Breath Control Play Techniques

Breath Control Play Techniques

Did you know that are there are between 250 – 1000 accidental deaths from erotic asphyxiation every year. Even though the number is very small, autoerotic deaths are on the rise. Erotic asphyxiation (EA) is the official term for breath play a common fetish in the BDSM world. Although I consider this type of fetish very dangerous I wanted to discuss some of the “Breath Control Play Techniques” I offer.

What is Breathplay?

Breathplay: The restricition of airflow commonly used during sexual intercoarse to heighten ones orgasm, also referred to as (erotic asphyxiation). While breathplay can be incorporated into sexual practice between partners. The fetish can also be practiced alone, (autoerotic asphyxiation).

Many of the cases in which a person has died in relation to this activity happened when the person was doing it alone.

You may remember a few famous people who have died from autoertotic aspyxiation, (David Carradine, Michael Hutchence, Kevin Gilbert). Some say they took their own lives, suicide, but the suspicious circumstances surrounding their deaths points strongly towards, death by autoerotic asphyxiation.

Breath Play Masterbation

Considering the dangers associated with autoertotic aspyxiation, why then would anyone participate in this hazardous fetish, especially alone. Before delving deeper into breathplay, let me ask you a question.

Do you remember a particular moment in your life when you had a MIND BLOWING ORGASM? You know the type (mind-altering, breathtaking, overwhelming), It doesn’t really matter what you where doing at the time, I just want you to recall that feeling.

When you rob your brain of oxygen you experience a euphoric high, dizziness, before you lose consciousness. To increase the intensity of your orgasm, individuals who are into breathplay masturbate while strangling themselves with cords, ropes, scarves, and ties, or by sealing their heads in plastic bags.

I know, it sounds seriously fucked up, but according to clients who actively practice breathplay, it’s a spectacularly addictive experience. The safest form of breathplay is holding your breath while masterbating.

Smothering Domination

While touring the US I recall one day in particular, every session booked was in for some form of breathplay. While I do offer breathplay and edging I DO NOT OFFER KNOCKOUTS by asphyxiation. Most forms of breathplay that I offer are in the form of (breast smothering, ass smothering, face sitting, HOM, choking, scissoring).

Not all men who request breathplay are looking to orgasm by masterbating. Some men love the fear, panic, confusion and loss of inhibitions while being dominated.

My favourite way to limit the intake of oxygen is either by scissoring, hand over mouth (HOM) or facesitting. If you don’t already know and haven’t heard, my scissor holds are some strongest in the industry.

Breath Control Play Techniques

Ass Smothering: breathing is controlled by smothering the clients face with my ass. Hands can be tied depending on clients requests. Ass smothering and Facesitting although two different fetishes can both be used to control breathing. You might be interested in an earlier article I wrote on Ass Worship, which explains the various ass worship/smothering positions that can be used in breathplay. 

Ass smothering merges beautifully with edging as my hands are free to control other elements of the body. Controlling both oxygen intake and orgasm.  

Facesitting Queening Mistress 

Scissoring: there are various scissor holds that can be used to control the clients breathing. 1) Reverse figure 4 is a perfect example, once I have interlocked my legs around the clients head, I simply contract my hamstrings pulling their head tight between my butt cheeks, cutting of their oxygen.

2) Body scissors is another technique that can be used in combination with hand over mouth (HOM). Once trapped between my legs there is no ESCAPE, I can easily control pressure through my legs and breath with my hands. 

Choking: I love that my wrestling lessons have taught me how to choke out a guy with various choke holds in seconds: (rear naked choke, triangle choke, straight arm bar, scissor choke, bare hands). Clients may request choke holds during wrestling matches to further enhance the element of domination and female superiority. 

Breast Smothering: Breath smothering is the act of a woman using her breasts to cover the mans face. At times forcing her breasts into the mans mouth (face fucking). As you might expect breast smothering is a popular form of breathplay. What hetrosexual man doesn’t like “BOOBS”, I rest my case. 

Another form of breathplay that shares the same characteristics as breast smothering is belly smothering. Instead of using the breasts the belly is used to suffocate the victim, this is also a very effective technique, especially if the girl is well built. Yes, like myself, I’m deceivingly heavy for my size, or so I’ve been told.

Reverse figure 4 with breath play

Oxygen Deprivation

Interesting fact, erotic asphyxiation (EA) began in the 17th century as a treatment for erectile dysfunction when doctors observed that male hanging victims often developed erections. Jesus, what a bummer!

During breath play sessions it is not uncommon for men to develop erections and at times prematurely ejaculate without masterbation. Not that it has any relevance on this article, but interesting all the same. I have had men arrive with full boners, before the session even commenced, just at the thoughts of acting out their fantasy lol.

Jerk Off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial

Interested in booking a breathplay session? maybe you have your own breath play control techniques you would like to share? Note, while I’m very open minded and love to help my clients live out their deepest fantasies. Safety is paramount during sessions, there are extreme versions of breathplay, (bagging, strangulation), but for me the risk are not worth the reward (money).

I have no desire to spend my latter years in jail for manslaughter. Breath play is a fetish that should be respected at all times. Boundaries and safe words should always be agreed before commencing any sessions involving breath play control techniques.

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