If you would like to make a booking or wish to find out more about the sessions I offer, please contact me via the inquiry form below. It is appreciated if you can give as much detail as possible when inquiring. This will enable me to get a feel for exactly, what you would like to enjoy or experience. I will then reply to you as soon as I can, answering any questions that you may have and of course get starting to arrange for our ultimate fantasy session!

Make your fantasy a reality… don’t be shy guys!

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Please note, due to the high volume of emails that can be received daily when touring, there can sometimes be a delay in response, for which I apologize in advance. I try to reply to emails as soon as I can and generally within a twenty-four to forty-eight hour period. If you do not receive a reply within this period of time, it may be that I am busy, on holidays or on tour at the present time.  If you have still not received a reply within one week, I would recommend that you take the time to read my selection process below, to allow you a better chance of correspondence.
Politeness is always appreciated when contacting me and if you are vulgar in any way it will terminate any future correspondence.  If you have been recommended against by a fellow session wrestler, have a bad reputation within the scene or appear on the time wasters list, I will also not correspond with you. I do not see everyone who contacts me and if you are disrespectful or do not wish to follow my application and screening process, I can not make room for you in my schedule. It therefore is in your best interests to be polite, honest, intelligent and articulate in your correspondence with me. If you meet these basic requirements you will have a very good chance of seeing me for a session 🙂