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Everyone at some point in their life has felt unfounded humiliation, embarrassment, shame and degradation. Humiliation is part of life, cruel words, gestures and physical abuse can cause a significant blow to ones pride. But, for others its quite the opposite, the mere thought of being taunted, laughed at, kicked, whipped and verbally abused is an incredible turn on. This form of degradation is known as erotic humiliation.

What is Erotic Humiliation?

Erotic humiliation involves humiliating a person verbally or physically. It may involve activities such as insulting a partner, making a partner display their genitals or even urinating or defecating on a partner. Erotic humiliation is especially popular in the BDSM scene where a Mistress / Dominatrix typically humiliates the submissive partner.

Erotic Femdom

Its common practice in our open minded society, for men to intentionally book a BDSM session with a Mistress or Dominatrix who offers verbal (trash talking) and physical abuse. This type of erotic femdom can reveal itself in many fetish forms.

Bondage, Mixed Wrestling, Scissor Domination, Breast Smother, Verbal Abuse, CBT (cock and ball torture), Breath Play, Face Slapping, Face Sitting, Ass Worship, Ass Smothering, Forced Masterbation, Erotic BDSM, Small Penis Humiliation (SPH), Sensual Tie and Tease, Trampling, Spanking, Foot / Body Worship, Water Sports, Fantasy Roleplay.

All of the above are individual fetishes. Erotic humiliation may be incorporated into any singular or multiple fetishes by your partner, mistress or dominatrix. Men who book BDSM sessions with the emphasis on being dominated, long to be told what to do. They want nothing more than to give up complete control to their mistress.

“It’s not always about the physical abuse. It’s about the power exchange, the fear of being punished for not completing a task or forgetting to ask permission. That is the ultimate mind f*ck”.

Domination Sessions

During an erotic sadism session, a client may be subjected to physical abuse, for example during a ball busting session. Where the testicles and appendage are slapped, kicked. trampled and squeezed. Your mistress may use verbal abuse (erotic humiliation) in several forms to further degrade her client.

  1. Verbal abuse, trash talking and name calling
  2. Small penis humiliation (SPH) closely related to cuckolding
  3. Forced masterbation with orgasm denial
  4. Servitude to their mistress through, body, ass, foot worship.
  5. Financial domination (money slavery)

This  type of behaviour may seem strange and unorthodox, to voluntarily seek this type of humiliation. Men who employ the services of a professional dominatrix thrive on the sexual rush that is obtained during and for much time after their erotica sessions.

Fetish Escorts vs Dominatrix

Sexual arousal can be overwhelming during a femdom session, with many men employing the services of a fetish escort. Don’t fooled by fetish escorts who advertise wrestling, domination, humiliation and other fetish services. Escorts, primarily goal is to make you cum, then its onto the next client. Attempting to combine fetishes, erotic humiliation and sex will only end in a disappointing session.

Many professional dominatrixes have years of experience in their particular field (fetishes). Most do not offer SEX or GFE, but do allow sexual relief. However, check with your mistress to ensure that she offers this type of service prior to booking.

Booking a Erotic Humiliation Session

Interested in booking an erotic humiliation session with myself, please use my contact form. You can check out my latest tour dates on my dedicated tours page and on session girls. For a full list of all fetishes I offer, head over to my London Dominatrix page.

When i’m not travelling the world you can find me for most part in Centra London and the surrounding areas, to include : Paddington – Kensington – Westminster – Nottinghill – Hammersmith – Waterloo – Kingscross.

BDSM articles you might be interested in! Ball Busting Dominatrix and Ass Worship Escort.

Before you commence reading my latest article, I want you to ask yourself a question. Are you a breast or ass man? Maybe your conflicted, and love both. Would you hire the services of an ass worship escort? solely for the purpose of worshipping her exquisite ass.

Over the past few years travelling the world I have catered for many fetishes. Some men, generally submissive types, love nothing more than to worship their mistresses ass, body or feet. Men who have this type of fetish worship certain parts of a females anatomy. Usually the body part that causes the most arousal will be the centre of their admiration.

Ass Worship Definition

Ass worship is a type of worship for those with an ass fetish. It is also a submissive worship predominantly in a Sub relationship. Ass worship is performed by burying the face into the luscious ass cheeks of the female. The act of ass worship is generally performed with a thong or pants on, but the female may also be naked. There are several popular ass worship positions which I have listed below.

Ass Worship Positions

Against the wall : This is where the female stands close to a wall with her back arched and her ass pert. The male drops to his knees and pushes his face into the females ass cheeks worshipping her ass.

Face Sitting : The female can either squat down over the man face or rest on her knees while she leans back sitting on the mans face. This position is also called ass smothering due to the females rear cutting of the mans oxygen supply.

The Sandwich : As the name suggest, the female lies down onto the bed face down with her ass perked up into the air. The man then bury’s his face into the mistresses ass cheeks creating the filling for the sandwich.

The Prayer : One of my favourite, the female sits on a chair with most of her ass hanging off the chair. The man kneels down into a prayer position and leans forward placing his face deep into the females ass checks.

Ass Worship Escort

The practice of ass worship can cause serious sexual arousal to the male.  If you are looking for an extreme ass worship session where there are few limitations, it is important you discuss everything prior to booking to prevent any miscommunication. Some session girls will perform ass worship and face sitting, others not. Many girls will also have there own set of boundaries e.g as to whether they wear spandex, lingerie or perhaps nothing. All is dependent on the girl in question, so remember to to be respectful of boundaries guys!

Extreme Ass Worship

Some men require that extra level of depravity. They love nothing more than burying there head between a pair of naked ass cheeks, pressing their mouth tight up to the females sphincter. Men who love extreme ass worship thrive on sniffing, caressing and rimming the butt hole of the female.

This is defined as Analingus – aka rimming is an extreme form of ass worship where not only the ass but sphincter are worshipped. Men who request this type of ass worship session will spend a lengthy amount of time licking, tonguing and cleaning their mistresses asshole.

Some dominatrixes will offer this type of hardcore ass worshipping, but check before you book to avoid disappointment. You may be surprised to know that many females actually enjoy this type of oral, so your mistress or dominatrix may get sexually turned on by your efforts to worship her ass.

What Rimming Feels Like For a Women

Whilst searching the internet, for research on thoughts of Ass Worship, here is what one particular women had to say about it.”I really like it. There are a lot of nerve endings there, and people hold a lot of tension there too, and when the sphincter muscles relax it’s a whole level of relaxation and openness that I hardly ever get to feel. But also, it’s SO up-close and personal, with the giver’s face and tongue right there, it also gives me an unprecedented feeling of being accepted 100%. And that’s fabulous. I fucking loved it. So good”

Other search terms that are popular when searching for a mistress who offers ass worship sessions are (ass worship escort, face sitting mistress, ass worship dominatrix, domme escort, ass smothering). Then simply add you location to the search term to bring up the results, ie UK, London, Scotland.

Interested in booking an ass worship session with myself, please use my contact form. You can check out my latest tour dates on my tours page. For a full list of all fetishes I offer, head over to my London Dominatrix page. Please note that I am primarily a session girl and dominatrix, not escort and this article is write purely to help define better the ins and outs of ass worship.

Over the past few years touring the world as a session wrestler I have come across many fetishes. One that I am going to delve into more is “Ball Busting”. To me this particular fetish was one of the strangest, it has always been my belief through my adolescence years that any type of punching or kicking to the testicles or appendage caused excruciating pain and certainly was never requested as a sexual turn on. Now in the 21st century men will book a session with a ball busting dominatrix with the sole emphasis of having their genitalia tortured.

Ball Busting Dominatrix

Strange as it may seem to some, my chosen career path as a session wrestler / dominatrix has brought me to the conclusion that fetishes are normal. Everybody has them, male and female, it could something as simple as fantasising about the local female hockey team to the extreme of requesting that your genitals be trampled in six inch heels. In my own opinion no matter how mild or extreme the fetish may be, a fetish is still a fetish.

Ball Busting Torture Methods

If the mention of having your genitals trampled in six inch heels hasn’t brought a tear to your eye. Let me indulge you further as we delve deeper into the world of ball busting. Also referred to as CBT (cock and ball torture). There are many ways that a ball busting dominatrix may torture your cock and balls, trampling them is just one. Depending on the experience of your dominatrix and how daring your are, you could be subjected to any of the following ball busting torture methods. Slapping, punching, kneeing, kicking, stomping, squeezing, stretching, crushing, testical boxing, flicking, are all techniques that may be used by your dominatrix.

Ballbusting Torture Tools

We have elaborated above on the various methods of ball torture, but there are more. Not only are there ball bustin methods, but also tools to assist in torturing, these can include but not limited to. Elastic bands, candle wax, close pegs, clamps, high heels, chastity clamps, vice grips, needles and even nails. For some the thought is enough, let alone the reality, but for others ball busting is an exceptional sexual turn on. A pain, pleasure relationship, pulsating erections and premature ejaculation are not uncommon.

Cock and Ball Torture

Below are screenshots from a previous video, “Muscle Girl Testical Crush” that I filmed with Brian from FetLoving. If you want to see how extreme ball busting can be, I recommend checking out his website, Brian is hardcore. The images demonstrate one method of CBT, as you see I am using my feet, all 164lbs of me crushing Brian’s balls. 

Ballbustin a Favourite

With so many fetishes in today’s modern, open minded, anything goes world. Its understandable that a girl might have her favourites. Ball busting for some unknown reason that I can’t quite explain is one of my favs.  I think its the pain, I get a kick out of inflicting pain, yet in retrospect the receiver also enjoys experiencing the pain, so its a win win.  I will also admit that ball busting amuses me, the harder I punch, slap or kick the harder the erection. My victims of this diverse not fully understood fetsih get a huge rise, Literally! out of having me torture their cock and balls.

Booking a Ball Busting Dominatrix

If you are considering booking a ball busting session for the first time, then there are a few points you need to consider. How much experience does your dominatrix have in the relevant field of CBT. Does she actively advertise and practice the fetish ball busting. Do you want to be naked during the session as some mistresses will request that boxers be kept on during the session.

As there is an increased likelihood of sexual arousal happening during the session. Hand relief may be requested at the discretion of your dominatrix. Please note that most dominatrix’s / mistresses who offer the services of ball busting or CBT will request a deposit.

Be upfront about your experience, if any and limitations. I would advice if booking your first session not to sign up for an all out extreme ball busting session. Walk before you run!

Communicate effectively, there are a lot of time wasters who fantasise about CBT, but never actually go through with it. Make sure to mention, dates, times and that you are willing to pay a deposit.

Interested in booking a session with myself? Please use my contact form filling in as much information on the type of session, experience, references, dates and times. You can also check out my tour page for my latest destinations and dates. Further information on the services I offer can be found on my London Dominatrix page.

Women scissoring men, I like to compare to the act of an Anaconda slowing attacking it’s pray. Slowly enticing her victim’s body in deep between her thighs. Soon she will begin to trap her victim’s body between them, by tightening her clenched adductor muscles.

It will only then be a matter of time before, her pray will realize there is no room for escape! Only a slow malicious act will follow. As, she slowly begins to apply pressure, squeezing the victim’s body in question as if she is trying to strangle him, making it hard for him to breathe and further escape.

Mixed wrestling scissoring variations

Some of the most popular types of scissoring practiced are front head scissors, body scissors, reverse head scissors, and variations of the figure four position.

Often the first time many men have witnessed scissoring has been in the infamous Xenia Onatopp scene, in the James Bond movie Golden Eye. I have lost count of the amount of men, who would like to reenact this famous scene from the movies!

In the James bond movies, strong dominant but feminine females may I add, play a key role in the blockbusters and certainly do not shy away from the action either. Other confrontational scenes include the gypsy catfight in From Russia with Love and another scissor scene this time from Bambi and Thumper in Diamonds are Forever.

women scissoring men

Girl head scissors

Women scissoring men and wrestling in the movies, has therefore been mainstream for a while. However maybe not have received the recognition it should have until now.

The sexual fetish scissoring

Mixed wrestling scissors make up a large category of pins in wrestling that are typically unused but popular among those that enjoy the sexually submissive element of grappling.

Why do men become aroused at the thought of being scissored between a women’s thighs? Well, it is thought that the act of squeezing itself can produce a sexual response on behalf of the receiver through feeling of helplessness, admiration or strength and complete submission toward the women scissoring them.

While it is possible for both men and women to enjoy scissor holds, it is typically the case that men are more on the receiving end than women. Perhaps, due to the higher percentage of submissive men thought to be within the BDSM scene. There is no reason however, that the scissor submission can’t be administered by a male to a female.

Revere head scissor

The position of the scissoring holds can vary depending on the desire of the person receiving them. While the scissor is typically practiced around the neck region, holds around the entire body of the submissive individual are not uncommon. Another very common scissor position is the reverse head scissor.

women scissoring men

Reverse head scissors

All holds are usually administered with the receiver on their back and the giver on top of them.

In sessions, I have even had smaller guys ask me to scissor there body, to include their arms trapped by their side. This completely paralyzes the receiver, forever trapped within my body scissor hold.

Some receivers do seem to like to struggle while they are being held to help amplify their feeling of helplessness. It is funny to watch how hard it is for a guy to escape, from between my thighs during sessions. In fact, after putting all one’s strength into attempting to escape, a recurring pattern of one becoming extremely still seems to appear. The feeling of dismay as one gives up, letting me demonstrate how easy it is for me to keep them under my control.

I just love big muscular thighs

Muscle worship is also a common fetish associated with women scissoring men. Those who enjoy being at the receiving end of submission may find a lot of sexual pleasure through the admiration of strong dominant individuals. Due to the size and nature of the leg muscles, scissor holds can be incredibly difficult for individuals to break out of and the ultimate way to experience a leg fetish if you may have one!

Two types of Guy who adore scissoring sessions:

  • The Pain Junkie
  • Trapped Tony

The first guy is the kind of session guy, who will drain every last bit of energy out of you! Sessioning with Pain Junkies certainly makes for a good leg workout, as you will often find the harder you squeeze they will want MORE. It can be particularly frustrating if the guy doesn’t tap, obviously because he likes pain. However, what does this mean? Session girls will only crank it up until he does! Everybody must leave having tapped (evil grins).

Trapped Tony, is a completely different kind of session guy, he rather prefers a softer scissor session. He is a not a pain junkie and certainly does not like sharp snap scissoring. But instead, prefers if you keep him hanging around. I believe the reason these guys like a softer session is because they prefer the feeling of being trapped and a sheer loss of control, where the women can demonstrate who has the upper hand, but does not necessarily have to use her full power to do so.

It is usually also a more playful kind of style. Either that or these guys just simply want to keep their heads and ribs alive and functioning between my lethal thighs.

Why do men love scissoring?

A while ago, I did a poll on “why men love the feeling of women scissoring men?” The results where pretty close with 45% of guys saying they liked the power/strength aspect best. 38% liking the loss of control and lastly 17% having a leg fetish. Of course some guys said they liked all three. Greedy!
Here is what some guys had to say in response to my women scissoring men poll on twitter.

Manolo Enrique : Love being scissored…incredible how powerful these ladies are, especially when your trapped between their thighs.

Ben Moore : Being Absolutely dominated by someone very feminine. Definitely all three for me as its hard to separate.

Wrestler Dave : No longer being in control and being at a women’s mercy.

Eric Grappler : I love how a woman’s thighs feel on the sides of my neck, not a painful triangle choke, more of a playful trap and squeeze.

Mikey Wrestler : The feeling of slowly being squeezed into unconsciousness by a strong woman.

John Sloss : The thought of someone sexy and powerful like you in control with your beautiful legs and toned muscular body.

Thank you guys for reading this post, I hope you liked being able to get an insight as to why other guys love scissoring. If you would like to experience a private scissor session with me, please check out my tour page to see if I am coming to a city near you.

There are many forms of fetishes, some more extreme than others. One things for sure everyone has a fetish of some sort, even if you are unaware of it. In 2016, the U.K. passed a law restricting a number of pornography fetish categories, face sitting being one!

Face sitting is a kink that’s not nearly as well known as it should be. For instance as this news escalated, it became clear that many people were confused as to what, exactly, face-sitting is. Despite its straight forward name!

What is a fetish?

The plural noun of fetish represents a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, body part. A sexual fixation, obsession or compulsion.

Face Sitting and other Popular Fetishes

There are hundreds of fetishes, some of which include, ball busting, wrestling, strapon, water sports, scat,  beat downs, lift carry, scissoring, female domination, muscle / body worship, foot fetish, face sitting and ass smothering are all popular kinks. Some fetishes can be deemed as non sexual, others have a high tendency to cause sexual arousal, face sitting and ass smothering are two in particular that can cause sexual arousal.

Some fetishes, can therefore fall into the realm of both worlds, sexual and non sexual. Face sitting is just one such example. A mistress or dominatrix will use the fetish face sitting or ass smothering to represent female superiority / domination / a top dog position.

“Face sitting is the most humiliating, belittling and dominating position a women can put a man in, but on the flip side, such a turn on”. Past femdom session.

Face sitting or Ass smothering

Facesitting, is often also known as queening or kinging. Jay Wiseman’s “Erotic Bondage Handbook,” defines it as “sitting or squatting over the face so that the anal (sphincter) or genital area is pressed against the mans face.” She says “It has the implication of forced oral and can incorporate breath play control and smothering. The experience can be heightened by the dominatrix / mistress trash talking to the submissive while sitting on his face.”

Face Sitting Clothing Requests

Over the years I have had many clothing requests for face sitting sessions. Thongs, panties, denim, gym leggings, spandex, pvc, leather, lingerie and string bikinis are all popular. Face sitting position is another important factor e.g forward vs reverse vs the hoover position where the female squats over the mans face. Some men request that their arms be locked using your feet or rope, completely immobilising them.

Face Smothering – Breathe Play

Full pressure face sitting can also be referred to as Face Smother or Ass Smothering. The two are very similar in nature, however with face smothering the individual is deprived of oxygen. Such an effect can induce a semi-hallucinogenic state. Combine this with an orgasm, is said to be the equivalent to cocaine.

A 2005 book chapter by Dr Brenda Love (in Russ Kick’s Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong) examined some of the strangest sexual behaviours from around the world and included a short section on queening (face sitting).

She wrote:

“The term queening refers to the European practice of a dominant female (dominatrix) using a man’s head as her throne. The woman sits in one of several positions, either on the side of the man’s head or so that his nose is near her anus with his eyes covered by her genitals. The object of queening is bondage or breath control, not cunnilingus”.

Why Men Love Face sitting?

Relating to my own own personal experiences, and having spoken with guys who adore the fetish face sitting. I believe for many it is the aspect of control many men enjoy with face sitting. The feeling of humiliation, body worship and intimacy, sex odours with the inability to control your breathing causes a heightened sexual arousal. Many men seem to love the verbal trash talking element to face sitting, the feeling of being at the complete mercy of their mistress.

Death by Face Smother

During a face smothering, strangely, what seems to happen is a sense of calm, no noise, not even a stir, Just me, one hundred and fifty six pound of me, sitting on their face. Sometimes, I quietly think to myself, are are they okay? still not a sound.

What follows after the calm however is a sheer sense of panic! Their body thrashes uncontrollably as they try to gasp for air. Feelings of helplessness, panic, despair, arousal and thoughts of death rush through there head. Please, please, I don’t want to die.

I have ask myself this question several times. How can being this close to DEATH bring about such feelings of euphoria and sexual arousal. Is it the fleeting glimpse of death that accentuates the sexual arousal.

Autassassinophilia Death Fetish

Autassassinophilia is a paraphilia in which a person is sexually aroused by the risk of being killed. The fetish may overlap with some other fetishes that risk one’s life, such as those involving drowning or choking. This does not necessarily mean the person must actually be in a life-threatening situation, for many are aroused from dreams and fantasies of such.

Fetishes, How They Evolve?

Life events, especially in our early childhood years, seem to have a significant impact on our lives. Over the years I have questioned clients as to how their fetish or fetishes evolved. Many have reminisced of an  earlier childhood experience with a female not necessarily of the same age.

To quote a previous clients first hand experience of how his face sitting fetish evolved.

“I was playing with my older female cousin who was 14 years old at the time. My interested in girls had significantly increased since I hit puberty. I remember one day in particular, my cousin was wearing a short skirt and tight top. At times we would play wrestle to see who was the strongest, on this occasion out of knowhere she flipped me onto my back and sat on my face.

Part of me was in shock, yet incredibly aroused. I could feel the soft skin of her bum and panties touching my face and mouth. Her bum engulfed my face cutting off my air supply and I couldn’t see a thing. I remember the feeling of helplessness, lack of oxygen and her sweet scent”.

I have thought about my first face sitting experience with my cousin countless times, Ever since then, face sitting, ass smothering and ass worship have been my all time favourite fetishes.

Booking a Face Smothering Session

Other popular search terms if you are looking to book the services of a face sitting dominatrix are. Ass Worship, Face Sitting Mistress, Face Smothering, Female Face Sitting, Ass Smothering Dominatrix, Face Sitting Escorts.

Interested in booking a face sitting or ass smothering session with myself, please fill in my contact form with as much detail as possible. You can check out my latest tour dates on my tours page, you might also be interested in an earlier article I wrote “Ass Worship Escort”.

Areas I cover, but not limited to : London, UK, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, Birmingham and of course worldwide.


It is hard to believe that Sara Lips Wrestling is one year old year and my first year of touring as a session wrestler has now come to an end. What a year it has been! I can’t say it started of on a good note but ooh how it has ended on one. Yes there has bee trials and tribulations, but isn’t there always in life. The reward of seeing the joy brought to you guys face in sessions, I would not change for the world and only makes me want to continue doing what I do for a long time yet!

Here is my year in review:

WB270 | Session Wrestler Sara Lips

I first appeared on wb270 last June. I admit, I wasn’t exactly expecting big things from it, but was rather curious as to actually how many guys were into this sort of thing and if it was sustainable as a career. All I can remember is emailing Bill the details one night and waking up the next morning to over fifty emails! One thing I have certainly got better at over the past year is being able to spot timewasters! They are the being of every session girl’s life. So, if you are inquiring with a session wrestler regarding a session my tips are to express your interest and most importantly include a day, time, date your city! So many people forget this part, which means your email may be mistaken as generic.

My First Session

Belfast is a small place, with a population of 280,000 people. So, when they talk about a 6th sense, they certainly aren’t lying in regards to Northern Ireland.

Going by the name of Micky (obviously I’m disguising a name here), my first client approached me. He could not believe, that finally there was finally as session wrestler in his hometown offering this service. For years, it had been his ultimate fantasy to be beat up by a girl and could not wait to live out his fantasy.

The problem, with Micky however was, he was too honest! Micky had told me he owned a gym, along with the name of it. Naturally I was therefore skeptical, working as a freelance personal trainer myself at the time, I did not want word to get out regarding what I was doing. Believe it or not I am a very private person in real life. And, even though there is nothing wrong with what I do, Ireland is still rather conservative in regards to anything, which exceeds the norm of society. I therefore ignored his emails and hoped that they would go away.

Micky however was persistent and by his third email I felt really bad. I could tell he really wanted a session and was going out of his way to prove how genuine he was. Finally, I told him my situation and we agreed that we both needed to be as discreet as each other. We agreed to meet in a private studio and the rest is history.

Micky demonstrated to me from day one that there is no kind of stereotype or one kind fits all clientele for session wrestlers. A small, stalky 14.5stone, strong & muscular guy, Micky is not the easiest victim I have ever had, however from day one we clicked and have had many sessions since. I would even go as far to say it was great to have someone heavier and as strong as me for my first session, to really test things out.

Through our conversations and light hear-ted chat during sessions, I found out that Micky’s neighbor used to babysit him on a Saturday night when his mum and dad went out and her daughter used to come round and beat the crap out of him. Since then I ask every guy how they got into the scene and if they can relate there fetishes back to any particular moment in their life. I find it really interesting to find out and have even had guys admit to me, that they fancied the school bully who used to choke the crap out of guys and love it!

Relocation to Spain | Home from Home

Researching more into the wrestling scene and enjoying doing my sessions with Micky. I decided that if I were to throw myself into the scene, I needed to move away and give it 100% focus. To me, I believe if you are to be good at anything, you must give it your all. This meant giving up my career as a personal trainer, which was scary however now I believe worth it. Having always holidayed on the Costa Blanca for the past ten years of my life, the decision as to where I would move to was not hard and off to the Costa Blanca, I went in October 2016.

My First Tour

session wrestler sarah lips tours london wb270

My First Ever Tour : London, December 2015

It was not until the first week of December 2016, that I decided to venture upon my first tour. London was the chosen destination. I was to be in London from a Monday – Friday. With this being my first ever tour to London also, I was rammed with bookings. Slightly nervous because I was unsure as to what guys would envisage in sessions. Especially as the guys in London are know for having high expectations. Looking back, I am not sure I would recommend it as a destination to a newbie session wrestler as a first time tour lol. I do however love throwing myself into the deep end and looked forward to seeing how strong the guys thought my legs where.

Things did not go as planned…

Sessions were going well and varied from muscle worship to lift and carry and even ass worship. I was enjoying the diversity of sessions and how each client who walked through the door differed. I am a real people person, and love the feeling of connection, so was having a blast. A guy by the name of Mohammad however was to ruin this.

On my second day in London, a guy rang looking to make a booking, I told him I was fully booked and if he wanted, he could ring back to see if I had availability. Upon talking to him later that day however it became apparent he was not happy and nor did our expectations meet in regards to what happens in as session. He was offering outlandish money of 10,000 pounds, claiming he from a very well known family and that he had seen fitness models before for sessions. He also wanted to offer me extra money if I would consider unprotected full service and do cocaine.

As I persistently refused, he turned nasty. Saying I had disrespected his family and made him wait all day to waste his time. Eventfully he started threatening me, saying I did not know who I was messing with and that he was going to send me a booking to show me exactly who his family was – hinting at rape and violence, saying I would not like it, nor enjoy enjoy it.

I felt at unease

The threats did not stop there either, as he continued to bombard me with emails and harass my phone with bully tactics. The whole experience was truly terrifying and put a whole dampener on my tour. The more I continued to think about it, the more I felt at unease. I therefore had to take the hard decision to cancel the rest of my tour and leave London early. And upon returning to Spain I even took my website down, to let things settle, as he was still persisting.

Looking back now, I think may have handled things differently, however when you do a job which could be considered prostitution In the eyes of the law and travel alone. It is sometimes hard to know whether you want to get the police involved.

The Luck of the Irish

After a few weeks had passed and having had time to think about things, I become angry. Angry and frustrated that someone’s bullying and malicious tactics could predetermine my life and decisions made. I did not want to put my life in danger but did not want someone to stop me doing from what I love.

I therefore decided to give touring a go again, in my home country of Ireland. A place where I could feel safe and at ease again. This tour is what restored my faith in humanity. And after returning to Spain, I decided to restore my website, which unfortunately could not be restored to my original domain name of sarahlipswrestling.com and so saralipswrestling.com was created! On December 25th my website will be one year old!

Go with your gut feeling

Fortunately since then, I have not encountered many bad experiences, except two. One were a guy thought he could wedge me, pull my hair, slap my bits and bite! What, I have noticed with the “untouchables” as I call them is one trend. They NEVER pay deposits and generally want last minute bookings. For this reason, I therefore never take bookings since London without deposits paid. I have no interest in who you are, what you do or where you live, however, if you want to hide who you are and be ott about it, there generally is a reason. No longer am I willing to put my safety at risk and for this reason deposits or adequate references are paramount!

session wrestler sara lips

Picture Rapture posted on her twitter, warning of dangerous man

To demonstrate, even when in the USA on tour this year, I had one guy approach me, telling me he was getting divorced and could not let his wife see money going out of his account to another lady. I have various deposit payment methods, of which all are set to appear as SLW on statements for discretion. So, after giving numerous ways for him to make payment and refusing. I said to him sorry, no deposit = no session. The he also went out of his way to cover up who he was, and try make deposits by unsolicited methods, my gut feeling told me no. Unfortunately a while later I seen a post by Rapture stating the exact email of the guy who had contacted me 2-3 times warning fellow session wrestlers that he was a bad man and photos to prove it! So, if a session wrestler ever asks for a deposit guys, please respect it. I am sure her last intention is to rip you off but more likely a similar case to mine.


This year I have visited :

Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Madrid, Stockholm, Milan, London, Manchester, Dublin, Cork, Toronto, NYC, Chicago, SF, Vegas & LA.

I still find it hard to believe I have been to all these places and find it quite amazing that I have visited more countries and states this year, than I have in my lifetime. Sometimes I joke that if my career falls through as a session wrestler, at least I would make a good travel rep/agent.

Traveling is not all its cracked up to be

Often my first travel day looks something like this, 2.30am bus from Belfast to Dublin, arrive in Dublin 4.30am, Flight around 6/7am arrive in new country before midday, catch the bus/train to city center, find hotel, check in and then flake out for one hour before the fun commences! You certainly do have to be very organized and have research/planned your trip well!

It is truly amazing however and an absolute privilege to be able to visit and see the cities I tour. Session wrestling has made the world seem smaller to me and I do not take this for granted. As, if I were to work a normal 9-5 job, I would not have the money or time to see so many places in the world. Not all the time, however, do you have time to venture out far beyond your hotel room as many of you high flying businessmen will know. So, unfortunately I have been to places I have not seen much off. Hotel rooms can also begin to all look the same after a while, traveling become boring and find yourself lonely at times, making me look forward my sessions for interaction with people!

Session Wrestler Sara Lips Vienna wb270

Picture of St Stephan’s Cathedral taken at night on my phone

The highlight of all my European trips, I would have to say is Vienna. Leaving the best till last, it truly was amazing. I did not finish my sessions until late in Vienna and was only there one night, however, I was determined to see a little of the city. So, out I ventured in the cold. St. Stephen’s cathedral was the point of attraction. My phone dying and getting lost resulting in me walking around the city for an hour, trying to find my hotel in the freezing cold was not though… I think you will agree with me, however, that the cathedral is breathtaking. Not catholic myself, I still find these places numbing. The architecture and workmanship in such buildings is astounding nevermind the atmosphere. Other favorites this year have included Berlin, Venice Beach, & Chicago – a city with a small town feel. Strangely when I revisited NYC this year I could not believe I survived working in the city four summers ago for so long. I am not quite sure, the hustle and bustle is quite me anymore, but I still like NYC for what it is, especially Long Island.


One increasing concern, there has been for me this year when traveling is terrorism or rather spoiler violence. A method used by extremist groups to gain media attention. Terrorism attacks are usually small, but usually high scale and well thought out to hit home. We cannot however let these terrorists control our lives or predetermine where we visit. Particular attacks however ,which have touched me this year have been The Munich shootings, because, this happened one day before I was due to visit. There was also a shooting in NYC in September, the day after I left for Chicago at Penn station across from the hotel where I stayed. Terrorism has affected me; in that I make sure my family knows exactly what countries I visit, even if they do not know what I do! Unfortunately we do not know what could happen when we visit these places.

Life is not a competition

The wrestling scene is a small world. You will always hear stories about session wrestlers who have the best scissors, martial arts, figure yada yada. You will see this especially on forums. If there is one thing I will say to other girls, is not to pay much heed to any of it and do your own.

Hanging yourself up on what others do will only hinder your own productivity, this goes for life also. So be unique, be different and be yourself!

You will  find that you adapt a certain style and perhaps even attract a certain kind of clientele. To me, as long as you treat people well, communicate, deliver and most importantly have a good number of returning clients, this speak for itself for me.

Production Companies| Do not become a puppet on a string

Money and popularity isn’t everything, of course appearing on certain sites can make you feel popular, but the goal for these production companies is to make money of which I understand. For many companies however unfortunately this means ethos go out the door. I have had many opportunities, particularly with one big company in Europe who I will not name names, but what I will say is my gut feeling told me no and ooh how was right. After hearing a few months later, from a number of fellow session wrestlers who had been used for a live event, filming and not paid nor happy with their whole experience … To me, what is important in regards to filming with production companies is that I feel happy doing what I do. As, whatever you do is out there forever. If you do not trust a company’s ethos or the way they do business, do not do it, for you only have yourself to answer to. For, me I will therefore always prefer to just do my own thing and focus on what I think suits my own personality and style. Money and popularity is not the be end all of everything, and I believe I will always prefer to concentrate on the relationships i develop with people throughout my career/travel. To me, Arekah Lox is a prime example of this.

My Most Remember-able experience

session wrestler sara lips scissor foxes wb270

Me holding Jay from Scissor Foxes in a reverse head scissor position

This year my most remember-able experience was filming with scissor foxes. In Europe there is not as many production companies as compared to the USA. This was therefore my first ever time filming with a company. Within our designated time, we had agreed we were to film four 15 minute clips, all of which would we filmed out right with no breaks.

I had informed Jay this was my first time, he therefore warned me not go all out and save some of my energy during the first clip, as many girls make the mistake of giving it there all, ending up punctured for the rest after. I had made sure scissor foxes was my first booking that day after a long sleep to get over initial jet lag. So, I was bouncing with energy. We did a few test scissor and were ready to go. Jay was relaxed and as we all know he can take a lot of pain, so he was not worried about me holding back. The first clip we did involved me playing the role of princess pain, a mixture of domination and scissors. Jay said my scissors where stronger than the test, most likely after having warmed up and asked if I had plenty of energy left to which I said yes of course.

In clip two, Jay’s hand where to be tied up. He had said quite a lot of the fans of scissor foxes fans had been asking for HOM, which I love to incorporate in a playful or teasing manner, so was looking forward to this one. A safe word of red was decided upon. A few minutes into filming, Jay started wriggling and squirming, which I thought was acting for the camera. I appeared however Jay had actually got into difficulty and passed out as I smothered him and scissored him. I felt so bad as I did not realize my own strength and had not even been going 100 % as I am always careful, certainly it was not my intention. Even the cameraman had not realized what has happened, Jay said he had been out of it for a couple of minutes and was trying to say the safe word but as his mouth was covered could not get it out, and said it was pretty scary. This is what a REAL knockout looks like. After a few minutes break we continued filming the rest of the video unrestrained and later laughed about it, this however really demonstrated to me the ability of strength.  Ever since I have had guys email me saying they want a session like such, to which I think they must be nuts! Yes I can be dominant in sessions, but I just want to say I can soft, sensual and fun too! Sessions are tailored to each individuals own personal desire, however one thing for sure is safety is paramount and I don’t ever want this happening again to this extent.

My Clients

Are the best and I am not just saying this. From guys helping me with hotel recommendations, sponsorship, picking me up at airports, gifts and even helping me out with train directions etc. I cannot thank you guys enough.

Do I have a certain kind of client? This could be debatable. I believe there is still confusion in regards to what fantasy and semi competitive wrestling is, as sometimes I have guys come for semi competitive wrestling and end up pretty submissive and some in for fantasy that really mean competitive. All in all though, one trend is that the majority these guys want what I term “muscle domination.”

Muscle domination

Whether they want to be physically dominated through raw power, strength or skill, one thing my clients have in common is that they want to see your muscles in action. This can even be said for those guys who love muscle worship, as nothing gets them going better than seeing those muscles pumped up. The only fetish that may differ in this respect is lift and carry, as some guys prefer the affectionate side of it, compared to dominance.

My sessions are fun, an excuse to escape from the real world and not to be taken seriously. I am not, nor ever will be the traditional Dom from the door. Always having a nice chat with you, before the fun commences. To me, trust is paramount to establish before letting someone hand over power or in some cases life to you. This for me I believe, is the key to a successful session experience.

Communication is vital | Organization is the key

What has truly made my sessions great is communication, perhaps having studied CAM at university. I understand the complexity of the human brain. Openness should therefore be encouraged when arranging sessions. So everyone knows they are on the same page, establishing what is within or without of our boundaries. This ultimately creates respect for the session. Respect is a wonderful thing and I often believe the industry lacks it. By this, I don’t just mean the guys are guilty. Respect to me means, that I should respect you too and if you ask for something, which I do not offer via email, it is for me to respect your desires and decline it kindly. It does not mean I should take offense easily, be aggressive or vulgar in any response unless uncalled for. Too often I hear of snotty emails from girls, which I believe harms the industry. I hope that I never develop an attitude.

I don’t know if my encouragement of communication is a good thing though, as with so many emails regarding session requests, Evernote has now became my best friend! Under lock and seal, I now have hundreds of notes copied and pasted from emails so I remember exactly what we have talked about before a session. If I ever where to publish these, it would certainly make an interesting read!

What the Future Holds

Now recently relocated back to Ireland, I am awaiting my house and looking forward to getting moved into it. This year I want to take Sara Lips Wrestling to the next level and hope you will join me on the journey. Don’t worry, I  am not planning on changing though and am just going to continue to do things my way. I hope you enjoyed reading my brief summary of my first year within wrestling, as you can see it is only a brief summary and I could really write a book on this topic!

S x

This week I am excited yet nervous as I embark on my first ever mixed wrestling tour in Europe, that is outside of the UK! Munich is the chosen destination. I am expecting the Germans to be quite strong and am looking forward to that! However, I guess it is things such as the language barrier I am apprehensive about. I will therefore be making sure to have my google translator handy, as my days of German tuition in high school have not done me much good. Only remembering the obscure words such as taschenrechnor German for calculator and dick meaning fat, if I remember right. As, we all used to laugh as immature school girls at that.

A few of the bookings I have for Munich, are with guys who want to experience there first ever session wrestling session. I see this as an honor and privilege to be chosen to share such special memories with.  From my experiences of delivering these, I thought it might be quite useful to come up with a few things you may find useful to consider before making heads way on the session of your dreams. These are the type of session, “type” of lady you wish to wrestle with and of course the standard practice in mixed wrestling ( because I hate to call thing rules, rules suck!)

Mixed Wrestling is Not Sex!

While a mixed wrestling session is fun and exciting, I would urge you not to expect the lady to engage in sex before, during or after. This is the norm in session wrestling for anyone who may be unsure or feel mislead. It is not to say that some ladies do not offer alternative services, but this is in the minority. The purpose of session wrestling is so you can experience a lady who is talented at wrestling and feel her incredible physique up close and personal. It often involves an element of control and in this case, usually involves you handing over power. By all means wrestling can be sensual and erotic as it is a body to body contact sport after all.

For those of you who are perhaps embarrassed that you may develop an “erection” during the rough and tumble. You will not be the only one and most ladies will have first hand experience with this, so don’t freight about that. Every lady has different standards, some may allow topless or nudity and others not. I therefore always say it is best to ask first than be let down. When emailing ask the lady what her do’s and dont’s are and if there is something that is a deal breaker for you, ask if she provides this, of course do it in a nice way and gentlemanly tone not arrogant. And, you will find most ladies will often appreciate your honesty.

Session type

The main categories of session wrestling are fantasy, semi-competitive and competitive. Fantasy is where the lady remains in control throughout the match and the man does not resist. In semi-competitive, you may offer resistance and even win a pin or two but over all the lady should still prevail ( depending on how hard you go at it.)  In competitive, both the man and the woman work hard against each other for pins and submissions,  however please note most ladies do not offer this due to the high risk of injury. I always prefer to call sessions semi competitive i.e good sport and light hearted fun where both competitors give resistance, but mutual respect remains to stop the match or tap out if it is felt too rough or someone is getting seriously hurt.

Who do I choose for my first session?

Sessions can also be made up of various elements depending on who you session with, which is especially good for first timers. I love to incorporate wrestling, lift and carry, arm wrestling and strength tests for first time sessions, gauging what the person enjoys most and taking the direction of the session from there… There are numerous ladies of great talent who offer mixed wrestling sessions. Some of which are bodybuilders and can combine muscle worship along with the over empowerment of session wrestling.

If you wish a fun session reminiscent of playful wrestling matches with young ladies like that of your college years, there are also beautiful women who specialise in just this sort of encounter. And for something more aggressive, a lady who is very large and or skilled in martial arts can take you in competitive session. There are also plenty of women who are dominatrixes that engage in mixed wrestling. They are accustomed to combining submission holds such as face sitting, slapping and other traditional domination techniques with wrestling.


It is important for people to respect each other. FACT! No matter what type of session you have chosen, nobody wishes to see how macho you are in a bad way. Injuring or beating up a woman is certainly not acceptable under any circumstances! If this should happen, you will find yourself blacklisted in the world of session wrestling very quickly. Remember, news travels fast!

mixed wrestling, booking a wrestling session

Respect is also important in the form of not time wasting. Most session wrestlers you will find ask for deposits, as this allows them to schedule their diary accordingly with space in between sessions, as well as showing commitment from both of you to the session taking place. In this case, it is therefore expected for you to pay the deposit. If ever in doubt check she is reputable or has a good reputation. If she is easily accessed on social platforms etc you will usually find she is, as she is open to exposure. After all reputation is everything in this game!

What you would like?

This is the most important part. If you are interested in an intense over empowerment, a dominatrix who is larger can often give you just the session you are thinking of. Some women also naturally gravitate towards or specialise in certain areas, which they soon become renowned for. Such as Amber Deluca for lift and carry overhead, Arekah Lox “The Bully” Roleplay and VeveLane for bondage wrestling. whatever you are considering, there is the ideal session wrestler for you!  Don’t be shy to try new things either, as by doing so, you will find just what exactly it is you like about mixed wrestling.

I don’t believe in playing the dom from the door as I think it is vital to discuss things and get the right balance before delving into role-play and fulfilling your session requests. For me, it is highly important that you feel safe, when handing over power to me in full control. This I believe is the key aspect between the submissive-domination aspect which many people forget. It is a connection full of electricity based and enthused on trust.

If you do wish for the girl to dominate you from the door however, arrange all your safe words, do’s, dont’s and limitations before the session takes place. This will allow for things to run smoothly, ensure you get everything you want and  prevent any awkwardness.

The Big Day

I’m not gonna lie to you! You will probably find yourself with sweaty palms and highly strung on the big day! Please remember, we are just normal people. This is what I tell all guys, so don’t let nerves get the better of you! However, I was always told that nerves are a good thing though as it is connected to the adrenaline rush. Personally I have found , it is often guys feel awkward because it is something weird they are doing, and perhaps not the social norm in their country.

Fear is a deterrent, do not let it stop you from taking up the chance to have a fab time with a gorgeous lady. Play it cool, sign up and show up! I can remember one of the guys who has now had three sessions with me, first ever encounter! He was that nervous and fidgety, I thought he was on drugs, trying to figure out how to get out of the situation. After ten minutes however it became apparent he was incredibly nervous, almost star struck in fact and once he realised how easy going and nice I was, he relaxed and had a very enjoyable session.

If you take all of these factors into consideration, you are set on your way to one mighty fine first session experience! Question is, who do you chose? If you would like to book a session with myself, please fill out the relevant info on my contact page.

Today, In Lift and Carry Part 2, I am going to discuss the various lifts you LOVE! Giving a brief insight to the history & psychology behind each lift.

The Lifts

There are various kinds of popular lifts, of which everyone has their own found favorites. From Piggyback rides to shoulder rides, fireman’s lifts, rack positions, cradle carries and even pony or donkey carries. The list is endless…

What lifts can be performed however, obviously depends on the strength of the woman in question and weight of the man, to pull off each move successfully.

Many of the guys I have delivered lift and carry sessions to, have been some of the sweetest and kindest souls going. I always find it quite funny how they are very considerate and insist on me having short breaks and making sure I don’t hurt myself even though ironic it is them asking me to lift them ? Truth be known, I love it when I can amaze them with my strength and swoop them up into the air. Some guys have reversed the fun on me however, of which I’m not too sure if I agreed to be lift and carried about! I guess I got to know what it feels like, though I think I prefer my two feet on the ground.

Below I discuss the three, which I feel are most common:

The Piggy Back

After researching this lift, I was actually quite shocked to find its connection to that of Korean Culture and that in Korean films & cartoons, one of the things you will often notice in a number of scenes is that it is quite common to involve adults giving piggy-back rides to other adults.

lift and carry

Drama Beans website examined the cultural meaning of these piggyback rides in Korean films and related it to having a romantic and perhaps sexual undertone. It also elaborated on how in Korea, there is also many references to ‘skinship” which is a made-up Korean-English word meaning “levels of physical intimacy, or more simply, touching”

To me piggybacks are playful and fun, and I can see how it is a simple gesture with romantic ideals behind it. It eliminates the need to say to someone directly you are caring, sweet and warm hearted underneath the rough exterior. The piggyback action does this all.

Some also argue that piggyback fetish’s are based on a trust and security element however the men I have meet seem to be quite content in life. When conducting sessions, what I personally have come to think is that it is about the connection that is most prevalent of which seems to be an ecstasy of entrapment in a sexually arousing power struggle. As although the person in question is being lifted can make suggestions to me on speed, lift and directions, once up there ultimately I am in control of the situation. End off- FACT! I can take you where I want, at whatever speed I want and most importantly put you down whenever I want (evil grins)?

Arguably the most famous piggy-back fetishist in the world is the American cartoonist Robert Crumb. In the documentary film of his life’s work (simply titled Crumb), it features Crumb getting piggyback rides from several women with powerful legs that were clearly substitutes for sex. In the film, one of Crumb’s ex-girlfriends claimed the cartoonist liked to receive piggy-backs in lieu of sex.

Fireman Lift

One of the most reoccurring arguments against women serving in combat we hear time and time again, is that they don’t have the upper body strength to carry a heavy male soldier out of combat. People often forget however that you don’t need much upper body strength to carry a guy out of combat. This will come as a surprise to certain people, but military is not trained to carry each other like babies and nor are fire women hence the name of this lift.

In fact, you can rescue your comrade without using your pecs and effectively sling a dude over your shoulder, without much effort! It is surprisingly easy. The only problem may be that the person being lifted, may not be too comfortable up their if they have a strong set of shoulders digging into their rib cage!

When researching the psychological element of this lift I could not find much to be honest, however for me personally I think it’s the fun factor of role reversal, going against the book and proving that women really can be strong enough to rescue you! I think it links to the heroine role play as discussed in my previous post and the excitement of being lured off to a land of mystery, afar and unknown beyond whether this even be the bedroom. Perhaps you guys can let me know why you love fireman’s lifts so much by commenting below.

Cradle Carry

Lift and carryThe cradle carry is the hardest lift to perform and also one the most controversial lifts with many outsiders linking it to the sexualisation of motherhood and history of being carried at birth.

Nobody links men carrying their wives through the threshold as tradition goes in a cradle carry to such however which is ludicrous… so to me cradle carries are role reversal at its best! Men get to feel safe in the arms of a strong and protective woman. Some however find being rather helpless in a woman’s arms very erotic. Whatever it may be getting to watch how impressive a woman’s shoulders and legs are in a mirror view if you should be so lucky definitely is a key contributing factor for most!

Lift and Carry in Real Life

No fetish can make you a submissive person. You might like to be dominated in the bedroom but that can simply be because you are such a dominant person in the rest of your life and vice versa. A fetish cannot define the rest of your life. And even within your sexual life the label submissive can often be far too much of a simplification. There are some submissive masochists and some dominant ones. The whole thing is a blend and no one label can describe your sexual feelings.

Just because you like muscular women doesn’t make you a weirdo and likewise because you enjoy a piggyback ride or cradle carry in the arm’s of a women doesn’t make you abnormal. You may even enjoy watching videos of hot girls carrying men and be a member of a particular site to gain access to unlimited content. It is only if the figures for your memberships are starting to run into the hundreds of dollars mark or your fetish is starting to take over your life, you may want to reassess things.

If you are looking for the perfect women to be in a relationship with, where she can help you fulfill your lift and carry desires, here are some suggestions I make below to help you on that mission:

  • Keep your weight in check, remember the lighter you are more chance of getting lifted. This goes for sessions too!
  • Do not admit your fetish to the girl on your first date, play it safe at first and once mutual trust is comfortable in the relationship, gently drop the hint and let her into your heart’s desires.
  • Date girls who are playful or okay with experimenting
  • Date girls who are a bit of a HEAVY weight… I’m not saying to date a fatty, but just someone who is well put together if you know what I mean ?