There are many forms of fetishes, some more extreme than others. One things for sure everyone has a fetish of some sort, even if you are unaware of it. In 2016, the U.K. passed a law restricting a number of pornography fetish categories, face sitting being one!

Face sitting is a kink that’s not nearly as well known as it should be. For instance as this news escalated, it became clear that many people were confused as to what, exactly, face-sitting is. Despite its straight forward name!

What is a fetish?

The plural noun of fetish represents a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, body part. A sexual fixation, obsession or compulsion.

Face Sitting and other Popular Fetishes

There are hundreds of fetishes, some of which include, ball busting, wrestling, strapon, water sports, scat,  beat downs, lift carry, scissoring, female domination, muscle / body worship, foot fetish, face sitting and ass smothering are all popular kinks. Some fetishes can be deemed as non sexual, others have a high tendency to cause sexual arousal, face sitting and ass smothering are two in particular that can cause sexual arousal.

Some fetishes, can therefore fall into the realm of both worlds, sexual and non sexual. Face sitting is just one such example. A mistress or dominatrix will use the fetish face sitting or ass smothering to represent female superiority / domination / a top dog position.

“Face sitting is the most humiliating, belittling and dominating position a women can put a man in, but on the flip side, such a turn on”. Past femdom session.

Face sitting or Ass smothering

Facesitting, is often also known as queening or kinging. Jay Wiseman’s “Erotic Bondage Handbook,” defines it as “sitting or squatting over the face so that the anal (sphincter) or genital area is pressed against the mans face.” She says “It has the implication of forced oral and can incorporate breath play control and smothering. The experience can be heightened by the dominatrix / mistress trash talking to the submissive while sitting on his face.”

Face Sitting Clothing Requests

Over the years I have had many clothing requests for face sitting sessions. Thongs, panties, denim, gym leggings, spandex, pvc, leather, lingerie and string bikinis are all popular. Face sitting position is another important factor e.g forward vs reverse vs the hoover position where the female squats over the mans face. Some men request that their arms be locked using your feet or rope, completely immobilising them.

Face Smothering – Breathe Play

Full pressure face sitting can also be referred to as Face Smother or Ass Smothering. The two are very similar in nature, however with face smothering the individual is deprived of oxygen. Such an effect can induce a semi-hallucinogenic state. Combine this with an orgasm, is said to be the equivalent to cocaine.

A 2005 book chapter by Dr Brenda Love (in Russ Kick’s Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong) examined some of the strangest sexual behaviours from around the world and included a short section on queening (face sitting).

She wrote:

“The term queening refers to the European practice of a dominant female (dominatrix) using a man’s head as her throne. The woman sits in one of several positions, either on the side of the man’s head or so that his nose is near her anus with his eyes covered by her genitals. The object of queening is bondage or breath control, not cunnilingus”.

Why Men Love Face sitting?

Relating to my own own personal experiences, and having spoken with guys who adore the fetish face sitting. I believe for many it is the aspect of control many men enjoy with face sitting. The feeling of humiliation, body worship and intimacy, sex odours with the inability to control your breathing causes a heightened sexual arousal. Many men seem to love the verbal trash talking element to face sitting, the feeling of being at the complete mercy of their mistress.

Death by Face Smother

During a face smothering, strangely, what seems to happen is a sense of calm, no noise, not even a stir, Just me, one hundred and fifty six pound of me, sitting on their face. Sometimes, I quietly think to myself, are are they okay? still not a sound.

What follows after the calm however is a sheer sense of panic! Their body thrashes uncontrollably as they try to gasp for air. Feelings of helplessness, panic, despair, arousal and thoughts of death rush through there head. Please, please, I don’t want to die.

I have ask myself this question several times. How can being this close to DEATH bring about such feelings of euphoria and sexual arousal. Is it the fleeting glimpse of death that accentuates the sexual arousal.

Autassassinophilia Death Fetish

Autassassinophilia is a paraphilia in which a person is sexually aroused by the risk of being killed. The fetish may overlap with some other fetishes that risk one’s life, such as those involving drowning or choking. This does not necessarily mean the person must actually be in a life-threatening situation, for many are aroused from dreams and fantasies of such.

Fetishes, How They Evolve?

Life events, especially in our early childhood years, seem to have a significant impact on our lives. Over the years I have questioned clients as to how their fetish or fetishes evolved. Many have reminisced of an  earlier childhood experience with a female not necessarily of the same age.

To quote a previous clients first hand experience of how his face sitting fetish evolved.

“I was playing with my older female cousin who was 14 years old at the time. My interested in girls had significantly increased since I hit puberty. I remember one day in particular, my cousin was wearing a short skirt and tight top. At times we would play wrestle to see who was the strongest, on this occasion out of knowhere she flipped me onto my back and sat on my face.

Part of me was in shock, yet incredibly aroused. I could feel the soft skin of her bum and panties touching my face and mouth. Her bum engulfed my face cutting off my air supply and I couldn’t see a thing. I remember the feeling of helplessness, lack of oxygen and her sweet scent”.

I have thought about my first face sitting experience with my cousin countless times, Ever since then, face sitting, ass smothering and ass worship have been my all time favourite fetishes.

Booking a Face Smothering Session London

Other popular search terms if you are looking to book the services of a face sitting dominatrix are. Ass Worship, Face Sitting Mistress, Face Smothering, Female Face Sitting, Ass Smothering Dominatrix, Face Sitting Escorts.

Interested in booking a face sitting or ass smothering session with myself, please fill in my contact form with as much detail as possible. You can check out my latest tour dates on my tours page, you might also be interested in an earlier article I wrote “Ass Worship Escort”.

Areas I cover, but not limited to : London, UK, Manchester, Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Leeds, Dublin and of course worldwide.


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  1. Jack
    Jack says:

    I dream about women sitting on my face all the time…That and women walking all over me – those are my biggest fantasies! Every time i see a lady with a really perfect ass, i instantly wish she would just sit right on my face! I get turned on by degrading myself, too…Walking behind a women just to stare at her perfect ass, thinking things like “I´d do anything for that beauty to sit right on my ugly pimple mug…A perfect bombshell like that wouldn´t even look at a loser like me, much less answer me if i ever tried to talk to her…She´s WAY too good for me and she´d know it herself! She could sit on my hideous face anytime she wanted just so she didn´t have to look at me! Even fart, right in my nose…!” Personally, i think the excitement for me lies in the thinking that she´s so much better than me that the only thing she could use my face for is as her seat, to rest her ass upon! Making me the luckiest guy on earth in the process, for ever gracing my ugly face with her perfect butt! I always have fantasies of burying my face in sexy women´s perfect butts, too. ..Having my nose wedged and trapped between her cheeks…:) And i wish more than anything that i had a sexy woman in my life that just sat on my face for hours on a daily basis…Not just walking behind ladies on the streets year after year and wishing they would use my face as their seat. But that´s my view on the whole fetish itself and way to explain it. 🙂


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