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Lift and Carry (Part 2)

Today, In Lift and Carry Part 2, I am going to discuss the various lifts you LOVE! Giving a brief insight to the history & psychology behind each lift. The Lifts There are various kinds of popular lifts, of which everyone has their own found favorites. From Piggyback rides to shoulder rides, fireman’s lifts, rack […]

Crusher Leg Workout Feel My Pain

Welcome today’s workout, accordingly named Crusher Leg Workout Feel My Pain. My legs are one of my strongest body parts, so I love to prove this to you guys by practising what I preach and giving you a sneak preview into my style of training! On average our legs make up near half of our […]

Lift and Carry (part 1)

Today, Lift and Carry is in the spotlight. It is a topic, that I have been wanting to write about for ages and one which really sparks an interest. I really love being able to demonstrate my strength by lifting you guys and can even surprise myself at times with my strength! However, how this […]

Muscle Worship | Love Muscular Strong Women, Bodybuilding

Ok so your intrigued by the term muscle worship and wandering what the hell it is all about? Well, if you have a thing for hot, toned and athletic women and can think of nothing better than getting up close and personal with a female bodybuilder, look no further! We have all seen the documentaries […]

Male Heart Uncovered

The heart is a muscle that pumps life-giving blood throughout our bodies. Today, I ask what it takes to satisfy the male heart. A touchy subject at times, but the heart has been used for thousands of years to describe the core of who we are, what we feel and the real us! Due to […]

Female Bodybuilding In Decline

Back in the golden era of female bodybuilding, there was only one category you could compete in i.e. that of Bodybuilding! Today on the other hand, the categories are few and far between for physique competitors… What is iconic however is that what started out as female bodybuilding is now declining in numbers and moving […]

Top 3 Core Exercises for Wrestling

In today’s blog post I demonstrate my top three core exercises for wrestling. Core strength is a fundamental part of competitive sport and should not be over looked. What is your Core ? Your core musculature is a circular band of muscle also refereed to as an internal girdle. This circular band of muscle attaches to […]

Badass Exercises For Females

It may seem like everyone is taking about free weights these days, with gyms popping up left right and center. But, can you perform these badass exercises for females ? The new craze of strength = sexy is refreshing and highly encouraging, especially when I see women taking it upon themselves to enter the free […]