Can Independent Women be Successful in Love ?

Today, we ask the question, can independent women be successful in love ? Often know for being hard, cold and unapproachable. At a first glance we would think not. So, what is this main reason for their unsuccessfulness in love?


Attitude is often the biggest problem independent women face in relationships. Being perceived as cold can pose a problem but remember that being perceived as powerful and strong can often be deemed an attractive property and perhaps even play a factor as to how these women get themselves into a relationship.

Once a relationship, if extremely independent the continue to live there lives as they would do so when single, this can pose a problem. This is often how cracks start to appear in the relationship.

Can independent women be successful in love ?

In life there are three types of women in regards to independence!


This is the weakest kind of women; she will need absolutely everything done for her in life. A drainer perhaps, she will sound something like “I don’t know how to, I can’t do that, help me…” These kinds of women are not very independent at all.


These types of women are quite the opposite to that of the “princesses” in life. In fact, these won’t even ask for any kind of help.. These type of women are usually very independent hence the name and anything they say will usually resemble something like this – “ I can do it myself.”

This is when having an ultra independent attitude in a relationship can create problems. You are probably thinking, now this is not a bad way to be, self sufficient, un-needy etc. But ask yourself, if this women says, “I can do it myself” enough to her other half or perhaps a guy when she is starting out dating, would this cause a problem?

Of, course!

This is because guys need to feel masculine. No strong guy is going to want to be around a woman who never lets him take care of her. It’s almost the equivalent of cutting their balls off.

Fair enough, these women argue “I can do it myself”, but what if it was said that it is weak to have to do everything yourself. And further, that it is a method of validation having to prove how strong you are.

If you find yourself in this category for women, ask yourself what kind of man do you want to attract? Most will often say masculine, however admit they unfortunately attract the weaker kind of pussy men in life! Perhaps this is why.


And so the final kind of women, which is one level above being an “Ultra Independent” is the one who says “I know I can do it myself, but I know it’s a lot of fun if I can have someone else do it for me.”

This is the only kind of independent woman, who can survive in a relationship. Why Is this? It is because she understands. She gets it. It is strong to be served.

The Best CEO’s in life know how to utilize help. Those who cannot get past being able to give over power will never be able to grow their business or get past being an entrepreneur. This stands for relationships too.

It does not make a woman strong if she keeps men at arms length because she doesn’t need them – men need women and women need men, it’s as simple as that, life just isn’t as fun without them. Yes, we understand women don’t need men for happiness etc. A woman however should be sure to bring her man into her life – as they can’t have nearly as much fun, if they can’t be a man around you!

Strong women do not need to exert their ultra independence. They can accept help. Why? Because, when you are already independent you are showing that you are in the relationship because you want to be with the person, not because you need to be with them.

Allow yourself to be the vulnerable one in the relationship as you will always be strong enough to get through. Which is funny because come to thing of it, do dominatrix’s not allow men serve them?

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  1. Jack
    Jack says:

    Wow!! This post is really interesting…

    I´ve always had a huge secret fetish for the kind of ladies that really use their femininity and sexiness, tease and flirt with men to get guys to do stuff for them just so she won´t have to dirty herself or lift a finger…Who are used to being pampered and spoiled and guys treating them like princesses and even expects it or takes it for granted! A lady that would ask me herself to do things for her with only a smile and a wink! And be super-girly and “princess-like” to get me to help her…Asking me to carry her bags cause she´s “sooo afraid of breaking a naaail!!!” and just walking ahead of me up the stairs wiggling her butt in my face to really tease me over the edge without carrying a thing herself, only looking over her shoulder smiling and giggling at my struggle…Or asking me to help her change a light bulb, kill a spider, pump her gas, mow her lawn, fix her computer/zink/car…Just so she wont risk breaking a nail or get herself dirty…I secretly love women who is like that and play that card, think it´s so sexy….(Whenever i meet someone who is like that, i instantly just say “Yes, Ma´am! I´d be happy to help!” too, whatever it is about! ) Sadly, it doesn´t happen very often…

    What turns me on, is letting women use me in any way that they like – purely for their own comfort. Being a perfect gentleman at all times and truly living by the motto “Ladies´ first”. Especially when she gladly lets me! And especially if she´s quite bitchy and condescending towards me…Putting herself far before me and only caring about herself. And the MORE i have to struggle, sweat and suffer for her to be as comfortable as possible, the better! I honestly like to just open doors for ladies and stand aside to let them enter before me, to show they´re always more important than me…Being as respectful as i can be and say “After you, Ma´am!” Love giving up my seat for woman, letting them go ahead of me in line…Offer to carry bags, hold their umbrella while i get wet in the rain, offer my shirt to sit on so they won´t have to dirty their pants…And especially joke about laying my coat over a puddle like gentlemen in the old days of chivalry – or even better joke about laying flat on my back in the mud puddle myself, so they can tiptoe all over me to keep their heels from getting ruined and get safely to dry land again! The thrill of just joking about that with a sexy lady and getting a smile or even giggle/laugh at my suggestion…Truly beats everything.

    But more or less – all things she obviously could do herself, but would rather use me for so she didn´t have to! That´s the domination part of it and the huge thrill for me….Using me only as her personal servant to make her life easier!

    Thoughts? 🙂


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