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Sara Meets Mark From Brutal Beauties

There are times when the right stuff comes along, what do I mean I here you say. A guy who can truly take a beat down and still ask for more. Met Mark from Brutal Beauties, a sadistic son of bitch who loves nothing more than a good old fashioned beat em up type session. […]

Dantes Demise – Muscle Domination, Don’t Mess With The Irish

Sara Lips returns to Utopia for another stunning mixed wrestling scissors performance in Dante’s Demise. Dante is a veteran jobber in over 1000 fetish clips. He has a reputation for being able to take as much pain as any woman can dish out. Kip tells Sara this behind-the-scenes and before you know it Sara confronts […]

US Wrestling Tour – Traveling, Wrestling and Life

Since my US wrestling tour is fast approaching and it’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. I thought it was about time, I jotted down a few notes and gave you guys an update, as to what’s been going on in my life! Life’s been pretty busy lately however also treating […]

Saras Schoolgirl Revenge

Gorgeous Irish wrestler Sara Lips makes her Utopia Debut as a former schoolgirl exacting revenge on one of her prior teachers. In Saras Schoolgirl Revenge Sara lures Professor Letch into her hotel room dressed in a super sexy schoolgirl outfit. Professor Letch was inappropriate with Sara back in the day, so she proceeds to decimate […]

Mixed Wrestling Dublin – Sara Destroys The Masked Luchador

Mixed Wrestling Dublin holds a special part in my heart, perhaps because it is home territory. Over the past year, I have become very fond of some of my Dublin clients and the more I meet them with their fun and quirky games. It makes me like to think of them as friends now rather […]

Femdom Scissoring – Sara’s Mixed Wrestling Savage Scissors

Some of you may have already watched this video, when it was in my members section, however with my member section now gone, I have decided to re-release Sara’s Mixed Wrestling Savage Scissors for individual purchase. Producing videos is not as easy as it looks with limited free time, especially if you are a frequently […]

Female Feats of Strength let the Festivities Begin!

Female feats of strength are an excellent, fun and entertaining demonstration of power and vigor within strong women. Feats of strength, however have been around for a long time and date back to the time of Festivus. A secular holiday celebrated on December 23, which serves as an alternative, to participating in the pressures and […]

Lift and Carry Strength Tests | Dominant Female Irish Wrestler

Lift and carry is one of my most popularly searched terms, according to google analytic’s. Of course I love to please my fans, so for this reason, I decided to film Lift and Carry Strength Tests. Still living in Spain at the time, with weather conditions perfect for filming outdoors. This test certainly proved to […]