Over the last half century there has been a significant shift in the sexes. The days of the downtrodden women are a thing of the past. Sexually dominant women are more evident now than ever before. Next time your online, search the phrase “Mistress” followed by your country, (Mistress London) for example.

You will be amazed by how many women are advertising their services as dominatrixes. Personally I think, a lack of opportunities and a downturn in our economy, has played its part. More and more women are turning to sex work to make a living.

On the other had you could argue the point, that there are more sexually dominant women today, due to the increase in demand.

Men love to feel the power of these alpha females, so much so, that they become icons, role models, goddesses. In the BDSM world, the term (mistresses, dominatrix, pro domme, humiliatrix, domina) are commonly used to describe these women.

Dominatrix is the feminine form of the Latin dominator and was originally used in a non-sexual sense. The term dominatrix is sometimes used to describe a professional dominant who is paid to engage in BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) with a submissive.

Female Dominatrix

Considering the varying types of sex work that is available, women will tend to choose either (escorting, porn, domination). You might ask yourself why this is relevant, well, women who choose to become a dominatrix regardless of economic constraints, must enjoy dominating men.

Escorting and porn are the easier two options and can pay considerably more depending on the girls looks and figure. Its my personal opinion that In today’s modern society, women want to dominate men.

I myself am a testament of a strong dominant female who makes a living traveling the world dominating men. I cater for a wide range of male fetishes, fantasies and role plays.

Considering the level of detail and thought that go into some of the roleplays I act out during sessions. Escorting or porn would definitely be the easier option. But, if i’m honest, I thoroughly enjoy dominating men.

Men love, adore and appreciate strong, sexually empowered women which is pleasurable.

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BDSM Domination

As I mentioned earlier there are now more men than ever before who fantasise about strong dominant women. I started working as a session wrestler / dominatrix over 5 years ago. Since then I have noticed a significant increase in the amount of women joining the BDSM scene.

You only have to check the NEW GIRL section on session girls. Women are empowered by this new age, confidence, assertiveness, strength and dominance are common traits of the dominant women.

Session Girls Sara Lips Profile

If you’re new to the world of BDSM and looking to hire the services of either a session wrestler or dominatrix. You might be interested in an earlier I wrote on my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes where I explain in more detail what each fetish involves.

Session wrestlers and dominatrixes, although different, both dominate men. The types of services and fetishes they offer vary, below I have listed the most popular fetishes requested.

Note that some women like myself offer a wide range of fetishes depending on their experience.

BDSM Fetishes

Pro Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Pin Wrestling, Breath Play, Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, Fantasy Boxing, Tickle Wrestling, Scissoring, Lift and Carry, Modeling, Belly Punching, Medical Play, Facesitting, Foot Trampling, Corporal Punishment, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Foot Worship, Chastity Control, Ball Busting, Strapon Play, Bondage, Sissy Training, Roleplay.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by choice, I recommend reading an earlier article, roleplay kinks and fetish ideas. Where I provide examples of how either a singular or multiple fetishes can be incorporated into a roleplay scenario.

Sexually Dominant Women

Since time began, men have been in control. Today’s geneticists report that the Y (male) chromosome has been degenerating for centuries. Whereas the X (female) chromosome is becoming stronger. It is predicted that in 3.5 million years the Y chromosome responsible for male development and reproduction, will simply die out.

The male chromosome is in a downward spiral and the female chromosome is in an upward climb that is being reflected in our society today. Media, education, business and sex work, we are experiencing a shift from a male dominated to a female dominated civilisation. The future is already written in genetic code, and this reality is everywhere we look.

Alpha Female Traits

1) Independent, financially driven, focused on their careers.
2) Cultivates a life she enjoys.
3) Never embarrassed to ask for what she wants, including sex.
4) Does not subscribe to outdated sexist paradigms.
5) Alpha females are a no-nonsense woman,  supremely confident and self-assured.
6) Calls people out when they mistreated her.
7) Many dominant women out-earn their male counterparts.
8) Dominant females do not compete for attention.
9) Invests in herself and her future.
10) Can be intimidating to others, but lives her life regardless.

Sexual Domination In The Bedroom

You might be wondering as your reading this article if Sara is as dominant in the bedroom as she is during sessions. To answer briefly, in comparison to when I was a young girl, YES, I am more dominant now, I say what I like and ensure my needs are fulfilled.

More women today are openly speaking about what they enjoy during sex. Times have changed, women are now freer to assert their dominance over men in all aspects of life, including the bedroom.

Some men have difficulty accepting this change in gender roles, where a man is supposed to be in charge. The world is ever changing, nothing stands still, women today enjoy change and are the ones cracking the whip in the bedroom.

Facesitting Mistress  

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Do you fantasies about spending time with a sexually dominant women. Well, in the world of BDSM you can, there are thousands of women who advertise their services for the sole purpose of dominating men.

Interested in booking Sara? First, check out my latest tours on my tour page and fill out the relevant information on my contact page. When I’m not on tour, you will find me regularly in London and Ireland, (Dublin, Belfast).

If your a beginner looking to book your first session, I highly recommend reading my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes that I offer. Please note that DEPOSITS are required no exceptions, read what others are saying about Sara Lips (reviews).

Before I get into today’s article, I have question, have you ever sniffed a pair of dirty panties? For a large percentage of men the scent of a females vagina and anus is an incredible turn on. I wonder, would men smell my dirty panties.

Due to the amount of requests I receive for Facesitting and Ass worship, I guess the answer would be YES. Both fetishes involve either sitting or pressing the females ass, pussy against the man’s face. Smells are a natural occurrence during the session, a female’s scent can be intoxicating, a huge turn on.

Top 16 Sexual Fetishes

Dirty Panty Zones

According to other panty sniffers, womens panties can smell a little different depending on the food she eats, how many (days) she wears the same pair of pants.

There are other elements that affect the scent of panties, if there is pee on them or they are soiled. Also odours may be stronger depending on how close she is to her period. Depending on the particular scent you wish to smell, your fetish for panties may favour one of three zones or a combination of all.

Zone 1: Front seam of the crotch, where a females clit and vulva are. Men particularly enjoy it when there is a yellowish/whitish bit of staining indicating a strong scent. Men describe this smell as a sharp, flowery with sweet hints of white pepper. Zone 1 is one the most popular areas for men with a panty fetish.

Zone 2: The Middle where the vestibule, labium (opening to the vagina) are located. This is where varying types of discharge happen, which of course is normal. Zone 3 is where you will smell a more mellow and wet sweetness, not as sweet as Zone 1, but still has a very delicious smell.

Zone 3: The Back seam where the anus is, this area is more for the hardcore panty sniffer. Yes, you would think that this area would smell of S**T, not according to other men. Zone 3 has a deep musky smell, still very sweet with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar.

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Buying Used Knickers UK

There are several large ecommerce panty websites online for men who love sniffing panties. Sofia Grey: The worlds #1 marketplace for buying and selling used panties.

Simply use the filters to select your preferences, country, panty type (g-string, briefs, thongs, bikini, lingerie sets), time worn, scent, age, ethnicity and underwear size. 

Alternatively, just browse, select a model you like, click on their store and view their dirty panties for sale. Prices can range from £15 – £50 GBP depending on your requirements.

smell my dirty panties

Panty models Sofia Gray

Panty Fetish Roleplay

In an earlier article roleplay kinks and fetish ideas I discuss how a fetishes can be incorporated into roleplay scenarios. Below is a roleplay scenario for men who has a fetish for dirty panties.

Your new girlfriend is rarely interested in sex and thinks your a pervert. Regardless, you find her very attractive, but wish she had more of a promiscuous side. She has no idea that, as soon she heads of to work you are rifling through her laundry looking for a pair of her dirty panties, a freshly stained pair are your favourite.

One day unexpectedly, she arrives home early to find you lying on the bed sniffing the crotch of her panties while jerking off.

She screams, calling you a fucking pervert, your convinced the relationship is over. Figuring you have nothing to lose, you confess that you adore her scent, unique, like no other girl.

Expecting her walk out in disgust, she instead pauses quietly for a moment, then walks slowly over to the side of bed. Do you want sniff my panties while i’m wearing them? You can’t believe this is happening, she straddles her legs over you head, reaches down and lifts up her skirt.

Your heart is pounding with excitement, you can already smell her scent hovering just inches above your face. She seats herself firmly on your face, pressing her moist panties tight up against your nose, smell my dirty panties, show me how much I turn you on.

Vagina Perfume

Did you know that there is a company in German called Vulva Original that have captured and bottled the beguiling vaginal scent of a women. Gone are the days of stealing dirty underwear, now you can buy the scent of vagina in a bottle.

I love the marketing phrases they use, “Real Erotciftying Vaginal Scent” and “For Your Own Smelling Pleasure”

While further researching the Real Vaginal Scent, I came across a well known ecommerce selling it, guess who, Amazon. Is there nothing amazon doesn’t sell lol.

Below are just some of the benefits of this crotch tonic.

1) Sexual lust when your missing your partner
2) Increase sexual fantasies
3) Totally risk free alternative to and affair
4) Enhance decreased libido

I’m amazed, slightly dumbfounded and at the same time impressed at the lengths men will go to, to sniff pussy. Commitment to the cause, panty sniffers should start a cult, laugh as you may, I bet it would be an overnight success.

A bottle of Vulva Original will cost you 29.90 euro per bottle or bulk buy and save, 3 bottles for 79.90 euro

smell my dirty panties

Ultimately real pussy scent rules, ask any guy. Genuine panty sniffers who buy women’s underwear will go to great lengths to acquire panties with specific staining, (pee, vaginal discharge, feces blood). You don’t get that out of a bottle, the real vaginal scent is at best a substitute.

Facesitting Mistress 

Smell My Dirty Panties Sale

If your interested in purchasing Sara’s underwear? Good news, I am now offering panty sniffers the opportunity to buy a pair of my used panties. Information on how to purchase along with my stats can be found below. If you’re new to Sara Lips Wrestling, be sure to check out my about and photo pages.

Model Sara Lips

Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 172 lbs
Build: Muscular
Age: 30
Pantie Size: 8 – 10

smell my dirty panties

Sara Facesitting

How do I purchase

Please answer the questions below and email your request to Sara’s Used Panties.

1) Type (thong, g-string, basic cotton panty)
2) Duration, number of days worn (3 max)
3) Special instructions (any vulgar requests will be ignored)

Please note that I am unable to sell underwear that I wear during sessions. Designer brands are expensive and are kept solely for sessions.

You can however purchase a pair of underwear from my amazon wishlist that can be worn during our session. Price for used panties regardless of panty type or duration, £50 GBP which includes, postage and packaging within the Europe.

Below are examples of role playing scenarios that have been requested at Sara Lips Wrestling. If your considering stepping into the world of BDSM, but not sure where to start, I recommended reading my roleplay kinks and fetish ideas first.

Still unsure? head over to my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes where I give a description (synopsis) of each fetish that I offer.

Remember that you are not limited to the examples below, there are no limits, just lack of imagination. Below are popular roleplay fetishes that I have acted out during sessions.

Each roleplay may encompass more than one fetish which can be requested during your session. I also provide taster sessions for first timers, Book a Session with Sara.

Personal Trainer

Sara works at your local gym as a PT, she also offers private one on one sessions in the comfort of your home or hotel. You have overheard talk in the locker room that Sara offers extras during private sessions.

Inquisitive, you book a private session hoping that Sara will cater for your fetish. The PT session is booked for the following day and Sara arrives on time, dressed in a pair of skin tight leggings, trainers and hoodie.

After a brief chat the workout commences (bodyweight workout). Five mins into the session, Sara stops to take of her hoodie revealing a tight, low cut sports top.

You ask for a short breather, apologies and admit that you’re interested in the extra services she offers. Sara smiles and says, YES I do offer extras for an additional fee, but I don’t offer full service.

Already aroused at the thought, you explain that you have a huge foot fetish and would love to worship her feet. Sara agrees, orders you onto your knees, takes off her trainers and socks and stuffs one of her socks into your mouth.

The aroma is intoxicating, foul, putrid, Sara asks if you like her smell noticing that you where already aroused. The session continues with foot worship, extreme foot domination and Jerk Off Instruction (JOI).

Fetish Articles: Foot Worship Explained and Feet Trampling Domination

Jealous Girlfriend

Sara finds erotic text messages on your phone from a female work colleague. Furious that she has been lied to, decides to take revenge. What happens next is entirely up to the imagination of the client, for example.

Sara wrestles her cheating boyfriend to the floor, wrapping her muscular legs around his body, head, throat and neck. What follows are crushing, no mercy scissor holds, Sara employing her famous pressure gauge, while her panic stricken boyfriend taps frantically for mercy.

Infuriated by her boyfriends antics Sara continues to pulverise her boyfriend, now concentrating her anger on his cock and balls (punching, kicking, clawing, slapping), her boyfriend begging for forgiveness.

Sessions can become extreme with the addition of breath play, ball busting, face smothering, bondage, belly punching and spitting. The outcomes are endless, there is another version of the same roleplay but with a role reversal.

The jealous boyfriend who finds that his girlfriend has been cheating. The submissive (boyfriend), is humiliated, verbally abused, and ridiculed for being unable to fulfil Sara’s desires. Certain types of men become sexually aroused when made to feel jealous.

Requests vary from, (extreme face smothering, ball busting, beatdown, strapon, verbal & physical humiliation).

Fetish Articles: Facesitting Mistress and Breath Control Play Techniques

Roleplay Kinks And Fetish Ideas

roleplay kinks and fetish ideas

Perverted Employee

Sara is a successful CEO of a large corporation and you have been perving over her big ass for weeks. You think she hasn’t noticed, but you were wrong. One evening you are both working late and everyone else has gone home.

Sara calls you into her office and blatantly confronts you about looking at her ass. You panic, apologies and hope that you don’t get fired.

Instead, Sara asks if you want to worship her ass and orders you down onto your knees. She reaches down and pulls her skirt up and over her curvaceous ass revealing a black skimpy thong and suspenders.

Do you like what you see Sara asks, of course, you look incredible. Well then what are you waiting for, worship me.

Sessions of this nature may concentrate on one singular fetish, in this example (ass worship) or multiple fetishes, facesitting, body, foot worship. Check out the article below where I discuss ass worship positions.

Fetish Article: Ass Worship Escort 


Fans of female WWE wrestling, comic books and marvel films love acting out their favourite scenes. I remember one particular request to play Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp an assassin with a trademark thigh grip from the film, Goldeneye (1995).

Femme Fatale Villain Video

Of course I was perfect for the part as I also have lethal scissors that could crush a man to death.

Sara is an assassin with an ulterior motive, acquire your financial details and empty your bank account. After several drinks at the hotel bar, Sara invites you back to her hotel room with promise of sex.

You can’t believe your luck, Sara looks stunning, dressed in a long black coat and high heels. Once back at her room she unbuttons her coat to reveal an exquisite set of red lingerie and a killer body.

The roleplay takes a turn from me being a seductive temptress to a dominant, playing rough, (scratching, slapping, stomping, trampling, nipple pulling). When i’ve had my playtime, I lure my victim in between my thighs, lock my ankles together and drive my hips up into the air, squeezing my thighs tight against their rib cage.

I verbally taunt them as I squeeze, the intensity of my scissors ever increasing. The pain and anguish now evident as their face squirms in agony. For some men, the fantasy of being scissored to death is the ultimate sexual turn on.

Fetish Article: Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive

Roleplay Kinks And Fetish Ideas

roleplay kinks and fetish ideas

Submissive, Servant, Slave

There are two types of roleplaying submissives 1) Men who are naturally submissive and fantasise about serving a strong, dominant women 2) Dominant men possibly with high powered jobs who long for an altered reality where they can hand over control to a powerful women.

Both types ultimately serve and long to be submissive. Role playing for a submissive man can include most kinks from my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes and can be incorporated into any of the roleplay kinks and fetish ideas in this article.

Slaves wishing to serve Sara must, obey instructions, do everything without question, must not speak unless spoken to, avoid eye contact.

Depending on my mood and how I wish to be pleased will determine the submissives tasks. Humiliation, (spanking, nipple torture, anal penetration, crossdressing, orgsm denial) are just some examples.

There is another fetish that is extremely popular among submissive men that merges with “The Jealous Boyfriend”. The fetish, cuckolding, where the submissive will watch as another man satisfies their significant other. The man, referred to as a bull is usually well endowed, which further adds to the subs humiliation.

Fetish Articles: Ball Busting and Erotic Humiliation

Forced Orgasm

Yes there are men who fantasise about a beautiful woman forcing them to orgasm. Forced orgasm is a version of male rape where the victim is overpowered, left feeling helpless and ultimately drained.

The fetish bondage can play a large part in a forced orgasm as it immobilizes the submissive, the ultimate goal sexual abuse. The fetish bondage wrestling is a great example of how a dominant women would control every aspect of a mans orgasm.

Sara starts the session by tieing her victims hands and feet, limiting any chance of resisting her advances. Sara then leaves the room and heads into the bathroom to change. Shortly returning wearing a high cut G-string and thigh high boots as requested.

The sessions commences with a series of scissor holds and school girl pins. Sara can see that her subject is aroused and further enhances his arousal by sitting on his face engulfing her victims mouth and nose deep between her ass.

Due to the descriptive element of this roleplay, I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks.

Most roleplays involving a forced orgasm start with another fetish. Facesitting, ballbusting, small penis humiliation, fantasy wrestling are all examples. The beauty of this type of roleplay is that the dominant (Sara) is in complete control.


Fetish Articles: Jerk Off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial and Small Penis Humiliation

Book a Session

Interested in booking a private BDSM session with Sara? First check out my latest travel dates on my tours page. When I’m not on tour, you can find me conveniently located a short distance away from London and Dublin.

I am also available for longer sessions 4+ hours, please see my BDSM companion page for more information. Please contact me using my booking form filling in the relevant info.

Always ensure if you expect a response to mention, 1) Location for session 2) Date 3) Preferred time 4) Fetish & kinks. All sessions require a deposit before they are confirmed, including last minute, on the day inquiries.

Being a worldwide wrestling dominatrix has opened my eyes to the vast variety of kinks that men request on a daily basis. Even now I am still dumbfounded by some of the fetishes asked for. Below are my “Top 15 Sexual Fetishes”, if after reading the list you find that your kink is not listed, doesn’t mean I don’t offer it.

You can always contact me using my contact form and submit your request there. Please note, DEPOSITS must be paid before any booking is confirmed. I am non judgmental, professional, with years of experience as a wrestler, dominatrix.

Read what others are saying about Sara on Session Girls – Reviews.

1) Ass Worship

Top search result on Google for the key phrase Ass Worship Escort which is an earlier article I wrote on the topic. Men love the female booty and will book a session for the sole purpose of worshiping the ass of a strong dominant women.

Ass worship sessions involve, caressing, touching, licking, sniffing and smothering. Sessions may also entail an element of facesitting, face smothering which are closely related to ass worship.

I highly recommend reading my earlier article which goes into a lot more detail on the various ass worship positions (the sandwich, the prayer, against the wall).

2) Ball Busting

One of my favourite fetishes, I love busting balls. I’ve often wondered WHY anyone would pay me to kick them in the nuts, but men do, and love it. The harder you kick, squeeze, punch, slap, the “HARDER” their erection. I guess everyone is wired differently.

Definitely not for everyone, but popular all the same and one that I get great pleasure from. If you have an interest in ball busting but have no previous experience, please remember to mention this in email communications.

Ball busting, also referred to as cock and ball torture (CBT) can be tailored to suit the individual’s experience.

Ball Busting Dominatrix

3) Strapon

Due to the amount of requests I have received for strapon, also referred to as (pegging), I am now offering strapon sessions. Please note that strapon sessions are only available in the UK and Europe. Some experienced men choose to bring their own strapon dildo during sessions.

The male G-Spot is found under a man’s bladder and is accessed through the anus. Stimulating the G-spot through anal penetration can induce mind blowing orgasms.

It’s no wonder then that so many men now request strapon, anal play as their go to sexual fetish. I travel with various sizes of strapon dildos for such occasions.

Men who have erectile dysfunction or difficulty maintaining an erection can reach orgasm by stimulating the G-spot.

Top 15 Sexual Fetishes

4) Facesitting

Facesitting, also referred to as stinkface, queening or face smothering is a sexual fetish where the dominant female sits on the mans face. This type of sexual act for most men is extremely erotic as the females genitalia and anus are pressed up against the mouth and nose of the male.

Various outfits can be worn to include but not limited to: (jeans, thong, panties, leggings, pvc, stockings, leather). There can also be an element of bondage during a facesitting session where the submissives hands are tied behind his back leaving him at the mercy of his mistress. 

Facesitting while similar to face smothering does not restrict the person’s oxygen to the same extent as a face smothering session. For many men facesitting demonstrates dominance and female superiority.

A very popular and regularly booked sexual fetish.

Facesitting Mistress | Queening Fetish

top 15 sexual fetishes

5) Scissoring

This particular fetish should come with a “WARNING” especially if your booking a scissoring session with Sara. My scissors are some of the strongest in the session world. Scissor holds include, (figure 4, reverse scissors, head scissors, body scissors, reverse figure 4).

Scissoring is a popular fetish where the female wraps her legs around her victim in varying positions and crushes them. Many men love the feeling and can become sexually aroused by being trapped between a pair of strong, beautiful, muscular legs.

If your that guy then i’m your girl, can you handle Sara’s Lethal Scissors? You can watch me in scissoring action at Scissor Foxes – Sara Lips

6) Foot Worship

There are a staggering amount of men who love female feet, an earlier article Foot Worship Explained is my top result on my website, Sara Lips Wrestling. Men who have a foot fetish are fanatical, they know exactly what turns them on.

Some will request that you wear (stinky socks, stockings, shoes, sneakers, boots) others love the touch and feel of your bare feet. 

Other men wish to be dominated by your feet, (trampled, suffocated, smothered, kicked, gagged, stomped) all using the feet.

If your a hardcore foot domination fan, you will probably enjoy a video I shoot with Brian from Fet Loving, Muscle Girl Testical Crush.

Foot Trampling Domination

7) Mixed Wrestling

Most wrestling events involve two members of the same sex wrestling for a title. Mixed wrestling involves the opposite sex, male vs female, (fantasy, semi competitive, sensual, pro wrestling) are all types of wrestling that occur within the session wrestling scene.

Mixed wrestling sessions requests can include roleplays, outfits, and a individuals favourite wrestling or scissor holds. I offer all types of mixed wrestling listed above, accept FULL COMPETITIVE, due to the increased risk of injury.

Sara Lips, wrestling stats: Height: 5ft 6inches, Weight: 172lbs, Thighs: 25in, Biceps: 14in, Skill Set: Trained. Over the past two years I have been training with one of Ireland’s top wrestling coaches.

Wrestling articles you may be interested in Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive and Sensual Wrestling Explained

Top 15 Sexual Fetishes

8) Small Penis Humiliation

It may seem strange that some men wish to be ridiculed, belittled and humiliated for the size of their penis. The reality, small penis humiliation, abbreviated to (SPH) is real, men get off having a dominate women mock their dick size.

Ironically not all men who book an SPH session have a small penis!

Sessions involve verbal humiliation, (pin dick, tiny dick, pencil cock), penis comparisons using objects and imagery. I also offer a service included in small penis humiliation sessions, “Rate My Penis” where I score your penis size out of 10.

SPH is also offered online for those individuals who cannot met me in person. Please refer to the article link below for more details on this service.

Small Penis Humiliation | Rate My Penis

top 15 sexual fetishes

9) Breath Play

A unique fetish that can encompass multiple fetishes, breath play is fetish where the victims breathing is restricted causing oxygen deprivation.

Depriving the body of oxygen can cause feelings of euphoria, dizziness, and lowered inhibition. There have been numerous deaths associated with self asphyxiation for heighten sexual arousal.

During a breath play sessions breathing may be restricted by using a variety of body parts and fetishes including but not limited to, (breast smothering, ass smothering, choking, foot gagging, hand over mouth (HOM), scissor holds).

Breath play should be used safely with an experienced dominatrix.

Breath Control Play Techniques

10) Cross Dressing

Certain men enjoy wearing items of females clothing during a session. Dressing like a woman is a dramatic, yet essentially reasonable way of getting closer to the experiences of women.

Men who book a crossdressing session may also request that they are dominated, while wearing female clothing (strapon, anal play, humiliation, small penis humiliation, jerk off instruction) are all popular fetishes for men who have a crossdressing fetish.

Interested in booking a session? Please note that many BDSM sessions incorporate more than one fetish. Although I am outlining my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes on an individual basis, you can select multiple fetishes that you may wish to experience during our session.

Book a Session With Sara Lips

11) Muscle Worship

Also referred to as body worship is the act of worshipping a strong, muscular women. Men who have a muscle worship fetish become sexually aroused at the look and feel of a females muscles. Bodybuilders, fitness competitors and female wrestlers are all subjects of men’s admiration.

Muscle worship sessions may involve, (touching, kissing, posing, oiling, massaging). Sessions may also incorporate feats of strength, wrestling or scissor holds where the females muscular physique and strength can be admired in action. 

While I don’t see myself as a traditional bodybuilder, men love my big thighs, calves, glutes and biceps. Please note that, I DO NOT OFFER FULL SERVICE.

Muscle Worship Fetish Explained

12) Bondage

Another fetish that merges beautifully with others is the fetish bondage, below are examples from previous sessions.

1) Hands are are tied behind back during a facesitting session. This greatly restricts the victims movement creating a element of fear and panic as they have no control over the outcome.

2) Hogtie, both hands and feet are tied rendering the subject immobile and helpless. From this point the victim may be subjected to any other requested fetish.

3) Subject is tied to a chair naked, hands and feet bound, mouth gagged. Again this leaves the victim completely helpless and at the mercy of his mistress aka, Sara Lips.

Bondage is not for the novice, safe words must be agreed on before a session commences. I do not intentionally offer KNOCKOUTS, safety is paramount during sessions.

Top 15 Sexual Fetishes

13) Jerk Off Instruction

During Jerk Off instruction, I will instruct you how to masturbate. You will follow my every command, how hard, how soft, how fast to jerk off. When I instruct you to STOP you will cease all actions and wait further command.

There are two main types of jerk off instruction: 1) Encouragement, where I provide positive reinforcement helpling you to orgasm to please me. 2) Humiliation, this where I degrad you, prolong your arousal and extend foreplay, bringing you to the edge time and time again. Ultimately I will decide if you are given permission to orgasm.

Jerk Off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial

top 15 sexual fetishes

14) Roleplay

Sexual fetishes are a complicated woven web, influenced by events throughout our lives. It’s not surprising that roleplaying plays such an important part of sexual fetishes. Roleplay encompases every fetish listed and not listed on my “top 15 sexual fetishes”.

Over half of all session requests I receive have an element of roleplay incorporated into the session.

Roleplay, a fetish in which either one character or multiple assume the roles of alternative persona’s. Sessions involving roleplay may use (props, outfits, scripts, locations) to help create the illusion of an altered reality.

Popular role playing scenarios: (femme fatale, personal trainer, school girl, catwoman, superwomen, girlfriend) are just some characters that may be incorporated into roleplay sessions.

Sara Lips has her own alter ego (Princess Pain), her character, devoid of all emotion and empathy, enjoys inflicting pain on others, once unleashed BEWARE.

15) Humiliation

The fetish humiliation is more popular with a select group of males known as submissive or slaves. These type of men wish to serve their mistress and enjoy being humiliated, degraded and abused.

1) Verbal Humiliation: degradation, verbal abuse are used to belittle and make the subject feel worthless.

2) Physical Humiliation: anal penetration, spitting, spanking, slapping, whipping, orgasm denial, facesitting, body worship human furniture, servitude

During sessions a combination of verbal and physical humiliation can be merged with any other fetish listed. For example some men may request verbal abuse, hair pulling, nipple torture and breath play during a facesitting session.

Small Penis Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, Mixed Wrestling, Foot Domination and Roleplay are other examples where humiliation may be added.

Fetishes and Kinks

I hope after reading this article on my top 15 sexual fetishes you have a better understanding on the various kinks I offer. While the description for each fetish may be a brief synonyms, I have included links to more in depth articles on the subject.

Interested in booking a session, remember to check out my Tours Page for my latest travel dates. When i’m not on tour you can find me for most part in London, Dublin, Ireland.

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Did you know that are there are between 250 – 1000 accidental deaths from erotic asphyxiation every year. Even though the number is very small, autoerotic deaths are on the rise. Erotic asphyxiation (EA) is the official term for breath play a common fetish in the BDSM world. Although I consider this type of fetish very dangerous I wanted to discuss some of the “Breath Control Play Techniques” I offer.

What is Breathplay?

Breathplay: The restricition of airflow commonly used during sexual intercoarse to heighten ones orgasm, also referred to as (erotic asphyxiation). While breathplay can be incorporated into sexual practice between partners. The fetish can also be practiced alone, (autoerotic asphyxiation).

Many of the cases in which a person has died in relation to this activity happened when the person was doing it alone.

You may remember a few famous people who have died from autoertotic aspyxiation, (David Carradine, Michael Hutchence, Kevin Gilbert). Some say they took their own lives, suicide, but the suspicious circumstances surrounding their deaths points strongly towards, death by autoerotic asphyxiation.

Breath Play Masterbation

Considering the dangers associated with autoertotic aspyxiation, why then would anyone participate in this hazardous fetish, especially alone. Before delving deeper into breathplay, let me ask you a question.

Do you remember a particular moment in your life when you had a MIND BLOWING ORGASM? You know the type (mind-altering, breathtaking, overwhelming), It doesn’t really matter what you where doing at the time, I just want you to recall that feeling.

When you rob your brain of oxygen you experience a euphoric high, dizziness, before you lose consciousness. To increase the intensity of your orgasm, individuals who are into breathplay masturbate while strangling themselves with cords, ropes, scarves, and ties, or by sealing their heads in plastic bags.

I know, it sounds seriously fucked up, but according to clients who actively practice breathplay, it’s a spectacularly addictive experience. The safest form of breathplay is holding your breath while masterbating.

Smothering Domination

While touring the US I recall one day in particular, every session booked was in for some form of breathplay. While I do offer breathplay and edging I DO NOT OFFER KNOCKOUTS by asphyxiation. Most forms of breathplay that I offer are in the form of (breast smothering, ass smothering, face sitting, HOM, choking, scissoring).

Not all men who request breathplay are looking to orgasm by masterbating. Some men love the fear, panic, confusion and loss of inhibitions while being dominated.

My favourite way to limit the intake of oxygen is either by scissoring, hand over mouth (HOM) or facesitting. If you don’t already know and haven’t heard, my scissor holds are some strongest in the industry.

Breath Control Play Techniques

Ass Smothering: breathing is controlled by smothering the clients face with my ass. Hands can be tied depending on clients requests. Ass smothering and Facesitting although two different fetishes can both be used to control breathing. You might be interested in an earlier article I wrote on Ass Worship, which explains the various ass worship/smothering positions that can be used in breathplay. 

Ass smothering merges beautifully with edging as my hands are free to control other elements of the body. Controlling both oxygen intake and orgasm.  

Facesitting Queening Mistress 

Scissoring: there are various scissor holds that can be used to control the clients breathing. 1) Reverse figure 4 is a perfect example, once I have interlocked my legs around the clients head, I simply contract my hamstrings pulling their head tight between my butt cheeks, cutting of their oxygen.

2) Body scissors is another technique that can be used in combination with hand over mouth (HOM). Once trapped between my legs there is no ESCAPE, I can easily control pressure through my legs and breath with my hands. 

Choking: I love that my wrestling lessons have taught me how to choke out a guy with various choke holds in seconds: (rear naked choke, triangle choke, straight arm bar, scissor choke, bare hands). Clients may request choke holds during wrestling matches to further enhance the element of domination and female superiority. 

Breast Smothering: Breath smothering is the act of a woman using her breasts to cover the mans face. At times forcing her breasts into the mans mouth (face fucking). As you might expect breast smothering is a popular form of breathplay. What hetrosexual man doesn’t like “BOOBS”, I rest my case. 

Another form of breathplay that shares the same characteristics as breast smothering is belly smothering. Instead of using the breasts the belly is used to suffocate the victim, this is also a very effective technique, especially if the girl is well built. Yes, like myself, I’m deceivingly heavy for my size, or so I’ve been told.

Reverse figure 4 with breath play

Oxygen Deprivation

Interesting fact, erotic asphyxiation (EA) began in the 17th century as a treatment for erectile dysfunction when doctors observed that male hanging victims often developed erections. Jesus, what a bummer!

During breath play sessions it is not uncommon for men to develop erections and at times prematurely ejaculate without masterbation. Not that it has any relevance on this article, but interesting all the same. I have had men arrive with full boners, before the session even commenced, just at the thoughts of acting out their fantasy lol.

Jerk Off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial

Interested in booking a breathplay session? maybe you have your own breath play control techniques you would like to share? Note, while I’m very open minded and love to help my clients live out their deepest fantasies. Safety is paramount during sessions, there are extreme versions of breathplay, (bagging, strangulation), but for me the risk are not worth the reward (money).

I have no desire to spend my latter years in jail for manslaughter. Breath play is a fetish that should be respected at all times. Boundaries and safe words should always be agreed before commencing any sessions involving breath play control techniques.

Book a BDSM Breath Play Session

I tour regularly across the world, my latest travel dates can be found on my Tour page. When I’m not travelling, you can find me in London every 4-6 weeks. If you ever find yourself travelling to Ireland, I live a short distance from Dublin and Belfast.

Is this your first session? most common answers can be found on my Frequently Asked Questions. Read what others are saying about Sara, Testimonials.

Please note that I receive a lot of emails and prioritise serious booking inquiries. If you wish to ask me questions but are unable to met me at this time, you can send me a Tribute Gift Voucher which shows you admiration to not wasting my time.

Session wrestling has given me the opportunity to travel the world and broaden my horizons. Although I now offer a wider range of fetishes than when I first started, mixed wrestling (male vs female) is still one of my most requested fetishes. Today’s blog post primarily focuses on the differences between “Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive” based on my own personal views as a female session wrestler.

Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive

While there are other forms of wrestling (bondage, erotic, semi comp, competitive). I have singled out Fantasy and Semi Competitive due to the confusion between these two fetishes.

First let’s break down the true meaning of the terms fantasy and semi competitive to better understand how they relate to wrestling.

Fantasy wrestling: the opposite of reality, a strong addiction to something that is not real. In the realm of fantasy wrestling, roleplaying, wrestling characters and storylines play a large part in creating the fantasy, allowing the person’s imagination the freedom to create their ultimate reality, even if its only for a short time.

Semi Competitive: allows the client to provide some resistance, but not enough to try to win the match. The emphasis is not on winning but fun. Physical contact and holds are more important than who wins the match. Usually the guy is defensive in his style of wrestling, while the girl is offensive, trying to put him into various wrestling holds. This style of wrestling allows the client to test the strength and skills of his female competitor without the intensity or injury risk of a competitive match.

Book a Session with Sara Lips

Male vs Female Wrestling

Now that we have determined the true meaning of fantasy wrestling vs semi competitive. What is the confusion between these two fetishes? I’m really not sure, for some unknown reason men at times interpret both fantasy wrestling and semi competitive as FULL COMPETITIVE. Even though most female wrestlers clearly state on their websites and in email communication that they DON’T offer competitive wrestling due to the increased risk of injury.

I think it’s fair to say that most female session wrestlers have experienced a “BAD Wrestling Session” at some stage throughout their career, including myself. If a girl has a bad experience with a client and feels her safety was compromised, this will often result in the girl reporting the guy on session girls as a warning to other session wrestlers.

Speaking from my own experience, I have taken bookings from guys requesting either Fantasy or Semi Competitive wrestling. Then on session day, within minutes of the wrestling session starting, they go full competitive, their goal, to WIN by any means possible. I can understand how some men might misunderstand the term slight resistance in semi comp. With regards to fantasy wrestling I really don’t grasp WTF they are thinking.

I pride myself on clear communication in emails for two reasons 1) Clients receive the session type they have requested and are more likely to rebook 2) Everyone is clear on the do’s and don’ts, and neither party is offended or injured.

How To Book a Session Wrestler or Dominatrix

Mixed Wrestling Story

Below is an example from previous session several months ago. We call our subject John for the purposes of this story. John books a semi competitive wrestling session outlining in his emails that he has sessioned before. He enjoys head scissors, chokes, schoolgirl pins with an element of face sitting.

I ask John his height, weight and what his interpretation of semi competitive wrestling is. I also mention that I DO NOT OFFER COMPETITIVE. John replied stating that he would like a friendly match, but really just enjoys some light wrestling with domination. Current weight 225 lbs, height 6ft 4in.

John was a good match, so I booked him in. Upon arrival John did indeed seem nice, we chatted briefly for a few minutes before starting the session. I did not get any indication on Johns actual intentions until several minutes into the session. John clearly had his own agenda.

Competitive Wrestling

John was after a full competitive wrestling match, not what he originally booked. This really pisses me off as I clearly explain in emails and on my website that I DO NOT OFFER FULL COMPETITIVE. I let the session continue placing John into several choke holds, big guys are strong but run out of gas fast. This still didn’t deter John and at one point he threw me across the room banging my head on the floor.

At this point I was ready to end the session, but he apologised and after a few minutes I continued. The session re-commenced and initially the intensity was dialled down, but this didn’t last for long. John was still using way to much force considering I was half his size, during one move he clipped the side of my face with his elbow, I had enough, I was furious.

I managed to place John into a rear naked choke, took a large deep breath, pushed his head forward and down, cutting off his air supply. It wasn’t long before John was out cold.

I released the choke letting John recover, then ordered him to leave the room, the session was over. Although things could have been much worse, I escaped with just a bump on my head and a bruise on my cheek. Had it not been for the private wrestling lessons that I have been attending, things could have been much worse.

Semi Comp Wrestling Hazards

Often girls will not want to end a session early, due to upsetting a client and receiving a bad review, despite the client putting the girl in an uncomfortable position.

From experience, I have learnt that if a session doesn’t feel right in the first few minutes. I will stop the session, give the client the opportunity to cool down and lower their resistance. If the same behaviour continues and I feel that my safety is compromised, I will end the session.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often, and is very rare, clearer communication in emails and checking the time wasters list on session girls helps to weed out, time wasters and dangerous clients.

Booking a Mixed Wrestling Session

Both female session wrestlers and male clients have their own interpretations of “fantasy wrestling vs semi competitive”. It is vital that there is clear communication and boundaries set, so to avoid disappointment and injury. There will always be dangerous men who wish to hurt women, hopefully with better communication between fellow wrestlers. Men with this type of agenda can be avoided or at the very least reported to warn others, girl power.

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I starting writing this article several weeks ago due to the number of requests that I was receiving for the fetish “Jerk Off Instruction” abbreviated to (JOI). While there are similarities between certain fetishes, I wanted to address the difference between Jerk off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial.

In case you’re wondering, the answer is YES, I do offer both fetishes in sessions. If I have peaked your interest, let’s get down to the official textbook meaning for each individual fetish.

Jerk off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial

Jerk Off Instruction : Giving someone instruction on how to jerk off, and or masturbate for pleasure.

Orgasm Denial : The act of not letting a man have an orgasm for a stipulated period time.

While each fetish has its own separate meaning, personally from my experience and requests from clients. Both kinks are closely related especially within the context of Femdom JOI.

Instructional Masterbation

Men will book a JOI session with a mistress/dominatrix requesting that she watch while instructing them on how to “Jerk Off”. The thrill and excitement of being watched (voyeurism) by a beautiful, strong, dominate women is, according to past clients, a mind-blowing experience.

Men are very much visual creatures, that’s one of the reasons men LOVE porn. Watching porn increases a hormone called Dopamine by as much as 200%, which is the key neurotransmitter involved in stimulating orgasms.

Next time your Jerking OFF, imagine a beautiful, half naked women instructing you “How To Jerk Off”. How would you feel?

Jerk Off Instruction Femdom Session 

1) I want you to take off all your clothes and show me your erection
2) DO NOT CUM until instructed to do so, I do not like to be dissapointed
3) Stroke your cock twisting the skin as you slide your hand up and down your cock
4) When I click my fingers, STOP jerking your cock immediately so I can watch as it pulsates
5) Begin Jerking your cock again and this time grab your balls and squeeze them hard
6) Now kneel down on all fours and keep jerking your cock while I watch your balls hang
7) DO NOT CUM Yet, wait for my command.
8) I’m going to put my finger in your ass and count to 10. DO NOT CUM till I reach ZERO

Above is a brief synopsis of what might happen in a JOI femdom session. Jerk Off Instruction is all about handing over control to another person, Mistress, Dominatrix or Partner. With regards to Jerk off instruction vs Orgasm Denial, I am sure your starting to see how one fetish compliments the other. Even though they are separate fetishes in their own right, both merge beautifully together.

Extended Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial is a form of domination where a mistress controls the mans orgasm. You’re not allowed to orgasm until given permission to do so, we are not talking hours, but weeks or even months. Mistresses may use a chastity cage to ensure that no masterbation occurs and that their slave is completely under their control.

If I had to choose a preference between the two fetishes. I would opt for Jerk Off Instruction over Orgasm Denial. I enjoy dominating men, in the moment, watching them squirm, teasing and denying orgasm, but in the end I also enjoy mutual satisfaction.

As I mentioned earlier I do offer Orgsam Denial, but within the context of a booked session.

Small Penis Humiliation

Another fetish that is closely related to jerk off instruction is Small Penis Humiliation. Some men get off being ridiculed for the size of their cock. Combine SPH with JOI and you have two fetishes that combine, verbal humiliation, voyeurism and jerk off instruction.

I do offer a service “Rate My Penis” where you can purchase an Amazon Gift Voucher, then email me several images of your cock, both flaccid and erect for an overall score out of 10.

Jerk Off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial

What are your thoughts? Which fetish do you prefer? Have you experienced one or both of these fetishes? I would love to hear your thoughts. You can follow and comment on twitter @MissSaraLips. Interested in booking a JOI session, check out my latest tour dates as I may be coming to a city near you. If your based in the UK, I frequently travel to London and live a short distance from Belfast and Dublin.

Book a Jerk Off Instruction Session, with Sara Lips. Answering the questions below in your initial inquiry helps me to better understand you, the person. DEPOSITS ARE REQUIRED NO EXCEPTIONS!

Tribute to Cum Questionnaire

1) How many times can you cum in 60 mins
2) What size is your cock and can you maintain an erection
3) Do you enjoy verbal humiliation and trash talking
4) Do you have good orgasm control
5) BDSM turn ons and turn offs
6) Do you enjoy ballbusting or cock slapping
7) Does anal play heighten your orgasm

Jerk Off Instruction (FAQ’s)

Facesitting is one of the more erotic fetishes that I offer, if you search the term Facesitting Mistress, Google will return an astonishing 108,000,000 results. So it would be fair to say that sitting on a mans face is a popular fetish. Men will book a face sitting session with sole purpose of having a female sit on their face.

Why Men Love Facesitting?

Relating to my own own personal experiences, and having spoken to clients who love facesitting. I believe for many it is the aspect of control many men enjoy within facesitting. The feeling of humiliation, body worship, intimacy, sex odours and the inability to control your breathing causes a heightened sexual arousal. Many men also seem to enjoy verbal trash talking during a facesitting session, that feeling of being at the complete mercy of their mistress.

Queening Fetish

Facesitting, is also known as queening or kinging. Jay Wiseman’s “Erotic Bondage Handbook,” defines it as “sitting or squatting over the face so that the anal (sphincter) or genital area is pressed against the mans face.” She says “It has the implication of forced oral and can incorporate breath play control and smothering. The experience can be heightened by the dominatrix / mistress trash talking to the submissive while sitting on his face.”

Facesitting Outfit Requests

Over the years I have had many clothing requests for face sitting sessions (Jeans, Leggings, Underwear, Swimsuit, G String, Spandex, Tights, Leather, PVC, Lingerie, Mini Skirt).

Face sitting positions is another important factor e.g forward vs reverse vs the hoover position where the female squats over the mans face. Some men request that their arms be locked using your feet or rope, completely immobilising them.

If there is a particular outfit that you wish me to wear and I do not currently own the item of clothing, you can 1)Purchase the item and bring it with you, please check with me for my size. 2) Include the cost of the item in your deposit, including any postage costs. I will then purchase the item and bring it with me.

Facesitting Fetish

Life events, especially in our early childhood years, seem to have a significant impact on our lives. Over the years I have questioned clients as to how their fetish or fetishes evolved. Many have reminisced of an  earlier childhood experience with a female not necessarily of the same age. To quote a previous clients first hand experience of how his face sitting fetish evolved.

“I was playing with my older female cousin who was 14 years old at the time. My interest in girls had significantly increased since I hit puberty. I remember one day in particular, my cousin was wearing a short skirt and tight top. At times we would play wrestle to see who was the strongest, on this occasion out of know where she flipped me onto my back and sat on my face.

Part of me was in shock, yet incredibly aroused. I could feel the soft skin of her bum and panties touching my face and mouth. Her bum engulfed my face cutting off my air supply and I couldn’t see a thing. I remember the feeling of helplessness, lack of oxygen and her sweet scent”.

I have thought about my first facesitting experience with my cousin countless times, Ever since then, facesitting, ass smothering and ass worship have been my all time favourite fetishes”.

Face Smothering – Breathe Play

Full pressure face sitting can also be referred to as Face Smother or Ass Smothering. The two are very similar in nature, however with face smothering the individual is deprived of oxygen. Such an effect can induce a semi-hallucinogenic state. Combine this with an orgasm, is said to be the equivalent to cocaine.

A 2005 book chapter by Dr Brenda Love (in Russ Kick’s Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong) examined some of the strangest sexual behaviours from around the world and included a short section on queening (face sitting).

She wrote:
“The term queening refers to the European practice of a dominant female (dominatrix) using a man’s head as her throne. The woman sits in one of several positions, either on the side of the man’s head or so that his nose is near her anus with his eyes covered by her genitals. The object of queening is bondage or breath control, not cunnilingus”.

Facesitting Escort

I thought I should mention that while I do offer erotic facesitting, I do not offer full service. Of course you could hire the services of a facesiting escort who provides a GFE experience. Depending on what you wish to experience, facesitting with sex or facesitting with domination will determine your decision.

Facesitting Mistress

Hire the services of a facesitting mistress is a simple process, first fill in my contact form with the relevant information, (Location, Date, Time, Type of Session, etc). All BDSM sessions require a deposit before they are confirmed. You can find my latest tour dates published on my website, Tours and on Session Girls.

I frequent London on a regular basis, every 4 – 6 weeks, staying in Central London. I am also available for BDSM sessions in my home country of Ireland, (Dublin).

If you have just stumbled across my website and are considering booking your first wrestling / domination session. Or maybe your a seasoned veteran thinking of challenging Sara. Well, your in good hands, I pride myself in delivering first class wrestling / domination sessions across the globe. As a testament to the level of service I provide, I have included a review from a previous client who describes his experience In detail.

Mixed Wrestling Review

Sara Lips. Wow.

Before I get into the meat of things, let me start by saying that Sara is one of the easiest people to work with, a real professional. While she won’t suffer a time waster, she’s very communicative, willing to work with you, approachable and honest. She responded to me in a timely manner, far faster than just about anyone I’ve ever worked with. I don’t begrudge other session wrestlers for taking their time, I understand that they lead busy lives, but I appreciate that she has such a personal touch. This continued to when we met in person. She was welcoming and quiet, with a lovely smile and a glowing face. Very pleasant.

Then the session started, and she changed from this sweet, happy person into the meanest person on Earth. Like a switch.

I really can’t stress enough just how oppressive Sara is. In the short time I’ve been doing session wrestling, I’ve probably wrestled women who had a technical advantage over Sara, who’ve been practicing martial arts for years, but in terms of sheer, raw power? Second to none. She looks strong in her pictures, yes, but that’s nothing compared to actually feeling her body bearing down on you, to having this mass of muscle crushing you from above. I’m a fairly strong guy, about six feet tall, in good shape, and she steamrolled me. When she gets on top, there’s just no stopping her from having her way. You can fight, you can struggle, you can squirm, you can beg, you can plead, but she WILL have her way with you. She’s a juggernaut, she just keeps coming.

Her legs are her most dangerous asset, and they’re every bit as powerful as you’d guess from her videos. I’m sure some women have guys fake things a bit in there shoots, act like the scissors hurt more than they really are, but I can confidently state that this isn’t the case with her – her legs HURT. Everything below her waist is like iron, unyielding, whether it’s her legs crushing your skull like a walnut or she’s sitting on your face, pressing down on you with her full weight.

It’s terrifying power, but it wouldn’t mean much if the women wielding it didn’t have the right attitude. Sara does. It’s honestly eerie, how she can go from this nice, soft spoken women to this dangerous, horror of a dominatrix, but she pulls it off perfectly. She has this look of utter disdain, like you’re just an ant to crush under her heel, like she could snuff you out at a moment’s notice and not even have a second thought. She talk trash, makes you feel low, grinds away at you. It’s a humbling experience but if you’re looking for true domination, there are few who can match her.

I know it sounds like I’m gushing and exaggerating, but I’m just being honest: Sara is 100%. It was a treat for her to visit my city, and I could definitely see myself traveling a fair distance for the pleasure again. If she’s ever in your area, or even close, check her out. She’s a rare woman.

Mixed wrestling review, originally posted on Session Girls by Lasthero

Mixed Wrestling Bookings

Please do not mistake my pleasant manner for weakness, I do not tolerate time wasters and deposits are required, no exceptions. Sorry but I have to stress the importance of these factors.

Interested in booking a domination session, please use my contact form filling in the relevant info. Remember to check out my tours page for my latest travel dates. When I’m not on tour you can find me for most part in London, Dublin and Ireland.

Understandably I receive a lot of emails, so it is important to be clear that you are looking to book. Please mention in your first response, (location, date, times, fetishes) as this helps me greatly.

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