If you have never heard of the fetish small penis humiliation (SPH) your certainly not on your own. I first came across SPH several years ago, after receiving an email request asking if I offered SPH. Initially I thought, what the hell is SPH, but after a quick search on google, my initial thoughts where confirmed. SPH being the abbreviated version for small penis humiliation. My life as a session wrestler / dominatrix is never dull with everyday a perverted adventure.

What is Small Penis Humiliation?

I’m sure you can hazard a guess and you would be right. Some men have a fetish consisting of being ridiculed, mocked and degraded for the size of their penis.

Not all men who have a small penis fetish actually have a micro willy.

SPH Official Definition : A domination fetish where a man is subjected to comments & gestures about the supposed inadequate size of his penis, & because of such his inability to please a woman, which implies his worthlessness as a man. 

What Size is Your Penis?

I think every man at some point in his life has whipped out a tape measure or ruler and measured their penis. Over the years travelling the world I have seen every size of penis imaginable from 1 inch micro cocks to 10 inch monster cocks, my favourite are the thick ones, Mmmm!

It really doesn’t matter the size of the penis, SPH is all about degrading and mocking the submissive for his worthlessness as man. This can be done in various ways, below are examples from previous small penis humiliation sessions.

Penis Size (comparisons)

Submissive is ordered to strip naked and stand in the corner. After some time has passed, submissive is ordered to present his penis for measurement. An overall measurement of the penis is taken while flaccid and at times erect. Various implements are held beside the penis as a size comparison (dildo, condom, cigarette, banana).

Jerk of Instruction (JOI)

Clients who request extreme small penis humiliation may be subjected to both Penis measuring and Jerk of Instruction. Personally for me watching a micro dick jerk off is just embarrassing, but I do love to watch out of sheer amusement.

Submissive is ordered to stand in front of me naked and jerk off to my instructions. Verbal abuse, humiliating comments and degradation follow. For men who have a small penis fetish being forced to jerk off their pindick in the presence of dominant female is the ultimate shame.

Online Small Penis Humiliation

With most of the population connected, its not surprising that male domination has a lucrative online presence. Many mistresses offering paid domination services, via webcam, face time, skype, text and email.

The penis rating system, a paid service where men send a pic of their penis asking for a rating along with objectifying comments. With a recent fluctuation in email requests for Rate My Small Penis”. I have decided to offer small dick domination service, available online for any submissive who is not able to met in person. Details of this service can be found below.

Small Penis Mockery

Terms frequently used during Small Penis Humiliation include: Baby Cock, Baby Dick, Button Dick, Dicklet, Inch Worm, Little Chad, Little Dick, Little Pecker, Little Penis, Maggot Dick, Micro Penis, Minidick, Needle Dick, One Inch Wonder, Pindick, Runt Dick, Small Dick Man, Tiny Cock, Tiny Dick, Tit Dick.

There are even more degrading phrases that can be found in the Urban Dictionary : Small Penis Humiliation. My favourite is Needle Dick, who says words can’t hurt. Did you know that, as of recently a small penis emoji that has been released. Not only can mistresses degrade their slaves with words but now with emoji’s.

small penis humiliation emoji

Cruel, Mmm, NO. Remember these types of men get off being ridiculed about the size of their penis, I don’t judge. I fulfil mens fantasies regardless of how strange they may seem to others.

Extreme Small Penis Humiliation

SPH has a close cousin, CUCKHOLDING, both are closely related as both fetishes objectify the size of the mans penis. Cucking is a more extreme version of small penis humiliation involving the submissive’s partner having intercourse with another well endowed man (bull).

There are a great number of men who enjoy the fetish cuckholding. I don’t want to delve to far into the topic as I might write a separate article devoted to the topic.

Booking a Small Dick Humiliation Session

If you are interested in booking a SPH session, please use my contact form filling in the relevant info. Don’t be afraid to expand on the type of session you wish to experience. Remember to check out my latest tours, alternatively when i’m not travelling, you can find me for most part in London, Dublin and Ireland.

Rate my Small Penis – Online Domination

Purchase an amazon gift voucher fill in the relevant fields using the example voucher below. Upon receipt of your gift voucher, I will request a picture of your penis for evaluation. This will involve an overall “Rate My Small Penis” score from 1 – 10 including my own personal opinions.

Wrestling Dominatrix

In an earlier article I wrote on sensual wrestling I touched on whether there are advantages to booking an escort who offers full service. Today I want to discuss hiring the services of a BDSM companion, rather than an escort. You might ask yourself is this not just an escort. Mmm, not quiet the same, let me explain.

When a women advertises herself as an escort, most people assume that she is offering sex. When in actual fact, escorts are paid for their time not sex. That time can be spent however the escort and client wish.

BDSM Companion

Companion, a person with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels. The context of an escort and companion are very similar, society has associated sex with the word Escort. A companion on the other hand is someone who you wish to spend extended periods of time with. Or someone hired to help another. Words carry power, by simply changing the term, escort to companion, suddenly sex is not so evident.

Dominatrix and Companion

Due to the complexity of the session requests I fulfil during my tours and the recurring bookings I receive. I like to think of myself as not just a session wrestler, dominatrix, but a companion. Yes, guys book my services to be beat up, dominated, scissored and even kicked in the balls. But at times there is a connection, something shared, a new experience, a great conversation or a simple endorphins rush.

Sara’s Companionship

I’m not one for being spoiled or asking for handouts, its simply not how I was brought up. I earn my money by delivering top notch bdsm sessions across the globe.

I won’t say I have never been spoiled during my travels, I have eaten in some lovely restaurants, enjoyed drinks and great conversation with clients in the past. Unfortunately my time is limited while on tour and although I receive invites for dinner, drinks etc, most of the time I am unable to oblige.

Booking a BDSM Companion

After much thought, I have decided to extend my services for those who wish to book longer bookings (private) with Sara. BDSM bookings (half day) would be outside the scope of my normal tours, therefor giving me the time to focus on our session.

Bookings of this nature tend to incorporate more than just acting out our fantasies and desires. Time constraints are removed when booking longer sessions, giving both parties the chance to delve deeper into your kinks and desires.

BDSM Session Example

Half Day Booking (4.5 hours)

3:00 Drinks, Conversation

3:15 Scissor Domination/Wrestling

4:00 Body Worship / Massage

4:30 Break (coffee, drinks)

4:45 Ass Worship w/Breath Play

5:15 Bondage w/ Tease

5:45 Break (clothing change)

6:00 Dinner, drinks

Please note : Meals, drinks or other activities agreed upon must be incorporated into the half day booking, unless booking time is extended.

BDSM Escort London

My bdsm companion services apply to countries within Europe and Ireland. Unfortunately it is not financially viable to travel to the US for private wrestling, bdsm sessions. Should you wish to book a half day session with myself and this is our first session. Then please fill out the relevant fields on my booking form.

Half day session bookings do not include, flights or accommodation. Deposits are required for all bookings, please read my testimonials on the quality of service I deliver. A full list of fetishes I cater for can be found on my London Dominatrix page. If there are fetishes that are not mentioned on my list, please just ask, as I do try to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Sara Lips BDSM Companion

Previous in an earlier article I delved into the world of foot fetishes and foot worship. While closely related, trampling is another fetish that involves the feet. It surprises me how popular foot fetishes are. Accordingly to my Google analytics, foot worship London, foot fetish and foot domination are some of the most popular search terms. Foot trampling domination is the topic for today’s article, a fetish that I offer as one of my specialities.

What is Foot Trampling?

While the explanations from both Wikipedia and Urban dictionary do explain briefly what trampling involves, there is so much more to this strange, but unique fetish. Trampling takes on many forms and can mean different things to each person.

Wikipedia, “Trampling refers to the sexual activity that involves being trampled underfoot by another person or persons”

Urban Dictionary, “Standing or walking on one’s body, especially the face and sexual organs as part of an extreme foot fetish.

Below are my own interpretations of trampling sub categories’ based on personal experiences with clients who enjoy foot trampling.

Trampling the Pain Junkie

Trampling as you can imagine can cause pain, and is closely related to sadomasochism. Individuals who love feet and trampling, will often request that footwear (shoes, boots or high heels) rather than bare feet, be worn, for the reasons of inflicting more pain. I have refereed to these types before as “Pain Junkies” sexual arousal through pain, heightened by the presence of beautiful women (mistress).

Foot Domination Trampling

For others trampling has a different meaning, for the submissive man, foot trampling relates to submission, obedience and worship. The ultimate show of admiration, as to lie under the feet of their mistress. Sessions of this nature can involve the submissive being trampled, stomped, kicked, choked and even used as a human foot rest by their mistress. Pain may be also inflicted should their mistress feel that it is warranted.

Trampling Feet and Sexual Arousal

Some men have such a fascination with feet that any activity, trampling, foot worship, foot domination causes sexual arousal.

“Scientist Vilayanur Ramachandran, concluded through experimentation that sections of the brain, which are associated with feet, are positioned next to the sections in the brain associated with genitalia. Ramachandran speculated that those who are turned on by feet may be experiencing sexual stimulation, because the wires in their brain linked to the feet and the genitals have become mixed up”.

Vilayanur Subramanian Ramachandran (neuroscientist)

For individuals with such an admiration for feet. Sessions requests can at times involve a mixture of foot trampling, and foot domination. Painful trampling in high heels, changing to foot domination where the individual is stomped, choked and gagged using the feet.

Book Sara Lips, foot mistress London, touring every 4 – 6 weeks

Giantess Trample

The fetish Macrophilia translates to a lover of large. Men who have this type of fetish enjoy trampling sessions with women who are particularly tall or have freakishly large feet. Domination, degradation, helplessness and feeling small under a Giant (giantesses) feet.

Being only 5 foot 6 inches tall, this sub category of trampling doesn’t apply to me as much as others.

My stats 75kg, 166lbs, feet size UK 6, EU 40, US 7

The Human Carpet

An interesting article I came across featured in the NY Times tells the story of a 48 year old immigrant called Georgeo T, nick name “The Human Carpet”. Georgeo’s love for trampling started in his early childhood years where he remembers” I loved to have weights on me” and “I like when my cats would walk on me”.

Georgeo makes his living from trampling, charging two hundred dollars per gig. Although now a paid hobby, Georgeo insists that he just loves to be trampled. He is regularly booked at fetish clubs where he rolls himself up in an old carpet and invites patrons to walk, stomp and stand on him. The more people that walk on me, the higher they jump, the more enjoyable the experience, he explains.

Sara’s Thoughts on Trampling

My personal experiences have lead me to believe that while there are several sub categories of trampling. Most foot trampling sessions for me involve both trampling and foot domination. Session requests vary with men wanting nothing more than to feel the weight of you bearing down on their chest. Kneeling, sitting and stomping are very popular.

I have previously performed foot trampling sessions involving foot gagging. My feet forced into the mouth of the client, at times using my toes to stretch the mouth open, while verbally abusing my victim.

Clients will also request that smelly socks or nylons be worn during the session. I remember wearing a pair of socks every time I went to the gym for two weeks. I placed them in a sealed bag and brought them with me to wear. At the end of the session he asked if he could have them, which of course I obliged.

Some clients also wish to be naked during a trampling session and enjoy an element of light ball busting. As I mention in an earlier article I love Ball Busting, so torturing a mans cock and balls using my feet is somewhat erotic.

Book a Foot Trampling Session

Interested in worshipping Sara Lips Feet? Please use my contact form filling in the relevant information. Be sure to check out my tour page to see want country I’m heading to next. When I’m not travelling, you will find me in London as I am there every 4 – 6 weeks. If you would like to know what other services with descriptions I offer, head over to my session page, there is a FREE video of Sara.

Sara Lips Dominatrix London

Are you considering having your first domination session with a London Pro Domme (dominatrix). Most guys will come in for their very first session, a complete and utter nervous wreck. What are the tell tale signs? Well everyone reacts differently, but usually the majority of men will be experiencing a mixture of excitement and anxiety, at the same time. So it is only normal that you may appear awkward, fidgety or perhaps have the tendency to talk too much or too little to cover your nervous feelings. This why I have developed a Beginners guide to booking a dominatrix in London, UK.

Remember, however, that some of these nervous symptoms will always happen, naturally occurring, when meeting someone new. Experiencing nerves can be a good thing as it gets our adrenaline pumping. The one thing, all first time session goers have in common, is that they leave feeling relieved, happy and proud of themselves for finally booking a dominatrix. Some will even wish they conquered their initial fear a lot sooner, shocked at how easy, and exciting their experience turned out be.

Mistresses Online Presence is Not Reality

Our online presence is a persona of our true self, you may see us as intimidating and unapproachable. I know this, because in my videos I play myself with a vicious streak and no empathy, “Princess Pain” however this does not mean that I play this character in all of my sessions, or in my real life. I can adapt to many different session styles from playful to extreme and I am confident that many other dominatrix’s can do the same.

“An alter ego is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or true original personality. A person who has an alter ego is said to lead a double life”.

Having admired us from afar, can also make us dominatrix’s seem untouchable, a celebrity to you. I remember meeting one client for the first time who was so nervous, said to me, “I haven’t meet anyone as famous as you,” to which I looked at him as if he had two heads, and said “me, famous?” I’d never heard something so hilarious in all my life.

Portrayed Persona and Alter Ego’s

People forget that we are just normal people, like they are. We laugh, we joke, we cry. I guess we just happen to be more open minded and experienced than other women, with regards to the BDSM lifestyle. Remember, at one point, we were newbies, we were nervous and it was OUR first time too. 

I’ve had a wide range of clients, ages 18 and all the way up to 80 years of age, I kid you not. Whatever their age or reason, they where delighted to have booked their first domination session. A secret world they always knew deep down they belonged.

Beginners Guide, Booking a Dominatrix Key Points

1. Things you should consider when booking a mistress (session goals / fetishes interests).
2. How to search for a dominatrix, where do I look?
3. Tips on how to book a dominatrix (mistress) and finalise a session
4.What happens after you have booked the session

Step 1: What am I Looking For?

Some men will know exactly what they are looking for. Other men are somewhat undecided and will only learn what they favour after their first few sessions. It’s okay to tell your mistress that it’s your first time and that you are not exactly sure what fetishes you are into. However, you should try to have a general idea of a few fetishes that you would like to try.

Make a list of the things you are interested in and would like to try. Don’t leave anything out even if you assume a Dominatrix doesn’t offer it. Below you will find a few questions I have drawn up, you can ask yourself. Hopefully you can get a better sense of what you would like to experience. Not every question may apply to you, but this is all part of the fun in establishing what fetishes appeal to you.

Why do you want to see a Dominatrix?

The answer to this can be anything from to feel their power, to be humiliated, controlled or even punished. The list is endless. Find out what your primary goals are.

What types of fetishes intrigue you?

This is similar to the above question, however instead of relating to feelings, you will try and relate to the activities (fetishes) that you would like to experience or enjoy fantasying about. If you find it hard to express your fantasies in words, short video clips, (strap-on, bondage, scissoring, ball busting) are a great way of showing your mistress how you envisage your first session experience. PLEASE NOTE : this is not an excuse for sending random porn videos with the line “will you do this”.

Are you submissive?

I have found during my time as a female wrestler / dominatrix, that there are two types of men. One simply wants to surrender, loves to be taken charge of and controlled by a dominant woman. The other, the resister, enjoys being forced, punished, abused and beaten into submissiveness. It is important to note also that in session wrestling, it is often the desire of the man to be dominated and beaten. However this does not mean that all men who wrestle are submissive, as some men, simply love rolling about with a beautiful women, feeling their power for fun.

Are you a masochist?

Their are varying levels of masochism (pain), everyone is different. It is important to identify if this is what you like. If you dislike receiving pain, you are definitely not a masochist.

“Masochist, someone who obtains sexual gratification from being physically or emotionally abused, humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself”.

If you like pain! remember to portray correctly the level of pain you would like to experience during your session. Always inform your dominatrix of your pain tolerance for the fetish requested. The last thing you want is to mention confidently that you can take a lot of pain, only to find out that a swift kick to the balls, has you weeping on the floor like a 10 year old girl.

You may thoroughly enjoy the pain associated with caning, flogging, slapping. Other fetishes (CBT, Ball Busting, Strap-on, Needle Play) are on another level, when it comes to pain. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU REQUEST!

Do you enjoy role-plays?

Do you enjoy acting out fantasy scenarios, some of which may include: (Teacher, School Girl, Boss, Secretary, Assassin, Spies, Amazons, Comic Characters) then you would enjoy sessions with a role play emphasis.

Do you fantasise about being a slave? 

If you have a strong desire to belong to a dominatrix and be trained by her. It is most likely that you are a deeper kind of submissive called a slave, fetish speciality (slave training).

Do you enjoy being restrained? 

For certain individuals the thought of being restrained using, rope, cuffs, cling film or tape, can derive sensual pleasure from the feeling of helplessness and immobility. Additional forms of BDSM can be performed while being restrained enhancing the experience. Spanking, flogging, strap-on, orgasm denial are popular fetishes that compliment being restrained.

Do you fantasy about particular items of clothing?

Certain individuals have a fetish for (High Heels, Boots, Leather, PVC, Latex, Gloves, Stockings and Pantyhose). Session requests generally include a particular fetish accompanied by an item of clothing to be worn during the session to complete the fantasy. 

Fantasise about a particular body part? 

You are most likely into a form fetish involving a part or parts of the body : feet, calve, ass, muscle, hands, legs etc. Other fetishes that are similar in nature, ass worship, face sitting may also be of interest to you. Sessions include, domination or worship, depending on the fantasy.

Are you interested in being degraded?

Surprisingly, many men wish to be degraded by their mistress, made to serve them.  Session can include, Face Slapping, Whipping, Over the Knee (OTK), Spitting, Orgasm Denial, Verbal Abuse, Findom are all fetishes that degrade men.

Interested in water sports or hard sports?

Some hardcore individuals fantasies about having their mistress urinate (water sports) or defecate (hard sports) on them. If your into any type of extreme toilet fetish, water sports or scat. There are two mistresses who are queens of scat. Mistress Evelyn and Ingrid Frost, these girls are hardcore.

There are so many forms of BDSM and session activities, above are just a few popular fetish specialities, the list goes on. Below is comprehensive list of fetishes.

Ball Busting – Ass Worship – Face Slapping – Forced Bi – Wrestling – Age Play – Chastity Play – Spitting – Smoking – Cross Dressing – Orgasm Denial – Smothering – Strap-on – Corporal Punishment – Bondage _ Medical Play – Cuckhold – Small Penis Humiliation – Face Sitting – Slave Training – Electrics – Puppy Training – Spanking – CBT – Body Worship – Feminisation – Verbal Abuse – Hard Sports – Water Sports – Findom – Breath Play – Humiliation – Roleplay – Wax Play  – Foot and Boot Worship – Trampling – Double Domme – Tie and Tease – Sissy Training – Mummification – Latex and PVC – Wax Play – Anal Play – Interrogations – Sensory Deprivation – Needle Play

Step 2: Booking a Dominatrix London

Trying to find a Pro Domme, is easier said than done. One dominatrix may have the perfect look, but doesn’t offer the fetishes you like. Another may offer the activities you like, but doesn’t have the look you desire : tall, strong, busty etc. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect mistress.

Most professional dominatrix’s will have a website, featuring well-written content, gallery, fetish interests, reviews, contact info, social media links. Some mistresses also include their rates.

A great tip I have received from a client. If you go onto a mistresses social media account, most pro dommes have a twitter account. Here you can see their latest tweets, pictures and videos etc. This is a great way to tell how active a mistress is within the BDSM community.

Do your Research

With a little research you quickly ascertain the main fetish interests of a dominatrix. It may be common practice for a pro domme to list many fetish interests, but in reality they only really specialise in a small number. For example, I am well known as female wrestler, with bone crushing scissors. I can literally crush a guy between my thighs, thats my speciality, male domination through raw power.

Are you looking for a dominatrix with a large amount of technical skills, go with a long-time experienced Domme who has been around the BDSM community and has a large online presence vs someone new. I myself can look back at my first year as a  session wrestler, how I have evolved and developed in the past few years.

Dominatrixes Don’t Offer SEX!

Most pro domme’s do not engage in sexual acts, if you are after more of a sensual domination session. Check first, before booking a dominatrix, describe your ideal session scenario. You should be polite when doing so, for instance you could say, “I know this is unlikely and forgive me if you do not, but I just wanted to know if you offer …………… In a session, it is not a deal breaker if you don’t but I would just wanted to know what your limits are in a session to see if our interests match‘.

Background Check

Another way of checking the legitimacy of a mistress before booking, is to fact check her images using Google’s Image Search. Everyone knows that you can check google for images, but did you know that you can use google to track and verify images. The tool is simple to use and allows you to see where a particular images appears across the web, including custom date ranges.

Track and Verify Information about an Image

Read Reviews

Most Pro Dommes will ask for a deposit, to protect her from any loss of income, should you decide to cancel a session within an unreasonable time frame. Perform the simple checks above, image search, cross reference websites with social media accounts and read reviews. If everything checks out, you can feel confident in sending a deposit. Established dominatrixes have reputations to protect and have no interest in scamming you out of your deposit.

STEP 3. Booking a Dominatrix

When corresponding with a pro-domme, remember to be polite. Ask questions if you have them. A dominatrix is accustomed to working with nervous newcomers. Just remember that she isn’t a mind reader. If you have a strange fetish that is not listed on her website, mention it. Chances are she has heard of it before. If your fetish imposes on one of her hard limits, respect her boundaries just as she will respect yours.

Stop, Think first before initial communication

Before sounding like a nervous wreck on the phone or sending her hundreds emails because you forgot to ask all your questions the first time. Stop, make a mental list of the things you want to ask her like, availability, location, rates and fetish requests. Make sure she did not already answer your questions on her website or sister websites and you simply skipped over reading it.

Tell her what you are into but don’t write her a novel. She will only assume you are some horny creep spanking his monkey. Be as professional sounding as possible. From the moment we read your first sentence, we are scanning your email for warning signs “flakes and time wasters.” People who are serious about booking a session, will state their interests, dates, times. It is always good practice to mention that paying a deposit is not an issue.

How to contact a dominatrix

Popular dominatrix’s will receive a significant amount of emails daily. It is her job to weed out the good from the bad. To ensure you receive a response it is important to seem genuine, your email can be descriptive and informative but try to keep it to the point and state that you are interested in booking a session.

Perfect Email Example

“ Dear Sara

My name is David. I am new to the domination scene and very nervous but decided I would like to do my first ever session with you. Your website is very informative and I have watched some of your videos and think you fit the bill perfectly. I would like to book a one hour session with you on your next London Tour announced on session girls.

I have a leg fetish and would love to be scissored by you and then made worship them. I like the idea of a Dominant woman controlling me. I am not sure what my pain threshold is as I have never been scissored before but would like to see how much I can handle. I used to watch glow and loved to admire the girls in there outfits. Is it possible that you can wear a leotard with tights or pantyhose?

I am available on the Thursday from 7pm onward and on the Friday between 9am – 3pm. Where will you be located and when are you available? If you have any other questions regarding me, please feel free to ask me

I look forward to hearing back from you

This email ticks all the boxes. This is because a good email, should let us know your interests, experience, where you are looking to do the session i.e city we are visiting or dungeon we are listed on. How long a session you would like to book, dates and times.

How Not to Contact a Dominatrix

BTW, these are actual emails I have received and pulled from my time waster list as example’s

“I’m oie,session in NEWYORK !Your welcome to stay, im single!What R U yrainrd in”? (I’m sorry but I have no idea what you are saying! Nothing as as off-putting as bad grammar. I also have no interest as to whether you are single, in a relationship or married.)

Dear Sara

“May I remind you that wrestling is actually a male profession and sport since the dawn of time. In the natural scheme of things, there are roles which are specifically dedicated to men and women due to their psycho physical nature ie, natures laws.

But since women are not prepared to be co-operative and keep to their natural position in society, many problems develop further on. As you are aware that women are culture carriers and when this balance is slightly corrupted
due to the degradation of woman hood society is polluted and from this unwanted progeny is produced.

Look around and observe our current promiscuous society from which many many twisted beings come into being. Try and understand a simple truth, “we are not these bodies.” Please I beg you to be part of the solution not remain the problem
just for name, fame, adoration and money.  Help us heal society.”

(If you are looking to email us, to lecture us, you are literally just wasting your own time and effort. Most dominatrix’s are pretty strong minded and independent, they will just simply laugh at this.)

Time Wasters Continued

“My life has been very stressful with having Barrett’s disease and ADHD and behavioural issues and I’m looking for a strict female disciplinarian to help me lose weight and get my life back on track, I’m also addicted to porn, please help me get my life back on track, I’ve also been feeling a lot of guilt lately please help!”

(As much as I am sorry and understand regarding you’re diseases affecting your quality of life. I am here to undertake sessions, not be a therapist.)

“Wondering if I had a lift and carry session with you if you didn’t mind wearing a leather especially a leather fringe jacket, leather fringe vest or a leather fringe biker jacket? Also if I had a lift and carry session with could you please throw me over your shoulder with my head against your back and my head and hands moving a mile a minute. I would like to look like I am drunk and you had to carry me out of a bar and toss me over your shoulder or fireman carry while wearing leather fringe.” 

(WTF, this just seems like you are rambling on about your fantasies, maybe playing with your todger, stop wasting my time?)

Can we organise a wrestling session please? I could fly to you?
Email, text or WhatsApp me?
Number is 078——–
(I do not arrange sessions by the phone)

Provide your Dominatrix with the correct information

After your initial email containing, fetish interests, location, dates and time. Your next email based on the reply from your mistress should contain more detail. We need to know what your limits are, even if you are not exactly sure. For example, verbal humiliation may be something you would love to try, but small penis humiliation is going to far. You like the thought of a mild ball busting session, but certainly couldn’t stand a kick to the groin. Spanking, caning and whipping sound great, but no marks please. 

On my session contact form, I ask potential clients if they have any health conditions. If for example you have diabetes or high blood or a disability, mention this to your mistress. This information is vital to ensure your safety and the success of your first session. 

STEP 4: What to Expect

Several days prior to a scheduled session, I will send an email with my contact number and address for the session. I request that the client confirms that everything is okay for our planned booking. If I do not hear back to confirm, I will only assume that they are a “Time Waster”.

Some mistresses or dungeons may ask you to call them on session day to confirm. The majority of those who flake, won’t make the confirmation call or email. If you are serious, don’t skip this part.

Booking a Dominatrix Preparation

Hygiene is extremely important, you will most likely sweat during a session, especially if you are nervous. So, please wear deodorant, there is more of putting than someone turning up to session smelling of body odour. Your mistress will have gone to the effort to ensure she looks her best and wearing any requested outfits, (latex, pvc, leather). We expect good hygiene, shower, trim excessive body hair and nails, wear deodorant and minting breath is always a bonus. 

PLEASE NOTE : Some mistresses will request that you give yourself an enema if requesting, anal play or strapon.

Cancellations and Blacklists

Don’t book a session unless you truly believe you will go through with it. Cancelling a booked session last minute causes great inconvenience. We understand that sometimes emergencies come up and that people can become unwell. For those traveling domme’s however, who have flight and accommodation expenses to pay for. Unexpected last minute cancellations can greatly effect profit margins. If a trip (destination) is not deemed successful due to cancellations. Then, unfortunately that particular destination may be struck off, never to return. 

Some guys will be genuine and send through some sort of payment for the inconvenience caused. Please remember, many dominatrixes practice BDSM full time, this is their main source of income. Always show respect!

If for whatever reason you think you can’t make a session. Give as much notice as possible, allowing for someone else to take your place. People cancel, things happen, life goes on. We will appreciate the advance notice and that you didn’t waste our time.

If you ever try to book again there is a good chance that the mistress will except your booking. Cancel last minute or don’t turn up and your BLACKLISTED. We will also keep your email and phone number on file for future reference. Change your email and contact us again, we will know your session interests and most likely remember you being the guy who bailed. Some mistresses will go as far as to place your details on time waster lists. BTW, other mistresses check these lists periodically. 

Booking a Dominatrix (Session Time)

Every Dominatrix and dungeon are different, but usually a session goes like this. We will greet you and walk you into our room or dungeon. Once you have entered, make sure to pay upfront. There are so many stories on blacklists regarding men attending sessions and then at the end, “not having their wallet” and leaving for the ATM, never to return. So, always pay up front, most mistresses will not start the session until payment has been received. 

A short conversation proceeds to break the ice, confirm session requests and limits, before commencing the session. An experienced Dominatrix will know how to put you at ease. Once all the details of the session are confirmed, the session will commence.  

Do not show up intoxicated or on drugs for a session, we can always tell if someone has had a drink beforehand.  If you are under the influence, most girls will show you the door. If you have scheduled a heavy corporal punishment session, it is a well-known fact that some individuals take pain killers beforehand to help relieve the pain. However do not exceed the recommended amount .

Set Your Phone to Flight Mode

Keep your phone off during the session, unless you are on call or waiting for an important call. If you are, advise your dominatrix, so we know to let you take the phone call, should it ring. Phones ringing, or pinging with incoming messages during sessions are annoying, ruin the vibe and will piss off your mistress. 

During the duration of your session, your mistress will monitor body language, ask questions to see how you are reacting to the fetishes requested. By reading body language we can gauge if we can push your boundaries further. Some dominatrix’s, may explain to you what they are going to do to you, step by step in a first time sessions, to put you at ease. Don’t be afraid to speak up if your not enjoying something or the pain is just to intense.

How Do You Know Your Session Is Over?

You will know when a session is over, as we will simply stop the session. Sometimes we might save a certain activity for a finale. Some men will want to masturbate at the end of their session because the session itself is a form of “sex” to them. This is at the discretion of your mistress and her HARD LIMITS.

After your session, if you enjoyed your time. Email your mistress thanking her. We will be grateful to hear your kind words and appreciations. If you particularly enjoyed your session, you can always write us a nice review.

Booking a Dominatrix – Sara Lips

If you would like to book your first session with myself, you can be confident that you are in good hands. I have travelled the world domination men, catering for many fetishes. You can read more on the professionalism of my sessions on my testimonials page. Remember to check out my latest tours to see if I am coming to a city near you. For a full list of my fetish interests, head over to my london dominatrix page.

Session Wrestling Directory

Everyone at some point in their life has felt unfounded humiliation, embarrassment, shame and degradation. Humiliation is part of life, cruel words, gestures and physical abuse can cause a significant blow to ones pride. But, for others its quite the opposite, the mere thought of being taunted, laughed at, kicked, whipped and verbally abused is an incredible turn on. This form of degradation is known as erotic humiliation.

What is Erotic Humiliation?

Erotic humiliation involves humiliating a person verbally or physically. It may involve activities such as insulting a partner, making a partner display their genitals or even urinating or defecating on a partner. Erotic humiliation is especially popular in the BDSM scene where a Mistress / Dominatrix typically humiliates the submissive partner.

Erotic Femdom London

Its common practice in our open minded society, for men to intentionally book a BDSM session with a Mistress or Dominatrix who offers verbal (trash talking) and physical abuse. This type of erotic femdom can reveal itself in many fetish forms.

Bondage, Mixed Wrestling, Scissor Domination, Breast Smother, Verbal Abuse, CBT (cock and ball torture), Breath Play, Face Slapping, Face Sitting, Ass Worship, Ass Smothering, Forced Masterbation, Erotic BDSM, Small Penis Humiliation (SPH), Sensual Tie and Tease, Trampling, Spanking, Foot / Body Worship, Water Sports, Fantasy Roleplay.

All of the above are individual fetishes. Erotic humiliation may be incorporated into any singular or multiple fetishes by your partner, mistress or dominatrix. Men who book BDSM sessions with the emphasis on being dominated, long to be told what to do. They want nothing more than to give up complete control to their mistress.

“It’s not always about the physical abuse. It’s about the power exchange, the fear of being punished for not completing a task or forgetting to ask permission. That is the ultimate mind f*ck”.

Domination Sessions

During an erotic sadism session, a client may be subjected to physical abuse, for example during a ball busting session. Where the testicles and appendage are slapped, kicked. trampled and squeezed. Your mistress may use verbal abuse (erotic humiliation) in several forms to further degrade her client.

  1. Verbal abuse, trash talking and name calling
  2. Small penis humiliation (SPH) closely related to cuckolding
  3. Forced masterbation with orgasm denial
  4. Servitude to their mistress through, body, ass, foot worship.
  5. Financial domination (money slavery)

This  type of behaviour may seem strange and unorthodox, to voluntarily seek this type of humiliation. Men who employ the services of a professional dominatrix thrive on the sexual rush that is obtained during and for much time after their erotica sessions.

Fetish Escorts vs Dominatrix

Sexual arousal can be overwhelming during a femdom session, with many men employing the services of a fetish escort. Don’t fooled by fetish escorts who advertise wrestling, domination, humiliation and other fetish services. Escorts, primarily goal is to make you cum, then its onto the next client. Attempting to combine fetishes, erotic humiliation and sex will only end in a disappointing session.

Many professional dominatrixes have years of experience in their particular field (fetishes). Most do not offer SEX or GFE, but do allow sexual relief. However, check with your mistress to ensure that she offers this type of service prior to booking.

Booking a Erotic Humiliation Session

Interested in booking an erotic humiliation session with myself, please use my contact form. You can check out my latest tour dates on my dedicated tours page and on session girls. For a full list of all fetishes I offer, head over to my London Dominatrix page.

When i’m not travelling the world you can find me for most part in Centra London and the surrounding areas, to include : Paddington – Kensington – Westminster – Nottinghill – Hammersmith – Waterloo – Kingscross.

BDSM articles you might be interested in! Ball Busting Dominatrix and Ass Worship Escort.

Before you commence reading my latest article, I want you to ask yourself a question. Are you a breast or ass man? Maybe your conflicted, and love both. Would you hire the services of an ass worship escort? solely for the purpose of worshipping her exquisite ass.

Over the past few years travelling the world I have catered for many fetishes. Some men, generally submissive types, love nothing more than to worship their mistresses ass, body or feet. Men who have this type of fetish worship certain parts of a females anatomy. Usually the body part that causes the most arousal will be the centre of their admiration.

Ass Worship Definition

Ass worship is a type of worship for those with an ass fetish. It is also a submissive worship predominantly in a Sub relationship. Ass worship is performed by burying the face into the luscious ass cheeks of the female. The act of ass worship is generally performed with a thong or pants on, but the female may also be naked. There are several popular ass worship positions which I have listed below.

Ass Worship Positions

Against the wall : This is where the female stands close to a wall with her back arched and her ass pert. The male drops to his knees and pushes his face into the females ass cheeks worshipping her ass.

Face Sitting : The female can either squat down over the man face or rest on her knees while she leans back sitting on the mans face. This position is also called ass smothering due to the females rear cutting of the mans oxygen supply.

The Sandwich : As the name suggest, the female lies down onto the bed face down with her ass perked up into the air. The man then bury’s his face into the mistresses ass cheeks creating the filling for the sandwich.

The Prayer : One of my favourite, the female sits on a chair with most of her ass hanging off the chair. The man kneels down into a prayer position and leans forward placing his face deep into the females ass checks.

Ass Worship Escort

The practice of ass worship can cause serious sexual arousal to the male.  If you are looking for an extreme ass worship session where there are few limitations, it is important you discuss everything prior to booking to prevent any miscommunication. Some session girls will perform ass worship and face sitting, others not. Many girls will also have there own set of boundaries e.g as to whether they wear spandex, lingerie or perhaps nothing. All is dependent on the girl in question, so remember to to be respectful of boundaries guys!

Extreme Ass Worship

Some men require that extra level of depravity. They love nothing more than burying there head between a pair of naked ass cheeks, pressing their mouth tight up to the females sphincter. Men who love extreme ass worship thrive on sniffing, caressing and rimming the butt hole of the female.

This is defined as Analingus – aka rimming is an extreme form of ass worship where not only the ass but sphincter are worshipped. Men who request this type of ass worship session will spend a lengthy amount of time licking, tonguing and cleaning their mistresses asshole.

Some dominatrixes will offer this type of hardcore ass worshipping, but check before you book to avoid disappointment. You may be surprised to know that many females actually enjoy this type of oral, so your mistress or dominatrix may get sexually turned on by your efforts to worship her ass.

What Rimming Feels Like For a Women

Whilst searching the internet, for research on thoughts of Ass Worship, here is what one particular women had to say about it.”I really like it. There are a lot of nerve endings there, and people hold a lot of tension there too, and when the sphincter muscles relax it’s a whole level of relaxation and openness that I hardly ever get to feel. But also, it’s SO up-close and personal, with the giver’s face and tongue right there, it also gives me an unprecedented feeling of being accepted 100%. And that’s fabulous. I fucking loved it. So good”

Other search terms that are popular when searching for a mistress who offers ass worship sessions are (ass worship escort, face sitting mistress, ass worship dominatrix, domme escort, ass smothering). Then simply add you location to the search term to bring up the results, ie UK, London, Scotland.

Interested in booking an ass worship session with myself, please use my contact form. You can check out my latest tour dates on my tours page. For a full list of all fetishes I offer, head over to my London Dominatrix page. Please note that I am primarily a session girl and dominatrix, not escort and this article is write purely to help define better the ins and outs of ass worship.

Over the past few years touring the world as a session wrestler I have come across many fetishes. One that I am going to delve into more is “Ball Busting”. To me this particular fetish was one of the strangest, it has always been my belief through my adolescence years that any type of punching or kicking to the testicles or appendage caused excruciating pain and certainly was never requested as a sexual turn on. Now in the 21st century men will book a session with a ball busting dominatrix with the sole emphasis of having their genitalia tortured.

Ball Busting Dominatrix

Strange as it may seem to some, my chosen career path as a session wrestler / dominatrix has brought me to the conclusion that fetishes are normal. Everybody has them, male and female, it could something as simple as fantasising about the local female hockey team to the extreme of requesting that your genitals be trampled in six inch heels. In my own opinion no matter how mild or extreme the fetish may be, a fetish is still a fetish.

Ball Busting Methods

If the mention of having your genitals trampled in six inch heels hasn’t brought a tear to your eye. Let me indulge you further as we delve deeper into the world of ball busting. Also referred to as CBT (cock and ball torture). There are many ways that a ball busting dominatrix may torture your cock and balls, trampling them is just one. Depending on the experience of your dominatrix and how daring your are, you could be subjected to any of the following ball busting torture methods. Slapping, punching, kneeing, kicking, stomping, squeezing, stretching, crushing, testical boxing, flicking, are all ballbusting techniques that may be used by your dominatrix.

Ballbusting Torture Tools

We have elaborated above on the various methods of ball torture, but there are more. Not only are there ball bustin methods, but also tools to assist in torturing, these can include but not limited to. Elastic bands, candle wax, close pegs, clamps, high heels, chastity clamps, vice grips, needles and even nails. For some the thought is enough, let alone the reality, but for others ball busting is an exceptional sexual turn on. A pain, pleasure relationship, pulsating erections and premature ejaculation are not uncommon.

Ballbusting Mistress London

Below are screenshots from a previous video, “Muscle Girl Testical Crush” that I filmed with Brian from FetLoving. If you want to see how extreme ball busting can be, I recommend checking out his website, Brian is hardcore. The images demonstrate one method of CBT, as you see I am using my feet, all 164lbs of me crushing Brian’s balls. 

Ballbustin a Favourite

With so many fetishes in today’s modern, open minded, anything goes world. Its understandable that a girl might have her favourites. Ball busting for some unknown reason that I can’t quite explain is one of my favs.  I think its the pain, I get a kick out of inflicting pain, yet in retrospect the receiver also enjoys experiencing the pain, so its a win win.  I will also admit that ball busting amuses me, the harder I punch, slap or kick the harder the erection. My victims of this diverse not fully understood fetsih get a huge rise, Literally! out of having me torture their cock and balls.

Booking a Ball Busting Dominatrix

If you are considering booking a ball busting session for the first time, then there are a few points you need to consider. How much experience does your dominatrix have in the relevant field of CBT. Does she actively advertise and practice the fetish ball busting. Do you want to be naked during the session as some mistresses will request that boxers be kept on during the session.

As there is an increased likelihood of sexual arousal happening during the session. Hand relief may be requested at the discretion of your dominatrix. Please note that most dominatrix’s / mistresses who offer the services of ball busting or CBT will request a deposit.

Be upfront about your experience, if any and limitations. I would advice if booking your first session not to sign up for an all out extreme ball busting session. Walk before you run!

Communicate effectively, there are a lot of time wasters who fantasise about CBT, but never actually go through with it. Make sure to mention, dates, times and that you are willing to pay a deposit.

Interested in booking a ballbusting session with myself? Please use my contact form filling in as much information on the type of session, experience, references, dates and times. You can also check out my tour page for my latest destinations and dates. Further information on the services I offer can be found on my London Dominatrix page.

Today, I give an insight to the foot worship session. Fondling feet is certainly not something everybody enjoys. In fact some people are completely repulsed by feet. So, if a guy were to admit he enjoyed toe sucking, in front of a group of friends, he would most likely raise an eyebrow or two. This is because foot fetishes are rarely understood. Despite being one of the better-known and accepted fetishes.

I must admit, that I myself found it hard to get my head around how guys could become aroused by feet, when I first entered the foot fetish scene. Especially as I think my feet look horrible! That being said, I don’t think there is anything wrong about being attracted to feet. Often guys are asked if they are a boob or a bum man? Well some guys are just simply feet guys.

What is a foot worship session?

A foot worship session is a private real time session. Where the foot lover in question will have arranged with a foot model, mistress or perhaps even there other half, time to adorn and worship their feet. Sessions can involve a range of foot worship fun. Including tickling, nylon worship, massaging, kissing, sucking, rubbing, smelling or even foot domination.

Who books foot worship sessions?

Many names have been applied to men’s sexual love of feet. Wikipedia defines “foot fetishism, foot worship or podophillia as a pronounced sexual interest in feet.” Foot fetishism is also the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non- sexual objects or body parts and is more prevalent in men than women. It is believed that Elvis Presley, pop artist Andy Warhol and adventurer Casanova had foot fetishes.

Booking a foot worship session

When booking or organizing a foot worship session. Most clients will want to discuss beforehand the visual and sensory element to their foot worship session. You can book a foot worship session with myself by using my contact form, please fill out as much information as you can in relation to how you envisage your session.

The Visual

Without fail. Every guy who books a foot worship session, will ask me what size my feet are, unless they have already seen my foot size elsewhere. It appears that the individual dimensions and features of the foot appear to be critical to the podophile.

I have had guys tell me they like small feet, large feet, medium-sized feet. Thin, wide, smooth, wrinkly and even veiny feet! Small toes, long toes, thin toes, wide toes. Even the size of the second toe relative to the big toe can be important to some.

foot worship session

Sara’s feet

The shape of the foot also appears to be very important. As, some guys prefer girls with high arches opposed to those who are more flat footed.

In relation to the visual, there can also be sub-dimensions to the foot fetish. This includes those who are really into footwear rather than the feet itself or those that like naked feet as apposed to footwear adornments. Clients will often request items to be worn during a foot worship session. Such as shoes, boots, socks (clean or dirty) and nylons. Many just prefer bare feet, however with bare feet, often guys will have a preference for or against certain nail polish colors, with those even preferring a natural nail.

The sensory

Discussing the sensory is also as important as the visual. Sensory elements can be anything from the smell to the touch of the foot.

Some guys like clean feet. While others prefer the feet to be smelly, perhaps even wearing old socks covered in dirt. If you prefer smelly feet it is maybe not the best idea to book your session first thing in the morning, but perhaps later in the day.

Preferences regarding the touch of the foot can also differ from client to client. Some like it rough while other like it soft and sensual. Those who like it rough will often ask for foot domination, incorporating elements of foot gagging, choking, smothering or trampling.

They often like the idea of you luring them in with your feet and then using them as killing implements on them. Those who prefer a softer foot worship session will often like more intimate interaction. This can involve massaging, touching, kissing, licking and sucking the feet and toes.

Why do I have a foot worship fetish?

Most psychological theorizing concerning both fetishes in general and foot fetishes, concern early childhood imprinting and conditioning experiences.

In her sexual encyclopaedia, Dr. Brenda Love states that in relation more specifically to foot fetishism that:

“There are many reasons feet are said to be arousing. Feet are often the first part of a mother or father, which a toddler touches. Likewise, parents often play with toddlers’ by pushing them with their feet or letting them ride one of their feet”.

I do not, however, believe this to be the case with foot fetishes. Often, I have heard stories from clients connecting their childhood experiences to their wrestling and lift carry fetish development. I have never however heard anyone connect there childhood to their foot fetish.

Below are theories that I feel best reflect those who have enjoyed a foot worship session with me.

The brain-overlap theory

Scientist, Vilayanur Ramachandran, conducted an intensive study into phantom limb syndrome. While doing so it lead to some surprising discoveries concerning foot fetishism.

He worked with amputees who reported feeling the sensations of having a foot, even pleasure and arousal, despite the amputation.

The sections of the brain, which are associated with feet, are positioned next to the sections in the brain associated with genitalia. Ramachandran’s studies concluded that those who are turned on by feet may be experiencing sexual stimulation, because the wires in their brain linked to the feet and the genitals have become mixed up.

Ramachandran, however, could not confirm that ‘crossed wires’ are responsible for the fetish in ALL foot lovers and his study does not explain why far more men than women appear develop a foot fetish.

I found this theory very interesting and think this could be why some guys who simply have no idea why they like feet, just do.

Vilanayar Ramachandran Phantom Limb – Skip to 14:06

The Pavlovian theory

In the 1960s researchers showed a group of men images of naked women alongside images of boots. Eventually, the men became aroused by the images of boots all by themselves. This experiment therefore suggested that our brains are capable of forming sexual associations around random objects even if no arousal impulse was there to begin with. It is therefore believed that if you are exposed to something repeatedly during times when you are sexually aroused, your brain might come to link that object with your sexual desire.

There is also some research showing people with higher sex drives are more likely to have uncommon sex interests. Dr Lehmiller believes this is because those with a super-charged sex drive will have found themselves in a state of arousal when sex with a partner isn’t possible. This means that because there is no one around to get busy with, super randy people may unwittingly redirect their sexual energy towards whatever is in the immediate vicinity.

The gross-out theory

Interestingly, another theory suggested that foot fetishes might have more to do with disgust. This is because when you are in a high state of sexual arousal, it is thought that your disgust impulse weakens. Meaning the things you would normally find repulsive e.g. feet, spit, faeces may not seem so gross anymore. It’s almost as if a heightened state of arousal changes your perception of them, making you engage sexually with objects that you might normally find off-putting.

Personally, I can see the relevance to this theory, as often men who have foot fetishes like the natural scent of feet. Many people in sessions will also often ask me to wear the oldest or sweatiest pair of gym shoes or socks I have. It is not uncommon to see mistress’s sell their old shoes online for a fee.

The Desire To Be Submissive

Washing, rubbing, and worshiping another person’s feet are a way of expressing your submission to someone and their dominance. It is as if they are above you, even their feet are better than you. During foot worship sessions, men will, through their own choice often want to be submissive to a woman’s feet, rub, touch, smell and lick her feet and toes. Foot worship is often used in BDSM as mistresses will often make their slaves lick and clean their boots.

Not all men who have foot fetishes however are submissive. There are dominants that have a foot fetish and there are many who have a foot fetish without having any interest in BDSM, so there are some flaws in this theory.


Many men, who have experienced a foot worship session with me, have expressed initial shame in their lives about having a foot fetish. Unfortunately this is common amongst those who share or practice any “non-standard” sex preferences such as a fetish or BDSM.

For many whom have foot fetishes, often they will wish they were “normal” and some may even try to deny it within themselves. Many guys do not tell their partner about their foot fetish, due in part to shame and/or to not wanting to risk alienating their partner.

Everybody has a fetish though, no matter how big or small it may be. If your fetish is not harmful to any other person, I see no reason as to why we should not try to embrace them.

I hope the above article on feet fetishes has shed some light as to why you may have a foot fetish, and if you have any personal thoughts you wish to share, I would encourage you to leave a comment below.

You might also be interested in some of my foot fetish videos available on Reality Girls and Feet Fighters. Titles : Muscle Girls Foot Mauling , Sara Lips Debuts.


Women scissoring men, I like to compare to the act of an Anaconda slowing attacking it’s pray. Slowly enticing her victim’s body in deep between her thighs. Soon she will begin to trap her victim’s body between them, by tightening her clenched adductor muscles.

It will only then be a matter of time before, her pray will realize there is no room for escape! Only a slow malicious act will follow. As, she slowly begins to apply pressure, squeezing the victim’s body in question as if she is trying to strangle him, making it hard for him to breathe and further escape.

Mixed wrestling scissoring variations

Some of the most popular types of scissoring practiced are front head scissors, body scissors, reverse head scissors, and variations of the figure four position.

Often the first time many men have witnessed scissoring has been in the infamous Xenia Onatopp scene, in the James Bond movie Golden Eye. I have lost count of the amount of men, who would like to reenact this famous scene from the movies!

In the James bond movies, strong dominant but feminine females may I add, play a key role in the blockbusters and certainly do not shy away from the action either. Other confrontational scenes include the gypsy catfight in From Russia with Love and another scissor scene this time from Bambi and Thumper in Diamonds are Forever.

women scissoring men

Girl head scissors

Women scissoring men and wrestling in the movies, has therefore been mainstream for a while. However maybe not have received the recognition it should have until now.

The sexual fetish scissoring

Mixed wrestling scissors make up a large category of pins in wrestling that are typically unused but popular among those that enjoy the sexually submissive element of grappling.

Why do men become aroused at the thought of being scissored between a women’s thighs? Well, it is thought that the act of squeezing itself can produce a sexual response on behalf of the receiver through feeling of helplessness, admiration or strength and complete submission toward the women scissoring them.

While it is possible for both men and women to enjoy scissor holds, it is typically the case that men are more on the receiving end than women. Perhaps, due to the higher percentage of submissive men thought to be within the BDSM scene. There is no reason however, that the scissor submission can’t be administered by a male to a female.

Revere head scissor

The position of the scissoring holds can vary depending on the desire of the person receiving them. While the scissor is typically practiced around the neck region, holds around the entire body of the submissive individual are not uncommon. Another very common scissor position is the reverse head scissor.

women scissoring men

Reverse head scissors

All holds are usually administered with the receiver on their back and the giver on top of them.

In sessions, I have even had smaller guys ask me to scissor there body, to include their arms trapped by their side. This completely paralyzes the receiver, forever trapped within my body scissor hold.

Some receivers do seem to like to struggle while they are being held to help amplify their feeling of helplessness. It is funny to watch how hard it is for a guy to escape, from between my thighs during sessions. In fact, after putting all one’s strength into attempting to escape, a recurring pattern of one becoming extremely still seems to appear. The feeling of dismay as one gives up, letting me demonstrate how easy it is for me to keep them under my control.

I just love big muscular thighs

Muscle worship is also a common fetish associated with women scissoring men. Those who enjoy being at the receiving end of submission may find a lot of sexual pleasure through the admiration of strong dominant individuals. Due to the size and nature of the leg muscles, scissor holds can be incredibly difficult for individuals to break out of and the ultimate way to experience a leg fetish if you may have one!

Two types of Guy who adore scissoring sessions:

  • The Pain Junkie
  • Trapped Tony

The first guy is the kind of session guy, who will drain every last bit of energy out of you! Sessioning with Pain Junkies certainly makes for a good leg workout, as you will often find the harder you squeeze they will want MORE. It can be particularly frustrating if the guy doesn’t tap, obviously because he likes pain. However, what does this mean? Session girls will only crank it up until he does! Everybody must leave having tapped (evil grins).

Trapped Tony, is a completely different kind of session guy, he rather prefers a softer scissor session. He is a not a pain junkie and certainly does not like sharp snap scissoring. But instead, prefers if you keep him hanging around. I believe the reason these guys like a softer session is because they prefer the feeling of being trapped and a sheer loss of control, where the women can demonstrate who has the upper hand, but does not necessarily have to use her full power to do so.

It is usually also a more playful kind of style. Either that or these guys just simply want to keep their heads and ribs alive and functioning between my lethal thighs.

Why do men love scissoring?

A while ago, I did a poll on “why men love the feeling of women scissoring men?” The results where pretty close with 45% of guys saying they liked the power/strength aspect best. 38% liking the loss of control and lastly 17% having a leg fetish. Of course some guys said they liked all three. Greedy!
Here is what some guys had to say in response to my women scissoring men poll on twitter.

Manolo Enrique : Love being scissored…incredible how powerful these ladies are, especially when your trapped between their thighs.

Ben Moore : Being Absolutely dominated by someone very feminine. Definitely all three for me as its hard to separate.

Wrestler Dave : No longer being in control and being at a women’s mercy.

Eric Grappler : I love how a woman’s thighs feel on the sides of my neck, not a painful triangle choke, more of a playful trap and squeeze.

Mikey Wrestler : The feeling of slowly being squeezed into unconsciousness by a strong woman.

John Sloss : The thought of someone sexy and powerful like you in control with your beautiful legs and toned muscular body.

Thank you guys for reading this post, I hope you liked being able to get an insight as to why other guys love scissoring. If you would like to experience a private scissor session with me, please check out my tour page to see if I am coming to a city near you.