Female feats of strength are an excellent, fun and entertaining demonstration of power and vigor within strong women. Feats of strength, however have been around for a long time and date back to the time of Festivus. A secular holiday celebrated on December 23, which serves as an alternative, to participating in the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. Festivus made popular culture during the American Sitcom Seinfield, 1997 “The Strike” episode.

The celebration generally involves the head of the household, selecting out one person at the festivus gathering, to challenge them in a wrestling match. The tradition is that Festivus is not over until the head of the household is pinned to the ground. It is usually the head of family’s choice as to who will participate in the Feat of Strength, however a person is allowed to decline the offer, if they have something better to do instead. If the appointed person cannot participate, it is appropriate for another guest to suggest who should participate in the “Feats of Strength.”

Today, however there is so much more to feats of strength than just wrestling! With even females getting in on the action, showing up the guys!

What is a feat of Strength?

Today, a feat of strength is generally decried as the exhibition of strength performed to the eye for entertainment values.

female feats of strengthThe average person cares little about how much weight you can lift. Yes we understand, all you session wrestler fans beg to differ, however we are talking about the everyday average person here. Without much experience in the art, whether you lift a little or a lot, most people just don’t get the point of lifting weights today and its benefits. Put a car in front of people and lift it, however, you will get a totally different reaction and soon see how amazed people are!

This is because strength manifests itself in a number of ways. It does not just have to be conventional or all about squats and dead lifts. Female strength feats, can instead be about pulls, leaps and throws of insane magnitude that makes us pause and take notice. Many feats require more tendon, ligament, joint, and bone strength than your average muscle-focused exercise and perhaps a freak of nature! It’s not just your every day person who can tow a plane.

Men especially become amazed if women can perform these feats of strength, as females are typically not meant be as strong as their male counterparts according to everyday stereotypical values.

Specific feat of strengths might include lifting heavy barbells in odd ways, muscle control, bending steel & insanely high plyometric jumps to name a few. Here is list of some popular feats of strength. A gym personal best can even be considered a feat of strength to you.

  • Anvil Lifting
  • Plane/Lorry/Boat Pull
  • Short Bending
  • Box Jumps
  • Braced Bending
  • Long Bending
  • Scrolling
  • Horseshoes
  • Rolling Frying Pans
  • Can Bursting
  • Card Tearing
  • Chain Breaking
  • Finger Lifting
  • Finger Supports
  • Grippers/Crushing
  • Feats of Hair Strength
  • Hand Balancing
  • Juggling Weights
  • Muscle Control
  • Muscling Out Weights
  • Nail Driving with the Hands
  • Feats of Neck Strength
  • Odd-Object Lifting e.g Atlas Stones
  • Phonebook Tearing
  • Pinch Grip
  • Weighted Pull Ups / Pinky Pull Ups
  • Rope Climbing
  • Sledgehammers
  • Feats of Teeth and Jaw Strength
  • Thick Bars
  • Two Hands Anyhow
  • Weight Supports

Why do men love female feats of Strength?

One of the most famously watched feats of strength, ironically takes place over the Christmas holiday period. It is the world’s strongest man/women championships.

There are many reasons as to why men love watching female strength feats.

Strength for Benefit

There are several benefits to doing female feats of strength; it differs from what you would get from your more conventional workouts. And by “conventional,” we are not just talking about bodybuilding. We are referring to many of the less conventional styles like CrossFit, Bodyweight exercises, and kettlebells.

Many of the female strength feats require more tendon, ligament, joint, and bone strength than your average muscle-focused exercise. These tissues are capable of growth; it’s just not very noticeable. When it comes to strength though, they are hugely important. A focus on tissue growth and strength is often missing from most training programs.

Many feats of strength focus on hand strength, which today is often a lacking component in many people’s programs. Good grip is key to feats of strength. I often here from many men during sessions, that they good grip on a women, and this is why they particularly love female feats of strength. The mercy test is therefore always a firm favorite.

Strength for Purpose

If you become a “strong women”, you can use your strength for various useful purposes in life. Your strength can gain you publicity. For instance if you can bend nails, you can be guaranteed that you will be asked to perform this party piece in front of others for years to come. And so, why not make a living out of it too? Session wrestler ladies do this everyday by wrestling men as a female feat of strength.

The really abnormally strong women however are in a league of there own, with their own following, there fans have great admiration for these women and will forever endear to support and follow them for following their passion in life. Such women include session wrestlers, Anna M Strong who can bend steel and Amber deLuca who can  overhead press a man weighing up to 50kg. They realize some men’s desire to see these impressive acts in real life and are willing to perform these female feats of strength for you in your very own private session with them.

It’s just plain fun!

Many fans of strong women have thought of good alternatives to a wrestling match for feats of strength. Arm Wrestling is fun but it usually ends up with each party having sore arms. The Mercy Game and Leg Wrestling have therefore became firm favorites in private session for females to demonstrate feats of strength along with can crushing and fruit crushing if the female is strong enough. Who wouldn’t want to see a lady squeeze a watermelon between her thighs? Surprisingly these are usually a no stress physical activity for the female in question. Just make sure you have a large enough space available!

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Last night, I went out with a group of friends or rather muscular women for dinner. Naturally, we where greeted at the door by the waiter and shown to our table. At this point as we were seated, the waiter said straight off to us “you are strong”, while mimicking a bicep pose.

We just laughed it off and proceeded to order drinks as normal. No sooner later however, another waiter came to our table and basically said the same thing. One of my friends remarked, do we stick out like sore thumbs here. This then got me thinking, are muscular women attractive or Taboo?

Muscular Women

When you enter the world of bodybuilding professional or amateur, strength and conditioning or even simple free weight training to enhance body composition – we become caught in the perpetual problem, that of PERCEPTION.

Naturally as we continue to train, our body composition changes (for the better of course). However this still seems to be something that society is challenged by i.e the thought of “women with muscles”. Let’s face it overly toned or muscular women in society today are still taboo, unheard off. As much as we have moved with the times…

The attention professional female bodybuilders must therefore draw to themselves both positive and negative. I can therefore only imagine.

It takes a strong-minded person however to become a professional bodybuilder, due to the work and dedication required, especially for pro cards. I am sure they can therefore handle the pressure, however for the normal girl trying to enhance her physical appearance, such attention can still make room for her to query the don’t lift too heavy or you will get bulky myth.

Just leave me alone

The difference is that fitness competitors/bodybuilders usually don’t care just as much about PERCEPTION, after all they have consciously chose to sculpt their bodies this way. The point I am trying to get across, is that normal girls should not have to feel they should care or let others views affect there decisions.

Bodybuilders are therefore unique, as because they intend to compete. They are purposely trying to sculpt their bodies to fit their preferred aesthetic/shape. Increasing muscle mass, striving towards perfect symmetry and that “ripped look.” Due to these sculpted figures, these muscular women are therefore always exposed in public, no matter what. Even when clothed.

muscular womenOf course they can wear baggy tracksuits but what’s attractive about that? And, if they wear tight skinny jeans or leggings their big boots give it away and boulders for shoulders in lose strappy tops. Bodybuilders and fitness competitors have silhouettes that stand out from the rest of society. So this means they can’t help but gain attention – positive or negative, whether they are not seeking it or not!

What I am discussing here isn’t a problem, however it just provoked me to think about what it must be like to walk in the shoes of an actual professional female bodybuilder such as Alina popa. Always bare, exposed, naked… These girls are vulnerable to an insane amount of unwanted attention. In ways we cannot comprehend -from snide remarks made in public, to trolling on the Internet.

That’s not even getting into the psychological assumptions made from the people regarding their lifestyle or behavior patterns etc. Being a remarkably muscular woman consequently leaves these girls exposed to a whole range of stereotypes and prejudices.

We are not all equal

Women are not expected to be as physically dominant as their male counterparts. Contrary, muscles are therefore another part of the body that separates masculinity from femininity. When a woman is seen with big muscles, it is seen as breaking the norm of society. FBB’s and muscular females challenge our perceptions about the difference between gender roles.

Muscle on women therefore doesn’t just expose who she is, but also who we are. Our beliefs, traditions and behaviors put on display.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post guys and thanks for reading. Remember you can check out lots of muscular girls here, as well as my own tour dates.

I feel like I am treading on thin territory as I write about this subject matter, however, it is a something that has been increasingly on my mind. We all know that sex sells. This is certainty something which has been embedded into me when studying marketing and communications at university. What is concerning however is, since when did sex come into sport?

Of course being healthy and in good shape is what makes us attractive. I am not going to argue with that. Today, however, I feel the meaning of attractiveness in relation health and sport has been taken to a whole new level of superficial i.e that of soft porn – the kind of put on a stick and eat it sort of thing…

And, before you think, Sara’s going off on a rant, I just want to ask you to please bare with me. I ensure I am not and hope you will see where I am going with this!



When a subject is presented in a certain manner, the meaning of a photograph can often change. Great photographers know this, and therefore direct their subjects as needed. This means things can be distorted or exaggerated to look at there best.

Little do you realize then, that those girls asses who look good enough to eat, are usually overarching there back so much that they could resemble a constipated duck from side angle.

Such angles help produce great pictures for you guys to ogle over, however unfortunately means it does mean there is much of real imagery left out there and perhaps why many complain nothing is left to the imagination anymore! Their skin is also usually flawless without a blemish or onze of cellulite in sight.

sex sells

The main problem I have with the pornification of the fitness industry, however, is not the perception of it as flawless. Superficial and based on beauty, but the fact these faces can become fitness guru’s at a snap.

Fitness guru’s

These girls who feature cover to cover on fitness magazines, websites or social media are not professionals giving advice.

In fact, fitness magazines don’t help us get fit anymore. Gazing at the images of breasts implants, latino buttocks and bulging biceps. The impression of how fit bodies should look, and that every body needs to be shaped in the same light. This is not healthy and unfortunately what fitness magazines use to “inspire” women.

What we don’t realize is that when we are looking at the faces and bodies of these women’s physiques in magazines, most of them have dieted for months to look this way. Perhaps are days prior to a contest where they have put themselves through rigorous training, dieting and ahem usually supplements to lean out. Or, some are just pure genetics freaks, for instance Jen Selter.

Its all a Lie, trust nothing

The annoying thing is that the workouts in these magazines are usually false. Not a true reflection, of what these girls have put themselves through to look the way they do. To me, the imagery screams sex and forgets about all the rest, which happens behinds, the scene. It’s hard work! Doing body weight squats, does jack shit. If you want to make it as a fitness or physique model….

To me this is perhaps one of the most bothersome parts, because fusing fitness with sex and stamping the whole package with words like “strength” or “dedication” conditions viewers and participants to see those terms solely in that light.

sex sells“Dedication” becomes a matter of 4:30am workouts and Tupperware meals of chicken and broccoli, “inspiration” gets measured in pounds and inches lost, and “health” is seen as a consuming regime of workouts and diets and supplements and the occasional skimpy bikini. It makes people think that these over sexualized images demonstrate the pinnacle of fitness and health, and insinuates that they should be a goal towards which we strive. When in fact it is something these girls usually only do for a few weeks in the year and once many have done a show & won the title desired, usually never want to go back on stage again because of the hard work involved. Or, else thrive of the buzz from it and the hard work and focus required, when in the “zone”.

One size fits all

“Strong is the new skinny” is also the new in thing, but women should not be forced to pick between the two. We all come in different shapes and sizes and if you were to ask us women, we usually don’t really have a choice between the two. It is hard to accept, but people should learn to embrace this.

I for one have always struggled with my weight and hoover around eleven stone; now I accept and work with what I have. That is a large bone structure and wide shoulders, but nothing can change this. It’s just me, my make up and something my mums side of the family have passed down to me.

So what I am trying to say is that, it should not matter what shape you are. You can only develop from what you have naturally. I applaud the thin whippets who are futile and agile on the mats, most likely have high metabolisms and will never be fat. And, I also respect those big beautiful women who give it all just as much as the bodybuilders in life. Leading me onto why many women enter sport.

It’s a choice

Many women who enter fitness, sport or bodybuilding usually do so due to their competitive nature. We usually have athletic backgrounds and enjoy the challenge. What should be noted is that those that are generally sporty or have an interest do not usually do this for fame or recognition, but for us.

Bodybuilding is often termed as a dying sport. So much respect should be given to the hard work the women put in to achieve such physiques, to me this should not be forgot about when sexualized.

The result can be very athletically pleasing to the eye, however bodybuilding is so much more than just this. They are athletes who love their sport. The rewards are also limited, yet these women participate knowing it is a way they can accomplish their goals. Behind closed doors aside from the little rewards, they can also often face rejection from society, isolation to small social scenes who understand them, and routine to hard work and dedication required. These physiques do not come easily!

Serious athletes, who these women are, do not care what others think. If they did they would not continue in a sport, which many feel women do not belong in. If people find them sexy that’s of little relevance.  They are pushing themselves physically and mentally to the limit to be the best at their sport, and not to satisfy observers. Some women even disregard judging criteria all together and present their physiques the way they think appropriate.

Women know what they are doing

On the other hand, it cannot be argued that us women do not know what we are doing. The fitness industry involves competitions, training, sponsorships, and of course our fan base. If there is such “pornification” within the fitness industry, we must realise it cannot be solely blamed on men. As, us women do use it to our advantage, however, we must realise our need to be aware of our own actions and take responsibility for such.

sex sellsSession wrestling is such an example and while it may not exactly be pornography or prostitution, controversy can be made about the subject. For instance, muscle worship sessions cater to men who have a fetish for strong or muscular women and muscular women can make money from this.

This is because it enables them to make more of a living from this than from their competitions and you will find most female bodybuilders, fitness, physique and athletic girls do it even under the radar. It helps cover competition costs, supplements, and other expenses.

Money talks and sex sells

Opinion is divided on the matter, but us women have thought of a way to circumvent certain barriers in a sport that is hostile to us. Female bodybuilders or sport athletes have few financial avenues available to them and this practice is a method which helps sustain a number of high quality athletes. As, it should be noted that women are still often paid lower than their male counterparts, in completions and sport.

Sessions does however allow fans to meet us up close and personal, which can be a big thing to many fans of pro bodybuilders or certain girls in the wrestling scene. Who can almost be like mini Celebes in their fans eyes, who get to live out their fantasies in reality. What is the chances you would get to book a session with Jeremy Clarkson to go car shopping or Jamie Oliver to learn how to cook? Zero. I therefore think that sessions should be applauded as it keeps people grounded, with their feet on the ground and allows many bodybuilders etc. to be in touch with their fans.

Women will always been seen as sex objects

Sexualisation in sport or fitness is inevitable, as admirers see in their eyes some of the best-developed bodies on the planet. The real problem is not that fans see these women are attractive, but when this is the only aspect considered important. These women are great athletes and they should be valued for their accomplishments.

Session wrestling and muscle worship I believe, however, allows for the real women to shine through. Many who have experienced a session, will vouch with me and say. Once they have experienced a session with a special lady have found them really intelligent and more than just bimbos. I have heard such remarks of intelligence for the likes or FBB Lisa Cross, Alina popa and Anna M Stong. Some of which are even married, have children, are studying degrees or even have other jobs. These fans do not just see them as objects.


se sellsRelevant to the fitness industry, however, is the publishing companies that exploit athletes to readers. Women have little say in the creative production, process, and distribution of these photographs/footage they are in.

Tosca Reno, publisher of various fitness magazines, even hit out at the portrayal of fitness in her article “The pornification of fitness needs to stop” for Huffington Post. It was somewhat hypocritical though as she forgot to add that see she owns Oxygen Magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, and The Eat Clean Diet where the women on the front covers could be argued to be objectified. She is in a position where she “pornify’s” women on these magazine covers. However, it’s proves that sex sells and it may be a case of the market may force her hand even though she hates it.

When I take a look at these images from the porn industry and compare them to those from the fitness industry- I am sad to say I see no difference except for muscle. For an athlete that has dedicated their life to the art of exercise, this phenomenon has become an insult. Sex is one of the most beautiful, powerful, and natural aspects of our humanity. But like any power, it can be used in cheap and sleazy ways that don’t truly honor its awesomeness.

These days, it seems it is not enough to be strong, intelligent, healthy, educated or a great coach. You must be smokin’ hot. Like so hot you can’t even focus on the exercise I’m currently doing

What do you think?

If on the one hand these women pose sexually AND still have sound information and knowledge to share, then I’m okay with it. Let’s be honest, we all have sex, and we’re all attracted to other human beings.

BUT, on the other hand, when a trainer’s workout and routines, becomes MORE about showing skin and sexual poses, and less about the actual routine or accomplishments – I have a problem. To be honest there are quite a few women out there who if they weren’t naked, would have no one listening to them.

Personally I have a simple test: I close my eyes and listen to a supposed fitness professional talk and describe a workout or what they are trying to get across. Obviously I can’t see them, but if what they say resonates, makes sense, and their verbal cues paint a picture in my head. Then I think it’s safe to say that that person is great at what they do.

But if you’re totally lost and can’t make sense of what they’re saying, I say they stink. Now open your eyes and see what you’re looking at. Are they scantily clad, moaning seductively throughout their reps, OR dressed in fitness gear, talking through the workout, showing personality and cuing viewers? There’s a big difference. I guess, you guys could say the same for sessions and sessionettes personalities.

People are more than just their bodies

As a pro­fes­sional in the fit­ness and enter­tain­ment indus­tries with a degree in adver­tis­ing, not only do I wit­ness both the cause and the effect of the media mes­sages, I see who makes the con­tent deci­sions and know how they go about mak­ing them and mar­ket­ing them to the pub­lic. Most of the time the deci­sions are based in sales and con­sumerism, i.e. ‘what head­line can we use that will sell the most mag­a­zines?’ or ‘how can we con­vince the pub­lic that our prod­uct is the best?’ Call it what you want in the name of mar­ket­ing, but in all hon­esty, its just decep­tion.

I believe we’ve gotten lazy in our search for truth. Fit­ness is just one exam­ple of this. We don’t know how to take care of our bod­ies, so we buy a mag­a­zine or a weight loss pill, or trust the health web­site that showed up on the first page of Google. We neglect to ask for sources.

Speaking the truth

My inten­tion in writ­ing this is not to bash other ath­letes, or mag­a­zines, or the media…but it is to cre­ate an aware­ness of the big­ger pic­ture we’re paint­ing a soci­ety – sex sells; a warn­ing of what our seem­ingly insignif­i­cant daily choices and social media voices are slowly man­i­fest­ing. We are a cul­ture so obsessed with our­selves that we are blind to how it truly affects oth­ers around us.

My inten­tion here is sim­ply to share what I observe from the per­spec­tive of some­one who is on both sides of the spec­trum, a cre­ator and con­sumer. As a cre­ator I see how fitness begins with good inten­tions, but quickly ego takes the place of good inten­tions and the images that were meant to encour­age and inspire now cre­ate arro­gance, envy, body hate by com­par­i­son, and a mock­ery of mod­esty as images grad­u­ally shift from inno­cent ‘progress self­ies’ to what is arguably soft-porn.

The lines are blurred

sex sellsSo where do I stand now? How do I main­tain integrity and pas­sion for the indus­try I love when I see it for the dark­ness it has become, void of value and rid­dled with the insa­tiable par­a­sites of com­par­i­son, envy, and nar­cis­sism?

How can I bear to sup­port the fit­ness indus­try when the lines of healthy, are so blurred. Why can’t we just train hard, not to the point of total destruc­tion. Enjoy are healthy bod­ies that help us lead full lives, instead of using hot bod­ies to col­lect com­pli­ments, feed ego, and fan the flames of lust and human objectification?

I do what I do for me, I love meeting fans, getting stronger. Working on my skills and seeing the bigger picture to life. As long as my actions only affect me and not others I will continue to be the real me for who I am. Always step back and ask yourself what is your identity, do not get lost and wrapped up with all the rest for what they want. Fly your flag and with them or work, alone or for who you want to but have respect for yourself and each other. Your flag is your IDENTITY.

Today I have one of those posts, where it was hard to hit the publish button. I was/am hesitant to share my thoughts, however took a deep breath, held it and hit the Publish button after all!

Ok so your intrigued by the term muscle worship and wandering what the hell it is all about? Well, if you have a thing for hot, toned and athletic women and can think of nothing better than getting up close and personal with a female bodybuilder, look no further!

We have all seen the documentaries on geographical nation or the infamous Bodybuilding by Louis Theroux. These documentaries however are made in such a way, to be perceived in whatever light the producer wants. Often terming muscle worshipers as schmoos and making them out to be a little weird and subdued. Note: just because a man loves a Strong Alpha Female does not make them a weirdo! I have first hand experience after all ? In fact you guys are kind of normal, dare I say it and when I often ask as to how you got into muscle worship sessions. I am often told time and time again, about what a rare breed we are and impossible to find. I suppose if you think about it, not everyone’s wife has bulging biceps or can dead lift twice her body weight… So, this is how muscle worshiping behind closed doors has come about I guess. The real world lacks opportunities for you guys to get up close and personal with a muscular lady.

In this article, I as a session wrestler and provider of muscle worship will give my view point as to what I believe Muscle Worship is all about. Giving you an insight to the kind of clientele I meet and exactly what takes places within a session or at least mine ?

Muscle Worship: The Schmoo’s

What is surprising is that, there is no one size fits all in regards to age or protocol, for the kind of clientele that walks through the door. Age varying from twenty year old to even late sixties! I have noticed a trend with Lift and Carry fans however, in terms of how their fetish came about which I shall discuss in an upcoming post.

As far as Muscle Worshiper fans go , I have even meet gentlemen who came across their fetish by incident in life. For instance one guy, who shall remain unnamed, as confidentiality is very important, worked for a TV production company and developed his love for muscular women when filming a documentary on female bodybuilders. When producing the documentary he travelled to profound bodybuilding shows in Germany and America, finding him quite aroused by these women and their presence when on stage showing off their perfectly sculpted physiques. He thought to himself these women are actually quite hot and even started noticing himself finding his eyes drawn to certain body parts, like their shoulders when they were even clothed in a nice dress later that night at the after party. He has never looked back.

muscle worship

There does appear to be the Amazonian fans, those that love tall strong women who display femininity yet alluring power. And the female bodybuilding fans, the bigger the better I call them! It is not to say that you cannot be a fan of both.

I am fairly new on the scene and still within my first year as a session wrestler provider, so please don’t kill me if I say something irrelevant in this article! What I have noticed is that some of you guys are really into it and when I say into it, I mean it! Asking for recent updates on the size of our biceps, those who have had a session with me a few times even noticing a difference in my physique from pictures to present or the last time they seen me. For instance letting me know if I have gotten bigger or am more developed in a certain area or perhaps more cut. Your eye for detail is actually applauds able and a positive attribute of course.

Muscle Worship: Uncut

Now, what happens in a muscle worship session is entirely up to the provider and must be respected. The industry has been given bad rap because it is feared that many of these women do it for the money aspect, as bodybuilding is not as lucrative as it once was. Unfortunately for pro bodybuilders, expensive gym memberships, special diets, supplements, personal training fees, travel costs and marketing among other expenses related to the business are all part of life. Everyone has got to make a living and if needs be, needs be…What I will say is that you will never make a good Muscle Goddess if you are doing it for the money only.

I love my fans and like to get inside their heads, it is not unknown for me to be nosy and ask questions when I meet people but I like to know what you want and what does it for you or how the hell you got into it. Perhaps it’s my background in Law and Journalism. I have always been told if you are to be good at something though, you must be passionate about it. So, as a passionate lady who loves nothing better than all aspects of fitness training, writing and understanding people’s minds – I believe I have the characteristics to make my sessions shine.

I have heard all too much from guys who say some ladies just flex a bit and ask guys to kiss here or touch there… and are just quite frank bored out half way though. Muscle worship sessions are sensual. This bit cannot be wrapped up in cotton wool nor hidden. Facts are facts and if it turns guys on, they get turned on by it… If you want to massage or kiss our bodies, it is at least our duty to respect you our fan and provide you with a fulfilling session and keeping your mind guessing even if this is just by teasing or talking.

What each woman offers is entirely up to her and everyone has their own flare, some do it in a skimpy bikini, others topless and some may even allow you to have a glance at their birthday suit.

Muscle WorshipThe weird part about muscle worship I guess for most people to get there heads around is that sexual intercourse, does not take place even though it is an erotic service. Activities such as posing, touching, caressing, rubbing and praising of our muscles in question instead are what happen in a session. For an outsider who is not aroused by female muscle they will never understand this, but as a muscle worshiper fan you know that it is worship in a more sensual and playful way and those who participate in sessions sharing this fetish will be aroused whatever way the fetish is made the vocal point, sexual intercourse or not… It’s the same difference as having a foot fetish, cross-dressing fetish or balloon fetish except female muscle.

This is not to say that some girls offer sexual intercourse or sexual extras such as happy endings for an additional fee or a favor to those regulars they have built up rapor with. If you want to get off on a good start though, respect any girl’s boundaries and never expect anything else. Otherwise you may find yourself deeply disappointed. The conditions of sessions are usually arranged beforehand and agreed upon by both parties prior to the meeting however to save embarrassment! No session provider should ever feel like they have to in order to stay “in business”, but I do believe in openness and honesty so if a happy ending is a deciding factor for you or that, it is better that you discuss this in an email beforehand or express your desires. Otherwise, whether you get the answer you wish to hear or not will remain unknown until the session.

I like to mix my muscle worship sessions up a bit and have found other things such as role playing, from muscle goddess to vampire slather, to even hot girlfriend turned nasty. Lift and carry or demonstrating my sense of strength in arm wrestling by getting to watch my biceps under tension, scissor holds, oiling up & sensual massage, ass worship, as well as me pinning you on a bed or talking about life in general. All work well when implemented in a fun, tasteful and sensual way to allow you guys to experience my muscles to the max and the girl of your wildest dreams!


Watching videos on the Internet or chatting with an FBB on herbiceps.com can only goes so far. Sometimes you need to experience the “real thing.” And muscle worship sessions are about as real as you can get unless you have a female bodybuilder girlfriend J If touching, caressing and pretending I am your goddess while singing verbal praise onto me and trying not to look like the kid in the candy shop, who ate all the candy. Come to hold, squeeze and pinch all my big beautiful muscles. Relax and enjoy yourself, even if you should only ever do it once in your lifetime.

muscle worship

It’s nerve-wracking the first time, geese I remember the first time one of my favorite clients came to me. I thought he was off his head on drugs as he was that fidgety. Thoughts of how I could get him out of my apartment amicably where beginning to go through my head, until it became apparent he extremely nervous, dear love him! We sat and chatted for a while as a result and before he knew it his butterflies disappeared, as he realized I’m just a normal person. I always like to remind people this and that there is really no need to be nervous or kind of star struck. As the nerves went, it was amazing watching him come out of his shell and get into the swing of things once the adrenaline kicked in. Even making suggestions for lifts he wanted to experience. Now he even brings me chocolates ?

I hope you guys enjoyed my article on muscle worship and what it is all about, please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and experiences.

Back in the golden era of female bodybuilding, there was only one category you could compete in i.e. that of Bodybuilding! Today on the other hand, the categories are few and far between for physique competitors…

What is iconic however is that what started out as female bodybuilding is now declining in numbers and moving towards a culture of bikini, fitness and figure competing. John Romano in his article “The Death of Women’s Bodybuilding” puts the decline of Female Bodybuilding down to “Man Face.” I ask whether or not this is true or perhaps social standards the culprit of fitness competitions today?

While there is plenty of room to compete in whichever category you feel appropriate – bikini, figure, fitness, athletic, physique etc. There does seem to be a degree of sexism in regards to how jacked you can be if a lady.

The most potent example of this being the infamous drop of Ms. Olympia from bodybuilding altogether in 2015. As well as the “20 percent rule” by IFBB in 2005, which basically asked all female bodybuilders to tone it down a bit…

John Romano in his article, calls it “Sucked out, drawn in, sunken eyes, veins in their foreheads, sharply angled jawline, a bigger nose, and a general coarseness to their dark orange skin that makes an oil tanker’s mooring rope look silky — kinda the way their voices sound too.”

John Romano remarks are harsh. My own personal opinion however is that, today things have been taken to the extreme subsequently damaging bodybuilding for the sport it once was. This is not just in female bodybuilding but men’s also. The amount of categories you can choose from to compete in demonstrates this. Extremes are never a good thing, politics even tells us this.

Today, bodybuilding no longer resembles that of what it once was, in the days of Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stuck in a culture of “the bigger the better” and the use of steroids in killer amounts to manipulate the body to new levels never seen before…Gone are the days of symmetry


Bodybuilding is not nor ever was meant to be a beauty contest but rather based on symmetry, muscle mass, definition and the ability to show of the body at its best. You could say a form of human art.

Competitors develop posing routines and hold these multiple times on stage against fellow competitors. While muscle size, shape, and symmetry are pivotal to winning, the posing routine is a vital element. You could have the best body on stage perhaps but miss out, as you are not able to show it off the best.

Finesse is therefore definitely needed and it is well know that some of the top bodybuilders out there used ballet teachers to help them structure transitions for in-between poses. As well as the effort that goes into composing posing routines, the physical demand should also be remembered. Athletes are also on stage dehydrated when breaking a sweat tensing up! There really should be appreciation for bodybuilders and their evolution from weightlifting, hard word and dedication to on stage. It certainly is a sport in its own right and one based on individual achievement

Concernedly, beauty however started to become the central issue though. As the women kept getting bigger the more apparent it became. The media even jumped on board. This is when terms such as “she looks like a man” starting hitting the headlines hence social norms set. Unfortunately, as a result the female bodybuilding division took brunt in decline of popularity due to this social ridicule.

Steroids have always been a touchy subject and likewise muscle on females. Society did not respond the right way and even though the men of the bodybuilding world where getting bigger also and so created the windy road to bikini, fitness and figure competing sport. The new socially accepted categories and a sad day for females of bodybuilding.

The twenty percent rule, which required all competitors to cut back muscle size, is a representation of this. A less muscular woman in their view would make a more acceptable female bodybuilder. There could be question as to whether the ask was sexist.

While performance enhancing drug use is prevalent in sports, when done by women it the extra complications are more prevalent. Men use them but are accepted, as it is their hormone. For women however it is tabooed. It is not even spoke of and could be argued one of the reasons for poor drug choices by women at times, due to bad advice by a male partner etc. perhaps. The main concern with steroids is appearance. Unfortunately with women, sometimes a boundary can be overstepped which cannot be taken back, leaving them with permanent vitalization side effects such as hair growth or a cracked voice. Everyone reacts different and sometimes the risk may not be worth it.

How strong the compound is determines the risk of side effect. Female bodybuilding should not however be looked down upon due to their use of steroids. Yes, it may be a more heavier use but it does not mean to say it is not used by bikini, fitness and figure competitors on a lower level. It is just more accepted because they aren’t as muscly with in your face side effects. The steroid use can even be brushed under the carpet if needs be…


female bodybuildingBodybuilding primarily survives on being connected to the fitness industry through supplement companies, exercise equipment, and magazine publishing. Sex sells and for me I believe this is why female bodybuilding has moved towards being “fit”, “toned” and “healthy. Society has not yet accepted muscular women and until they do it will never be openly promoted. A magazine will not sell or make profit from a non-social standard.

This is what I believe determines the future of female bodybuilding. Girls have shifted to competing in bikini, fitness and figure, as this is what is appealing and makes money. Supplement companies etc. will not want to sign you up unfortunately if you are too muscly, leaving female bodybuilding unappealing and perhaps not even an option to make a living at.

My only wish is that if bodybuilding could go back the era of 1970 when judging was based on the evolution of the body and immune to societal standards. Drug use would not be so excessive and more about good training and a healthy diet to lean out. The degree and pursuit of muscularity today has unfortunately has created a facial and physical image no longer appealing to enough of an audience to support- caused by the distorted looks from extremes.

Portraying women as sex objects continues to be more profitable to companies. Portraying women, as accomplished athletes does not make money. Beauty has different meanings to people and aesthetics have changed dramatically throughout the evolution of bodybuilding. Some prefer the larger muscular body; others prefer a moderate mid-range physique middleweight. Society has set the standard for a “toned” appearance.

The new fitness fad of “strong is the new skinny” may seem like it is accepting muscularity, by promoting women to participate in strength training. The reassurance that you will not become too muscly if you lift weights tells us the other…

Women with power are viewed as unfeminine or unattractive and unacceptable to the majority of society. Again politics even tells us this as it is harder for women to get in office, Sarah Payne, Margaret Thatcher and Hilary Clinton all prime examples.

The fact is a woman of a certain physical size will not be accepted by the mainstream. They could have the most pretty and full faces, but will be repudiated. In society there is a general consensus of what we find attractive and acceptable. It is these social standards that create what an audience of female bodybuilding is willing to support. A woman may be considered attractive, but because she conflicts with traditional gender roles not so.

The idea that a woman could challenge a man on a physical level is unsettling to some. Often also men who feel threatened by women’s advancement in society, may feel that the physical domain is the only area they have left. Female bodybuilders and women in sports challenge this.


Sadly, the general public never supported female bodybuilding and the fitness industry never supported women as athletes. Instead it is in a culture sex sells Instagram with its soft porn could even be argued to be the playboy of today. Until social standards are shook female bodybuilding will remain in a culture of bikini, fitness and figure competing.