choking scissor domination

Once again Sara Lips is back with her latest video, choking scissor domination. Unfortunately Sara hasn’t had much luck with men, with her latest boo thinking its okay to play the field. Sara of course having the mischievous Irish side to her, knows that her man is up to no good. She confronts him, a series of text messages confirming what she has been thinking all along. John is a cheating mother fucker.

Of course the outcome is already decided, John must pay the price for his betrayal. Sara drags John down onto the bed, what ensues is a series of arm bars, scissoring domination, face smothering, slapping. Sara literally chokes the life out of John with her forearms, calves, feet and hands, at times stopping to strike a muscular posing, showing of her strength and dominance.

Just when John thinks its over, Sara sits on his chest, pushes her feet into his mouth, catching his cheeks between her toes and stretches his mouth open, demonstrating how pitiful he really is.

Sara Choking Scissor Domination

Arms Bars, Breath Play, Face Smothering, Chokes (chin, forearm, hand, feet), Reverse Scissor, Front Scissors, Figure 4, Slapping, Posing


Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Duration : 10.31
File Size 489mb

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