Top 3 Core Exercises for Wrestling

core exercises for wrestling

In today’s blog post I demonstrate my top three core exercises for wrestling. Core strength is a fundamental part of competitive sport and should not be over looked.

What is your Core ?

Your core musculature is a circular band of muscle also refereed to as an internal girdle. This circular band of muscle attaches to your pelvis and rib cage giving support to the body. Without your core, you would simply fall over. Below is a description of the exercises featured in the video below.

1) Hollow Hold

Originally this exercise comes from a gymnastic background and these guys have phenomenal amounts of core strength.

Start by engaging the core muscles and lifting the shoulders upwards. Compress the lower back tight to the floor, by pulling the core inwards. Now lift the legs a few inches of the floor, your lower back must stay in contact with the floor. The exercise is over when the lower back starts to leave the floor.

2)  Side Plank

Universally renowned exercise for strengthening the oblique muscles that are located at the side of the body. Plenty of variations on this one !

The objective in performing a side plank is to elevate the hips into the air to engage the oblique muscles located at the side. The body should be in a position where all joints from the ankle, knee, hip and shoulder are inline.

3)  Band Pallof Iso Hold

This exercise looks simple, but hold that thought, it is extremely difficult as you have an external force (band) pulling you in the opposite direction while you try to resist against it.

Tie the band onto an object that is not likely to move. Kneel down a few feet away from the band, so that the band is next to your side. Grab hold of the band with both hands. Pull the band into the center of the body, engage the core muscles and squeeze the glutes. The arms should remain straight and in the center of the chest. Ensure your core remains contracted and glutes are tight. Maintain this position for 30 – 45 sec each side.

Strengthening the core muscles is an essential part of trunk stabilization. Not only will a strong core protect the spinal column, but improve your stability for competitive sport.

Core Exercises for Wrestling