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Tie and Tease Massage

If you derive enjoyment from being bound, restrained, and experiencing the sensual touch of a strong, dominant woman, then a tie and tease massage is for you. As a femdom Mistress, I offer an extensive range of fetishes, and tie and tease happens to be a highly sought-after BDSM fetish among my male clientele. What […]


Your First Mixed Wrestling Session

I’m rewriting an older article for beginners who are considering booking a mixed wrestling session. It’s been five years since I entered the world of session wrestling, a lot has changed. I’m a far superior, diverse, skilled female wrestler in comparison to when I first started. Of course, I have my loyal fan base to […]


Sexually Dominant Women

Over the last half century there has been a significant shift in the sexes. The days of the downtrodden women are a thing of the past. Sexually dominant women are more evident now than ever before. Next time your online, search the phrase “Mistress” followed by your country, (Mistress London) for example. You will be […]

Smell My Dirty Panties

Before I get into today’s article, I have question, have you ever sniffed a pair of dirty panties? For a large percentage of men the scent of a females vagina and anus is an incredible turn on. I wonder, would men smell my dirty panties. Due to the amount of requests I receive for Facesitting […]

Roleplay Kinks And Fetish Ideas

Below are examples of role playing scenarios that have been requested at Sara Lips Wrestling. If your considering stepping into the world of BDSM, but not sure where to start, I recommended reading my roleplay kinks and fetish ideas first. Still unsure? head over to my Top 15 Sexual Fetishes where I give a description […]


Top 15 Sexual Fetishes

Being a worldwide wrestling dominatrix has opened my eyes to the vast variety of kinks that men request on a daily basis. Even now I am still dumbfounded by some of the fetishes asked for. Below are my “Top 15 Sexual Fetishes”, if after reading the list you find that your kink is not listed, […]

Breath Control Play Techniques

Did you know that are there are between 250 – 1000 accidental deaths from erotic asphyxiation every year. Even though the number is very small, autoerotic deaths are on the rise. Erotic asphyxiation (EA) is the official term for breath play a common fetish in the BDSM world. Although I consider this type of fetish […]


Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi Competitive

Session wrestling has given me the opportunity to travel the world and broaden my horizons. Although I now offer a wider range of fetishes than when I first started, mixed wrestling (male vs female) is still one of my most requested fetishes. Today’s blog post primarily focuses on the differences between “Fantasy Wrestling vs Semi […]

Jerk off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial

I starting writing this article several weeks ago due to the number of requests that I was receiving for the fetish “Jerk Off Instruction” abbreviated to (JOI). While there are similarities between certain fetishes, I wanted to address the difference between Jerk off Instruction vs Orgasm Denial. In case you’re wondering, the answer is YES, […]