Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive

fantasy wrestling vs semi competitive

Session wrestling has given me the opportunity to travel the world and broaden my horizons. Although I now offer a wider range of fetishes than when I first started, mixed wrestling (male vs female) is still one of my most requested fetishes. Today’s blog post primarily focuses on the differences between “Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive” based on my own personal views as a female session wrestler.

Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive

While there are other forms of wrestling (bondage, erotic, semi comp, competitive). I have singled out Fantasy and Semi Competitive due to the confusion between these two fetishes.

First let’s break down the true meaning of the terms fantasy and semi competitive to better understand how they relate to wrestling.

Fantasy wrestling: the opposite of reality, a strong addiction to something that is not real. In the realm of fantasy wrestling, roleplaying, wrestling characters and storylines play a large part in creating the fantasy, allowing the person’s imagination the freedom to create their ultimate reality, even if its only for a short time.

Semi Competitive: allows the client to provide some resistance, but not enough to try to win the match. The emphasis is not on winning but fun. Physical contact and holds are more important than who wins the match. Usually the guy is defensive in his style of wrestling, while the girl is offensive, trying to put him into various wrestling holds. This style of wrestling allows the client to test the strength and skills of his female competitor without the intensity or injury risk of a competitive match.

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Male vs Female Wrestling

Now that we have determined the true meaning of fantasy wrestling vs semi competitive. What is the confusion between these two fetishes? I’m really not sure, for some unknown reason men at times interpret both fantasy wrestling and semi competitive as FULL COMPETITIVE. Even though most female wrestlers clearly state on their websites and in email communication that they DON’T offer competitive wrestling due to the increased risk of injury.

I think it’s fair to say that most female session wrestlers have experienced a “BAD Wrestling Session” at some stage throughout their career, including myself. If a girl has a bad experience with a client and feels her safety was compromised, this will often result in the girl reporting the guy on session girls as a warning to other session wrestlers.

Speaking from my own experience, I have taken bookings from guys requesting either Fantasy or Semi Competitive wrestling. Then on session day, within minutes of the wrestling session starting, they go full competitive, their goal, to WIN by any means possible. I can understand how some men might misunderstand the term slight resistance in semi comp. With regards to fantasy wrestling I really don’t grasp WTF they are thinking.

I pride myself on clear communication in emails for two reasons 1) Clients receive the session type they have requested and are more likely to rebook 2) Everyone is clear on the do’s and don’ts, and neither party is offended or injured.

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Mixed Wrestling Story

Below is an example from previous session several months ago. We call our subject John for the purposes of this story. John books a semi competitive wrestling session outlining in his emails that he has sessioned before. He enjoys head scissors, chokes, schoolgirl pins with an element of face sitting.

I ask John his height, weight and what his interpretation of semi competitive wrestling is. I also mention that I DO NOT OFFER COMPETITIVE. John replied stating that he would like a friendly match, but really just enjoys some light wrestling with domination. Current weight 225 lbs, height 6ft 4in.

John was a good match, so I booked him in. Upon arrival John did indeed seem nice, we chatted briefly for a few minutes before starting the session. I did not get any indication on Johns actual intentions until several minutes into the session. John clearly had his own agenda.

Competitive Wrestling

John was after a full competitive wrestling match, not what he originally booked. This really pisses me off as I clearly explain in emails and on my website that I DO NOT OFFER FULL COMPETITIVE. I let the session continue placing John into several choke holds, big guys are strong but run out of gas fast. This still didn’t deter John and at one point he threw me across the room banging my head on the floor.

At this point I was ready to end the session, but he apologised and after a few minutes I continued. The session re-commenced and initially the intensity was dialled down, but this didn’t last for long. John was still using way to much force considering I was half his size, during one move he clipped the side of my face with his elbow, I had enough, I was furious.

I managed to place John into a rear naked choke, took a large deep breath, pushed his head forward and down, cutting off his air supply. It wasn’t long before John was out cold.

I released the choke letting John recover, then ordered him to leave the room, the session was over. Although things could have been much worse, I escaped with just a bump on my head and a bruise on my cheek. Had it not been for the private wrestling lessons that I have been attending, things could have been much worse.

Semi Comp Wrestling Hazards

Often girls will not want to end a session early, due to upsetting a client and receiving a bad review, despite the client putting the girl in an uncomfortable position.

From experience, I have learnt that if a session doesn’t feel right in the first few minutes. I will stop the session, give the client the opportunity to cool down and lower their resistance. If the same behaviour continues and I feel that my safety is compromised, I will end the session.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often, and is very rare, clearer communication in emails and checking the time wasters list on session girls helps to weed out, time wasters and dangerous clients.

Booking a Mixed Wrestling Session

Both female session wrestlers and male clients have their own interpretations of “fantasy wrestling vs semi competitive”. It is vital that there is clear communication and boundaries set, so to avoid disappointment and injury. There will always be dangerous men who wish to hurt women, hopefully with better communication between fellow wrestlers. Men with this type of agenda can be avoided or at the very least reported to warn others, girl power.

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