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There are many forms of fetishes, some more extreme than others. One things for sure everyone has a fetish of some sort, even if you are unaware of it. In 2016, the U.K. passed a law restricting a number of pornography fetish categories,  face sitting being one!

Face sitting is a kink that’s not nearly as well known as it should be. For instance as this news escalated, it become clear that many people were confused as to what, exactly, face-sitting is. Despite its straight forward name!

I found the video above Sit on My face by Monty Phython on YouTube, and thought it was very appropriate.

What is a fetish?

The plural noun of fetish represents a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body. A sexual fixation, obsession or compulsion.

Popular fetishes

Include fantasy wrestling, competitive wrestling, beat downs, lift carry, scissoring, female domination, muscle worship, foot fetish and face sitting within the session wrestling scene. Although the fetishes mentioned above can be generally deemed of a non sexual nature, a fetish is deemed sexual because it is generally thought the activity in question will arouse a man or women. This is why many fetish based sites are classed as adult. This doesn’t mean that every individual who fantasizes about fetishes e.g wrestling is aroused at the thought of it. Everyone is different!

Some fetishes, can therefore fall into the realm of both worlds, sexual and non sexual. Face sitting is one such example, in the wrestling circuit, face sitting is usually used to represent female superiority / domination / a top dog position. A client once told me, it is the most humiliating, belittling and dominating position a women can put a man in…

Face sitting or Face smother

Facesitting, is often also known as queening or kinging. Jay Wiseman’s “Erotic Bondage Handbook,” defines it as “sitting or squatting over the bottom face so that the top’s anal or genital area is pressed against the bottom’s face.” She says “It has the implication of forced oral and can incorporate breath control and smothering, and the fun can be heightened by the dominant talking to the submissive in role.”

There is nothing as hot as this thoroughly dominating and demeaning method. And despite the simple-sounding term, there are actually a number of methods in which face sitting can be implemented, making face sitting a versatile and fun way of breaking a male. For instance, different clothing options e.g denim, leather, panty hose.

I have had guys ask me to wear leather in sessions, as it makes it harder for them to breath. Others prefer the feel of denim jeans in face-sitting sessions! Positioning is another important factor e.g forward vs reverse face sitting and if you like to lock their arms with your feet. Last but not least, the hoover position vs full body weight.

As you can see, there is a lot of factors to getting the perfect face sitting session, so be specific when inquiring guys and tell us what exactly it is that you like. For many it is even the element of trash talking while Queen Bee sits up high above.

face sitting

figure 4 face sit

The Face Smother

Full pressure face sitting can also be referred to as face smother, the two are very similar in nature, however with a face smother the individual is deprived of oxygen. Such an effect can induce a semi-hallucinogenic state. Combine this with an orgasm is said to be the equivalent to cocaine.

A 2005 book chapter by Dr Brenda Love (in Russ Kick’s Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong) examined some of the strangest sexual behaviours from around the world and included a short section on queening.

She wrote:

“The term queening refers to the European practice of a dominant female using a man’s head as her throne. The woman sits in one of several positions, either on the side of the man’s head or so that his nose is near her anus with his eyes covered by her genitals. The object of queening is bondage or breath control, not cunnilingus.

The man may wear supplemental restraints on the wrists and ankles. A slightly comparable American sex scene is where a stripper completely disrobes and stands over a sitting male with his head titled back so that her genitals are only a couple of inches above his face. She stays in this position, moving her pelvis to the music for about five minutes. The male is not permitted to touch her in any manner during this exhibition”.

The article differentiated face sitting from ‘smothering’ (i.e., the complete obstruction of the airways for sexual purposes) because the person being sat on is not totally deprived of oxygen.

Why Men Love Face sitting?

The article also claims:

“The full-weight body-pressure, moisture, sex odors and darkness can be perceived as powerful sexual attractions or compulsions. The person sat upon may be in bondage, sexually submissive, or simply held down by the body-weight of the other person”

I am no expert by any means, however relating to my own own personal experiences, and having spoken with guys who have the fetish. I believe for many it is the aspect of control many men like about face sitting. It is also important too that the girl in question enjoys face sitting. The feeling of humiliation also seems to be a popular element of this fetish, not for all, however many do ask for a verbal element. Face sitting encompasses so much from body worship to intimacy, the inability to control your breathing and of course being pushed to the edge!

“It encompasses so much…from total control to total intimacy”

During face smothering, strangely what happens is a sense of calm, no noise, not even a stir, just me sitting on their face. One hundred and fifty six pounds performing a face smother, making it increasingly difficult for them to move. Sometimes I do think to myself, are are they okay, if I have been sitting on them for a long time and still not a pep.

Please Help

What follows after the calm however is a sheer sense of panic! Their body thrashes uncontrollably as they try to shift my weight from their face. Feelings of helplessness, panic, despair, arousal and thoughts of death perhaps maybe rush through there head. Please, I don’t want to die, I want to live.

Sometimes I ask myself, how can being this close to death bring about such feelings of euphoria and sexual arousal. Is it this fleeting glimpse at death that makes us appreciate life or is it the heightened sense of arousal?

The official term for this type of fetish is Autassassinophilia

Autassassinophilia is a paraphilia in which a person is sexually aroused by the risk of being killed. The fetish may overlap with some other fetishes that risk one’s life, such as those involving drowning or choking. This does not necessarily mean the person must actually be in a life-threatening situation, for many are aroused from dreams and fantasies of such.

face sitting

hottest face sitting

Early development has had its impact

It is strange how life events that happen in our early childhood, seem to have had a life changing impact on the rest of our lives. I have asked many questions to my clients, trying to understand how their fetish came to light. Some have reminisced of a childhood experience with a female cousin, sister’s friend or girl in the playground. A memorable time of wrestling together, suddenly she sits on his face pinning him down, refusing to move, laughing as she over powers and dominates him. The guy is amazed he can’t move and a weird feeling stirs inside him, he likes it. This is is the first time he has experienced loss of control, embarrassment, humiliation, helplessness.

Others have fascinated about it after watching face sitting during pro wrestling on TV and wandered what it felt like to experience it.

Many clients have attributed that early experiences in life have been the major influence on the development of their fetishes. This however is not always the case, as some fetishes develop entirely on there own with no external influences.

What can we take out of this, remember pornography was not readily available on the internet and certainly not to a ten year old in the 70’s , 80’s. What was the influencing factor then? Where did these feeling resonate from or are they buried deep inside our self consciousness? Interestingly my younger clients have developed their fetishes due to the internet compared to more middle aged clients.

Regardless of how these fetishes develop, the feelings remain strong and the longing to replicate that moment.

Face sitting, similarity’s in fetishes

It could be suggested that face sitting may overlap with other sexual paraphilias and fetishes such as squashing fetishes. Amaurophilia (where individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal by a partner who is blind or unable to see due to artificial means such as being blindfolded or having sex in total darkness). Osmophilia (where individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal caused by bodily odours such as sweat and urine).

While I explained earlier that some fetishes have a similarity. Face sitting for most is seen as sexual, generally associated with gratification. Face sitting in the wrestling world however is usually seen more in the context of domination, female superiority, breathe play etc. It would be fair to say that face smother, while still implying face sitting, would be the correct term used for Autassassinophilia.

Their are many other fetishes that are applicable to the term Autassassinophilia. Choking, scissoring and HOM can all be associated with oxygen deprivation. This is not to say that everyone who books a scissoring session wants to come close to death. Far from it and incorrect, as many guys just love the feeling of being trapped between a strong pair of thighs.

If your interested in booking a face sitting / face smother session, please fill the contact form with as much detail as possible.

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  1. Jack
    Jack says:

    I dream about women sitting on my face all the time…That and women walking all over me – those are my biggest fantasies! Every time i see a lady with a really perfect ass, i instantly wish she would just sit right on my face! I get turned on by degrading myself, too…Walking behind a women just to stare at her perfect ass, thinking things like “I´d do anything for that beauty to sit right on my ugly pimple mug…A perfect bombshell like that wouldn´t even look at a loser like me, much less answer me if i ever tried to talk to her…She´s WAY too good for me and she´d know it herself! She could sit on my hideous face anytime she wanted just so she didn´t have to look at me! Even fart, right in my nose…!” Personally, i think the excitement for me lies in the thinking that she´s so much better than me that the only thing she could use my face for is as her seat, to rest her ass upon! Making me the luckiest guy on earth in the process, for ever gracing my ugly face with her perfect butt! I always have fantasies of burying my face in sexy women´s perfect butts, too. ..Having my nose wedged and trapped between her cheeks…:) And i wish more than anything that i had a sexy woman in my life that just sat on my face for hours on a daily basis…Not just walking behind ladies on the streets year after year and wishing they would use my face as their seat. But that´s my view on the whole fetish itself and way to explain it. 🙂


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