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Everyone at some point in their life has felt unfounded humiliation, embarrassment, shame and degradation. Humiliation is part of life, cruel words, gestures and physical abuse can cause a significant blow to ones pride. But, for others its quite the opposite, the mere thought of being taunted, laughed at, kicked, whipped and verbally abused is an incredible turn on. This form of degradation is known as erotic humiliation.

What is Erotic Humiliation?

Erotic humiliation involves humiliating a person verbally or physically. It may involve activities such as insulting a partner, making a partner display their genitals or even urinating or defecating on a partner. Erotic humiliation is especially popular in the BDSM scene where a Mistress / Dominatrix typically humiliates the submissive partner.

Erotic Femdom London

Its common practice in our open minded society, for men to intentionally book a BDSM session with a Mistress or Dominatrix who offers verbal (trash talking) and physical abuse. This type of erotic femdom can reveal itself in many fetish forms.

Bondage, Mixed Wrestling, Scissor Domination, Breast Smother, Verbal Abuse, CBT (cock and ball torture), Breath Play, Face Slapping, Face Sitting, Ass Worship, Ass Smothering, Forced Masterbation, Erotic BDSM, Small Penis Humiliation (SPH), Sensual Tie and Tease, Trampling, Spanking, Foot / Body Worship, Water Sports, Fantasy Roleplay.

All of the above are individual fetishes. Erotic humiliation may be incorporated into any singular or multiple fetishes by your partner, mistress or dominatrix. Men who book BDSM sessions with the emphasis on being dominated, long to be told what to do. They want nothing more than to give up complete control to their mistress.

“It’s not always about the physical abuse. It’s about the power exchange, the fear of being punished for not completing a task or forgetting to ask permission. That is the ultimate mind f*ck”.

Domination Sessions

During an erotic sadism session, a client may be subjected to physical abuse, for example during a ball busting session. Where the testicles and appendage are slapped, kicked. trampled and squeezed. Your mistress may use verbal abuse (erotic humiliation) in several forms to further degrade her client.

  1. Verbal abuse, trash talking and name calling
  2. Small penis humiliation (SPH) closely related to cuckolding
  3. Forced masterbation with orgasm denial
  4. Servitude to their mistress through, body, ass, foot worship.
  5. Financial domination (money slavery)

This  type of behaviour may seem strange and unorthodox, to voluntarily seek this type of humiliation. Men who employ the services of a professional dominatrix thrive on the sexual rush that is obtained during and for much time after their erotica sessions.

Fetish Escorts vs Dominatrix

Sexual arousal can be overwhelming during a femdom session, with many men employing the services of a fetish escort. Don’t fooled by fetish escorts who advertise wrestling, domination, humiliation and other fetish services. Escorts, primarily goal is to make you cum, then its onto the next client. Attempting to combine fetishes, erotic humiliation and sex will only end in a disappointing session.

Many professional dominatrixes have years of experience in their particular field (fetishes). Most do not offer SEX or GFE, but do allow sexual relief. However, check with your mistress to ensure that she offers this type of service prior to booking.

Booking a Erotic Humiliation Session

Interested in booking an erotic humiliation session with myself, please use my contact form. You can check out my latest tour dates on my dedicated tours page and on session girls. For a full list of all fetishes I offer, head over to my London Dominatrix page.

When i’m not travelling the world you can find me for most part in Centra London and the surrounding areas, to include : Paddington – Kensington – Westminster – Nottinghill – Hammersmith – Waterloo – Kingscross.

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