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Female Feats of Strength let the Festivities Begin!

Female feats of strength are an excellent, fun and entertaining demonstration of power and vigor within strong women. Feats of strength, however have been around for a long time and date back to the time of Festivus. A secular holiday celebrated on December 23, which serves as an alternative, to participating in the pressures and […]

A Tribute to Chyna | Ninth Wonder of the World

Chyna, real name Joan Marie Laurer, was found dead in her apartment in Redondo Beach, on April 20, 2016. She was just 45 years old. It is believed the 1990s WWE star, died of a combination of the tranquilizer Valium and sleeping pill Ambien. There has been speculation of her death being caused by an […]

Chemistry vs Attraction | How often do you make it past the First Date?

Today, we take an in depth look at the topic of Chemistry vs Attraction. It is usually presumed that both of these predeterminers, is needed to form a successful relationship. The confusion many people face, however, in trying to  understand the difference between the two, is often fascinating. Chemistry vs Attraction Attraction – Attraction is […]

Can Independent Women be Successful in Love ?

Today, we ask the question, can independent women be successful in love ? Often know for being hard, cold and unapproachable. At a first glance we would think not. So, what is this main reason for their unsuccessfulness in love? Attitude. Attitude is often the biggest problem independent women face in relationships. Being perceived as […]

How To Be Healthy Selfish | Your Key to Happiness Today

Being healthy selfish is a very important topic for all you naturally submissive/givers of the world. The word selfish is often associated with being self-centered, out for yourself, arrogant etc. Healthy selfish however, is more about setting boundaries with yourself and others, so don’t worry you will still be a nice person! It is about […]

Biomechanics of Lift and Carry | Who has the Advantage?

If you ever frequent yourself with forums such as saradas. One of the most popular questions regarding lift and carry is, “are taller women better at lift and carry than smaller women?” Today we address this train of thought, particularly discussing how height may be relevant to each lift. Giving an insight to the advantages […]

Sara’s Europe Tour and Meeting Anna Konda

It is hard to believe that it is just over a month, since I did my first Northern Europe tour and the privilege of meeting Anna Konda. This was my first time doing an extended tour, traveling between city to city. This also meant I got to use other forms of transport for a change. […]