Crusher Leg Workout Feel My Pain

Crusher Leg Workout Feel My Pain

Welcome today’s workout, accordingly named Crusher Leg Workout Feel My Pain. My legs are one of my strongest body parts, so I love to prove this to you guys by practising what I preach and giving you a sneak preview into my style of training!

On average our legs make up near half of our bodies muscle mass. It is therefore important that they receive just as much attention in regards to training as our upper body. I am afraid, guys are sometimes too often guilty corporates to under training legs- with most of us having seen a robin ? in the gym at some point in our lives!

Below you will find a more in depth explanation of each exercise performed, as well as the muscle groups the movement targets.

Crusher Leg Workout Feel My Pain

Wide Stance Squat (smith machine) : Here I use a wide stance when squatting to emphasis the inner part of the thigh more. By simply changing your foot position from Wide, Neutral and Narrow you can determine what part of the leg is targeted more.

Back Squat : The traditional back squat is the KING of all squat movement patterns. It is also usually performed badly. Before I perform any leg exercises,  I try to spend at least ten minutes foam rolling. Otherwise,  I simply would not be able to squat as low due to tightness in certain muscle groups. The Back Squat hits everything, Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Lower back. There is more work through the lower back in this variation compared to those carried out on the smith machine, as the bar is not supported.

Bulgarian Split Squat : These are brutal and very deceiving, however are an excellent exercise to add into any leg workout! As we move from one foot to another when we walk, run, you name it! it is therefore a good idea to ensure single leg movements are incorporated into your training regime. When performing single leg exercises, It is not uncommon to find that you may have a more dominate/stronger side. This can lead to imbalances especially as the weight increases. Adding single leg movements help by focusing on one leg at a time, strengthening any weaknesses that are apparent by working the leg interdependently, Bulgarian split squats primarily hit the quadriceps, yes thats right quadzilla! ?

Reverse Lunge w/ Knee Raise : Another great single leg movement with the addition of a knee raise. Both single movements are excellent at targeting the glutes and quadriceps.

Narrow Stance Leg Press (high reps) : I used the leg press as a finisher today. Here, I made the exercise harder by keeping the repetitions high and using muscle control- i.e not locking out the knees, but rather keeping them soft.  Getting more of a pump in the quadriceps, it was pretty intense, as you can see in the video my thighs are quivering towards the end!

I like to train legs hard, however, I would only consider this to be me training part legs. I would still have posterior leg work to cover in another workout, consisting of various hamstring exercises, isolated glute work and calves. We can’t forget about those babies…Move over thigh gap, big bulging, toned strong and athletic legs are here to stay.