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Previous in an earlier article I delved into the world of foot fetishes and foot worship. While closely related, trampling is another fetish that involves the feet. It surprises me how popular foot fetishes are. Accordingly to my Google analytics, foot worship London, foot fetish and foot domination are some of the most popular search terms. Foot trampling domination is the topic for today’s article, a fetish that I offer as one of my specialities.

What is Foot Trampling?

While the explanations from both Wikipedia and Urban dictionary do explain briefly what trampling involves, there is so much more to this strange, but unique fetish. Trampling takes on many forms and can mean different things to each person.

Wikipedia, “Trampling refers to the sexual activity that involves being trampled underfoot by another person or persons”

Urban Dictionary, “Standing or walking on one’s body, especially the face and sexual organs as part of an extreme foot fetish.

Below are my own interpretations of trampling sub categories’ based on personal experiences with clients who enjoy foot trampling.

Trampling the Pain Junkie

Trampling as you can imagine can cause pain, and is closely related to sadomasochism. Individuals who love feet and trampling, will often request that footwear (shoes, boots or high heels) rather than bare feet, be worn, for the reasons of inflicting more pain. I have refereed to these types before as “Pain Junkies” sexual arousal through pain, heightened by the presence of beautiful women (mistress).

Foot Domination Trampling

For others trampling has a different meaning, for the submissive man, foot trampling relates to submission, obedience and worship. The ultimate show of admiration, as to lie under the feet of their mistress. Sessions of this nature can involve the submissive being trampled, stomped, kicked, choked and even used as a human foot rest by their mistress. Pain may be also inflicted should their mistress feel that it is warranted.

Trampling Feet and Sexual Arousal

Some men have such a fascination with feet that any activity, trampling, foot worship, foot domination causes sexual arousal.

“Scientist Vilayanur Ramachandran, concluded through experimentation that sections of the brain, which are associated with feet, are positioned next to the sections in the brain associated with genitalia. Ramachandran speculated that those who are turned on by feet may be experiencing sexual stimulation, because the wires in their brain linked to the feet and the genitals have become mixed up”.

Vilayanur Subramanian Ramachandran (neuroscientist)

For individuals with such an admiration for feet. Sessions requests can at times involve a mixture of foot trampling, and foot domination. Painful trampling in high heels, changing to foot domination where the individual is stomped, choked and gagged using the feet.

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Giantess Trample

The fetish Macrophilia translates to a lover of large. Men who have this type of fetish enjoy trampling sessions with women who are particularly tall or have freakishly large feet. Domination, degradation, helplessness and feeling small under a Giant (giantesses) feet.

Being only 5 foot 6 inches tall, this sub category of trampling doesn’t apply to me as much as others.

My stats 75kg, 166lbs, feet size UK 6, EU 40, US 7

The Human Carpet

An interesting article I came across featured in the NY Times tells the story of a 48 year old immigrant called Georgeo T, nick name “The Human Carpet”. Georgeo’s love for trampling started in his early childhood years where he remembers” I loved to have weights on me” and “I like when my cats would walk on me”.

Georgeo makes his living from trampling, charging two hundred dollars per gig. Although now a paid hobby, Georgeo insists that he just loves to be trampled. He is regularly booked at fetish clubs where he rolls himself up in an old carpet and invites patrons to walk, stomp and stand on him. The more people that walk on me, the higher they jump, the more enjoyable the experience, he explains.

Sara’s Thoughts on Trampling

My personal experiences have lead me to believe that while there are several sub categories of trampling. Most foot trampling sessions for me involve both trampling and foot domination. Session requests vary with men wanting nothing more than to feel the weight of you bearing down on their chest. Kneeling, sitting and stomping are very popular.

I have previously performed foot trampling sessions involving foot gagging. My feet forced into the mouth of the client, at times using my toes to stretch the mouth open, while verbally abusing my victim.

Clients will also request that smelly socks or nylons be worn during the session. I remember wearing a pair of socks every time I went to the gym for two weeks. I placed them in a sealed bag and brought them with me to wear. At the end of the session he asked if he could have them, which of course I obliged.

Some clients also wish to be naked during a trampling session and enjoy an element of light ball busting. As I mention in an earlier article I love Ball Busting, so torturing a mans cock and balls using my feet is somewhat erotic.

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