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Chest and Triceps Routine

You might notice in my new workout Chest and Triceps Routine that the gym I am training in has changed. During my monthly visit to my beautician Karen In Quesada, it came to my horizon that there is something I have been missing out on – right on my door step!

While filling Karen in on my travels from Marbella to Alicante, she asked me on how I found life on the Costa Del Sol and what it was like being back up on the Costa Blanca, where I consider “home”. Training off course sprung to mind, and I naturally mentioned that the new gym Quesada Fitness Boxing for me seemed to be a bit of a let down…. She too was in agreement having remarked, its as if they have the facilities but forget about the most important part, the equipment!  It was her next piece of information that interested me.

She informed me that most of her clients go to a gym in La Marina, by the Campsite. Now I know what your probably thinking and it was exactly what I was thinking…

Knowing where this place is, having cycled past it numerous times in summer ram packed, Bultins style…. I was thinking “you are kidding me right?” Roll eyes, I’m sure that place is great, with a sarcastic element to.

My nose got the better of me however, and I was not long home till I found myself on goggle checking it out. And after a fifteen minute journey, I was soon eating my words.

Chest and Triceps Routine

As I walked through the warm, friendly and inviting campsite, across from the outdoor swimming pool. Which resembles that of an aquatic park and would certainly put you in holiday mood, something I must resist. There it stood, Marino Senses.

I asked to look round the facilities, which I was pleased to be allowed to do so by myself without the need for annoying sales staff. To find all the equipment was of excellent standard. Mostly free weights, plate loaded machines and a mixture of cable equipment. I have only used the brand Body Tone once back home, but I have to say it is an excellent manufacture.

Spa facilities to suit a Queen

The bit I could not believe however, is that they have the most amazing Spa facilities on the lower level. An indoor pool, plunge pool, jets, saunas, hot tubs and different kinds of fancy showers. Heaven on earth comes to mind, it wasn’t too long before I was hitting it in my two-piece bikini, right after the workout.

Tour season is coming upon me very soon, starting off with London April 6th-9th. I always like to be in good shape not only for you guys, but also because it makes me feel good. There is nothing sexier than a woman comfortable in her own skin I was always told.

I have been focusing more on volume training, lots of exercise variations for the same muscle group. With a minimum of twenty sets per muscle. This kind of training allows me to increase muscle mass so I can overpower you guys and throw you about like rag dolls if permitted to do so in sessions :-p

I have also been throwing in conditioning work to increase my fitness level and all round stamina. Roll on London Baby.

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