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Ass Smothering | Sara Dominates Competitive Swimmer

Prior to my visit to Boston I received an email from John requesting an Ass Smothering session. Turns out he was looking the session for FREE in exchange for being a victim in one of my videos.  Generally I don’t entertain this type of session, but thought I would accept as he did have references […]

Sara Choking Scissor Domination | Cheating Boyfriend

Once again Sara Lips is back with her latest video, choking scissor domination. Unfortunately Sara hasn’t had much luck with men, with her latest boo thinking its okay to play the field. Sara of course having the mischievous Irish side to her, knows that her man is up to no good. She confronts him, a […]

Irish Sara Lips in Appetite for Destruction

Sexy Irish Sara Lips, female wrestler is back in Appetite for Destruction, filmed in Las Vegas with Utopia Entertainment. Sara has been dieting hard to get down to her contest weight, eating every two hours. To take her mind off food, she decides to take her frustrations out on her boyfriend Eli. Sara’s alter ego […]

Sara Face Smothering | Female Face Sitting

Over the past year I have noticed an increasing trend in my sessions. Requests to combine several fetishes together. Face smothering being one of these fetishes, the urban definition of face smothering describes it as “when a guy is lying down, and the girl is kneeling over his head so that her pussy is near or on his face, usually on the […]

Sara Brutal Scissoring Face Sitting vs Mark Brutal Beauties

Recently as part of my US tour, I once again met up with Mark from brutal beauties, as usual, he was running his mouth of on twitter, stating that I should try harder next time i’m over in Boston. Little did Mark know that since we last met I have been attending private coaching sessions […]

Foot worship Session | The Love of Feet Explained

Today, I give an insight to the foot worship session. Fondling feet is certainly not something everybody enjoys. In fact some people are completely repulsed by feet. So, if a guy were to admit he enjoyed toe sucking, in front of a group of friends, he would most likely raise an eyebrow or two. This […]