Please refer to My Top 15 Sexual Fetishes, which goes into great detail on popular fetishes I offer. I also recommend reading Roleplay Kinks and Fetish Ideas which provides examples of role play scenarios that you may wish to incorporate into your session.

For a comprehensive list of fetish and kinks, I recommend visiting BadKity where you will find a Kinklist featuring 51 BDSM fetish descriptions.

Yes, deposits are essential for booking wrestling / domination sessions. Under no circumstances will I confirm your booking without first receiving a deposit. If you have not paid a deposit, you do not have a session. Below are the reasons deposits are required.

1) Deposits are a demonstration of commitment to your intention to attend your session
2) Confirmed bookings by way of deposit ensure that, flights, destinations and tour dates are confirmed
3) Deposits are an electronic form of ID

During email communication I will advice you on the various methods for paying your deposit.

My goal is never to mark or injure a client, I provide professional BDSM services, your health and safety is paramount. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that there will be no marks during a session, depending on the severity of the chosen fetish (CBT, Caning, Face Slapping, Trampling).

If you are concerned about marks or bruises, please mention this in our email communication.

Several days before our session, I will send you an email disclosing the location (hotel). I will also add my contact number as an additional form of contact.

On the day of our session, I will send you my room number 15 minutes prior to the session.

PLEASE DO NOT: approach the reception desk in the hotel and say that you have a booking or that you are meeting someone.

It is better to avoid the hotel lobby until the time of your booking. If the lifts require a key card I will come down to met you.

Yes I can certainly change my outfit to an available requested item. Please note if you wish me to wear an item that I do not currently own, there are two options.

1) Purchase the item for me and bring the item with you.
2) Forward the required amount to purchase, including shipping to me. I will then purchase the item and bring it with me.

For sessions lasting 1 hour there will be a maximum of 2 outfit changes.

While I never expect anything from clients, if you feel you would like to treat me, maybe its my birthday which is the 31st August. I appreciate Gift Vouchers from Amazon as I order regularly from their ecommerce store.

Please send vouchers to: and remember to add your name and email to the message field so I can send a thank you note.

I’m sorry, but I am unable to communicate for bookings via WhatsApp. I prefer to handle bookings through email as it allows for a more professional and detailed exchange. It also provides a written record of the booking, ensuring that there are no misunderstandings regarding dates, times, or specific fetish requests.

However, on the day of the session, I will provide you with my business WhatsApp number for any communication needed.

Yes, I do have clients who book longer sessions outside of my scheduled tour dates. However, please note that I am only able to travel within the, UK EU and Ireland.

If you are interested in booking a private session with me, please review the following terms:

1) Flights and accommodation expenses must be paid for in advance. This ensures that all necessary arrangements can be made for our session.

2) I require a 50% deposit upfront in order to confirm the booking. This deposit is non-refundable and serves as a commitment to the session.

3) If we have never met before, I kindly request references from other reputable individuals in the BDSM community before confirming the booking. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of both parties involved.

If you would like to learn more about private sessions or read an earlier article I wrote on the topic of BDSM Companion, please feel free to check it out.

Discounts can be offered on sessions lasting 2 hours or more.

Please note that longer bookings require a larger deposit This is to guard against last minute cancellations and no shows.

Unfortunately NO, deposits are paid to secure your booking time. By cancelling a session, you leave a gap in my diary that I will most likely not be able to fill. Please be sure before you commit to booking a session that you can attend on the agreed, date, time and location of booking.

What if I cancel my tour?

If for some reason that I am forced to cancel a tour, you will receive a full refund or else be able to carry over your deposit until a future visit. My reputation is built on trust, so I am not interested in scamming you. Please read my testimonials on the quality of service I deliver if you ever have any doubt


I do not offer full service (sex). I do offer sensual wrestling / domination consisting of a wide range of fetish specialties including, but not limited to: Ass Worship, Face Sitting, Ball Busting, Tie and Tease, Cock and Ball Torture, Small Penis Humiliation.

For a comprehensive list of fetish specialties I offer, check out my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes.

During wrestling sessions I require that you wear a minimum of boxers or shorts. Absolutely no G strings or paper underwear. Please note : I DO NOT WRESTLE NAKED MEN

Certain fetishes may require you to be naked, (ball busting, small penis humiliation, strap-on) however for wrestling it is not required.

Yes of course, I allocate time in my diary when booking your session for showers and social conversation. I also travel with men’s toiletries to including shower gel, shampoo and deodorant, which you may use if required.

Please bring your own towel with you if you would like to shower.

Deposits are paid to secure your booking which is a percentage of the total booking. The outstanding balance is paid on the day and must be paid at the START of a session, before it commences.

While I appreciated the thought, time constraints and other bookings limit my available time. At times client’s will book longer sessions to include, wrestling / domination and a social aspect to their session.

By incorporating the social aspect (dinner) into the booking I can manage my diary allowing time for the extended booking.

Please see an earlier article I wrote: BDSM Companion

While I understand you may want to film your session as a keepsake, I DO NOT ALLOW filming under any circumstance. I prefer to be able to enjoy my sessions and feel like I can be natural without a camera.

This also means I do not have to worry about videos appearing online without my consent.

I have no objections If you wish to take a few pictures during your session.

When I’m not travelling the world you can find me in London, Birmingham and Dublin. If you would like to be notified when I’m travelling to your country, city. Email me at with your location and I will add you to my contact list. Then when I publish a tour date in your city, I will send you an email.

You can find my latest tour dates published on the following directories: