every two hours. To take her mind off food, she decides to take her frustrations out on her boyfriend Eli. Sara’s alter ego was about to be unleashed, “Princess Pain” watch as Eli is crushed and squeezed by Sara’s big powerful thighs.

Hip thrusting, leg snapping and muscle flexing all ensue as Eli is ground into a whimpering mess. Sara’s high cut one piece shows off her curvy toned glutes and thighs, while at the same time just covering her pussy. Excellent lighting, camera work with plenty of close up angles.

Irish Sara Lips in Appetite for Destruction

Body Scissor, Face Sitting, Figure 4, Front Figure 4, Grapevine, Head Scissor, HOM Smother, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Smothering, Trash Talk


Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Duration : 14.19
File Size 659mb

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