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Foot worship Session | The Love of Feet Explained

Today, I give an insight to the foot worship session. Fondling feet is certainly not something everybody enjoys. In fact some people are completely repulsed by feet. So, if a guy were to admit he enjoyed toe sucking, in front of a group of friends, he would most likely raise an eyebrow or two. This […]

Women Dominate Men, Femdome The New Age Movement

Welcome to the new age, an age where women dominate men. The days of the down trodden weaker sex are a thing of the past. Over the last half century their has been a shift in the sexes. Women are taking a stand, realising their full potential, the scales have tipped, no longer favouring the […]

Best Posterior Chain Exercises | Build a Better Butt

If you are like myself and frequent the gym on a regularly basis, you should be familiar with what posterior chain exercises are and their importance in building strength. If not, read on to find out some of best posterior chain exercises that you may be missing out on. What is the posterior chain? The […]

Mixed Wrestling Questions and Answers

Mixed Wrestling Questions 1. Is there a session type that your prefer or do you have no preference? Clients seem to have stronger preferences than providers. 2. What WWE superstar would you want to wrestle? 3. Have you ever had leg wrestling matches in your sessions? 4. Do you enjoy your work? 5. Will you […]

Best Kettlebell Workout | Taming The Russian Beast

When not on tour, I’m either training or stuck behind my laptop catching up on emails. Now and then I attempt to organize, file and clear up my desktop from the endless clutter. During my recent clear-out, I came across an old kettlebell workout video from a year ago. filmed on Christmas day in the […]

Tips For The Best Lift Carry Session Ever

Lift carry is one of the most popularly read category’s on my blog. It has always been that way since the launch of Sara Lips Wrestling. With over 15,000 users on landcforum, a forum dedicated solely to women lifting men, it comes as no surprise. Despite the huge phenomenon of women lifting men, however, you […]

Sara Lips Wrestling Domination – The Sleazy Boyfriend

Sara and Rich have been dating for a while now and unbeknown to Sara, Rich has decided that they should take their relationship to the next level. Rich has planed to make his move during there next date and has brought a little protection along hoping to give Sara a subtle hint. Sara is outraged […]