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Looking for the services of a professional mistress in the UK? My name is Sara lips, female wrestler / dominatrix available in Central London. For several years now I have been travelling across the globe dominating men. I have extensive experience delivering BDSM sessions, catering for most fetish types, including but not limited to : ball busting, tie and tease, body worship, foot worship, bondage, corporal punishment and roleplay.

My sessions are never rushed! Whatever your fetish or kink may be, please feel free to share this with me in non-judgemental environment. Check out my testimonials which validate the level of service I provide. When I am not travelling the world you will find me for most part in Central London, Nottingham, Bayswater, Covent Garden and Kensington.


  • Semi- Comp Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Beat Downs
  • Choking
  • Spitting
  • Face Sitting
  • Hair Pulling
  • Ass Worship
  • HOM
  • Face Slapping
  • Ball Busting
  • Scissoring
  • Tie and Tease
  • Foot Worship
  • Trampling
  • Body / Muscle Worship
  • Leg Fetish
  • Small Penis Humiliation
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Breathe Play
  • Corsets & Lingerie
  • Ass Smothering
  • Lift and Carry
  • Strapon
  • Foot Fetishes
  • Bondage
  • Role-play

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BDSM Fetish Descriptions

Central London Domination

Semi Competitive Wrestling

I offer a friendly semi competitive wrestling experience where both parties use reasonable resistance against each other, testing each other’s strengths and skills. The emphasis is not on winning but more light hearted physical contact and fun. NO ONE LEAVES INJURED!

Fantasy Wrestling

I help make dreams come true by acting out long standing fantasies. The perfect way to escape from reality and quench your inner desires. Fantasy wrestling sessions incorporate outfits, roleplaying and various wrestling moves. Fantasy is the complete opposite to semi competitive wrestling, very little force is used.

Face Sitting / Ass Smothering

Face sitting, a popular fetish for those who love the female booty. Many of my clients will book a face sitting session in combination with other fetishes. For example your session may start with semi competitive wrestling, but finish with face sitting.

Please don’t get confused between face sitting and ass smothering. The latter deprives the victim of oxygen. Ass smothering is the combination of face sitting and breath play. A dominatrix will use her ass to smother her victims face using enough force to cut of the supply of oxygen.

You may be interested in an earlier article I wrote on the topic Face Sitting / Ass Smothering.

Various items of clothing may be requested to be worn during a face sitting session (G strings, Bikini, Spandex, Leggings, Jeans etc). If an item of clothing is requested that I simply do not own, you may 1) Purchase the item for me and I will wear it for you. 2) Send me the cost of the item and a link to where it can be purchased and I will buy the item.

Please use my contact form if you wish to book a face sitting or ass smothering session.


Trampling refers to the activity involving being trampled by a person or persons feet. Trampling can produce pain and is closely related to sadomasochistic fetishism.

Some individuals imagine that they are very tiny and are being trampled by a giant person. This type of fetish”giant/giantess fetishism, although not the same as trampling is also closely related.

Most forms of trampling are done by a female (mistress) walking on a male submissive and is usually performed barefooted, wearing shoes or boots. The mistress will walk, jump or stomp on the person’s, chest, stomach, cock, balls and face.

If you have any special requests for your trampling session, please let me know well in advance.

Foot size : UK 6, US 6.5 Euro 39

Weight : 70kg, 154lbs

Scissoring Domination

Considering that I have some of the most powerful scissors in the session world. You might want to be careful what you request. Once between my powerful thighs, I can literally squeeze you into submission. There is no escape.

Please don’t request that I knock you out, if it happens, it happens, I do not deliberately intend to knock out my victims, even though at times this does happen. Your safety is important to me and I do not want either parties to be hurt or have a bad experience.

Popular Scissoring Holds : Figure 4, Body Scissors, Reverse Head Scissor, Standing Scissor, Front Scissor.


Bondage is the practice of being restrained using a variety of rope, tape, cable ties or bondage tape. Bondage can and is generally incorporated into other fetishes that I offer. For example, a person may request that they be restrained during an ass smothering, foot domination or scissoring session.Various outfits can also be requested to enhance the experience.

Please note : In the interest of your well-being, a safe word or phrase must be agreed upon before the bondage session commences.

Bondage for some is about giving up complete control, feelings of helplessness. The temporary transfer of power to another individual, in this case a mistress.

Small Penis Humiliation

Some men enjoy being ridiculed, mocked and degraded for the size of their penis. Not all men who enjoy SPH have a micro dick, some simply get off on being belittled in front of a strong alpha female. Sessions may consists of :
  • Penis measuring
  • Penis comparisons
  • Jerk of Instruction (JOF)
  • Verbal Humiliation
You might be interested in an article I wrote on the topic Small Penis Humiliation

Ball Busting / Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

Ball Busting, the act of causing pain to ones testicles for enjoyment. One of the most sadistic fetishes, loved by many including myself. Could you handle me slapping, kicking, punching, squeezing, stretching and trampling your cock and testicles. Female domination, pain and humiliation.

Interested in booking a ball busting session, please ensure that you emphasis if this is your first time or if your a seasoned veteran. There are various levels of pain in the world of BDSM, ball busting can push even a seasoned veteran to his limits.

I wrote an article on Ball Busting that might be worth reading before booking a ball busting session.

Muscle / Body Worship

Muscle / Body Worship, sessions are normally booked with the emphasis of worshiping a particular part or parts of a females body. Females with a muscular physiques are extremely desirable for muscle worship sessions.

Maybe you have a fetish for big legs a curvy ass or feet. Whatever your fetish may be, body worships can be booked emphasising one or several parts of my body. Please note, you may touch, caress and massage my body.

I do not offer full service!

Lift and Carry

Lift and Carry is a very popular fetish with a huge following. Sexual arousal is common among men who enjoy being lifted by strong women.

Types of Lifts I Perform : Firemans lift, Cradle Carry, Piggy Back, Shoulder Ride, Over the Shoulder, Back Squat, Front Squat.

I wrote two articles on the topic Lift and Carry (part1) and Lift and Carry (part 2) that you might be interested in reading.

Please note : I do not perform overhead lifts, maximum weight that I lift is 85kg, 183lbs


Role play, another one of my favourite fetishes. Role playing can relate to any fetish I have listed, the difference being imagination and a little acting. Some of the most enjoyable sessions have followed a scripted role play involving either one other or several fetishes.

Brief synopsis of role play scenarios

  1. Teacher punishes student for not handing his work in on time (face sitting, scissoring)
  2. Police officer give cheating boyfriend a severe beatdown (ball busting, face slapping)
  3. Wonder woman dominates spiderman (mixed wrestling, foot domination)

Booking a role play session 

While I am always impressed by the amount of thought that goes into role play fantasies. Please keep your email to a reasonable length.

Foot Worship / Domination

Foot worship sessions are booked with the emphasis on worshipping a females feet. Sessions can involve a range of foot worship activities, including tickling, massaging, kissing, sucking, rubbing and smelling. Sessions may involve certain items of clothing being worn prior and during the session, dirty socks, nylons, high heels, boots, are all desirable during a foot worship session.

Sessions may also incorporate more of a foot domination element, where the victim strangled, choked and pinned using nothing than than the feet.

An earlier article I wrote delves into the phycology associated with foot worship 

Beat Downs

Beat downs are a fetish that merges itself with other fetishes depending on the requests of that person. Sessions may include for example, cock and ball torture, belly punching, face slapping, flogging, scissoring. The aim for the person booking a beat down session is to be beat up by the dominant, (wrestler, mistress).

Verbal humiliation may also be added to the session enhancing the overall experience. Limitations must be discussed and agreed before hand. A safe word is also advised if there is a bondage element to the session.


Similar to other fetishes, cross-dressing involves the man wearing females clothing during a session. Cross dressers can experience the fetish on its own or incorporated with other fetishes. For example, a man may wear certain items of female clothing during a ball busting, ass worship or mixed wrestling session.
Common items that are worn, (female panties varying types, pantyhose, bra, high heels). Regardless of your kink, I am very open minded and enjoy fulfilling mens fantasies.


uk mistress sara in pvc outfit and heels
dominatrix, sara uk pro domme
sara uk pro domme in high heel and thong
domina sara muscular mistress uk
dominatrix sara in leather outfit holding whip, uk


You might be interested in checking out some of my own BDSM videos in my Clip Store. I have worked with some of the top producers of fetish content across the US. Including, scissor vixens, fetloving, utopiaentertainment, brutal beauties and scissor foxes to name a few. I consider myself to be an elite mistress who takes pride in satisfying her clients desires.

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