As many of you already know, in my everyday life I prefer to be the “sweet, shy and submissive Sara”. Cruising through life in the back seat, I can certainly say I do not like to be in the spotlight and am a true introvert at heart. Then there is my other side My Alter Ego.

A strong and dominant alpha female first and foremost. You are probably wandering what I am trying to get at here but what I am trying to emphasize is that, there are times in our lives we may have to be someone we are not naturally inclined to be. Whether this be due to our job or a certain roleplay, but can still pretty damn good at it. My reason for this belief is due to a thing called alter egos.

My Alter Ego is called “Princess Pain”, I am sure you have heard me mention her by now. She is my inner wrestling dominatrix, meanie, badass Sara. She helps me become the character all you men dream of. In fact you will find most superstars have alter egos such as Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, The Rock, and many great actors such as the late Robin Williams, who was a true introvert at heart.

An alter ego (Latin, “the other I”) is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality. A person who has an alter ego is said to lead a double life. Wikipedia

It is therefore not uncommon, but an ingenious way of transforming a person from who they are into who they need to be. Many people fall in love with the actors, athletes or persons alter ego, but do they ever really know the real person underneath.

So let me introduce you “Princess Pain” and what I vision her to look like in my head for any of you who wander what she may be like.

My Alter EgoShe is…


With a serious stern look to the face, Princess Pain is one Wrestler you do not want to mess with.


Princess Pain loves to show off her strength, muscular and athletic physique by flexing and posing, as demonstrated by her cheeky bicep pose.


Many people think that girls who lift become too muscular and masculine. I want to prove that you can be strong yet sexy, with curves in all the right places for any little black dress!

So. what are your thoughts on my Alter Ego “Princess Pain”?

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In this article, “Why are men attracted to Dominant Women” I am going to discuss MY thoughts as to why men are attracted to dominant women. I am not referring to wrestlers or strong women but the personality element of Domination.

All women are different through and through, however you men may beg to differ…perhaps a few scorned ones!

Generally speaking the types of women that exist are Submissive, Dominant and the Self Sufficient aka. I Don’t Give a Fuck. Characteristics may prevail from each type however they primarily will favor one type.

The reason you have found yourself on my site and reading this blog post, already demonstrates that you too are intrigued or perhaps thrilled by these women. So I hope I nail this on the head! Here it is…

“ Real relationships in real life with overly dominant women do not work! “

Alpha Female & Alpha Male = Failure

Mr. Nice Guy & Dominant Female = Misery and Monogamy

Now, I am not saying that this is entirely the case as every relationship is different but you get what I mean. You see dominant females are the female equivalent to needy alpha males who set the boundaries in life. A real and true dominant person in real life you see will often have a tendency to be bossy and know how to make life hell! Once in a relationship these women tend to start issuing orders, standards and the rules she expects you her man to follow. And boy, if these rules are not attained to does she get pissed!

The result of failure to follow these is DRAMA and we all know how much you guys love that, NOT! This sometimes resorts in the monogamy Mr. Nice Guy route of ”anything for an easy life”. Dominants will tend to be high- drama, high maintenance and inflict high stress levels on you!

By now, I have probably put you off dominants forever however they do have some positive traits.

Dominant Women are often,

Very Smart

What manipulators aren’t?


Strong people always allure sexual appeal, even the most unattractive women!


It’s nature, because it’s something you want but can’t always have for your own sanity reasons!

So, what I am saying is that the men that often fall for fun, feminine Dominants do so only to get in return drama and rules. Which ultimately ends in the man running away as far as he bloody well can!

Domination is therefore a fantasy and one that will never go away because for men, who are natural born leaders. It is something they think they would perhaps like, but in reality don’t! No body enjoys being told what to do all the time… Fantasy Domination sessions are therefore here to stay to help vent that addiction. It also allows it to remain temporary by letting men live there life by there own rules and be dominated when they chose to be under veto!

Please feel free comment and share your opinion on the matter too, any insight is welcome

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It is often presumed that the submissive of society are weak, unable to make decisions for themselves and have to rely on others. But, are submissive men weak ?  The perception of being a male submissive is worse again, if only I can but udder the words “DOORMAT!” Admit it, we all have heard it too often…. However we know that for a relationship to survive, one person must be more dominant on some level.

Could you imagine what life would be like if both were submissive and tasks like – who chooses where you would like to go for coffee became a chore? Here, I address the issue of submissiveness and strength and voice my opinion on the matter.

Are Submissive Men Weak ?

Are submissive men weakBreaking the social Norm

Being submissive doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be “submissive” all of the time though. For instance, quite a lot of men who enjoy being submissive in sexual acts hold powerful jobs or roles in society, as well as those men who are physically strong also… Being submissive I feel can be that “VENT TO ESCAPE” from the real world of expectations and a way for strong men to feel REAL FEAR!

Sometimes we just want to be weak

Surely you can relate and say at one point in your life you have maybe thought, “ I want a break from parenting. I want a break from being the boss.” Which really translates to “I want a break from being strong.” Instead of leading, you would rather be led. You don’t want to have to always worry about the consequences of decisions or actions. And instead, you would just like to feel secure in a set of rules or instructions you know you have to follow. Less thinking, more doing and before you know it you are in cloud 9! Hello relation mode.

It helps us build trust

In order to act as a true submissive, this involves you to give up all of your control and hand it over to someone else. FULLY! Surely this deserves a metal, RIGHT? After all we don’t know what the hell this person is going to do to us never mind capable of. For instance, they may wish to kick you in the balls and any guy I ask says this is the worst feeling in the world!!! An applaud must be given though to the level of exposure both physically and emotionally one leaves themselves to. Especially those men who let me trample them, I’m surprised I don’t break their ribs, yet they LOVE IT! If that doesn’t take balls, I don’t know what does.

Submissiveness is generally temporary

You must understand, most men are not fully submissive. If they were a so-called “doormat” of society, it would make for a rather needy partner… Which despite their obedience a dominant wife would become bored of after a while. For this reason, I believe men enjoy their moments of weakness for they do not last long before the demands of the relationship or life, require us to step back into action and be strong again!

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S x

Welcome to my first blog post on why men find strong women sexy. What an exciting post it is! It wouldn’t be like me, if I didn’t live life by the edge and touch on a controversial subject “Muscle Worshipers and Female Wrestling Fans” to start. Culprits you know who you are!

What is the definition of a strong women?

A strong woman refers to either a woman performing feats of strength in a show or circus, or a woman who competes in strength athletics. Traditionally, strong women have had a special appeal, as women involved in demonstrated feats of strength were exceptions. Wikipedia

I myself am a strong women who is not afraid to use a barbell, however, I would not class myself as a bodybuilder. Far from it… I am aware that I have a more muscular frame than the so-called “norm” of society however, but who likes normal. And with this perception of muscularity comes strength. The amount of sheer emails I receive day by day by men who are amazed at my physique or muscles demonstrate this.

They often read like “what size are you biceps?” Never mind outlaying what they would actually like me to do to them…Scissoring, Smothering to the point of KO or even Arm Wrestling. Jeeze what guy on earth wouldn’t want to wrestle Ronda Rousey though? Just kidding, she’s a beast!

Men have a submissive side

The majority of men I met, well, 99 percent of them want to be my weakling, submissive, or rather bitch…So what is it has you men hypnotized by us amazon girls?

I will admit before putting my pen to paper, I did troll through the internet hoping to find an answer, I cant say it was easy and in fact most forums tabooed the whole thing writing men off attracted to female bodybuilders or muscular women as confused about their sexuality or rather Homosexual. Who was I to know? LOL I do not think this is the case however…

Below, I lay out three resounding factors I believe to be why men love us strong, muscular alpha females and the feeling of being over empowered.

Why men find strong women sexy


As I mentioned earlier, 99 percent of the men I receive enquiries from secretly desire to be overpowered and dominated in the presence of a strong amazon women, yet still feel safe in our submission. Often I ask, why these grown men want to roll around on the mats with me and let me pin them down or squeeze them as hard as I can with my thighs to the point it crushes every bone in their body. Further, they do not have to be beaten into this submission and will openly admit they want to lose badly or feel weak in my presence before we even meet.

I believe the reason for there willingness to submit is CONNECTION. The time I spend smothering my ass in their face, filling their lungs to max capacity, to the point they cannot breathe is because I have control. I control when they can gasp for air. I control when they breathe. It is within these select moments you receive an unbelievable feeling of connection to me.


Yes guys you read that correct! It may seem to you that your desire to be at my whim is to make me feel dominant, strong and incredibly turned on by it without you being in the spotlight or receiving attention, but this is exactly what you are doing. Placing yourself in the SPOTLIGHT and settling for NEGATIVE ATTENTION! Sadistic I know but, I believe you are the kind of men who really want you us women to tease and deny you your alpha male role by practicing our power and dominance over you. This is what you crave and essentially what you lure us alpha females into exercising by making us think we actually are superior.


It has always been the social norm of society that men should be the “alpha male, breadwinner and decision maker of the family”, for some this can prove over bearing. How are men meant to know our expectations if we do not give order? Men that crave strong women I believe crave structure and finesse in life. They love having a sense of satisfaction to achieve and if they do not meet this, will take the punishment. I guess if we think about it, wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could make up for our consequences by having a set of rules to obey?

Role play is the chance to escape from the real world and utilize role reversal to break these norms. It gives us a chance to show fear, relief from cultural pressures, satisfaction and accomplishment from the tasks performed or punishment received.

Can you relate? Do you think I am right or wrong? Please feel free to comment below

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