Badass Exercises For Females

Badass Exercises For Females !

It may seem like everyone is taking about free weights these days, with gyms popping up left right and center. But, can you perform these badass exercises for females ?

The new craze of strength = sexy is refreshing and highly encouraging, especially when I see women taking it upon themselves to enter the free weights room alone!

We all have been there and know how daunting the “first time” is,

1) Not having a freaking idea of what to do…
2) Being eyeballed by that dickhead who thinks you are hogging the squat rack

Badass Exercises For Females !Well ladies if you really want to show them who’s boss a day, step away from the squat rack and knock out a few of these deadly bodyweight exercises. You will have gained respect in no time.

Once more you don’t have to be ripped or competing in a figure or bodybuilding competition to demonstrate these exercises. Strength is a beauty of its own – accomplished by hard work, determination and time and time failure before being able to say I’ve mastered it!

Here is my ultimate list of bodyweight badass exercises for females…

1. Push- ups

And I mean real push-ups right from your toes military style- none of those sissy bitch push-ups from your knees! I am talking about full range of motion (chest to floor) with full extension of arms at the top x10 reps per set. I can remember learning proper push up’s for the very first time and with me not exactly being light it was a challenge to say the least… These are probably one of the hardest exercises for females to master due to little upper body musculature compared to men. With perseverance though they are pretty impressive when a female can do 10 in a row without her back arching or dipping or even more so can perform them with a weighted vest on J

2. Dips

One of my all time favorites, if you can do 10 dips your BADASS! As well as being on you way to rather fetish looking shoulders in your tank tops and triceps to die for! Bingo wings move over… The only down side to extra chest development is lower body fat = smaller boobs L

3. Chin-ups

Meet you at the bar? LOL One of the hardest exercises of all time to accomplish, though ultimate for knowing your strength in proportion to your bodyweight. The first time you ever master a full repetition you will get a MASSIVE sense of achievement and look around the room as if you own the place. Thinking, “did anybody see that?” to realize no one did… Once you start hitting the 8-10 repetition range the real fun can start with pull-ups!

4. Pistol Squat

Not forgetting about lower body strength the pistol squat is one of the hardest but coolest bodyweight exercises. It tests single leg strength and flexibility, the latter of which guys generally suck ass at! The pistol squat requires excellent dorsi flexion, muscle control, balance and strength. Once you can do 3-5 repetitions each leg ASS TO THE GRASS high 5 sister!

Badass Exercises For Females !

Can you do all four?

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